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California Pacific States Newspaper Directory

A Carefully Prepared List of all the Newspapers and Periodicals published in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, British Columbia, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and the Hawaiian Islands.

Arranged alphabetically by towns, and also by counties, with a brief description of each state, territory and county. Making an invaluable guide to those who wish to place advertising to the best possible advantage.

California extends from 32° 20' to 42 north latitude, and be-tween 114° 20' and 124° 25' west longitude. It was ceded to the United States by Mexico, in 1848. It is 770 miles in length, and its maximum breadth is 330 miles, minimum breadth 150 miles, the mean breadth being 240 miles. In the family of States it ranks second in size, Texas only having a larger territory. It has an area of 158,360 square miles, or 101,350,400 acres, more than three-fifths of which, it is estimated, are susceptible of cultivation, or may be profitably utilized for industrial purposes.

Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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