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 La Borea, Santa Clara to Lyon Station, Los Angeles County California

La Borea, Santa Clara, PO 36 miles south east of San Jose
Johnson Alonzo, postmaster and agent Southern Pacific Railroad

La Gaviota, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Las Cruces, 40 miles north west of Santa Barbara
Burke Miguel, general merchandise and stage proprietor

La Graciosa, Santa Barbara County, PO 68 miles north west of Santa Barbara
Foster George W, hotel
Gibson John, blacksmith
Green J W, teacher
Laughlin H J & Company, general merchandise
O'Neill, H, physician
O'Neill Patrick, general merchandise
South Charles H, postmaster, real estate agent and justice of the peace

La Grange, Stanislaus County, PO 23 miles south east of Modesto
Bates & Fuqua, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Coakley Caleb, blacksmith and wagon maker
Cordoza Brothers, wool growers
Cornell John, wool grower
Davis George K Mrs, hotel and livery stable
Delaney P H, wool grower
Donahue Owen, hotel and livery stable
Ferry T W, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Ferry & Company, general merchandise and lumber dealers
Gilman John, liquor saloon
Joaquin A, shoe maker
Lersch Brothers, liquor saloon
Mash & Hay, wool growers
Miller John, shoe maker
Ossolero & Brizzolara, general merchandise
Peters John, shoe maker
Pierce D H, justice of the peace, notary public and liquor saloon
Remala R B, wool grower
Sanders W, physician
Vigns John, general merchandise
Ward L J, butcher
Wright C C, teacher

La Honda, San Mateo County, PO 16 miles south west of Redwood City
Haskins Aaron, shingle manufacturer
Rowley, R G, attorney at law
Sanders W A, teacher
Sears William M, postmaster
Sears & Sears, general merchandise
Smith E W, boot maker
Tompleton & Templeton, lumber manufacturers

La Patera, Santa Barbara County, (see Patera Rancho)

La Porte, Plumas County

La Puenta, Los Angeles County, PO address, El Monte, 20 miles east of Los Angeles
Rendon Alexander, general merchandise

Ladd's, Alameda County. (See Nottingham)

Lafayette, Contra Costa County, PO 11 miles 8 of Martinez
Hammitt George W & Company, flour manufacturers
Shreeve Benjamin, postmaster and general merchandise
Thompson P, blacksmith

Lagunita, Inyo County, PO 75 miles south of Independence
Bridger James postmaster and hotel (Indian Wells)
Giraud P, hotel (Little Lake)

Lake Bigler. (See Tahoe City)

Lake City, Modoc County, PO
Benton S S, liquor saloon
Bowmer John C, attorney at law, notary public
Hall A, liquor saloon
Hays P W, general merchandise
Kile P M, lumber dealer
King H A, groceries and provisions
Parrott & Wood, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Stephens William, hotel
Weilmunster &. Fulcher brewery (Surprise Valley)
Wimer, Bucher & Company, flour manufacturers
Wood James M, postmaster

Lake City, Nevada County, PO address, North Columbia, 12 miles north east of Nevada City
Black William, blacksmith and wagon maker
Creegan James, lumber manufacturer
Paine, Philander A, hotel
Waldron William, general merchandise

Lake County. Organized in 1861.

Lake Tahoe. (See Tahoe City, Placer County)

Lake Valley, Eldorado County, PO 61 miles north east of Placerville
Froelich D D, attorney at law
Hughs E G, cooper
Laphan H W, hotel and steamboat proprietor
McCombe Freeman, hotel
Meyers George, hotel
Powers Cyrus, butcher
Ramsay L L, cooper
Small J W, hotel
Swain H C, hotel
Woodburn Robert, postmaster and lumber manufacturer

Lakeport, Lake County, PO and county seat

Lakeside, Tulare County, PO
Willard Theodore, postmaster

Lakeville, Klamath County, PO address, Petersburg, 25 miles south east of Orleans Bar
Abrams J & F, butchers

Lakeville, Sonoma County, PO 22 miles south east of Santa Rosa
Bodwell Charles A, postmaster
Mills Niles, hotel and stage agent

Lamb's Bridge, Amador County. (See Forest Home)

Lancha Plana, Amador County, PO 15 miles south west of Jackson
Andrews Thomas, surveyor
Cook William, general merchandise
Crail Wilson, blacksmith
Earl L M, boot and shoe maker
Greenberry Crail, wheelwright
Kauffman Jacob, blacksmith
Kennedy Phillip, carpenter
Kientz Christian, carpenter
Palmer J W D, postmaster and general merchandise
Palmer J W D & Company, distillers and wine manufacturers
Root D A, hotel

Langville, Yolo County. (See Capay)

Laribee Creek, Humboldt County, PO address, Hydesville
Blockburger B, general merchandise

Las Cruces, Santa Barbara County, PO 43 miles north west of Santa Barbara
Williams Alfred B, postmaster and general merchandise

Lassen, Lassen County, PO 15 miles north of Susanville
Bouyman Edward, postmaster

Lassen County. Organized 1864

Last Chance, Placer County, PO address, Michigan Bluff, 40 miles north east of Auburn
Jansen M, hotel
Wonn & Hauk, general merchandise

Lathrop, San Joaquin County, 9 miles south of Stockton
Davis J E, telegraph operator
Fulton R L, agent C P R R
Gilman J E, hotel
Smith John, fruits
Thompson & Speaker, hotel
Thompson J W, agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Latrobe, El Dorado County, PO 20 miles south west of Placerville
Adams Andrew J, postmaster
Duden C W, agent Wells, Fargo & Company. W U Telegraph Company, and Sacramento Valley R R
Edwards C W, hotel, wagon maker and blacksmith
Hamilton William, stage proprietor
Krauss F, butcher
McKay John, livery stable
Miller J H, hotel
Riebsam & Adams, groceries and provisions
Shaver J K, liquor saloon
Treuholz E, physician

Lava Beds, Butte County, PO address, Moore's Station, 14 miles south of Oreville
Mullen Samuel, liquor saloon

Lawrence House, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, 6½ miles south west of Sonora
Lawrence William, hotel

Leesville, Colusa County, PO 30 miles of Colusa
Clark J H, postmaster, physician and general merchandise
Crockett & Landergen, hotel
Noble I, general merchandise (Stony Creek)
Shaddock J C, blacksmith

Leonard's Mills, Butte County, PO address, Magalia, 20 miles north of Oroville
Cudd James, hotel

Lewis Ranch, Merced County, PO address, Union, 30 miles east of Merced
Lewis Jacob, blacksmith

Lewiston, Trinity County, PO 12 miles north of Weaverville
Berber W H. hotel
Hayes Hiram, postmaster
Larson Ivor, boot and shoe maker
Paulsen & Christiansen, general merchandise
Phillips Olney, blacksmith
Watson & Brown, general merchandise, and agent
Wells, Fargo & County

Lexington, Los Angeles County. (See El Monte)

Lexington, Santa Clara County, PO address. Alma, 15 miles south west of San Jose
Beach H, lumber manufacturer
Beardsley J S, wine grower
Burrell, E J, wine grower
Chase J W, general merchandise and lumber dealer
Chase S H, lumber dealer
Dougherty James, lumber dealer
Ellege W T, blacksmith
Foely D C, wine grower
Hall William, wheelwright
Hatler A, wine grower
Morrill H C, lumber dealer
Paddock Sarah A Mrs, proprietress Lexington
Hotel and livery stable

Limerick, Contra Costa County, PO address, Danville, 18 miles south east of Martinez
Bruen Ely, blacksmith
Horan Patrick, hotel
Jansen Frederick, hotel

Lynch W & Son, general merchandise
Mills E T, general merchandise and agent Whitney & Company express

Lincoln, Placer County, PO 13 miles west of Auburn, is a station on the California and Oregon Railroad, 28 miles from Sacramento, and is the depot of quite a large trading community of grazers and farmers.
Briggs Henry, notary public and justice of the peace
Curtis H C, teacher
Dallman Joseph, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
Elder Silas R, blacksmith
Estell E, liquor saloon
Fleming A C, lumber dealer and insurance agent
Flint Joseph, physician
Gray & Patton, liquor saloon
Haenny & Carpenter, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Hickey Lawrence, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hoppert Christopher H, liquor saloon and bakery
Ingram William, postmaster, drugs, and stationery
McCauley Archibald, shoe maker
Michael G A, agent W U Telegraph Company
Reese James M, barber
Robinson William B, proprietor Logan House
Singer Peter, attorney at law and notary public
Stradley N B, liquor saloon
Tannahill J J, wagon maker
Wadley G L, physician
Waldren & Hotchkiss, livery stable and stage proprietors
Wastier Frederick, butcher
Wilson C L, proprietor Lincoln Coal Mine
Worthington James, harness and saddlery
Ziegenbein John & Company, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Young J E, wagon maker

Lincolnville, Klamath County, PO address, Forks of Salmon, 20 miles east of Orleans Bar
Bahr Andrew, general merchandise
Boyd & Company, lumber manufacturers

Linden, San Joaquin County, PO 12 miles north east of Stockton
Ashley J, butcher
Davenport & Pasnault, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Davis William J, painter
Fennell & Barry, hotel
Ferguson F M, liquor saloon
Fifield W E, postmaster, druggist and physician
Foltz Samuel, blacksmith
Holman W B, carpenter
Klinger George, harness and saddlery
Mayne W T Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Fennell J W, shoe maker
Prather P H & Thomas W, carpenters
Prather S H & Brothers, general merchandise
Bobbins J S, confectionery and cigars
Staten F M Rev, clergyman (Meth South)

Linns Valley, Kern County, PO address, Glenville, 35 miles north east of Bakersfield
Birdsley L A teacher
Crosling R B, carpenter
Dooby D Rev, clergyman
Dubrutz A B, attorney at law and teacher
Early T, hotel and livery stable
Glen J M, blacksmith
Harding T E, liquor saloon
Harmon M E, lumber manufacturer
Lavas D, hotel and livery stable
Meyers Joseph, general merchandise
Murphy J J, general merchandise
Pascoe H Rev, clergyman
Prewitt James, blacksmith and wagon maker
Redfield B F, lumber manufacturer
Reid S E, blacksmith
Scott D, butcher
Sill H C, physician
Smithwick N, flour manufacturer

Little Grass Valley, Nevada County, PO address, North Columbia
Broaderick J C, lumber manufacturer

Little Kimshew, Butte County, PO address, Lovelock, 31 miles north of Oroville
Snow L A, general merchandise and hotel

Little Lake, Mendocino County. (See Willits)

Little River, Mendocino County, PO 45 miles west of Ukiah
Coombs R G, carpenter
Coombs & Perkins, general merchandise and lumber manufacturers
Corrigan James, general merchandise
Gray M D, agent Western Union Telegraph Company
Kent William H, butcher
Lane N W, physician
Mahlmann A F, hotel
Morrison G B, hotel
Noriger Charles, hotel
Petersen Thomas H, ship builder
Sampson E G, blacksmith
Stevens Isaiah, postmaster

Little Shasta, Siskiyou County, PO address, Yreka, 15 miles east of Yreka
McGrath T, general merchandise

Little York, Nevada County, PO 12 miles south east of Nevada City
Aplin W D, physician
Fuller J R, postmaster and liquor saloon
Gormley James, hydraulic pipe manufacturer
Hudehpoll Christopher, blacksmith
Longworth J, poultry
Paterson Thomas, carpenter
Peters John, carpenter
Robb Harvey, hotel
Sawyer John, liquor saloon and market
Schutt & Lowell, general merchandise
Shepard N B, hotel
Skeahen M, hotel
Spiegle M, liquor saloon
Taylor J F, blacksmith
Thomas I, hotel

Litton Springs, Sonoma County, PO 13 miles north of Santa Rosa, and three miles south of Healdiburg. These are among the many medicinal springs in California, which are found in abundance, partially throughout the Coast Range, and constitute favorite places of resort. Litton Springs are of easy access, being in the lovely Russian River Valley, on the North Pacific Railroad, 76 miles by rail and steamer from San Francisco. A large hotel and numerous cottages give accommodation to visitors, and the surrounding grounds are extensive, comprising four thousand acres, making a grand parte, well prepared for pleasure. The springs are several in number, within an area of a mile, and flow five different kinds of water, as seltzer, soda, iron, sulphur, and compounds of these. The scenery is pleasantly diversified by hill and dale, valley and plain, and the climate is always mild and healthful, altogether constituting one of the most attractive localities in the State.
Carter C D, agent Wells, Fargo &. Co
Emerson P M, hotel and springs

Live Oak, Sacramento County, PO address, Michigan Bar
Atkinson George, general merchandise
Ball A Mrs, general merchandise

Live Oak, San Joaquin County, PO address, Stockton, 8 miles north of Stockton
Chase C H, groceries and liquors
Eddy S L, blacksmith
Graves ____, physician and wine grower

Live Oak, Santa Clara County, PO address, Gilroy, 30 miles south east of San Jose
Brown John G, liquor saloon and blacksmith

Live Oak, Sutter County, PO 8 miles north west of Yuba City
Dean Belle, teacher
Egaberg Henry, blacksmith
Gregory H L, postmaster and general merchandise

Livermore, Alameda County

Livingston, Merced County, PO 14 miles north west of Merced
Olds Edward J, postmaster and general merchandise
Summers G, physician

Lobetus Station, San Mateo County, PO address, Purissima, 20 miles north west of Redwood City
Cartwright F, liquor saloon

Lockeford, San Joaquin County, PO 16 miles north east of Stockton
Austin E P, watch maker
Brumel M, general merchandise
Cotton J, liquor saloon
Farley & Bingham, flour manufacturers
Foote, E N, physician
Gillis & Dougherty, hotel
Guernsey A A Rev, clergyman (Baptist)
Haley Benjamin, carpenter
Haley J H, harness and saddlery
Hammond J S, physician
Horton P Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Johnson Thomas, carpenter
Locke Dean J, postmaster and physician
Locke D J & Company, general merchandise
Meyerle L, brick layer
Owens G W, wagon maker
Praiter Alfred, hotel
Ross A Rev., clergyman (Cong)
Smith Edward, carpenter
Smith Isaac, blacksmith and justice of the peace
Stacy George G, blacksmith
Stephens Mark, barber
Trethway William O, blacksmith
Wallace Benjamin, wagon maker
Wentry George, wagon maker

Wilson George, boot maker

Lodi, San Joaquin County

Loganville, Sierra County, PO address, Sierra City, 12 miles east of Downieville
Kaiser August, hotel

Logtown, El Dorado County, PO address, El Dorado, 9 miles south west of Placerville
Rust George, liquor saloon

Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, PO 40 miles north west of Santa Barbara, is a "colony" town, recently laid out, and with the promise of rapidly improving. The Lompoc rancho, of 46,500 acres, was divided into tracts of from five to eighty acres, and with the town lots sold on favorable terms in November, 1874, and immediately building commenced. The place is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Santa Ynez River and Miguelito creek, a short distance inland from Point Concepcion, and 17 miles from the landing at Point Sal, and about the same from the steamer landing at Gaviota. The colony is established with a pledge of excluding intoxicating drinks, and as a resort for invalids seeking the pleasant and equable climate for restoration of health. One newspaper, the Record, is published weekly.
Bidlack W W, druggist
Bidlack & Green, druggists
Broughton W W, proprietor Lompoc Record
Demartini G B, general merchandise
Dimmock Joseph, blacksmith
Dockery John, livery stable
Fabing H W, blacksmith
Frick Brothers, general merchandise
Leggett & Porter, hotel
Montgomery, J W, harness and saddlery
Peck & Son, hardware
Roberts George, Secretary Lompoc Land Company
Sloan, J &. Company, butchers
Tucker B F, postmaster, and books, stationery and newspapers

Lone Pine, Inyo County, PO 18 miles south of Independence, is a trading village in Owens Valley, and a central point for stages to Independence, Bakersfield, Cerro Gordo, Panamint and Los Angeles. It is noted as the locality of chief disturbance of the earthquake of April, 1872, when several houses were thrown down and a number of lives lost.
Barry Mary Mrs, hotel
Brizzolara F, general merchandise
Broder John, Dutcher
Burkhardt G, jeweler
Cohn C & M, general merchandise
Collean L, physician
Columbo W C, physician
Dabeeny Frank, liquor saloon
Diaz R, butcher
Dickson Peter, shoe maker
Dodge J G, livery stable
Duprat Frank, liquor saloon and restaurant
Eames A D, hotel
Gilcich P G. physician and druggist
Grothry F, liquor saloon
Harvey C, blacksmith
Hoff P & Company, general merchandise
Jackson C L, teacher
Laskey L, general merchandise
Loomis A M & Brother, agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Loomis R A, postmaster
Lubkin John, brewery
McKean Franklin Rev, clergyman
Meysan Charles, general merchandise
Passama J, bakery
Peterson R L, liquor saloon
Quillan ____, shoe maker
Serrano & Bilderain, general merchandise
Zaun Sebastian, general merchandise and liquor saloon

Long Ravine, Placer County, PO address, Colfax, 22 miles north east of Auburn
Gable William, hotel

Long Valley, Lassen County, PO 45 miles south east of Susanville
Doyle John W, postmaster

Long Valley, Mendocino County, PO address, Cahto, 40 miles north west of Ukiah
Middleton William, blacksmith
Vasser W, cabinet maker

Longville, Plumas County, PO 30 miles north west of Quincy
Wallick Elias, general merchandise
Welch P R, postmaster, hotel and general merchandise

Lopez Station, Los Angeles County, PO address, San Fernando
Calls Juan, butcher
Lopez J, hotel
Rinaldi C R. groceries and wines

Los Alisos, Santa Barbara County. (See Patera Rancho)

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County

Los Baños, Merced County, PO 35 miles south west of Merced
Dolheguy B & Company, general merchandise
Karaw F, liquor saloon
Korn Moses, postmaster
Korn & Hirshfeld, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Moulthy George, harness and saddlery
Mullen & Tory, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Silva Manuel, liquor saloon
Weidman & Russ, hotel

Los Gatos, Santa Clara County, PO 10 miles south of San Jose
Budden James, shoe maker
Gaffney William Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Johnston Lester, butcher
Los Gatos Manufacturing Company, manufacturers' flour, woolen goods, dealers general merchandise, clothing and lumber
Luse A K, physician
Lyndon J H, hotel
Lyndon John W, general merchandise and lumber dealer
McMurtry W S, postmaster, and president Los Gatos Manufacturing Co
Saxtorph H, restaurant and liquor saloon
Seamer George, blacksmith and wagon maker
Whittlesey A, boarding

Los Nietos, Los Angeles County, PO. (See Downey City)
Frankel Samuel, postmaster

Louisville, El Dorado County, PO address, Kelsey, 7 miles north of Placerville
Poor John, general merchandise

Lovelocks, Butte County, PO 30 miles north of Oroville
Jones E, postmaster and hotel
Miller Henry, general merchandise
Smith Frank, hotel
Pomerati V, general merchandise

Lowden's Ranch, Trinity County, PO, 9 miles south east of Weaverville
Lowden E, postmaster and hotel

Lowell Hill, Nevada County, PO address, Little York, 14 miles east of Nevada City
Doolittle A J, civil engineer
Regan J, liquor saloon
Stahl Joseph, groceries and provisions

Lower Lake, Lake County, PO 25 miles south east of Lakeport, is the principal town in the county, and is situated on Cache Creek, one mile from Clear Lake at the junction of numerous roads entering the valley. Is reached from San Francisco, one hundred and four miles distant, via the Napa Valley Railroad, and stage from Calistoga, forty miles, making the journey easily in a day. The surroundings are very pleasant, and the resources abundant. Oil the east side of Clear Lake are mines of borax, quicksilver, sulphur and copper, of great value, for which Lower Lake is the depot and center of trade.
Butler M, boot and shoe maker
Byman Joseph, physician
Getz Joseph & Bros, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Goldsmith William C, liquor saloon
Grenell & Company, stage proprietors
Hasell H Rev, clergyman
Hammer Charles, brewery
Mather John, miller
Miles Brothers, liquor saloon and butchers
Moore Henry, liquor saloon
Stanley John K, postmaster
Thompson S H, wagon maker
Tremper L V, blacksmith
Tremper Vann, restaurant
Trude & Fox, livery stable
Walls B, hotel
Wilson H M, blacksmith

Lower Soda, Shasta County, PO address, Portugee, 66 miles north of Shasta
Bailey Washington, hotel

Loyalton, Sierra County, PO 45 miles east of Downieville
Collins William F, postmaster
Collins & Robinson, harness and saddlery
Darius C, harness and saddlery
Enscoe J & Company, groceries
Gray W C Rev, clergyman
Hakes F, attorney at law
Hodges John, attorney at law
Horton W T, carpenter,
Howard J, hotel
Huyck K A, blacksmith
Joseph I J, fruit and vegetables
Leavitt G I, physician
May J D, carpenter
Morris D W, butcher and grocer
Scheeline M, general merchandise
Sharkey, boot and shoe maker
Shubert Theodore, physician
Smith & Parker, lumber manufacturers
Williams J F, liquor saloon

Ludwig's Bridge, Shasta County. (See Cottonwood)

Lyon Station, Los Angeles County, PO 32 miles north west of Los Angeles
Ellis J K, agent W U Telegraph Company
Kraszynski Andrew J, postmaster, general merchandise and hotel
Los Angeles Petroleum Oil Refining Company, oil refinery
Lyon Sanford, wool grower Machado, Los Angeles

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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