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California Saw Mills, 1874

The number of mills enumerated in the following table, compiled from the County Assessor's returns of 1874, is three hundred and eighty-eight, of which two hundred and twenty-four are propelled by steam, one hundred and sixty by water, and four by steam and water. The cost of these mills vary from $1,000 to S80,00l), with from one to five saws, and a capacity of from one thousand to eighty thousand feet of lumber per day. All of those in San Francisco County and a few in other counties are planing mills, being engaged almost exclusively in the manufacture of dressed lumber and other building material. In several counties, particularly Butte, El Dorado, Humboldt, Mendocino, Nevada, Placer, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz, the manufacture of lumber is a very important branch of industry, large and expensive mills having been erected, which give employment to a large number of men.

Location, Name of Mill, and Occupant's Name of each by County

Alpine County
Blue Lake, Grant, Curts & Griffiths.
Carey's Mills, Carey's Mills, W. B. Lake.
Fredericksburg, Cast Iron, W. Smith.
Markleeville, Grant, Curts & Griffiths.
Markleeville, Buena Vista, Johnson & Barber.
Mid. Carson River, Buena Vista, Toby & Mason.
Silver King Valley, Smith's, Smith & Company.
Silver King Valley, Minnesota, W. H. H. Graham
Silver Mountain, Davidson's, D. Davidson.
Silver Mountain, Dennis & Gilman, S. B. Gilman.
Silver Mountain, Exchequer, Exchequer Company.
Silver Mountain, Robinson, J. S. S. Robinson.

Amador County
Antelope, Butterfield, F. M. Whitmore.
Antelope Creek, Fithean & Co's., Brandon & Miller.
Antelope Creek, Mace's, F. Mace.
Volcano, Leslie's, Leslie & Son.

Butte County
Chico Ridge, Arcade, McCormick & Brother.
Chico Ridge, Belmont, Butte Flume & Lumber Company.
Chico Ridge, Cascade, Butte Flume & Lumber Company.
Chico Ridge, Dashaway, E. Finley.
Chico Ridge, Excelsior, W. K. Springer.
Chico Ridge, Victor, W. K. Springer.
Chico Ridge, Yelper, William Bonham.
Clipper Mills, Clipper, Union Lumber Company.
Concow Valley, Mullen's, J. Mullen & Company.
Dogtown Ridge, Buckeye, John Hupp.
Dogtown Ridge, Casey's, B. Casey & Company.
Dogtown Ridge, Fairfield, William Hasty.
Dogtown Ridge, Green's, Cohn & Taber.
Dogtown Ridge, McKay's, Chico Lumber Company.
Dogtown Ridge, Nimshew, Dufour & Company.
Dogtown Ridge, Puckett's, S. Marks.
Dogtown Ridge, Saterlee's, A. B. Saterlee.
Dogtown Ridge, Star, Doon & Morris.
Flea Valley, Flea Valley, Flea Valley Mill Company.
Mooretown, Roger's, Geo. B. Rogers & Company.
Mountain House, Turner's, Turner & Farnham.

Calaveras County
Big Trees, Kimball & Cutting, Kimball & Cutting.
El Dorado, Eureka, J. Burt.
Love's Creek, Love & McGaffey's,
Railroad Flat, Clark's, W. V. Clark.
Railroad Flat, McCarty's, D. McCarty.

Colusa County
Stoney Creek, Foutz's, ____ Foutz.

Contra Costa County
Pacheco, Pacheco, H. N. Dalton.

Del Norte County
Bunker Hill, Independence, Northern Hydraulic Company.
Crescent City, Coast, T. Van Pelt.
Crescent City, Elk River, Hobbs, Pomeroy & Company.
Happy Camp, Doolittle's, Happy Camp Company.
Indian Creek, Junction, Happy Camp Ditch Company.
Lake Earl, Lagoon, C. C. Mill Company.
Smith River, Lake's, J. L. Lake.

El Dorado County
Consumnes, Farnham's, _____ Farnham.
Consumnes, Putnam's, W. H. Putnam.
Consumnes, Tyler's, R. S. Tyler.
Diamond Spring, Cold Springs, M. G. Griffith.
Diamond Spring, Diamond, M. G. Griffith.
Diamond Spring, Hooper & Companys, H. O. Hooper & Company.
Diamond Spring, North Weber, Ch. Sibeck.
Diamond Spring, Sly Park, Cutler & Card.
Diamond Spring, Stone Breaker, Griffith & Bryant.
Elkhorn, Elkhorn, J. & J.
Georgetown, Canon Creek, Blair, Pease & Company.
Georgetown, Grasser Place, Pease & Company.
Georgetown, Rock Canon, Robert Noble.
Kelsey, Bear Creek, Heirs W. H. Hollingsworth.
Mount Gregory, Mt. Gregory, Pease & Company.
Placerville, Ashland, Jones & Blanchard.
Placerville, Pacific, Jones & Blanchard.
Placerville, Sportsman's Hall, J. & J. Blair.
Pleasant Valley, Baltic, Louis Lepetit.
Spanish Flat, Demith's, H. Demiths.

Fresno County
Fresno Flats, Green & Sharpton, Green & Sharpton.
Fresno River, California, Cal. Lumber Company.
Mill Creek, Wagey's, P. Wagey & Son.
Pine Ridge, Clipper, Glass & Donahue.
Pine Ridge, Humphrey's, Humphrey & Mock.
Pine Ridge, Phoenix, A. C. Jack & Company.
San Joaquin N. F., Herron's, J. M. Herron.
San Joaquin N. F., McCullough's, George Green.

Humboldt County
Areata, Dolly Varden, Minor & Falk.
Eureka, Bay, Dolbeer & Carson.
Eureka, Eureka, B. R. Jones & Company.
Eureka, Fay's, Fay Brothers.
Eureka, Howitt & Co's, Howitt & Company.
Eureka, Island, Russ, Pickard & Co.
Eureka, Jones & Co's, D. K. Jones & Company.
Eureka, Occidental, Evans & Company.
Eureka, Vance's, John Vance.
Ferndale, Pacific, Joseph Russ.
Hydesville, Wright & Langdon's, Wright & Langdon.
Mattolo, Mattolo, Hubert & Dudley.
Rohnerville, Rohnerville, Martin & Kellogg.
Salmon Creek, Babcock's, Orville Simmons.
Trinidad, Smith & Dougherty's, Smith & Dougherty.
Trinidad, Hooper's, Hooper & Company.

Into County
Big Pine, Bell's, Stewart & Company.
Bishop Creek, Bishop Creek, T. D. Lewis.
Black Rock, Black Rock, Jas. W. Smith.
Cottonwood Creek, Stevens, Stevens & Company.

Kern County
Greenhorn Mountain, Harmon's, M. E. Harmon.
Greenhorn Mountain, R. H. Evans, R. H. Evans.
Livermore, Livermore's, H. P. Livermore.
Piute Mountain, Barton Bro's, H. Barton & Brothers.
San Emigdie, San Emigdie, John Funk.
Tehichipa, Brite's, J. M. Brite.
Tehichipa, Humiston & Co's, L. F. Humiston & Company.

Klamath County
Hoopa Valley, Hoopa Valley, U. S. Government.
Orleans, Graham's, J. W. Graham.
Orleans, J. A. Pearch's, J. A. Pearch.
Salmon River, Main, Nordheimer Creek, A. Bahr.
Salmon River, E. F., Crawford's, W. P. Bennett.
Salmon River, S. F., Ritner's, J. P. Ritner.
Sawyer's Bar, Sawyer's Bar, J. T. Barrows.
South Fork of Trinity, Campbell's, T. G. Campbell.
Willow Creek, Dart's Mill, J. Ziegler.

Lake County
Cobb's Valley, Pacific, Mat. Harbin.
Cobb's Valley, Standiford, Wm. Gordon.
Mount Hanah, Moore's, L. Carson & Company.
N. of Clear Lake, Bateman, L. A. Young.
Pine Mountain, American, Americano Q. S. Company.
Pine Mountain, Rico, H. W. Rice.
Pope Mountain, Loconome, B. Knawer.
Upper Lake, Dennison, A. J. Stroup & Company.

Lassen County
Big Valley, Murdock's, Murdock & Quinn.
Big Valley, Willow Creek, Lonkey & Lapoint.
Janesville, Adams, J. W. Cornelison.
Janesville, Byer's, Byers & Company.
Milford, Fairchild, T. H. Fairchild.
Susan River, Stockton, H. C. Stockton.

Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, Perry & Woodworth's, Perry, Woodworth & Company.
Los Angeles, Griffith, Lynch & Co's, Griffith, Lynch & Company.

Marin County
White Ranch, Shaver's, Isaac Shaver.

Mariposa County
Coulterville, Hoborn's, ____ Hoborn.
Snow Creek, Clark's, D. Clark.
Sweet Water, Malone's, J. H. Malone.

Mendocino County
Albion River, Albion, McPherson & Wetherbee.
Anderson Valley, Gschwind's, _____.
Brush Creek, Sander's, A. Sanders.
Cahto, Simpson's, J. H. Simpson.
Casper Creek, Casper, J. G. Jackson.
Elk Creek, Elk Creek, T, Murray.
Garcia River, Garcia, Nickerson & Company.
Gualala River, Gaulala, Heywood & Harmon.
Little Lake, Blosser's, Blosser Brothers.
Little River, Little River, Cromby & Perkins.
Mendocino, Mendocino, Mendocino Mill Company.
Navarro River, Navarro, Tichenor & Bixbee.
Noyo River, Noyo, McPherson & Wetherbee.
Point Arena, Ross & Francis, Ross & Francis.
Redwood Valley, Reed's, Eraser & Brown
Reed's Redwoods, Reeves, T. Reeves.
Round Valley, Gray's, U. S. Government.
Sherwood Valley, Hatch's, U. T. Hatch.

Merced County
Merced, Pioneer, Isaacs & Richardson.

Modoc County
Big Valley, McDevitt's, W. S. McDevitt.
Camp Bidwell, Brown & Jopp's, Brown & Jopps.
Cedarville, Russell's, Russell & Company.
Goose Lake Valley, Snider's, A. Snider.
Hot Spring Valley, Cannon Creek, Frank Cooley.
Hot Spring Valley, Porter's, Porter Brothers.
Lake City, Metzgar's, Jno. Metzgar.

Mono County
Adobe Meadows, McGee's, Hightower & Sanguinette.
Antelope Valley, Antelope, N.W. Hatch.
Buckeye Canon, Eagle, Towle & Hunewell.
Hot Spring Canon, Patterson's, K. S. Patterson.

Nevada County
Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield, James Cregan.
Bloomfield Township, Little Grass Valley, J. C. Broderick.
Bloomfield Township, Star, Eureka Lake and Yuba.
Bloomfield Township, Fridgeon & Company, Pridgeon & Company, Canal Company.
Eureka, Milton, V. G. Bell, Supt.
Eureka, Snow Tent, L. B. Churchill.
Graniteville, Eureka, Eureka Lake and Yuba.
Grass Valley, Shaw's, John Shaw. Canal Company
Grass Valley Township, Fuller's, P. J. Fuller.
Grass Valley Township, Grass Valley, Joseph Perrin.
Grass Valley Township, Mohawk Lumber Company, R. McMurray, Supt.
Little York, Voss (2 mills), Louis Voss.
Meadow Lake, Alder Creek, Jas. Machomich, Agent.
Meadow Lake, Boca Mill and Ice Co. L. E. Doane, Supt.
Meadow Lake, Bragg & Folsom's, Bragg & Folsom.
Meadow Lake, Nevada and California, O. Lonkey.
Meadow Lake, Truckee Lumber Company, Edward J. Brickell, Supt.
Nevada, Chapman's, C. K. Chapman.
Nevada, Cooper's, George Cooper.
Nevada, Flume Lumber Company, Harvey Cooper, Supt.
Nevada, Marsh's (2 mills), M. L. & D. Marsh.
Nevada, Scotch Flat, Smith & Mills.
Truckee, Ellen's, E. Ellen.
Washington Township, Fall Creek, James Culbertson.

Placer County
Alta (near), Alabama, Towle Brothers.
Alta (near), Kearsage, Al. Towle.
Alta (near), Rock Creek, Towle Brothers.
Coldstream, Stanford, Jno. Kneeland.
Dutch Flat (near), Water Mill, _____.
Emigrant Gap, Avery's, Avery & Sons.
Emigrant Gap, Putnam's (2 mills), Putnam & Company.
Emigrant Gap, (near), Culbertson's, Jas. Culbertson.
Martis Valley, McFarland's, _____ McFarland.
Martis Valley, Richardson Bros., Richardson Brothers.
Martis Valley, Schaffer's, Geo. Schaffer.
Tamarack, Mountain, Goo. Geissendorfer.

Plumas County
American Valley, Gansner's, F. Gansner.
American Valley, Hartwell's, J. F. Hartwell.
Big Meadows, Lawrence's, H. C. Lawrence.
Butte Valley, McBeth's, John McBeth.
Dutch Hill, Lawrence & Young, Lawrence & Young.
Eureka Mountain, Eureka, Eureka Company.
Greenville, Hough & Co., Hough & Company.
Humbug Valley, Wallick's, E. Wallick.
Indian Valley, _____, M. S. Ascheim
Indian Valley, Lawrence's, Estate of W. H. Blood.
Indian Valley, Taylor's, J. T. Taylor.
Indian Valley, Young's, H. Holthouse.
La Porte, La Porte, Union Lumber Company.
Meadow Valley, Jack's, Richard Jacks.
Mohawk Valley, Woodward, Isaac Hurley.
Onion Valley, Overton's, Jno. Porter.

Sacramento County
Sacramento, Capital, Theiss & Company.
Sacramento, Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss & Company.
Sacramento, Mechanics, Hobby & Taft.

San Bernardino County
Grass Valley, Clipper, Vanslyke & Somers.
Grass Valley, Grass Valley, Tyler Brothers.
Hunsacker, Metcalf's, John Metcalf.
Little Bear Valley, Lapraix, Wm. Lapraix.
Little Bear Valley (near), Bear Valley, Wm. Caley & Company.

San Diego County
Agua Caliente, Shaw's, Shaw & Ijams.
Cuyamaca, Duprez, Jose E. Duprez.
San Diego, Hanlon's, John Hanlon.
San Diego, Herrander's, John Herrander.
San Diego, San Diego, W. W. Terry & Company.

San Francisco County
San Francisco, Beale Street, Daniel D. Holland.
San Francisco, California, California Mill Company.
San Francisco, Enterprise, D. A. McDonald & Company.
San Francisco, Excelsior, William A. Meeker.
San Francisco, Mechanics, Wells, Russell & Company.
San Francisco, South Park, F. Korbel & Brothers.
San Francisco, South Point, A. M. Jewell & Company.
San Francisco, Thomas, C. W. Thomas.

San Luis Obispo County
Cambria, Cambria, Joseph Johnson.
Cambria, Lettingwell & Sons, Leffingwell & Sons.
San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, William Gillespie.
San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, W. Leffingwell.

San Mateo County
Garzos Creek, Garzos, Hanson & Company.
Haskin's Mill, _____ Haskins.
Pescadero, Burch & Company, Burch & Company.
Pescadero, Carter's, Johnson & Company.
Pescadero, Carter's, Johnson & Company.
Pescadero, Spaulding & Companys., Spaulding & Company.
Pescadero, Tufley's, John Tufley's.
Pescadero, Voris, I. N. Voris,
Pescadero, Voris, N. Voris,
Pescadero, Waddell's, W. W. Waddell & Company.
Pescadero, Creek, B. Haywood.
Purissima, Creek, A. Peers.
San Gregorio, Templeton's, H. Templeton.
Summit, S. P. Pherris, S. P. Pherris.
Taylor's Mill, _____, _____ Taylor.
Templeton's Gulch, Hanson & Ackerson's, Hanson & Ackerson.
Tornitas Creek, Froment, Frement & Company.

Santa Clara County
Gilroy, Gilroy, Hodge & Whitehurst.
Uvas Creek, Chase's, S. H. Chase.

Santa Cruz County
Aptos Creek, Nichols, B. C. Nichols & Brothers.
Brancefort Creek, Warner's, D. Lear.
Fall Creek, Ashley's, Otis Ashley.
Fall Creek, Otto's, George Otto.
Fall Creek, Otto's, George Otto.
Felton, Treat's, George Treat.
Pete's Creek, Pioneer, Page & Peers.
San Lorenzo River, Ellsworth's, J. W. Ellsworth.
San Lorenzo River, Hicks', Hicks Brothers.
San Lorenzo River, Silver's, S. Merrill.
Santa Cruz, Davis & Cowells', Davis & Cowell.
Santa Cruz, Glassell's, _____.
Soquel, Bates', Gardner & Company.
Soquel, Soquel, Soquel Lumber Company.
Soquel, Savage,
Watsonville, Clipper, Ford & Sanborn.
Watsonville, Corralites, Ryder, Orton & Company.
Watsonville, Eureka, Ford & Sanborn.
Watsonville, Game Cock, Ford & Sanborn.
Watsonville, Shingle Mill, Ford & Sanborn.
Watsonville, Shingle Mill, John Hunt.
Watsonville, Planing Mill, Ford & Sanborn.
Williams Landing, Jones, Hatch & Company.

Shasta County
Battle Creek, Vilas', M. R. Vilas.
Battle Creek, Klotz', Klotz & Company.
Bear Creek, Charles, Sidney Charles.
Clear Creek, Camden's, Charles Camden.
Cow Creek, Webb's, John P. Webb.
Fall River, Dina's, L. Dana.
Fall River, Cook & Winter's, Cook & Winter.
Hat Creek, Baker's, H. H. Baker.
Oak Run, Myers, George Myers.
Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Griffin & Company.
Whiskytown, Fleming's, John Fleming

Sierra County
Brandy City, _____, Marks & Company.
China Flat, Whitney's, D. L. Whitney.
Dog Valley, Dixon's, John Dixon.
East Fork, East Fork, Benjamin Pauley,
Eureka, Crooks & Meredith's, G. Meredith.
Eureka, Goodrich, G. Meredith.
Forks of Canon Creek, _____, Marks & Company.
Gibsonville, _____, Meikle Bros.
Goodyear's Bar, Stewart, Stewart & Company.
Howard Ranch, Whitney's, D. L. Whitney.
Mountain House, _____, D. F. Cole.
Pike City, _____, Nelson & Company.
Randolph, _____, S. B. Parker.
Rock Creek, _____, A. J. McGuire.
Scales, _____, Chandler & Company.
Sierra City, Macklin, O'Leary & Roberts.
Sierra Valley, _____, _____ Fletcher.
Sierra Valley, _____, Cobb & Company.
Sierra Valley, _____, Hamlin & Herrican.
Sierra Valley, _____, _____ Wooden.

Siskiyou County
Butteville, Summit, R. P. Hirst.
Cottonwood Creek, Cottonwood, William H. Smith.
Etna, Rough & Ready, M. E. Pitman.
French Creek, Festus Payne.
Kidder Creek, Oliver, Wright Brothers.
Little Shasta River, Cleland, J. S. Cleland.
Quartz Valley, Bean's, E. Bean.
Scott River, Jackson's, J. B. Ledue.
Shasta Valley, Maxwell, J. M. Dobkins.
Strawberry Valley, Stone & Ross, Stone & Ross.
Yreka, Lamb & Co's, Lamb & Company.

Sonoma County
Anally Township, Gifford's, Frank Gifford.
Anally Township, Ludolff's, Henry Ludolff.
Anally Township, Meeker's, Meeker Brothers.
Anally Township, Smith's, J. K. Smith.
Bodega, Fuller's, C. Fuller.
Mendocino, Norton's, Norton & Company.
Ocean, Duncan's, Alexander Duncan.
Redwood, Heald's, Heald & Gurne.
Redwood, Kerbel's, F. Korbel & Brothers.
Redwood, Mead's, Mead & Hassey.
Redwood, Head's, Murphy Brothers.
Salt Point, Miller's, William Miller.
Salt Point Township, Helmko, F. Helmko.
Stewart's Point, Bihler & Dingley, Bihler & Dingley.
Stewart's Point, Piatt's, Platt Mill Company.

Tehama County
Antelope, Belle, Empire Lumber Company.
Antelope, Champion, Empire Lumber Company.
Antelope, Yellow Jacket, Empire Lumber Company.
Battle Creek, Love, Blue Ridge Company.
Chico Creek, Arcade, _____ McCormick.
Chico Creek, Belmont, Allen & Company.
Chico Creek, Cascade, Allen & Company.
Coast Range, Mountain, Gillman & Patten.
Digger Creek, Blue Ridge No. 1.
Digger Creek, Blue Ridge No. 2.

Trinity County
Big Bar, Simond's, Simonds & Company.
Canon Creek, Guthrie's, William Guthrie.
Canon Creek E. F., Depinetto's, Joseph Dopinette
East Weaver Creek, Ware & Companys., William Ware & Company.
East Weaver Creek, E. F., Ware & Companys., William Ware & Company.
Hay Fork, Bayless', A. D. Bayless.
Hay Fork, Ewing's, Joseph Ewing.
Hyampom, Allen's, H. C. Allen.
Lewistown, Hoadley's, Taylor & Dack.
Swift Creek, Morrison's, E. Fader.
Trinity River, Bartlott & Evan's, _____ Evans.
Trinity River, McGillivray's, Joseph McGillivray.
Trinity River, Sturdivant's, Sturdivant & Whitmore.
Weaver Creek, Davidson's, R. N. Davidson & Company.
Weaverville, _____, Jumper & Company.

Tulare County
Foot of Sierras, Campbell's, H. Campbell.
Foot of Sierras, Hyde's, R. E. Hyde.
Foot of Sierras, Wagey's, Philip Wagey.
Old Tule River Pinery, Wilson's, D. E. Wilson.
Tule River, Dillon's, N. P. Dillon.
Tule River, Thomas & Dunlap, Thomas & Dunlap.

Tuolumne County
Brown's Ranch, Bradford & Way's, Bradford & Way.
Garrote (No. 2), Rocca's, Golden Rock Water Company.
S. F. Stanislaus River, Center, J. B. Carter & Company.
Sugar Pine, Hale & Hale, George W. Hale.

Ventura County
Gilroy, Ricketts & Co's., Ricketts & Company.
Lexington, Coval's, Coval Brothers.
Lexington, McMillen's, McFarland & Company.
San Buenaventura (near), Bernard's, Irvine Bernard.

Yuba County
Deadwood Creek, Deadwood, Union Lumber Company.
Now York Township, Challenge, Union Lumber Company.
Oak Valley, Oak Valley, James Gray.
Oregon Hill, Cottage, Union Lumber Company.
Sharon Valley, Sharon Valley, L. T. Crane & Brothers.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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