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Auburn, Placer County, California

Auburn, Placer County, PO and County seat, 35 miles north east of Sacramento. The Central Pacific Railroad passes near the village, and stages connect it with the surrounding towns. Rich placer mines were discovered here in 1849, and from that date the place grew to be one of the chief mining centers of the State.

It is well built of brick and stone, and the public buildings, churches, schools and neat private residences embowered in the shade of luxuriant fruit trees, constitute an adornment of which any town would be proud. The construction of the railroad turned travel and trade in other directions, which were formerly contributory to its prosperity, and less business is transacted than formerly.

Several rich quartz mines exist in the vicinity, but horticulture is destined to be the most important interest. Fruits of all kinds, of which grapes are the principal, are grown extensively and with great success, and many thousands gallons of wine and brandy of a superior quality are annually manufactured.

The Herald and Argus newspapers are published weekly, the former Democratic and the latter Republican, and rival each other in giving information of their section.
Adrian A Mrs, restaurant, Plaza
Albrecht & Stephens, proprietor s American Hotel, Plaza
Andrews & Hollenbeck, agents Wells, Fargo & Company bankers and jewelers, Main
Argus Publishing Company proprietor Placer Weekly Argus, Washington
Bethel Samuel, U S deputy mineral surveyor
Betton Simon, liquor saloon, Plaza
Borland James, proprietor West's Hotel, C P R R depot
Bullard Austin D, proprietor Empire Hotel, Washington, near Plaza
Burns Hugh, liquor saloon, corner Main and Commercial
Cain Thomas, liquor saloon, Main
Campbell J E, attorney at law. Commercial
Conroy Michael, agent Cave Valley Lime Company near C P R R depot
Crisman George, liquor saloon and lodgings, Court
Crutcher William B, proprietor Auburn Water Works, High
Cubberly Daniel C, wagon maker, Washington
Curley & Mahon, liquor saloon, C P R R depot
D'Orplee Louis H, dentist. Commercial
Dallman Louis, varieties. Main
Daniels Samuel, brick manufacturer
Deuel S A, physician. Commercial
Dodge Edward E Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Du Bois A S. physician. Commercial
Dwyer & Gubbay, general merchandise. Plaza
Eddy & Hoffman, butchers. Plaza
Edler Frederick A, gunsmith. Plaza
Filcher J A, proprietor Placer Herald, Washington
Finley C W, surveyor, Court House
Fougeron Augustus, stoves and tinware, Commercial
Gordon Robert, general merchandise, corner Main and Commercial
Gwynn Benjamin F, constable, office with R C Poland, Court
Hale & Craig, attorneys at law. Commercial
Hamilton, Norton & Bullock, attorneys at law, Commercial
Hellwig Charles J, harness and saddlery. Main
Holdreg Delos D, house and sign painter, Washington
Holle Edward F, bakery and liquor saloon. Plaza
Houser Louis, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, Plaza
Hunt & Hadley, blacksmiths and wagon makers, near C P R R depot
Keehner George A, liquor and billiard saloon, Washington near Plaza
Liniger John, liquor saloon. Main
Lipsett Alexander, proprietor Orleans Hotel, corner Court and Main
Lubeck David W, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, Commercial
Lyon Walter B, insurance agent, Commercial
Macombe George B, stoves and tinware. Main
Maun Valentine V, furniture, bedding and undertaker. Commercial
Maun William D, agent A & P Telegraph Company C P R R depot
Martin & Richardson, house and sign painters. Plaza
McClellen Mrs, dress and cloak maker, Washington
Mc Creedy George W, liquor saloon. Main
McGuire William B, liquor saloon, Plaza
McLaughlin Joseph, livery stable, Washington
Myres Benjamin F, attorney at law. Court
Placer Herald, J A Filcher, proprietor, Washington
Placer Weekly Argus, Argus Publishing Company proprietors, Washington
Poland Robert C, notary public and justice of the peace. Court
Predom Moses, blacksmith, Washington
Rackcliff Alden, architect, builder and contractor, East
Rapier Richard G, hair dressing saloon and baths,
Plaza Reamer George W, proprietor Bear River ditch
Shay Eliza Mrs. liquor saloon and restaurant. Main
Siefert & Dodsworth, butchers. Plaza
Smith John J, proprietor Auburn Hotel and hay and grain dealer, near C P R R depot
Spear David W, attorney at law, Sacramento
Stephens Thomas E, general merchandise, Washington
Stevens Solon M, agent W U Telegraph Co, corner Main and Commercial
Stone Henry, blacksmith, Washington
Walsh Edward, merchant tailor, Main
Walsh James, boot and shoe maker. Main
Wells & Stevens, druggists and apothecaries, corner Main and Commercial
Wermann Abraham, hair dressing saloon and baths, Main
White John M, blacksmith, Washington
Willis Samuel W, postmaster, books and stationery, Commercial
W__ment George, agent C P R R, commission and forwarding, C P R R depot
Worsley John, boot and shoe maker


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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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