Yuba County, California

Yuba County, with an area of 917 square miles, is bounded by Butte and Plumas on the north, Sierra and Nevada on the east, Nevada, Placer, and Sutter on the south, and Sutter on the west. It was formerly the center of the hydraulic mining industry, and thousands of acres of farming land were ruined by debris; but now that an injunction has been put on the miners, many of their ditches are being used for the purpose of irrigation. Thus, while the output of the mines has very largely decreased, the agricultural and horticultural resources of the county are being developed to a surprising extent. Lumber is manufactured on a large scale, and fruits and grain are produced in constantly increasing quantities. The population of the county, in 1880 11,284, is now about 15,000, but recently it has begun to increase in a greater ratio. Marysville, the county seat, is a well-built city of about 8,000 inhabitants. Wheatland, Smartsville, Camptonville and Brownsville are other towns. In 1889 the assessed valuation of the county was $7,046,316.


Source: California State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1890, Volume II, R. L. Polk & Company, 1890.

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