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Alameda and Alameda County California

Alameda, Alameda County, PO 2 miles south of Oakland, with which it is connected by railroad by which trains make hourly trips with the ferry to San Francisco, 9 miles distant. This pretty name of a pretty locality signifies a walk embowered in trees, and is understood to embrace the peninsula lying between the estuary of San Antonio on the north and San Leandro Bay on the south, two arms of the Bay of San Francisco.

This peninsulas about four miles in length by one and a half in breadth, is a level plain of fertile soil which is covered by a native growth of live oaks whose perennial verdure lends lasting beauty to the lovely landscape. The plot was originally laid out in the three villages of Woodstock, Encinal and Alameda, but the latter name includes all. The broad streets and park-like groves render the peninsula very attractive as a place of residence and pleasure resort; the many line mansions and cottages, and the numerous picnic parties in their season, give evidence of the fact.

The present population numbers about l,000, and is well supplied with churches, the Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal and Catholic having tine edifices; and schools of every grade are maintained. The Alameda Encinal, a weekly journal of high repute, is published by Mr. F. K. Krauth, which, in September, 1874, passed its fifth anniversary.

Alameda Encinal, F K Krauth, proprietor, Park
Bancroft A J, butcher, Park
Bannister Alfred, civil engineer. Park
Barber Arthur S, postmaster and general merchandise. Park
Barlow Henry S, proprietor Loyal Oak Hotel, Park
Baroteau Auguste, groceries, liquors and restaurant, finical
Bishop J & S, groceries. Park
Boehmer Fritz, general merchandise, Park
Bremer Herman, Schuetzen Park, Mastic Station
Cobb George D, attorney at law. Park
Convado George, liquor saloon
Cook Alexander & Company blacksmiths and wagon makers. Park
Coy Frank, real estate, St. Paul
Derby E M & Company lumber, Alameda Point
Durein John, boots and shoes. Park
Eichler K, physician, corner Oak and Railroad Ave
Ellery Epes, real estate, corner St Paul and Jefferson Ave
Faskings Louis, hotel. Railroad Ave
Flynn W G, real estate agent and liquor saloon, corner Euclid and Railroad Ave
Foster C H, architect rear Public School
Gamba A, "Gamba's Retreat," Encinal Station
Gibbons William, attorney at law. Central Ave
Gibbons William P, physician. Central Ave
Glas, Frank, liquor saloon. Park
Hally & Curvey, blacksmiths. Park
Head R G, contractor and builder, Santa Clara Av
Hess A, homeopathic physician. Park
Holtz William, groceries and liquors, Santa Clara Ave
Horst William, liquor saloon. Mastic Station
Jaquith W K, builder, Buena Vista Av
Jenks k Mead, real estate agents. Park
Jesee William H, upholstering and furniture, Park
Kay I N, proprietor Yosemite Hotel, Park
Karstadt Frederick, liquor saloon, Park
Keene E B, druggist, Park
Krauth F K, proprietor Alameda Encinal, Park
Lemkie Charles H, barber, Park
Lewis George L, livery stable. Park
Liese Conrad, butcher. Park
McKee J W, real estate and lumber. Park
Mills Thomas, tinsmith, and plumber. Railroad Ave
Moeller August, nurseryman. Mastic Station
Moulton G H, coal, Park
Murray George E, house and sign painter, Park
Nobmann John, liquor saloon and restaurant. Park
Pago Nathaniel, real estate. Railroad Ave
Palmer & Smith, real estate agents. Park
Parr Thomas B, harness and saddlery. Park
Perkins William, builder and contractor, corner Park and Lincoln Ave
Probst L, bakery. Park
Rabie R, confectionery and fruits, Park
Richter Max, bakery. Park
Riethard, Victor, brewery. Third Ave
Severin, Theodore, liquor saloon, Park
Smith J S, tailor. Park
Smith Thomas A, notary public, Park
Straub Denis, contractor Encinal Station
Taber R L Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Trener Eustace, physician, corner Lincoln Ave and Everett
Whitney & Co's Express, corner Park and Railroad Ave

Alameda County. Organized in 1853. Bounded north by Contra Costa, east by Contra Costa and San Joaquin, south by Santa Clara and west by the Bay of San Francisco. Area, 800 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $35,000,000. County Seat, Oakland. Principal towns: Alameda, Alvarado, Berkeley, Centerville, Decota, Dublin, Haywood, Livermore, Mission San Jose, Pleasanton, and San Leandro. Oakland, Brooklyn, Clinton and San Antonio, the three latter formerly organized as East Oakland, now constitute one city, with a population of nearly 20,000.

Communication with San Francisco is conveniently maintained by steam and sailing vessels from the many landings and small harbors along the Bay. Ferries are established at Berkeley and Oakland, at the latter place Passenger and freight boats making from thirty to forty trips per day. The Central Pacific Railroad passes over the greatest length of the county and connects with San Jose by a branch from Niles Station. Total length of railroads, 116 miles.

The resources of Alameda are chiefly agricultural, it ranking as one of the first counties in the State for its cereal productions. Fruit is raised in large quantities, of an excellent quality and in great variety. Coal is found in the Monte Diablo range at various places, and at Corral Hollow it is mined to a limited extent. Numerous manufactures, smelting and refining works have been established at places along the Bay rendered available for the purposes by the many fine landings.

The topographical features of the county are hills and valleys, all generally fertile. Two ranges of hills, the Contra Costa and Monte Diablo, with their subjacent valleys, run from north to south. The rich Amador and Livermore valleys lie between these two ranges, and the San Joaquin valley constitutes the eastern portion. A plain about four miles in width, exceedingly fertile and picturesque, on which is located the prosperous city of Oakland, extends from the Bay to the Contra Costa hills.

Officers: Stephen G. Nye, County Judge; John V. B. Goodrich, Clerk; Albert A. Moore, District Attorney; Henry N. Morse, Sheriff; B. S. Marston, Recorder; Peter K. Borein, Auditor; Robert S. Farrelly, Treasurer; Calvin J. Stevens, Tax Collector; J. E. Whitcher (Oakland Township), A. B. Webster (Brooklyn), S. I. Marston (Washington), Minor Smith (Alameda), L. C. Moorhouse (Eden), Hiram Bailey (Murray), Assessors; Luis Castro, Surveyor; Solon H. Mather, Coroner and Public Administrator; W. F. B. Lynch, Superintendent Public Schools.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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