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Chico, Butte County California

Chico, Butte County, PO 25 miles north west of Oroville, is a flourishing town of 5,000 inhabitants, and is an important station on the line of the California and Oregon railroad, 95½ miles from Sacramento.

This pleasant village is located on the southeast bank of Chico creek, where it debouches upon the plain, six miles from the Sacramento River. The broad and fertile valley of the Sacramento embraces it, and to the eastward rises the heavily timbered region of the Sierra Nevada, giving it surroundings of the most favorable character, while the rapid stream gives power for manufacturing purposes. With these firm foundations of prosperity the growth of the place has been rapid, and it counts as its evidence of advancement five churches, one academy, two private schools, and a public school house, costing $25,000.

The lumber trade of Chico is a prominent feature of its business, being facilitated by the construction of a flume, from the saw mills in the Sierra, 35 miles in length, to within 3 miles of the town, by which 60,000 feet of lumber per day is floated down at a nominal cost. Two important roads crossing the mountains have their initial points at this place, and over them are carried the mails and express for Plumas and Lassen counties.

Two newspapers, the Northern Enterprise and the Suite Record, are published weekly.

Ackerman & Thompson, butchers, Second
Allen Brothers, blacksmiths. Main
Allen Isaac, president Butte Flume and Lumber Company, Main
Arents Hiram, agent Union Fire Insurance Co
Baker B B, shoe maker. Main
Baker J H C, billiard saloon. Main
Ball Charles, watches and jewelry. Main
Bank of Butte County, Charles Faulkner, Cashier, Second
Bank of Chico, A H Crew, cashier, Broadway
Barnham & Aldersley, lumber, First
Bedford Harry, house and sign painter, Broadway
Bell J N, physician and proprietor private hospital, Junction
Bidwell John, flour mill
Blood A F, soda water manufacturer and ice dealer, Broadway
Blumberg Alfred, tailor, Main
Bourne George J, insurance agent and notary public, Second
Breckenfield F, varieties, Broadway
Breslauer B & Company, general merchandise, Main
Breslauer Manuel, clothing and furnishing goods. Main
Brouse A H, blacksmith, wagon maker and carriage painter. Junction
Brown J C, harness maker. Broadway
Bullard A, grain and sacks. Second
Burk J, liquor saloon, Second
Burlingame & King, dentists. Second
Butte Flume and Lumber Company, Isaac Allen, president, office Main
Butte Record, George H Crosette, editor and proprietor, Broadway
Butterfield George, builder and carpenter, Broadway
Campbell James, blacksmith, Junction Broadway
Camper & Tinker, blacksmiths and wagon makers, Junction Broadway
Gary S A, liquor saloon, Main
Central Hotel, Clark & Trimble, proprietors, Broadway
Chapman & McKay, lumber manufacturers. Main
Cheney W Fitch, physician, Main
Chico Hotel. Ira A Wetherbee, proprietor
Circle D S, agent Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machine Company, Broadway
Clark A G Mrs, dress maker, Broadway
Clark & Trimble, proprietors Central Hotel, Broadway
Clarke J A, attorney at law. Second
Coombs William; restaurant. Main
Cotaneh L J Mrs, ladies hair dresser
Croissant Charles, brewery, Broadway
Crosette George H, proprietor Butte Record, Broadway
Crum F A, dentist, Main
Daly J T, attorney at law, Broadway
Davidson George, liquor saloon. Main
Davis G W, physician. Second
Davis & Walters machinery, engines and boilers
Dawson J Alvan, physician, Broadway
De Haven W. N, editor Northern Enterprise, corner Main and Second
Dewar D, insurance agent. Main
Dorn G W, general merchandise corner Main and Second
Downer John A, manager W U Telegraph Co
Drake Julius, carpenter, Broadway
Eitel Frank, drug and varieties. Junction
Fargo & Frost, blacksmiths, Broadway
Faulkner Charles, cashier Bank of Butte County, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Second
Finnegan Stephen, boots and shoes. Main
Fuller Luther, liquor saloon. Main
Gardner N B, proprietor Junction Hotel and feed stable. Junction Broadway and Main
Gifford & Lusk, attorneys at law. Second
Gilbert C C, groceries and provisions, Main street Junction
Goff W C, saddler. Main
Goodday Max, clothing and furnishing goods. Main
Graves George W, druggist and chemist, paints and oils, near Second and Main
Greene C E, homeopathic physician. Main
Greer A P & Company, liquor saloon. Main
Gruber J C Mrs, milliner and dress maker, Main
Hall N, confectionery and canned fruits. Main
Hallet Andrews, notary public and insurance agent. Second
Hallett & Loy, furniture, sashes, doors, blinds, bedding and picture frames. Main
Heath W D, insurance agent
Henderson Beverly, barber. Main
Henderson George T, eclectic physician
Henderson Park, eclectic physician
Henderson William, eclectic physician
Hibbard & Sommer, watches and jewelry. Second
Hildreth L A, postmaster
Hill & Cramer, liquor saloon, Main
Hobart C V, agent Travelers' Life and Accident Insurance Company, Second
Holmes & Jackson, restaurant. Main
Hoole Edward. Proprietor Northern Enterprise, corner Main and Second
Hyde William, photographer, Main
Isenberg Sarah Mrs, dress maker, Broadway
Jackson Frank M, watches and jewelry, near Second and Main
Jackson Peter & Company, hair dressing saloon and baths. Main
Jackson & Dailey, hair dressing saloon and baths
Jacobs Woolf, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes. Main
Johnson Dwight, wagon maker, Main
Johnson Newman, groceries and crockery, Broadway
Jones, Reilly & Company, hardware and agricultural implements, corner Front and Broadway
Jones & Fowler, planing mill and moldings. Main
Junction Hotel, N B Gardner, proprietor. Junction Broadway and Main
Kelsay James Rev, clergyman, (Methodist South)
Kempf & Miller, butchers, Broadway
Kern Frederick, manufacturing jeweler
King Mary, liquor saloon, Broadway
Knapp Evan, contractor, builder and brick yard, Third
Kunz Christopher, baker
Lackey Nathaniel, barber. Main
Lee J H, marble engraver. Main
Leitzinger M, saddlery and carriage trimmings, Main
Lightner Frederick, liquor saloon
Longdon J B, liquor saloon, Broadway
Lucas A J, furniture. Main
Marcuse M & Company, tobacco and cigars. Second
Mason C C, eclectic physician. Second
McCormick J N & Brother, lumber manufacturers. Main
McGregor & Tetreau, carriage makers, Broadway
Miller C A, agent Empire Lumber Co
Morse & Morse, proprietors Butte Mill and dealers grain. Junction
Newman J F, hardware, stoves and tinware
Nichols & Wilson, liquor saloon. Main
Noonan D, agent Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford, Main
Noonan Jerry C. druggist. Main
Northern Enterprise, Edward Hoole, proprietor, corner Main and Second
Nourse George F, grain shipper
Parker M W, confectionery and cigars. Main
Parsons N F & Company, carpenters, Broadway
Patten & Pearson, liquor saloon. Second
Peal James, boot and shoe-maker, Broadway
Pearson J M Mrs, milliner and dress maker, Main
Peters P & Company, boots and shoes. Main
Priddy W B Rev. clergyman (Meth)
Purinton S Miss, dress maker. Main
Reavis D M, butcher. Main
Reister L A, harness and saddlery. Main
Robertson D, blacksmith, Broadway
Rose E, wholesale and retail wines and liquors. Second
Sanderson, Harris & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, wines and liquors, near Front and Main
Schwein M, liquor saloon and hotel. Main
Scott J W, produce commission, Second
Seitz Richard, liquor saloon
Shearer & Evans, livery stable, Broadway
Sherwood & Turner carriage makers and blacksmiths, Broadway
Springer W K, manufacturer lumber, shingles, doors, blinds and dealer hay and grain. Junction
Sprouts S M, physician. Main
Steward Joseph J, proprietor Union House, Main
Stewart W H, barber. Main
Stilson C L & Company, hardware, cutlery and stoves, Second
Union House, Joseph J Steward, proprietor, Main
Waddams C. gunsmith. Main
Waddams William, gunsmith. Main
Walker Cleland, drugs, books and stationery. Second
Walker S Mrs, dress maker, Broadway
Walker S & Company, builders, millwrights, and carpenters. Main
Wall J S & Company, groceries and provisions. Main
Walsh Thomas & Company, harness and carriage trimmings. Second
Warren E A, confectionery and cigars
Warren Robert E, organs and music. Second
Waterland William, tailor, Main
Watts N, physician
Wayland J F, physician. Main
Wedekind & Burkett, liquor saloon. Second
Weed & Weed, livery stable. Main
Wetherbee Ira A, proprietor Chico Hotel
Williams & Carpenter, wood, Hazel
Williams & Doak, fruits and vegetables, Main
Witherell S A Mrs, dressmaker, Broadway
Witherspoon J H, Chico and Big Meadows express. Main
Wood Jesse Rev, clergyman, (Independent)
Woods & Fordham, clothing and tarnishing goods. Main
Woodman J M Rev, clergyman, (Congr)
Zwisler E II, physician, Main
Zwisler & Broyles, dry goods, shoes and carpets Main

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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