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Anaheim Los Angeles County, California

Anaheim, Los Angeles County, 26½ miles south east of Los Angeles, 12 miles north of Anaheim Landing, and 22 miles north east of Wilmington. The town is located in the valley of the Santa Ana River, was established in 1857 by an association of Germans, who there undertook the cultivation of the vine on the co-operative principle. A large plat of ground was laid out in fields of twenty acres, and allotted to each shareholder.

A canal from the Santa Ana River furnished water for irrigation, and the colony prospered beyond expectation. The town thus established has grown to be a large and important place, sending the products of its vineyards to all parts of the United States, and will, before the end of 1875, be connected by railroad with Los Angeles and the sea.

The town of Downey has been laid out, 13 miles northerly, and to this point the Anaheim branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad was completed in October 1874, with the expectation of reaching Anaheim in January following. But the section will never be entirely dependent on railroad transportation, as the sea is near, and at the port, Balsa Chica, a wharf 2,000 feet in length, costing $30,000, is in course of construction by the farmers and business men of the county, which will afford independence and relief to the great and growing business. One newspaper, the Gazette, is published weekly.

Anaheim Gazette, R Melrose, proprietor
Backs F & J, furniture and wall paper
Bennerscheidt J, stoves and tinware
Blanken Herman, apothecary
Bush Charles H, harness and saddlery
Calisher M & Company general merchandise
Clarke Henry, attorney at law
Clarke J W, real estate agent, notary public and justice of the peace
Clarke & Austin, books, stationery and insurance agents
Cohen B, butcher
Crowther W, blacksmith and wagon maker
Dassonville V, physician
Davis P & Bro, general merchandise and grain
Eldridge Flora Mrs, milliner and dressmaker
Fischer John, real estate
Flint, Bixby & Company stage proprietors
Gabino Real, liquor saloon
Gadz & Lewis, livery stable
Gardiner J S, physician
Goldstein S, brewery
Gooch J H, wagon and sign painter
Goodman & Rimpan, general merchandise
Hamilton Samuel, attorney at law
Hardin W N, physician
Helmann & George, general merchandise
Hibile Charles, saloon and bakery
Higby C C & Company proprietors Planters' Hotel
Higgins, William M, druggist and postmaster
Hill A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Jones AI S, physician
Kirby L W, liquor saloon
Kuelp F W Mrs, private school
Langenberger A, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
List Michael, butcher
Luedke R, watches and jewelry
Massemann C, liquor saloon
Melrose R, proprietor Anaheim Gazette
Mendelson M A, merchant tailor
Mitchell N H, livery stable and proprietor Wilmington & Anaheim stage line
Nebelung Max, proprietor Anaheim Hotel
Olen W R, real estate agent
Payne D, wagon and sign painter
Pellegrin P, watchmaker and jeweler
Phillips C J, dentist
Polhemus Henry D, real estate agent and telegraph operator
Richards P, liquor saloon
Roques & Gagneur, liquor saloon and restaurant
Waetenberg Louis, proprietor Anaheim and Los Angeles stage line
Wiseman W C. attorney at law
Yocum J H, physician

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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