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California Quartz Mills, 1874

The number of quartz mills enumerated in the following table, compiled from the County Assessor's returns of 1874. to which are added a few erected during the year 1875, is throe hundred and ninety, of which one hundred and ninety-two are propelled by steam, one hundred and eighty-three by water, and seventeen by steam and water. The cost of these mills, range from 81,050 to $175,000, with from two to eighty stamps each. Nevada County is the leading quartz county of the State, and next in importance are the counties of Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Sierra and Tuolumne. During the present year several large and expensive mills have boon erected, or are in course of construction, in different portions of the State, among which may be mentioned that of the Surprise Valley Mining Company's, of twenty stamps, Panamint; the Sumner G. M. Company's, of eighty stamps, at Kerrville, and the Gold Mountain G. M. Company's, of 40 stamps, at Bear Valley, San Bernardino County. In Inyo County, and the section bordering on the State of Nevada, are several smelting furnaces of large capacity, for the reduction of base metal ores. In the table are a number of mills designated by stars, which were erected for the purpose of crushing cement, but at present very few are in operation.

Location, Name, Date of Erection, Occupant's Name, etc., of each

Alpine County
Main Carson River, Silver Glanco, 1869, C. B. Coleman, Manager
Markleville, Pioneer, 1863, Jones, Wade & Co
Monitor, Schenectady, 1868, B. Hunter, Manager
Silver Mountain, Exchequer, 1866, L. Chalmers, Manager
Silver Mountain, Silver Creek, 1866, _____
Silver Mountain, Stat, 1864, Pittsburg Company

Amador County
Amador City, Amador, 1856, W. Johns, Supt.
Amador City, Bunker Hill, 1871, J. Treglorn, Supt.
Amador City, Hazard, 1857, A. Hayward.
Amador City, Keystone, 1856, Keystone Con. M. Co.
Drytown, Gover, 1873, J. Treglorn, Supt.
Drytown, Plymouth, 1860, Plymouth M. Co.
Drytown, Potosi, 1857, W. H. Hooper & Co.
Fiddletown, Richmond, 1865, Philadelphia Co.
Jackson, Casco, 1869, Haley & Hardenburg.
Jackson, Kennedy, 1868, Kennedy Mining Co.
Jackson, Kearsing's, 1868, Kearsing Brothers.
Jackson, Oneida, 1857, Oneida Mining Co.
Jackson, Zeile Mining Co, 1864, Zeile Mining Co.
Lower Rancheria, Gold Mountain, 1875, Gold Mountain Co.
Pine Grove, Tellurium, 1864, Amador Con. Mining Co.
Plymouth, Alpine, 1871, L. R. Poundstone, Supt.
Sutter Creek, _____, 1858, Amador Con. Mining Co.
Sutter Creek, Downs, 1858, R. C. Downs.
Sutter Creek, Con. Amador, 1869, Con. Amador Mining Co.
Sutter Creek, Lincoln Q. M. Co, ____, _____.
Sutter Creek, Mahoney, 1859, S. D. R. Stewart, Supt.
Sutter Creek, _____, 1866, Amador Mining Co.
Sutter Creek, Wildmans, 1869, C. T. Wheeler.
Volcano, Belding, 1865, California Furnace Co.
Volcano, Eagle, 1858, J. B. Pine.
Volcano, Fogus, 1865, Woodcock & Co.
Volcano, Golden Gate, 1865, P.A. Chute.
Volcano, Italian, 1852, Rose & Co.
Volcano, Markley, 1865, William Johns, Supt.
Volcano, Mitchell's, 1853, McLane & Co.
Volcano, Monday, 1860, Fogus & Co.
Volcano, Pioneer, 1855, L. R. Poundstone.
Volcano, Sirocco, 1860, McLane & Sorocco.
Volcano, Sulphuret, 1864, H. Shultz.
Volcano, Tulloch, 1865, Lawton & Co.

Butte County
Enterprise, Electric, 1874, Electric Mining Co.
Enterprise, Leviathan, 1868, Perkins & Co.
Enterprise, Trojan, 1868, E. W. Slater & Co.
Forbestown, Forbestown, 1866, J. W. Riant.
Inskip, Inskip, 1873, Derrick & Wells.
Jordan Hill, Porter Mining Co, 1865, E. C. Ross & Co.
Lovelock, Poumarat's, 1873, V. Poumarats & Co.
Oregon City, Nisbet, 1865, Nisbet & Co.
Oregon Gulch, Smith & Sparks, 1856, Croville G. & S. M. Co.
Oregon Gulch, _____, 1868, Grummet & Stempel.
Oregon Gulch, _____, 1868, Reese & Perkins.

Calaveras County
Altaville, Altaville Q. M. Co., 1863, Larco, Prince & Co.
Angel's Camp, Billings, 1868, E. Billings.
Angel's Camp, Doe & Bro, 1860, J. Doe & Bro.
Angel's Camp, Leeper, 1874, K. Leeper.
Angel's Camp, Mattson, 1871, J. Mattson.
Blue Mountain, Heckendorn, 1878, Heckendorn Mining Co.
Carsons, Finnegan & Co, 1866, Finnegan & Co.
Carsons, Stevenot, 1864, G. K. Stevenot.
Carsons, Union Quartz Co., 1865, H. McMillan.
Cherokee Flat, Cherokee, 1860, D. D. Demarest.
Eldorado, Irvine, 1865, William Irvine.
Eldorado, Rodesino, 1872, G. Rodesino.
Fourth Crossing, Thorpe, 1871, W. Thorpe & Sons.
Indian Creek, Calaveras, 1871, Calaveras G. M. Co.
Lower Calaveritas, McKee, ____, McKee.
Lower Rich Gulch, Paloma, 1868, Gwin Mining Co.
Mokelumne Hill, Lamphear, 1871, D. C. Lamphear.
Mokelumne River, Thoss, 1864, Lewis Brothers.
Mosquito, Garland's, 1873, C. J. Garland.
Mosquito, Glencoe, 1864, Glencoe Mining Co.
Mosquito, Seigler's, 1872, J. F. Seigler & Co.
Railroad Flat, Clark, 1869, W. V. Clark.
Railroad Flat, Hepburn, 1869, W. Hepburn.
Railroad Flat, Lewis & Bros, 1870, Lewis & Brothers.
Railroad Flat, Petticoat, 1869, Petticoat Mining Co.
Railroad Flat, Wolverine, 1872, Wolverine Mining Co.
Rag Town Gulch, Ramsdale, 1872, _____.
San Andreas, Rathgeb, 1873, G. Tiscomia.
San Andreas, Lloyd Bros, 1870, Lloyd Brothers.
San Antonio, Woods, 1869, V. Compere.
Sandy Gulch, Harris, 1860, A. M. Harris.
Sheep Ranch, Ferguson & Co., 1872, Ferguson & Co.
Skull Flat, Zacatero, 1873, Bateman & Co.

El Dorado County
Cold Spring, Columbus, 1868, _____.
Coloma, Isabell G. & S. M. Co., 1864, C. W. Brewster.
Cosumnes, Stillwagon & Norton, 1866, Stillwagon & Norton.
Cosumnes, Tulloch & Ault, 1866, Copper Mine.
Diamond Springs, Cook's, 1866, J. Cooke & Co.
El Dorado, Fort Yuma, 1864, _____.
El Dorado, Havilah, 1868, _____ Perkins, Supt.
El Dorado, Logtown, 1856, Pocahontas G. M. Co.
El Dorado, Montezuma, 1866, ____ Richmond, Agent.
El Dorado, N.Y. El Dorado, 1865, N. Y. El Dorado Co.
El Dorado, Sugar Loaf, 1866, C. McGuire, Supt.
El Dorado, Union, 1865, W. E. Church, Supt.
El Dorado, Wilder, 1865, B. W. Wilder.
Georgetown, Clipper G. & S. M. Co., 1863, R. Cushman, Supt.
Georgetown, Woodside, 1863, Ash, Lane & Knox.
Georgia Slide, Blue Rock, 1866, John Hines & Co.
Grizzly Flat, Eagle, 1866, William Bigler.
Grizzly Flat, Mount Pleasant, 1867, _____.
Lyonsdale, Blue Ledge, 1864, A. M. Stetson, Supt.
Kelsey, Plymouth, 1864, _____ Potter, Supt.
Kelsey, St. Lawrence, 1871, Bateman Macnevins, & Burke.
Placerville, Goldner, 1873, Goldner, Webber & Co.
Placerville, Harmon, 1868, Harmon G. & S. M. Co.
Placerville, Jess, 1870, W. F. Jess.
Placerville, Loafers Hollow, 1866, C. W. Moulthrop, Supt.
Placerville, Lyon, 1870, H. L. Robinson, Supt.
Placerville, Manning, 1864, Blain, Anderson & Co.
Placerville, New York, 1862, F. Reed.
Placerville, Pacific, 1857, J. M. Douglas.
Placerville, Poverty Point, 1864, Burdick & White.
Placerville, Rising Hope, 1870, J. Blair.
Placerville, Shepherd's, 1870, Shepherd & Witten.
Shingle Springs, Gray's, 1863, Gray Brothers & Son.
Smith's Flat, Hook and Ladder, Anderson &, Redd.
Smith's Flat, Granite, 1860, Granite, Partridge & Lucas.
Soap Weed, Cobb & Co., 1866, Cobb & Co.
Texas Hill, Stewart's, 1868, Stewart & Hall.
Volcanoville, French, 1859, French Company.
White Rock, Live Oak, 1866, Ward Brothers.
White Rock, Dead Broke, 1870, Burlingham & Jayco.

Fresno County
Coarse Gold Gulch, Texas Flat, 1865, _____ Rogers.
Fine Gold Gulch, Lubort's, 1868, N. Hubert.

Inyo County
Cerro Gordo, Belshaw's Furnace, 1868, M. W. Belshaw & Co.
Cerro Gordo, Beaudry's, 1869, V. Beaudry.
Chrysopolis City, Oro Fine, 1866, New York Company.
Fish Springs, McMurry's, 1867, J. W. McMurry.
Fish Springs, Westerville's, 1867, J. R. Westerville.
Kearsarge District, Kearsarge Mill, 1866, Kearsarge Co.
Kearsarge District, Silver Sprout, 1874, Silver Sprout.
Lone Pine, Wolfskill & Co., 1869, Wolfskill & Co.
Owens River, Eclipse, 1870, Eclipse Mining Co.
Panamint, Jacobs Mill, 1874, Jacobs A Co.
Panamint, Surprise Valley, 1875, Surprise V. Mill & Water Co.
Panamint, _____, ____, Stewart, Jones & Co.
Swansea, Owens Lake S. L. Co., 1869, Owens Lake S. L. Co.

Kern County
Erskine Creek, Erskine Creek, 1866, Andrews & Welch.
Green Horn, Alpine G. M. Co., 1866, Alpine G. M. Co.
Havilah, Howe, 1865, W. B. Douglas & Co.
Havilah, Marsh & Kennedy, 1866, L. Wattiez.
Havilah, N. Y. & Clear Creek Mining Co., 1866, A. B. Pendleton & Co.
Havilah, Rand A Co.'s, 1865, A. A. Hand & Co.
Kernville, Caldwell, 1862, E. R. Burke.
Kernville, Sumner, 1875, Sumner G. M. Co.
Kernville, Wadleigh, 1865, Sumner G. & S. M. Co.
Keysville, Mammoth, 1866, Mammoth Mining Co.
Long Tom, Long Tom, 1865, H. Burdett.
Sageland, Esperanza, 1869, Esperanza Mining Co.
Sageland, St. John M. Co., 1868, St. John Mining Co.
Walker's Basin, Joe Walker, 1866, Joe Walker Mining Co.

Klamath County
Big Bend, Salmon River, Abrams & Co.'s, 1865, Abrams & Co.
Black Bear Gulch, Black Bear, 1872, B. B. G. M. Co.
Eddy's Gulch, Klamath, 1864, Klamath Co.
Eddy's Gulch, Live Yankee, 1861, John Daggett.
Eddy's Gulch, Morning Star, 1873, J. B. Jenkin & Co.
Jackass Gulch, Evening Star, 1870, A. Myers.

Mariposa County
Bear Creek, Bobbio's, 1865, Juan Bobbio.
Bear Creek, Chittenden's, 1864, George Chittenden.
Bear Valley, Bear Valley, 1855, Mariposa Company.
Bondurant, Hesleps, 1866, Campbell & Turner.
Bondurant, Shimer & Co.'s, 1863, Shimer & Co.
Buckeye, Neal's, 1869, H. Neal.
Buckeye, Wilcox's, 1870, Cahon & Co.
Buffalo Gulch, Feliciana Vein, 1865, A. Gagliardo.
Chimesal, Robinson & Co.'s, 1861, Robinson & Co.
Gentry's Gulch, Coward's, 1860, Hasloe Mining Co.
Hites Cove, Hites, 1874, _____.
Hornitos, Hornitos G. & S. Mining Co., 1860, Hornitos G. & S. M Co.
Mariposa Creek, Francis, 1856, Francis Mining Co.
Mariposa Creek, Mariposa, 1864, Mariposa Co.
Maxwell Creek, Maxwell G. & S. Mining Co., 1864, Maxwell G. & S. M. Co.
Merced River, Benton Mills, 1858, Mariposa Company.
Mount Gaines, Mount Gaines, J. Spagnoli.
Mount Ophir, Mount Ophir, 1858, Mariposa Company.
Princeton, Princeton, 1860, Mariposa Company.
Snow Creek, Buckingham Mount, 1869, G. Bernhard.
Sweetwater, Malone's, 1863, James Malone.
Temperance Creek, Barrett's, 1860, Joseph Barrett.
Temperance Creek, Lafayette Mining Co., 1866, Lafayette Mining Co.
Whitlocks, Cunninghams, 1863, L. Cunningham.

Mono County
Benton, Comanche, 1872, Albert Mack.
Benton, Williams, 1874, A. B. Williams.
Benton, W. J. Williams & Co, 1871, W. J. Williams & Co.
Bodie, Empire, ____, Empire M. & M Co.
Montgomery, Pioneer Mill, ____, C. H. Aaron.
Rough Creek, Gregors, 1869, Frank Gregor.
Rough Creek, Lockberg & Walker, 1867, William O'Hara.
Sunshine Valley, Bechtel & Starks, 1874, Bechtel & Stark.

Napa County
Silverado, Calistoga, 1874, Calistoga G. & S. M. Co.

Nevada County
Bloomfield, Eureka M. & M, Co., 1866, Hawley Brothers.
Eureka Township, Birchville M & Mining Co., 1868, W. T. Thomas, Supt.
Eureka Township, Black & Young's, 1866, R. C. Black, Supt.
Eureka Township, Liberty Q. M. Co., 1867, C. Allenberg, Agent.
Eureka Township, Mutual G. M. Co., 1867, Thomas Lloyd, Supt.
Eureka Township, Rising Star G. M. Co., 1866, W. J. Gunn.
Eureka Township, Star Q. M. Co., 1863, J. C. Merrill Co., Agents.
French Corral, Big Slide M. Co., 1872, D. Alexander, Supt.
French Corral, Kansas M. Co., 1869, E. D. Evans, Supt.
French Corral, *Milton Mining & Water Co., 1865, V. G. Bell, Supt.
French Corral, *Milton Mining & Water Co., 1868, V. G. Bell, Supt.
French Corral, *Nebraska M. Co., 1868, V. G. Bell, Supt.
Grass Valley, Allison Ranch, 1856, A. E. Davis, Supt.
Grass Valley, *Alta Hill Gravel Mining Co., 1862, H. Sylvester, Supt.
Grass Valley, Coe G. Mining Co., 1867, A. B. Brady, Supt.
Grass Valley, *Dartmouth M. Co., 1870, J. Miller, Supt.
Grass Valley, E. Eureka G. M. Co., 1870, Goddard & Co.
Grass Valley, Empire G. M. Co., 1866, David Watt, Supt.
Grass Valley, Enterprise Gravel Mining Co., 1872, M. McDonough, Agent.
Grass Valley, Eureka G. M. Co., 1864, William Watt, Supt.
Grass Valley, Gold Hill, 1853, W. J. Crase, Supt.
Grass Valley, Greenhorn G. M. Co., 1864, J. A. Townsend, Supt.
Grass Valley, Hartery, 1866, W. Loutzenheiser, Supt.
Grass Valley, *Hope Gray M. Co., ____, _______.
Grass Valley, Howard Hill Gold Mining Co., ____, Frank G. Beatty, Agent.
Grass Valley, Idaho Q. M. Co., 1868, Ed. Coleman, Supt.
Grass Valley, Independent Gravel Mining Co., ____, Hermann Kruso, Supt.
Grass Valley, Kentucky G. M. Co., 1873, George Lord, Supt.
Grass Valley, Larimer's, ____, Estate John W. Larimer.
Grass Valley, Metallurgical Works, 1862, Dorsey & Derbee.
Grass Valley, Metallurgical Works, 1865, Adrian & Co.
Grass Valley, Metallurgical Works, 1865, Eureka G. M. Co.
Grass Valley, Metallurgical Works, ____, Idaho Q. M. Co.
Grass Valley, Metallurgical Works, 1875, R. Fryer & Co.
Grass Valley, North Star, 1854, Stephen Moore, Supt.
Grass Valley, Oriental Mining Co., 1870, J. S. Wynn, Agent.
Orleans Gold M. Co., 1865, J. L. Smith, Supt.
Grass Valley, Osborn Hill Con. G. Mining Co., 1871, _____.
Grass Valley, Slate Ledge M. Co., 1863, Joseph Perrin, Supt.
Grass Valley, Town Talk Gravel Mining Co., 1864, Thomas Walker, Supt.
Grass Valley, Union Hill, 1866, James K. Byrne, Agent.
Hunt's Hill, *Carney & Co's., 1866, Carney & Co.
Hunt's Hill, *Eastern, 1866, Carney & Co., O. Maltman, Supt.
Meadow Lake, Metallurgical Works, 1874, Thomas Pattinson, Agent.
Meadow Lake, U. S. Grant Mill & Mining Co., 1865, J. L. Holland, Supt.
Nevada Township, Cal. Con. G. M. Co., 1867, Jacob Bachtal, Supt.
Nevada Township, Gold Tunnel, 1873, California Con. G. M. Co.
Nevada Township, Jones & Keith, 1874, Jones & Keith.
Nevada Township, Lone Star Mining Co., 1875, S. T. Murchie, Supt.
Nevada Township, Metallurgical Works, 1860, O. Maltman.
Nevada Township, Metallurgical Works, 1874, Providence G. & S M. Co.
Nevada Township, Murchio's, 1865, Murchie Bros.
Nevada Township, Nevada Quartz M. Co., 1861, John Berry, Supt.
Nevada Township, New York & Grass Valley Gold M. Co. 1863, John Parrott.
Nevada Township, Occidental M. Co., 1874, Bruce B. Lee, Supt.
Nevada Township, Oriental, 1856, James Kitts.
Nevada Township, Pennsylvania, 1864, Edwin Tilley, Supt.
Nevada Township, Pittsburgh G. M. Co., 1868, C. P. Purrington, Supt.
Nevada Township, Providence G. & S. Mining Co. 1872, R. C. Walrath, Supt.
Nevada Township, Wyoming G. M. Co., 1874, C. P. Purrington, Supt.
North San Juan, American M. Co., 1865, George C. Spooner, Supt.
North San Juan, American M. Co., 1866, George C. Spooner, Supt.
Rough and Ready Township, San Francisco Copper Mining Co., 1872, G. F. Deerkin, Supt.
Washington Township, Fidelity Q. M. Co., 1870, _____.
Washington Township, Locke & McCurdy, 1873,
Washington Township, Marietta Mining Co., Geo. W. Kidd & Co.
Washington Township, Tecumseh Q. M. Co., T. D. Woolsey, Agent.
*Cement Mills

Placer County
Auburn, Eclipse, 1872, Eclipse Mining Co.
Auburn, Green, 1874, Green Mining Co.
Bath, Rough Gold Co., 1865, Dewey & Burt.
Colfax, Rising Sun, 1869, Rising Sun Co.
Crater Hill, St. Patrick, 1870, St. Patrick Mining Co.
Damascus, *Damascus C. M., 1867, Robert Lewis & Co.
Damascus, Pioneer, 1855, Coleman & Co.
Devil's Canon, *Missouri Co., 1866, A. Moore & Co.
Forest Hill, *Baltimore, 1866, William Northwood.
Forest Hill, *Big Spring Co., 1866, J. P. Castner & Co.
Forest Hill, *Hope Co., 1866, George W. Reamer.
Forest Hill, Oro Co., 1866, George W. Reamer, Agent.
Gold Hill, Gold Hill, 1868, Steven Quinn & Co.
Gold Run, *Indiana Hill, 1865, Indiana Hill C. & M. Co.
Newcastle, Schnabel's, 1872, ____ Schnabel.
Ophir, Pugh's, 1863, C. D. Pugh & Co.
Ophir, Welty's, 1865, Welty & Co.
Ophir, St. Lawrence, 1867, Staples & Co.
Secret Canon, Secret Spring, 1864, Grant & Co.
Shipley Ranch, Shipley, ____, ____ Shipley.
Stewart's Flat, Stewart's Flat, 1854, J. Rogers.
Whiskey Diggins, _____, 1866, Menta Co.

Plumas County
Antelope, Butterton & Co., ____, J. B. Butterton.
Argentina, Hobert & Co., ____, Hobert & Co.
Argentina, Moore's, 1870, A. P. Moore.
Cherokee, Baker, 1865, _____.
Dixie, Perkin's, 1863, G. C. Perkins.
Eureka, Eureka, 1852, _____.
Eagle Gulch, Eagle Gulch, 1874, Edwin & Co.
Franklin Hill, Franklin Hill Co., 1860, Franklin Hill Co.
Genessee Valley, Genessee, 1862, Genessee Co.
Greenville, Greenville, 1862, H. C. Bidwell.
Greenville, Lone Star, 1862, C. H. Lawrence.
Indian Valley, Crescent, 1866, Crescent Co.
Indian Valley, Indian Valley, 1863, Indian Valley Co.
Indian Valley, Pennsylvania, 1853, O'Toole & Co.
Jamison Creek, Mammoth, 1851, Plumas Eureka.
Jamison Creek, '76 Co., 1852, Plumas Eureka.
Mohawk Valley, King & Co., 1866, King & Co.
Round Valley, _____, 1862, Plumas Co.
Wolf Creek, Wolverine, 1871, Burge & Co.

San Bernardino County
Bear Valley, Bear Valley, 1875, Gold Mountain G. M. Co.
Holcomb Valley, Mellus, 1860, Holcomb V. G. M. Co.
Ivenpah, McFarlane, 1874, McFarland Bros. & Co.
Mojave, Green Lode, ____, George E. Moore.

San Diego County
Banner City, Golden Chariot, 1873, Whitney & Co.
Banner City, Pioneer, 1870, Benshley & Whitney.
Banner City, Ready Relief, 1874, Neyhart & Schuyler.
Branson District, 1870, McPherson.
Ouvamaca, Stone Wall, 1871, Frary & Farley.
Julian City, McMechan's, 1870, James McMechan.
Julian City, Owen's, 1870, Booth De Freese & Co.
Julian City, Parson, 1870, Parson & Cotton.
Julian City, Reynold's, 1871, C. M. Reynolds.
Julian City, Wilson's, 1872, W. Montgomery.

Shasta County
French Gulch, Highland, 1863, Thomas Purnell, Supt.
French Gulch, Washington, 1851, I. Syme, Supt.
S. F. Clear Creek, ____, 1872, Kingsbury & Co.
Spring Creek, Live Oak, 1874, John O. Welsh.
* Cement mills

Sierra County
Alleghanytown, Eagle, 1866, Eagle Q. M. Co.
Alleghanytown, 21 Quartz M. Co., 1865, 21 Q. M. Co.
American Hill, American Hill, 1858, Young & Co.
American Hill, Von Humboldt, 1870, Von Humboldt.
Divide, Keystone Q. M. Co., 1858, Keystone G. Q. M. Co.
Downieville, Gold Bluff, 1858, O'Donald & Co.
Downieville, Leonards, 1869, Patrick Grant.
Downieville, Red Dog, 1874, Hode & Johnson.
Hog Canon, Primrose, 1858, Wilcox.
Kanaka Creek, Oak Flat, 1868, Manson & Co.
Kanaka Ravine, Kanaka Q. M. Co., 1865, _____.
Middle Yuba River, French, 1865, French Co.
Mountain House, Brush Creek, 1868, Cole & Brown.
Pike City, Alaska, 1866, Alaska Q. M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Colter's, 1871, English Q. M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Hank's, 1872, English Q. M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Hitchcock, 1872, Sierra Butte M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Independence, 1858, English Q. M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Independence, 1873, English Q. M. Co.
Sierra Buttes, Reis, 1852, English Q. M. Co.
Sierra City, Chipps, 1867, Manson & Co.
Sierra City, Phoenix, 1868, ____ Winstead.
Wet Ravine, Union, 1860, Union Q. M. Co.
Wolf Creek, Independence, 1868, Latreill & Co.

Siskiyou County
Greenhorn, Sullivan & Edgerton, 1871, Sullivan & Edgerton.
Humbug Creek, Eliza, 1872, Elisa M. & M. Co.
Humbug Creek, Adelaide, 1871, Warren & Moses.
Humbug Creek, Jones, 1869, McConnell &. McMannus.
Humbug Creek, United Company, 1870, T. McCann.
Oro Fino, Johnson's, 1879, A. M. Johnson.
Quartz Valley, Turk's, ____, F. Turk.

Trinity County
East Fork, East Fork, 1868, H. Engle.

Tulare County
White River, Blood & Co., 1866, Blood & Co.
White River, Gashwiler, 1867, (Not occupied.)
White River, Philadelphia, 1867, Burns, Vauxem & Co.
White River, Redfield, 1866, F. Redfield.

Tuolumne County
Blue Gulch, Eagle, 1865, Eagle Mining Co.
Blue Gulch, Shawmutt, 1873, A. B. Preston, Agent.
Cherokee, Sarco, 1858, C. Lombardo.
Confidence District, Confidence, 1869, Confidence Mining Co.
Deer Creek, Deer Creek, 1865, Deer Crock Mining Co.
Five Mile Creek, Hazel Dell, 1864, Wing & Co.
Five Mile Creek, Randall's, 1874, Randall & Co.
Jackass Hill, Water's, 1859, Waters & Co.
N. F. Tuolumne River, Big Canon, 1858, Cobb & Sinton.
N. F. Tuolumne River, Bonito, 1866, Bonito Co.
N. F. Tuolumne River, Consuelo, 1866, Consuelo Co.
N. F. Tuolumne River, Grizzly, 1850, Gashwiler & Co.
N. F. Tuolumne River, Starr King, 1864, R. Inch & Co.
Poverty Hill, Golden Rule, 1865, Golden Rule Mining Co.
Quartz Mountain, Knox & Boyle, 1868, A. B. Preston & Co.
Quartz Mountain, Heslep, 1860, Heslep A. Co.
Quartz Mountain, App's, 1860, App & Waller.
Raw Hide Ranch, Raw Hide Ranch, 1866, _____ Haydock, Agent
S. F. Tuolumne River, Santa Maria, 1872, L. Gilson, Agent.
Soulsbyville, Gilsons, 1850, Raymond K Casham.
Soulsbyville, Soulsby, 1858, M. Johns.
Stanislaus River, River Side Mill, 1874, Murphy & Co.
Sugar Pine, Eureka, 1859, ____ Edwards, Agent.
Sugar Pine, Excelsior, 1873, Wright & Co.
Sugar Pine, Lombardo, 1860, C. Lombardo.
Sugar Pine, Monitor, 1863, Monitor G. & S. M. Co.
Sugar Pine, Pirate, 1860, C. Dorsey.
Tuolumne River, Buchanan, 1859, Tuolumne G. & S. M. Co.
Turn Back Creek, Laurel Hill, 1857, P. Easton.
Tuttletown, Patterson's, 1857, J. Corrigan.
Whiskey Hill, Preston's, 1857, Preston & App.
Yankee Hill, Shanghai, 1862, Gashwiler & Co.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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