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Bakersfield Kern County, California

Bakersfield, Kern County, PO and County seat, one mile from the San Joaquin Valley branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad, and by that line 298 miles south east of San Francisco, and 140 miles north of Los Angeles.

 Stages leave daily for San Fernando, on the Los Angeles line, and for Lone Pine, Inyo County. The town is pleasantly situated on the banks of Kern River, one of the largest streams issuing from the Sierra Nevada, and is surrounded by an exceedingly fertile section of country.

The railroad, though not built directly to the town, has given a great impetus to business, and the population of the neighborhood is increasing rapidly. The gold mining region of the neighboring mountains, and the silver mines of Inyo give considerable trade to the place.

The rapidly flowing stream of Kern River affords abundant water power, by which means manufacturing may be added as one of its resources. The Courier and Southern Californian are published weekly.

Acklin J K, proprietor Southern Californian
Adams W S, livery and feed stable
Baker & Muehe, restaurant and bakery
Baker & Schlachter, brewery
Bratton A C, physician
Brower Celsus, agent J H Rodington
Brundage B, attorney at law
Campbell & McCumber, liquor saloon
Chester Julius, notary public
Clarke & Co, blacksmiths
Colby P T, attorney at law and county judge
Collins & Denver, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Collins & Saenger, butchers
Condict H F, hotel
Coons Alonzo, stationery and agent W U Telegraph Co
Cross Anson, livery and feed stable
Davies A H, attorney at law
Dimmock H C, physician and dentist
Donnell R R, liquor saloon
Dumble E H, tinsmith and well borer
Escalet E, hotel
Fillebrown T R, civil engineer
Freeman J W, attorney at law
Galtes Pablo, general merchandise
Garrett Matthew, carpenter
Hanson A G Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Hasey J J, well borer
Hasey M M Mrs, millinery and fancy goods
Hirschfeld &, Jacoby, general merchandise
Hewlett John, contractor and builder
Hudnut Richard, proprietor Kern County Courier
Hunt & Co, blacksmiths and tinsmiths
Jackson A R, civil engineer
Jewett Bros, wool growers
Johnson William A, real estate
Kern County Courier, Richard Hudnut, proprietor
Kern Valley Bank, S Jewett, president
Lansing Samuel J, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, notary public and cashier Kern Valley Bank
Lawrence A C, attorney at law
Lennox Andrew, wool grower
Lowe & Scribner, watches and jewelry
Mattson O. harness and saddlery
Maul C A, boots and shoes
McClanahan P D, physician
McFarland William, carpenter
Mix A A, physician and druggist
Morgan J D, blacksmith and wagon maker
Muche William, proprietor Kern River Flour Mill
Murphy J J, general merchandise
Neiderauer Jacob, furniture
Olds II F, hotel
Pavy & Willow, livery stable
Payne & Johnson, real estate
Plunkett Robert, contractor and builder
Pope W II, hair dressing saloon and baths
Price B U, stage agent
Reinstein Philip, harness and saddlery
Riley J R. physician and druggist
Rogers L S, physician
Rothrock & Houghton, photographers
Smith G V, attorney at law
Smith J E, blacksmith and wagon maker
Southern Californian, J K Acklin, proprietor
Templeton & Hooker, wool growers
Toussaint Antoine, stoves and tinware
Tungate John B, liquor saloon
Weil Jacob & Company, general merchandise
Withington Robert W, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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