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Gilroy Santa Clara County California

Gilroy, Santa Clara County, PO 30 miles east of San Jose, is on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and the point of departure of stages for Visalia, Firebaugh's Ferry, Los Baños and the great San Joaquin Valley.

This is a very prosperous town of about 2,500 inhabitants, having excellent public schools, several private educational institutions, churches, etc., and is surrounded by a section of country of great beauty, fertility and salubrity of climate.

Gilroy is the center of the tobacco interest of the State, which has been greatly advanced by the invention of the "Gulp process" of curing. As a consequence of this invention large areas have been planted in tobacco, much of it being of the finest Cuban variety, all of which grows well, and the Gilroy brand of cigars is in favorite demand. The Gilroy Consolidated Tobacco Company, founded here upon this interest, manufacture tobacco and cigars, employing about 125 men.

The Gilroy Hot Springs, 12 miles east, is a favorite resort for tourists and invalids, and is connected by frequent lines of stages.

Two newspapers, the Advocate and California Leader, are published weekly.

Allan J C, wheelwright, corner Monterey and Sixth
Anderson J G, stoves and tinware, Monterey
Arredondo J, liquor saloon, Gilroy
Bank of Gilroy, James C. Zuck, President, Monterey
Barjol & Company, liquor saloon and restaurant, Monterey
Bennett George E, butcher, Monte
Blanchon J, liquor saloon, Monterey
Briggs Frederick C, druggist, Monterey
Briggs Henry W, port master, Monterey
Briggs & Company, general merchandise, corner Gilroy and Monterey
Brown M Mrs, fruit and candy, Monterey
Buckner K B, attorney at law, justice of the peace and notary public, Martin
Burkhart H Z, proprietor Gilroy Advocate
Burroughs David, varieties, Monterey
California Leader, Maxwell Martin, proprietor
Cantrowitz & Bro, dry goods and clothing, Monterey
Carter James E, liquors, Monterey
Cobb Robert, boots and shoes, Monterey
Cohn P, tailor, Monterey
Corey J H Mrs, sewing machines, Monterey
Cosio & Bro, blacksmiths, Monterey
Cowan E C Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Crane C Mrs, proprietress Railroad House, corner Gilroy and Railroad
Cupich Nicholas, coffee saloon, Monterey
Dannenbaum & Loupe, dry goods and clothing, Monterey
Dotta F, shoe maker, Monterey
Einfeldt & Hoslinger, boots and shoes, Monterey
Eisley Charles A, fish market, Monterey
Elliott S C Rev. clergyman (Meth)
Eustice George, blacksmith and wagon maker, corner Sixth and Eigleberry
Eyeselee A, barber, Monterey
Eypper William T, barber, Monterey
Farley C K, physician
Farmer E H, carriage and wagon manufacturer, corner Gilroy and Railroad
Finlay W A, Rev, clergyman (Meth South)
Gamble J C, groceries, corner Monterey and Sixth
Gardner J H, blacksmith and wagon maker, Monterey
Giles & Cleveland, blacksmiths, corner Monterey and Sixth
Gilroy Advocate, H Z Burkhart, proprietor, Monterey
Gilroy Consolidated Tobacco Company, J D Gulp, General Superintendent, Fifth
Gilroy High School, W A Ash. Principal
Gilroy Seminary, S M Severance, Principal
Graef Rudolph, shoe maker, Monterey
Gray & Fish, liquor saloon, corner Monterey and Martin
Hanna William, shoemaker, Monterey
Hay Alexander k Company, flour manufacturers
Hemler John, boots and shoes, Monterey
Hilton Charles, blacksmith, corner Monterey and Sixth
Hilton L A & C J, Misses, dress makers, Monterey
Hoey P F, attorney at law, corner Monterey and Martin
Hoffman P P, homeopathic physician, Monterey
Holloway Adam, proprietor Exchange Hotel, Monterey
Hoover W W, attorney at law. Fifth
Howard, Volney & Company, general merchandise, corner Monterey and Sixth
Hoxett & Weymouth, bakery, confectionery and liquors, Monterey
Huber D, physician, Fifth
Hudson ____, Rev, clergyman (RC)
Hunter M E, watch maker and jeweler, books, stationery and cutlery, Monterey
Jessup, J G, dentist, Martin
Johnson J B, photographer, Monterey
Johnson J F. physician, Monterey
Kiddey William, wholesale liquors, Monterey
Koenig Martin, liquors, Monterey
Kovell Jacob, brewer and baker, Monterey
Lassa Richard, liquors, Monterey
Legler Samuel, liquors, corner Monterey and Sixth
Lennon M, groceries, corner Monterey and Fifth
Lindsey W E, marble works, Martin
Loewi J k Company, general merchandise and furniture, corner Monterey and Fifth
Longe Frederick A k Co. painters. Monterey
Maxwell & Martin, proprietors California Leader
McGovern James, proprietor Idaho House, Monterey
McGovern Philip, proprietor Washington House, Monterey
Mondragon & Emlay, harness and saddlery, Monterey
Morey H C, physician and druggist, Monterey
Morrell Ebenezer, liquors, Monterey
Morrow & Smith, restaurant and liquor saloon, Monterey
Moseley Henry L. liquors, Monterey
Moulty G D, harness and saddlery, Monterey
Munson Clinton, homeopathic physician, Monterey
Murbar E Mrs, varieties and agent sewing machines, Monterey
Niggle George, proprietor Gilroy Hotel. Monterey
Oberdeener Wolf, books, stationery and fancy goods, Monterey
Oldham T S, architect and builder, Martin
Paine J & Brother, livery stable and proprietors Hot Springs stage line. Monterey
Pearson C P, agent W U Telegraph Company, Monterey
Perrin L Mrs, agent sewing machines and milliner, Monterey
Princeville J, fruits and vegetables, Monterey
Reither Jacob, groceries and crockery, Monterey
Rhinehart J B, painter, Martin Riddell D C, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Monterey
Riehl Adam, brewery, Monterey
Robinson Amos, stoves and tinware, Monterey
Rogers E P, dentist, corner Monterey and Martin
Rogers & Horner, dentists, Monterey
Sanford G W. barber, Monterey
Schadeck Mary, Mrs, milliner and dress maker, Monterey
Schaefer Frederick, groceries, Monterey
Schlesinger N, cigars and tobacco, Monterey
Seaman George, liquors, Monterey
Shaw & Robinson, proprietors Hanna House, Monterey
Short S S, liquor saloon and restaurant
Smith G R, proprietor Williams Hotel, Monterey
Smith & Baxter, hardware and agricultural implements, Monterey
St Stephen's School for Girls, Rev E C Cowan, principal
Telegraph Stage Line, Gilroy to Firebaughs, Monterey
Thornton D, harness and saddlery, Monterey
Trickey J H, furniture and bedding, Monterey
Tryon A B, cabinet maker and undertaker, Monterey
Tully P B, attorney at jaw, corner Monterey and Martin
Van Sehaick H D, groceries and crockery, Monterey
Vance H B, agent A and P Telegraph Company, Monterey
Warner H C, watch maker and jeweler, Monterey
Warthen A & Company, butchers, Monterey
Webb, A C, hardware. Monterey
Welch M T, Mrs, millinery, Monterey
Woolsey J S., machinist and manufacturer Woolsey's steam heater and cheese vat, Monterey
Ziegler John B, proprietor Ziegler Hotel, Monterey
Zimmerman C G, fruits and vegetables, Monterey
Zuck James C, President Bank of Gilroy, Monterey

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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