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Welcome, California American History and Genealogy Project, my name is Judy White and I am the temporary host for this site while we wait for you to say YES, I would like to try hosting a state.  We have a good group of people who are willing to assist you in any way they can to get you started.  If you aren't ready for a whole state, check the county selection list below and see which California Counties are available, fill out the Contact Form and we can have you on your way!!  Push our button for other volunteer projects

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California Pacific Coast Business Directory, 1876-78
Southern California Place Names
California Military Forts
California Pacific States Directory
Early Clericals of Los Angeles
Historic Seaports of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Postmasters
Mexican Governors of California
Pony Express
The Stores of Los Angeles, 1850
Camel Caravans of the American Deserts

Other Great Pages
Missions of California and the Old Southwest
La Baja California Mission History
Old Mission Stories of California
1861 Placer County California Directory
Membership Roll of Pioneers of Los Angeles
Mining and Gold
How to Research Mining Claims
Death Valley in '49
California Gold Rush Most Wanted

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