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California Grist Mills, 1874

The number of mills enumerated in the following table, compiled from the County Assessor's returns of 1874, is one hundred and sixty-one, of which eighty-three are propelled by water, seventy-three by steam, and five by steam and water. These mills wore erected at a cost of from $2,000 to $100,000 having from one to eight run of stone, with a capacity of from ten to eight hundred barrels per day. The largest mill in the State is located at South Vallejo, Solano County. San Francisco County, with eight mills, including three which are engaged almost exclusively in grinding feed, is the largest flour producing county in the State. Next in importance are the counties of Alameda, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

With the Location, Name of Mill, and the Occupant's Name of each

Alameda County
East Oakland, Clinton, Weston & Welsh.
Haywood, Haywood, S. Wotten.
Livermore, Livermore, C. J. Stevens.
Mission San Jose, Mission, Adam Laumeister.
Niles, Alameda, Alameda Flour Mill Co.
Oakland, Oakland, Babcock & Gould.

Amador County
Lone City, Golden Star, F. C. Hall & Co.
Lone City, Ione City, J. Cummings.

Butte County, Butte
Butte Creek, Chico, Morse & Morse.
Chieo, Durham, J. Bidwell.
Durham Station, Goss & Co.
Oroville, Ophir, Brooks & Goldstein.
Rock Creek, Keefer, J. L. Keefer.

Colusa County
Colusa, Colusa, J. D. Gage.
Grand Island, Grand Island, J. K. Giles.
Princeton, Princeton, O. F. Cook.

Contra Costa County
Antioch, Union, Wm. Girvin.
Lafayette, Lafayette, Warren Brown.
Pacheco, Pacheco, W. J. Ireland.

Del Norte County
Smith River Valley, Del Norte, J. G. Anthony.

El Dorado County
Placerville, Creighton's, James Creighton.

Fresno County
Centreville, Centreville, E. Jacob & Company.

Humboldt County
Ferndale, Pacific, J. Russ.
Mattole, Langdon's, M. K. Landon.
Rohnerville, Rohnerville, Martin & Kellogg.

Inyo County
Bishop Creek, Bishop Creek, J. Russell.
Independence, Bell's, A. Bell.

Kern County
Bakersfield, Kern River, W. Muehe & Company.
Linn's Valley, Smithwick's, N. Smithwick.
Walker Basin, Walker Basin, W. Rankin.

Klamath County
Hoopa Valley, Hoopa Valley, U. S. Government.
South Fork of Trinity, Campbell's, T. G. Campbell.

Lake County
Kelsey Creek, Kelsey, P. Burtnott.
Lakeport, Lakeport, H. Boggs.
Lower Lake, Eclipse, Jno. Mather.

Lassen County
Johnstonville, Lassen, S. R. Hall & Bro.
Milford, Honey Lake, J. M. Steinberger.

Los Angeles County
Azusa, Dalton's, Henry Dalton.
Los Nietos, Los Nietos, D. C. Wilson.
La Puente, Workman's, W. Workman.

Mendocino County
Anderson Valley, Gschwind's, L. E. White & Company.
Coyote Valley, Cleveland's, W. J. Cleveland.
Little Lake, Duncan's, F. L. Duncan.
Little Lake, James', C. P. Traber.
Round Valley, Gray's, U. S. Government.
Ukiah, Moore's, Jno. Hillman.
Ukiah, Ukiah, S. Wurtenburg.

Merced County
Merced, Pioneer, Isaacs & Richardson.
Merced Falls, Nelson & Son's, Nelson & Son.
Merced River, Murray's, J. C. Blackburn.
Merced River, Eden, W. Lee Hamlin.

Modoc County
Adin Big Valley, Adin, Harris & Mitchell.
Cedarville, Cedarville, Rusill & Company.
Lake City, Lake City, Geo. Wynet.

Mono County
Coleville, Antelope, Estate of B. G. Hartshorn.

Monterey County
Salinas City, Salinas City, Wm. Brunewell.

Napa County
Chiles Valley, Chiles, J. B. Chiles.
Napa City, Vernon, Cooper & Andrew.
Napa Valley, St. Helena, J. Mecklenburg.
Napa Valley, Star of the Pacific, F. W. Ellis.

Plumas County
Greenville, C. H. Laurena's, C. H. Laurena.
Indian Valley, Taylor's, J. W. Thompson.

Sacramento County
Sacramento, Capital, Withington & Bagley.
Sacramento, Lombard, A. Redington & Son.
Sacramento, Phoenix, Reel & Childs.
Sacramento, Pioneer, Smith & Williams.
Sacramento, Sacramento, C. McCreary & Company.
Michigan Bar, Michigan Bar, James Jordan.

San Benito County
Hollister, San Benito, J. M. Browne.
San Benito River, ______, G. H. Goff.

San Bernardino County
San Bernardino, Southern Pacific, B. F. Matthews.
San Salvador, San Bernardino, Jno. W. North.
Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Mrs. Meek.
Warm Creek, San Bernard, Davis & Conn.

San Diego County
Aqua Caliente, Julian City, Frary & Schultz.
San Diego, San Diego, J. Lankershim.

San Francisco County
San Francisco, Capitol, Deming, Palmer & Company.
San Francisco, Commercial, Grosh & Rutherford.
San Francisco, Golden Age, F. D. Conro & Son.
San Francisco, Golden Gate, Horace Davis & Company.
San Francisco, National, Martenstein & Deming.
San Francisco, * Pioneer and Alta, Eisen Brothers.
San Francisco, *Wheelan's, Dohrman & Company.
San Francisco, *Yolo, J. Roseberry & Company.

San Joaquin County
Linden, Linden, Wasley, Patterson & Company.
Poland's, Lone Star, S. L. Magee.
Stockton, City, Sperry & Company.
Stockton, Humphrey's, D. G. Humphrey
Stockton, Lane's, R. B. Lane.
Woodbridge, Woodbridge, Green & Wristow
* Feed Mills

San Luis Obispo County
Arroyo Grande, Branch's, Branch Bros.
Cambria, Leffingwell & Sons, Leffingwell & Sons.
Chorro, Chorro, Pollard & James.
La Cuesta, Sumner's, S. Sumner.

San Mateo County
Redwood City, Redwood City, Rankin & Baird.
Spanishtown, Ames, J. P. Ames.

Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Rynerson & Tilley.

Santa Clara County
Alviso, Alviso, Bray Bros.
Gilroy, Santa Clara Valley, Cuthbert Burrell.
Los Gatos, Los Gatos, Rodgers & Company.
San Jose, Moody's, Moody & Bro.
San Jose, Orange, Deleval & Paulding.
San Jose, Vineyard, Pfister & Company.
Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Chas. Clayton.
Saratoga, Saratoga, W. S. Hollenback.

Santa Cruz County
Corralitos, Corralitos, Ford & Sanborn.
Santa Cruz, Fleck's, John Fleck.
Santa Cruz, Mayor's, J. F. I. Bennett.
Soquel, Hames', Hames & Daubinbis.
Soquel, Wilson's, O. P. Wilson & Company.
Watsonville, Watsonville, Chas. L. Thomas.

Shasta County
Cottonwood, Farmer's, E. Nichols.
Fall River, Cook & Winter's, Cook & Winters.
Millville, North Star, Wilkinson & Ross.

Sierra County
Randolph, _____, Lipscom & Company.

Siskiyou County
Scott Valley, Etna, George Smith.
Scott Valley, Farmer's, E. Reichman.
Scott Valley, Lafayette, E. Bean.
Scott Valley, Rough & Ready, George Smith.
Scott Valley, Union, Wm. H. Morgan.
Shasta Valley, Butterville, Jacob Myers.
Shasta Valley, Shasta River, Charles Schlicht.

Solano County
Benicia, Benicia, Ballard & Hall.
Suisun City, Suisun, Hibbard & Company.
South Vallejo, Starr's, Starr, Campbell & Company.

Sonoma County
Bodega Township, Smith's, Thomas Smith.
Cloverdale, Sulphur Creek, ____.
Mendocino Township, Healdsburg, Carruthers & Company.
Mendocino Township, Mill Creek, Saules & Sons.
Petaluma Township, Central, McCune Bros.
Petaluma Township, Oriental, Wash. Neil.
Santa Rosa Township, Empire, J. W. Mandeville & Company.
Santa Rosa Township, Mark West, Jno. Mather.
Santa Rosa Township, Santa Rosa, Bowman Bros.
Sonoma Township, Chauvet's, G. Chauvet.
Vallejo Township, Mathews, Overton & Sons.

Stanislaus County
Knight's Ferry, Stanislaus, D. W. Tullock.
Paradise City, Paradise, T. M. Rankin.

Tehama County
Antelope Creek, Antelope, J. S. Cone.
Battle Creek, Union, W. S. Carver.
Cottonwood, Cottonwood, _____.
Sesma, North Star, Ellis & Company.

Trinity County
Hay Fork, Hay Fork, A. D. Bayless.
Weaver's Creek, Davidson's, R. A. Davidson.

Tulare County
Linn's Valley, Smithwick, Noah Smithwick.
People's Ditch, Illinois, N. P. Dillon.
Portersville, Tule River, Johnson & Keeney.
Tulare, Tulare, Simpson & Ham.
Visalia, Tulare Valley, R. E. Hyde.

Tuolumne County
Norman Crook, Columbia, S. K. Hanson.
Sonora, Sonora, Hampton & Smith.
Wood's Creek, Tuolumne, James Bell.

Ventura County
San Buenaventura, Ventura, E. Perkins.
Santa Paula, Santa Paula, Blanchard & Bradley.

Yolo County
Cacheville, Cacheville, E. H. Eastham.
Knight's Landing, Knight's Landing, Rhodes & Arnold.
Woodland, Woodland, Rhodes & Arnold.

Yuba County
Bear River, Union Mills, Stoddard & Bros.
Marysville, Buckeye, A. D. Starr & Company.
Marysville, Marysville, Traynor & Ellis.
Wheatland, Wheatland, Torson, Clark & Company.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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