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Bairdtown, San Bernardino County to Byrne's Store, San Mateo County California

Bairdtown, San Bernardino County, PO
McGee W T, postmaster

Bakersfield, Kern County, PO and County seat.

Bakerville, Stanislaus County. (See Waterford)

Bald Hills, Klamath County, PO 35 miles southwest of Orleans Bar
Hanrahan Brothers, stock raisers
Hopkins John J, stock raiser
Lyons J, stock raiser
Orcutt A S, postmaster

Bald Hills, Shasta County, PO address, Horsetown, 25 miles west of Shasta
Drew James, blacksmith
Gary H, general merchandise

Ballards, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Santa Barbara, 43 miles north west of Santa Barbara
Russdell F M, hotel

Ballena, San Diego County, PO 43 miles north east of San Diego
McIntee John L, postmaster
Tighe William J, hotel (Julian Road)

Ballona, Los Angeles County, P O address, Los Angeles, 8 miles west of Los Angeles
Greenbaum E, general merchandise

Bangor, Butte County, PO 14 miles southeast of Oroville
Allen John E, postmaster, physician, and general merchandise
Brown John, blacksmith
Hart & Allen, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Kitchen A, liquor saloon
Norman L, teacher
Osgood Gardner, blacksmith
Payne Joseph, hotel

Banner, San Diego County, PO 50 miles north east of San Diego, is a new and flourishing mining town in San Felipe canon, 5 miles east of Julian.

The mines were discovered and the district organized in 1871, and a busy town of 500 or 600 inhabitants has been built up. The Chariot, Ready Relief, Empire, Hubbard, Poorman, Cable, Kentuck, Redman, and others are among the principal mines, some of which have yielded considerable gold and are classed as dividend-paying mines. The gold product of this and Julian, which are statistically classed together, in 1874 was about $300,000, while such progress is making that the yield for 1875 is confidently estimated at $1,000,000.

In the town are two stores, two hotels, three boarding houses, a restaurant, four saloons, a school house, post office, etc., having the usual appearance and business houses of a prosperous mining town. The section is quite elevated, the climate pleasant and healthy in a remarkable degree, and the soil fertile, producing grain, vegetables, and fruits of all varieties.
Austerhous Charles, liquor saloon
Campbell Henry, liquor saloon
Dickerman C B, books and stationery, and postmaster
Duffy James, liquor saloon
Dwarkowsky & Hawyer, general merchandise
Frary A Shultz, general merchandise
King George V, hotel
Kohn L F Mrs, hotel
Murphy Francis, liquor saloon
Osbourne R W, boot and shoe maker
Reed Frank, restaurant
Shaw C A, livery stable and blacksmith
Sloan Joseph, liquor saloon
Wilson Henry, general merchandise (Warner's Ranch Road)

Banta's Station, San Joaquin County, PO address, Banta, 16 miles southwest of Stockton, on the Central Pacific Railroad, occupies an important position as a central trading and grain-shipping point for a large area of the San Joaquin Valley west of the river.

From this point a branch of the Pacific Railroad has been surveyed via Antioch and the shore line of San Pablo and San Francisco Bays, which is intended to command the business of the towns on the route as well as to avoid the crossing of the Monte Diablo range, as is now required, at an elevation of over seven hundred feet.
Bell G W, carpenter
Davis F J, stock dealer
Fowler & Williams, hotel
Godchaux & Wolf, general merchandise
Hamilton H M Rev, clergyman
Henderson & Halstead, butchers
Hering C, harness and saddlery
Hutchings E, liquor saloon
Israel I G, postmaster
Israel W 0, stage proprietor and livery stable
Kahn & Hoffman, general merchandise
Lackie J P, grain buyer and warehouse
Lamb & Bro, stock dealers
Nichols J E, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and C P R R
Porter Bros, liquor saloon
Upson Charles, watch maker and jeweler
Wilson H O, restaurant and saloon
Young Z, blacksmith and wagon maker

Bareges Sulpher Springs, Ygnacio Valley, Contra Costa County, PO address. Walnut Creek, 10 miles southeast of Martinez and 18 miles north of Oakland. The water of these springs has proved very efficacious for the cure of rheumatism, all skin diseases, bilious complaints, poisoning from lead or mercury, and uterine and ovarian diseases.
Rowan A H, physician and proprietor springs

Bartlett Springs, Lake County, PO 25 miles north east of Lakeport
Bartlett & Son, liquor saloon
Brame J S, groceries
Henderson J W, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Long M A, postmaster
Long & Brown, hotel, livery stable and market
Tucker, Long & Brown, general merchandise

Bass Station, Shasta County. (See Stillwater,)

Batavia, Solano County, PO 14 miles north east of Fairfield
Bayley Thos. S, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Bayley & Coulter, grain and warehouse
Byrne Patrick, hotel
Haines George, wagon maker
Hughes Charles, liquor saloon and restaurant
Lavelle Michael, liquor saloon
Macken Lewis, blacksmith
Munson D L, general merchandise, grain and wool

Bath, Placer County, PO 24 miles east of Auburn
Baldwin Horace, postmaster
Greeley, general merchandise
Greenwood William, hotel
Simmons Peter, general merchandise and saloon
White John, shoe maker

Battle Creek, Tehama County, PO 18 miles north of Red Bluff
Carver W S, flour manufacturer
Gray Augustus H, postmaster
Gray A W & Company, general merchandise
Love E Mrs, hotel
Lowry Myron, blacksmith
Winsell J F, physician and druggist

Bear Creek, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Boulder Creek, 12 miles north of Santa Cruz
Wood R E, manufacturer brooms and matches

Bear Valley, Alpine County, PO address. Silver Mountain
Blood H S, hotel

Bear Valley, Colusa County, PO address, Colusa, 30 miles west of Colusa
Ingram G C, hotel and supt. Abbott Quicksilver Mine

Bear Valley, Mariposa County, PO 12 miles north west of Mariposa
Castagnotte John, general merchandise
Darling Eben Orvis, general merchandise
Hammatt & Newman, butchers and livery stable
Newman Maurice, attorney at law
Newman Maurice H, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Peart Henry, liquor saloon
Pendola Nicolas, general merchandise
Rico Edward M, postmaster and hotel
Trabucco Louis, general merchandise
Wilcox J W, blacksmith and foundry

Bear Valley, Nevada County, PO address, Emigrant Gap, Placer County, 23 miles north east of Nevada City
Tompkins E O, hotel

Beckwith, Plumas County, PO 40 miles east of Quincy
Aron Jacob, liquor saloon
Bringham W C, postmaster and hotel
Cross Urias, blacksmith
Scheeline Simon, general merchandise
Sharp John, wagon maker

Belle Mills, Tehama County, PO address. Red Bluff, 32 miles east of Red Bluff, in the midst of the grand forests of the Sierra and the seat of a large lumber trade. The Empire Lumber Company is the principal manufacturer, and sends its products to the valley by means of a flume 30 miles in length. The place having a very romantic and healthy location is much visited by pleasure parties and excursionists during the summer.
Empire Lumber Company, lumber manufacturers
Kauffman C F & Company, general merchandise
Hughes A, liquor saloon

Bell's Bridge, Shasta County, PO 12 miles southeast of Shasta
Bell J J, hotel, blacksmith, wagon maker and general merchandise
Cecil Joseph M, postmaster and general merchandise
McLaughlin T, stock dealer
Mullin T, stock dealer

Bell's Station, Santa Clara County, PO 50 miles south of San Jose
Hogeman George, postmaster

Belmont, San Mateo County, PO 4 miles west of Wood City
_____ ___, hay warehouse
_____ Charles A, agt S P R R and Wells, Fargo
Bruner Frederick, livery stable
Hull William W, brick maker
Janke Charles A, proprietor Belmont Park grounds
Janke Charles F, postmaster
Janke & Carstens, general merchandise
Kelly Henderson & Gilchrist, liquor saloon
Oliver J M, blacksmith
Waltermire & Brennan, liquor saloon
Waltermire M W Mrs, hotel

Belota, San Joaquin County, PO 18 miles __ of Stockton
Parker Alfred, general merchandise

Benicia, Solano County, PO 22 miles southwest of Fairfield

Benton, Mono County, PO 70 miles southeast of ____port.
Abbott A W, liquor saloon and livery stable
Alverson B B, liquor saloon
Claussen ____, Mrs, hotel
Creaser John A, general merchandise
Cross G W, liquor saloon
Everett Charles Rev, clergyman
Griswold M. physician
Kelty E C, hotel
Laird C P Mrs, hotel
Mack A, general merchandise and blacksmith
Marshall William B, postmaster
Miner E R, agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Berendo, Fresno County, PO 10 miles __ of Fresno City
Asbeck Fr, postmaster and agent Wells, Fa
Grace P & Company, hotel and general merchant

Berkeley, Alameda County, PO 5 miles __ of Oakland, seat of the State University of California Westward the course of Empire takes is said the Bishop of Cloyne a century and a _____ and here, in the extreme West, on the mc seat for the queen of the empire, is fondly __rsity on the grandest basis of modern which has been given the name of the philosopher and poet. The course has _____ ward until the Pacific is reached, and here accumulate new force. Facing the Golden _____ looking out at its armored portals upon the broad ocean is the site of the Academic halls of Berkeley. The locality is at the base of the Contra Costa hills, and about three miles from the Bay of San Francisco, having, such an elevation as to command a view of water and plain, of many white-winded ships and smoky steamers; of proud cities and pleasant villas; of fields and orchards and distant ills, softened in the hazy atmosphere of an almost perpetual summer, constituting a panorama of extreme loveliness. One hundred and sixty acres of ground is devoted to the University, upon which are erected the Colleges of Agriculture and of Letters, and other buildings, and the surroundings are laid out in tasteful design and planted with trees of many species. An abundant supply of water is obtained from the neighboring hills, furnishing fountains and irrigating the soil. The design of the University comprehends a series of Colleges, practical, scientific and classical, giving every branch of education and preparing for every profession. Supported by the State and by endowment from the United States Government and bequests of individuals, tuition is free and capacity unlimited. While yet in its infancy it is prosperous and growing, and bids fair to equal any of the great Institutions of the world. The village of Berkeley adjoins the University ground, where students obtain board and residence, and many handsome dwellings are in the neighborhood. The village and University are reached by street railroad cars and pleasant carriage roads from Oakland, and by direct ferry line from San Francisco to Berkeley lauding.
Bowen William J, postmaster

Bernardo, San Diego County, PO 30 miles north of San Diego
Sikes Zenas, postmaster

Berry Creek, Butte County, PO 18 miles north east of Oroville
Johnson Russell, lumber manufacturer and hotel

Berryessa, Santa Clara County, PO address, San Jose, 3 miles north east of San Jose
Ivory & Anderson, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Wandall Jacob, butcher

Berryvale, Siskiyou County, PO 30 miles southeast of Yreka
Ream ____, tub and pail manufacturer
Sisson Justine H, postmaster and hotel
Stone & Ross, lumber manufacturers

Bidwell's Bar, Butte County, PO 9 miles north east of Oroville, is one of the oldest mining camps in the State, and was formerly the county seat, is on the line of travel to Quincy and other localities in Plumas County. Its situation is quite romantic, being on the southern bank of the Middle Fork of Feather River, and is surrounded by high hills. The place is distinguished by the possession of a large and fruitful orange tree, grown from a seed planted on the spot in 1853 more in playfulness than in expectation of its growing; but to the surprise of all a tree was the result, which demonstrated the adaptability of this northern and elevated section of the country to the growth of oranges, and also became a source of important revenue to the fortunate experimenter.
Bendle John S, general merchandise
Ketchum Isaac R, postmaster

Big Bar, Klamath County, PO address, Orleans, 8 miles west of Orleans Bar
Sutherland D, trader

Big Bar, Trinity County, PO 26 miles west of Weaverville
Tinsley A J, general merchandise
Willshire William, postmaster

Big Dry Creek, Fresno County, PO
Awald H, blacksmith
Jensen Francisco, postmaster and gen merchandise

Big Plat, Trinity County, PO address, Big Bar, 22 miles west of Weaverville
Norman William S, blacksmith

Big Meadows, Plumas County. (See Prattville)

Big Oak Flat, Tuolumne County, PO 14 miles southeast of Sonora
Barnes T R, liquor saloon
Cavagnere John, general merchandise
Gamble John, teacher
Harper C L, carpenter
Marcone Luigi, general merchandise
McCarthy James W, blacksmith
Meekin A G, carpenter and undertaker
Priost W C, hotel
Repetta G B, shoemaker
Urich William, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, notary public, news and insurance agent

Big Owens Lake, Inyo County, PO address, Independence, 18 miles south of Independence
Passmore Thomas, hotel

Big Pine, Inyo County, PO 27 miles north of Independence
Blaisdell S W, teacher
Brown J S, general merchandise
Ergle C, blacksmith
McMurry Jonathan W, postmaster
Naylor D, general merchandise
Stewart & McDonald, lumber manufacturers

Big Trees, Calaveras County, PO 33 miles north east of San Andreas

Big Valley, Lassen County, PO 80 miles north west of Susanville.
Brownell H G, stock dealer
Drake William B, blacksmith and hotel
Eadland R, stock dealer
Mires C H, teacher
Murdock & Quinn, general merchandise and lumber manufacturers
Woolsey E H, postmaster
Worland C, stock raiser

Biggs Station, Butte County, PO 12 miles west of Oroville
Brush & Hurbert, livery stable
Buffington & Smith, general merchandise
Bunnell k, Company, warehouse and grain shippers
Cecil D A, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Chapman P F, physician
Flemming Thomas, lumber dealer and insurance agent
Franklin Julius, barber
Grein Philip, proprietor Planters' Hotel
Hicox & Klock, liquor saloon
Kemper F C, harness and saddlery
Mackey T C, physician
Marshall & Parker, blacksmiths and wagon makers
McKillican & Detzler, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Myers John W, carpenter
Parker S W, restaurant
Rankin k Bishop, liquor saloon
Rosenberg M, general merchandise
Schu John A, shoemaker
Smith G K, postmaster
Smith Isaac P, hotel and feed stable
Stone W W, Notary Public and grain dealer
Stone W W & Company, general merchandise

Binghampton, Solano County, PO 16 mile north east of Fairfield
Frick Luther W, postmaster
Smith W H, blacksmith

Birchville, Nevada County, PO address, Sweetland, 10 miles north of Nevada City
Newell George B, general merchandise and justice of the peace
Rowe ____, teacher
Thomas Cornelius, liquor saloon

Bishop's Creek, Inyo County, PO 45 miles north west of Independence
Clark Andrew, clergyman (Baptist)
Clark John, hotel
Ford R W, blacksmith
Lewis T D, lumber manufacturer
Lilaland A Mrs, teacher
Middleton S A, physician
Mills John, blacksmith
Pinchower S, general merchandise
Rowan Bros, lumber manufacturers
Russell k Bro, flour manufacturers
Sneden Seth G, attorney at law, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Spencer A, general merchandise
Wainwright C, teacher
Yaney J P, postmaster

Black Bear, Klamath County, PO 40 miles east of Orleans Bar, is rapidly advancing with the great prosperity of the mines in the vicinity. The Black Bear and the Klamath are the principal mines, employing a large number of men and producing from $50,000 to $75,000 monthly. These mines with their busy mills give life to the place, secluded as it is among the lofty mountains of the Coast Range.
Parish William A, postmaster and superintendent Black Bear Quartz Mining Company

Black Diamond, or New York Landing, Contra Costa County, PO 16 miles east of Martinez. The shipping point of the Black Diamond Coal Mine, to which a railroad is in operation from the mines at Nortonville, some six miles long. It derives the name of New York Landing from the name of the first sea going vessel that loaded there.
Allen Edgar, telegraph operator and agent Whitney & Co's Express
Bargion Peter, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and superintendent landing
Morgan, Duncan & Davis, general merchandise
Murphy E K, hotel
Nichols Joseph, hotel

Black Point, Marin County, PO. (See Novate)
Sweeter J B, postmaster

Blakeley's, El Dorado County, PO address, Placerville, 5 miles east of Placerville
Blakeley James, hotel

Blanco, Monterey County, PO 4½ miles west of Monterey
Faneuf E R, blacksmith
Louis Charles, postmaster and general merchandise
McClurk Josephine, teacher
McFadden Charles, dairyman

Bloomfield, Sonoma County, PO 18 miles southwest of Santa Rosa
Achuff J N, physician
Appleton J, clergyman (Meth)
Cannon L L, Bloomfield stage and livery stable
Carrasco Clemente, liquor saloon
Clark Johnston B, carpenter
Colby PS Miss, teacher
Crawford C, clergyman (Presb)
Grose John M, carpenter
Derby George, carpenter
Halter William, horticulturist
Harlow James, teacher
Hickman B F, harness and saddlery
Hoag H, attorney at law, notary public and ins agt
Kauffmann F, painter
Kauffmann F A. wagon maker
Kauffmann L. boot and shoe maker
Kline J. blacksmith
Knapp Abner H, postmaster and general merchandise
Knapp C H, photographer
Knapp George, painter
Kuffle Isaac, proprietor Washington Hotel
Lefebvre M, proprietor Big Valley House
Magour L C, carpenter
Melmer George, barber
Mills W J, tanner
Oliver k Mooney, blacksmiths
Palmer C H, tinsmith
Palmer James, undertaker
Percival W C, flour manufacturer
Pettit k Cannon, liquor saloon
Powers T P, teacher
Stewart & Hall, gen mdse and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Stillwell Valentino, butcher
Tittamore C, wagon maker
Weaver John, watch maker

Blue Canon, Placer County, PO 42 miles north east of Auburn
Mosher A B, hotel, groceries and liquors
Myrick R L, agent C P R R and A & P Telegraph Company, and general merchandise
Peterman John C, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, general merchandise and hotel
Towle Bros, lumber manufacturers

Boca, Nevada County, PO 89 miles east of Nevada City
Bacon B F, agent C P R R and A & P Telegraph Co
Boca Mill and Ice Company, L E Doan, superintendent, lumber manufacturers and ice dealers
Bragg & Folsom, lumber manufacturers (Camp 18)
Doan L E, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and superintendent
Boca Mill and Ice Company
Doan Wallace, postmaster
Gray Joseph, lumber manufacturer
Nevada Ice Company, J S Thompson, superintendent
Noell John A, liquor saloon
Pacific Shingle Company, shingle manufacturers
Schafer ____, hotel

Bodega Bay, Sonoma County, PO address, Smith's Ranch, 22 miles southwest of Santa Rosa
Berry S B, livery stable
Bihlor & Dingley, general merchandise and lumber manufacturer
Boetcher J, liquor saloon
Byrne James, liquor saloon
Elson William, liquor saloon

Bodega Corners, Sonoma County, PO address, Smith's Ranch, 20 miles west of Santa Rosa
Caseros Cyrus, livery stable
Doran William, dairyman
Goodman & Company, general merchandise
Hackett J J, physician
Kowalsky E H, general merchandise
McCaughey James, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
McCulloch R, clergyman (Presb)
McLaughlin R, boot and shoe maker
Murray Thomas, butcher
Piggott A K, physician
Robinson William, blacksmith and wagon maker
Samsol Hiram, gunsmith
Springer James L, postmaster and justice of the peace
Stewart W H, boot and shoe maker
Stump James, billiard saloon
Stump J C, hotel

Bodie, Mono County, PO address, Bridgeport, 16 miles east of Bridgeport
Lock berg Louis, blacksmith

Bolinas, Marin County, PO 30 miles southwest of San Rafael
Andrew N O, machinist
Barge George, hotel
Betten William, merchant
Bronies Pablo, physician
Davis James M, postmaster
Drum James T Rev, clergyman
Finey Mathew, cooper
Gibson H, merchant
Gillespie A, blacksmith
Gordon Lewis, wagon maker
Johnson Thomas, ship carpenter
Lewis L, house carpenter
Michaelis A, blacksmith

Boneyard, Mariposa County, PO address, Coulterville, 30 miles north west of Mariposa
Myers Henry, general merchandise

Boonville, Mendocino County, PO address, Anderson, 25 miles southwest of Ukiah
Bradway A S, blacksmith
Brown J T, physician
Derick T F. artist
Haskins J M, teacher
Kavanaugh N, general merchandise
King M O, attorney at law
McAbee G N, liquor saloon
McAbee J W, hotel
McSimsey C P, stock dealer
Rogers & Carter, general merchandise and agents
Wells, Fargo & Co
Taylor Archie Rev, clergyman
Wightman Henry, carpenter

Borden, Fresno County, PO
Borden R, agent C P R R
Ebell & Company, liquor saloon and livery stable
Edwards & Carter, billiard saloon and restaurant
Hall B, justice of the peace and agent
Harris D C, butcher
Hope, Edwards & Company, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Jones J R. general merchandise
Landrum M C, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Mace R P, hotel
Mann A & Company, blacksmiths
Morton & Anderson, liquor saloon
Simon, Jacobs & Company, general merchandise

Boston Ranch, Amador County, PO address Buena Vista, 14 miles west of Jackson
Waters Hugh H, hotel

Boston Ranch, Butte County, PO address, Oroville, 11 miles east of Oroville
Hurl Smith H, hotel

Boston Ravine, Nevada County, P O address, Grass Valley, 5 miles southwest of Nevada City
Barrette A E, liquor saloon
Behrisch Charles, liquor saloon
Bendorf Charles, boot maker
Campbell & Stoddard, general merchandise
Fielding Thomas, liquor saloon
Ford Martin, groceries and liquors
Morateur Andre, groceries and liquors
Nevin John, blacksmith and wagon maker
Prout Thomas, butcher

Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County, PO 15 miles north of Santa Cruz
Cottrell Charles T, postmaster
Crediford Stephen, hotel
Crediford W S, teacher
Hite R C, carpenter
Sanseman A R, general merchandise

Bourn's Landing, Mendocino County, PO address, Gualala
Bourn Morton, liquor saloon and shipping merchant
Carter Peter Y, blacksmith

Bower Cave, Mariposa County, P O address, Coulterville, 37 miles north of Mariposa
Pickart Louis, hotel

Bradford's Station, Lake County, PO address, Middletown, 40 miles southeast of Lakeport
Bradford E C, hotel

Branch Lunatic Asylum, Napa County, PO address, Napa City, 1½ miles southeast of Napa City
Jacobson C, hotel
Molloy E H Mrs, varieties

Brandy City, Sierra County, PO address, Camptonville, Yuba County, 12 miles west of Downieville
Andrus B, hotel
Bavouset George, general merchandise

Bridgeport, Colusa County, PO address, Grand Island, 6 miles southeast of Colusa
Cook F, proprietor Grand Island Mills
Davis Howell, general merchandise
Gordon William, telegraph operator
Helton William M, hotel and liquor saloon
Jeffries & Parr, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Mills William, liquor saloon

Bridgeport, Mono County, PO and county seat is in the "Big Meadows" of Walker's River, on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, near the State line, and is usually reached via the Pacific Railroad and Aurora, a long and circuitous route. It is also reached by wagon road from Stockton via the Sonora Pass, but the route is not practicable at all seasons.
Allen A H, hotel
Bryant Amasa F, general merchandise and postmaster
Hays David, general merchandise
Hughes P G, blacksmith
Hunnewell & Towle, lumber manufacturer
Murphy J C, attorney-at-law
Nye Peter, contractor and builder
Patterson R S, lumber manufacturer
Stanton William H, liquor saloon
Whitman George N, attorney at law

Bridgeport, Nevada County, PO address, Anthony House, 12 miles west of Nevada City
Cole Charles, hotel

Bridgeport, Solano County, PO address, Cordelia, 5½ miles west of Fairfield
Bihler Henry, butcher and liquor saloon
Breck Samuel, general merchandise
Bridgeport Grist Mill, W W Mason, proprietor
Buhrmeister H G, general merchandise
Eber Lorenz, blacksmith
Mason W W, blacksmith and wagon maker
Neil William D, blacksmith
Pittman C J Mrs, hotel
Turner J E, boot and shoe maker
Wilson Curtis, agent Wells, Fargo & Company and J P

Bridgeport Landing, Mendocino Company, PO, address. Miller, HO miles west of Ukiah
Dixon James, lumber manufacturer
Hall A W, speculator
Kimball & Zuver, general merchandise, contractors, railroad ties, etc
Lemoine Edward, blacksmith
Mitchell John M, wagon maker
Wright Leroy, livestock dealer

Brighton, Sacramento County, PO 5 miles east of Sacramento
Clippinger J A. telegraph operator
Foster Samuel G, postmaster
Gilbert A B. butcher
Jackman S H, teacher
Lowell Marcus W, distiller and justice of the peace
Orm & Perkins, liquor saloon
Patterson A D. justice of the peace and liquor saloon
Potter J, liquor saloon
Pressor Robert R, wagon maker
Pugh Samuel H, blacksmith
Teed Charles, general merchandise

Bronco, Nevada County, P O, 93 miles east of Nevada City
Wickes Alexander M, postmaster and general merchandise

Bronson's Station, Tuolumne County, PO address, Chinese Camp, 15 miles south of Sonora
Bronson H N, hotel

Brooklyn, (East Oakland) Alameda County, PO, was an incorporated town from May, 1870, to September, 1872, when, by a vote of the citizens, it was united with Oakland. It occupies an exceedingly picturesque position on the north side of the San Antonio estuary, and is not second to Oakland proper as a desirable place of residence. Its progress in population is equally rapid, and when the expected improvements of the harbor are completed it must become a place of commercial importance as well as a great manufacturing centre. Already many manufactories are Inactive operation within its borders or in the township of Brooklyn, of which it forms a part. Many miles of street have been graded and macadamized within the past twelve months, while more are either in progress or contemplation. A fine school-house, costing some $16,000, has been erected within the past year. (For names business men see Oakland.)
Steere Thomas F, postmaster

Brown's Corners, Yolo County, PO address, Woodland, 13 miles west of Woodland
Brown George, liquor saloon and race track
Ellis George, liquor saloon, training stable and race track

Brown's Flat, Tuolumne County, PO address, Sonora, 2 miles north of Sonora
Brink Isaac, blacksmith
Henessey E Mrs, general merchandise
Slattery E Mrs, groceries and liquors

Brown's Landing, Humboldt County, PO address, Table Bluff, 15 miles south of Eureka
Brown Charles, liquor saloon

Brown's Valley, Yuba County, PO 12 miles north east of Marysville
Canady Silas, stage proprietor
Carey James, shoe maker
Hague L L. physician
Hitchcock S B, liquor saloon
Ives Ralph O, hotel
Roberston J F, blacksmith
Schaaf Frederick W, postmaster and general merchandise
Schmidt J B, hotel
Sersanous Michael, liquor saloon and boarding

Brownsville, Klamath County, PO address, Petersburg
George W H, general merchandise

Brownsville, Yuba County, PO 26 miles north of Marysville
Albert David, horticulturist
Albert James W, painter
Diol Leonard, blacksmith
Hawley Truman, wagon maker and carpenter
Howell William, hotel
Knox Martin, postmaster and hotel
Rupp C, lumber manufacturer

Brush Creek, Butte County, PO. (See Mountain House)
Douglass John N, postmaster

Buchanan, Fresno County, PO 22 miles north of Fresno City
Brown P R, physician
Brown John, general merchandise, hotel and postmaster
Smith Louis, drugs and general merchandise
Woolcock Philip, blacksmith

Buckeye, Shasta County, PO address, Shasta, 8 miles east of Shasta
Battam Thomas, blacksmith
Burll George, general merchandise

Buckeye, Yolo County, PO 13 miles southwest of Woodland
Akers T B, liquor saloon
Ely Benjamin, postmaster and general merchandise
Ely John, liquor saloon
Harling & Lowry, general merchandise
Hayes Edward S, blacksmith
Krause Fritz, harness and saddlery
McClure James, blacksmith
McGrath & Company, carpenters
Rice A R, liquor saloon

Buckeye Plat, El Dorado County, PO address, Shingle Springs, 10 miles west of Placerville
Duggan J, blacksmith

Buckeye Ranch, Plumas County, PO address.

Buck's Ranch, 30 miles southwest of Quincy
Sherman Charles, hotel

Buck's Ranch, Plumas County, PO 16 miles southwest of Quincy
Wagner William, postmaster and general merchandise

Bucksport, Humboldt County, PO address, Eureka, 3 miles south of Eureka
Shannahon John, general merchandise

Buena Vista, Amador County, PO 12 miles west of Jackson
Cook William, postmaster and general merchandise
Crail W, wagon maker and painter
Dillion Marion, general agency
Fitz Simmons John, general merchandise
Fitz Simmons Miller, blacksmith
Ford H T, jeweler and watchmaker
Ford H W. teacher
Ritehoy William C, hotel
Thompson Alexander, attorney at law and searcher of records
Tubbs L, livery stable

Buena Vista, Stanislaus County, PO address, Knight's Ferry, 30 miles north east of Modesto
Bach W F, wool dealer
Brown P. wine and fruit
Dingley Samuel, hotel
Foster P B. harness and saddlery
Parker D, blacksmith
Pentland Bros, wine and fruit
Randall & Stewart, general merchandise
Ross John, liquor saloon
Winters G, painter

Bull Creek, Mariposa County, PO address, Coulterville, 43 miles north of Mariposa
Black A G, general merchandise and hotel

Bullard's Bar, Yuba County, P 30 miles north east of Marysville
Baxter John, general merchandise and blacksmith
Gove Austin J, postmaster
Mix George J, hotel

Burgettville, Shasta County, PO 90 miles north east of Shasta
Eiler David, general merchandise
Mooers John E, postmaster and general merchandise
Sylvester Joshua, hotel

Burnett, Santa Clara County, PO 12 miles south of San Jose
Allen John II, blacksmith
Ceribellis, postmaster, general merchandise and hotel

Burnett's, Stanislaus County, PO address, Oakdale
Adie C, liquor saloon
Burnett ____, blacksmith

Burney Valley, Shasta County, PO 75 miles north east of Shasta
Burns Katie, teacher
White Asa, postmaster and hotel

Burnt Ranch, Trinity County, PO 40 miles west of Weaverville
Caraway W, trader (Areata Road)
Gray David B, general merchandise
McWharter A L, trader
Reach J T, blacksmith
Thomas R S, postmaster and attorney at law

Burwood, San Joaquin County, PO 25 miles southeast of Stockton
Monroe Ismael, postmaster
Wilkerson John, physician

Butcher Ranch, Placer County, 10 miles north east of Auburn
Johns William, blacksmith
Martin Thomas P, postmaster, general merchandise, and hotel
Oman Peter, blacksmit

Butte City, Amador County, PO address, Jackson, 3 miles southof Jackson
Yoak A, general merchandise

Butte City, Colusa County, PO 18 miles north of Colusa
Dollings W W, teacher
Herd G S, candies and fruit
Miller Marshall, liquor saloon
Miller William F, postmaster
Rantze David & Son, blacksmiths
Ryan James & Company, general merchandise
Waite R D, liquor saloon
Welborn T M, hotel

Butte County, Organized in 1850

Butte Creek Crossing, Butte County, PO address, Inskip
Richardson H S, hotel

Butte Valley, Plumas County, PO address Longville, 27 miles north west of Quincy
Bailey Thornton, blacksmith
McBeth John, general merchandise

Butteville, Siskiyou County. (See Edgewood)

Byrne's Store, San Mateo County, PO address, San Mateo, 6 miles west of San Mateo
Byrnes James, liquor saloon

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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