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Crescent City, Del Norte County California

Crescent City, Del Norte County, PO, an incorporated city and County seat, is pleasantly situated on a slight indentation of the ocean coast, facing the south, and protected from the northwest winds by Point St. George. The harbor being open to the south, is unsafe for vessels in the winter storms. A good substantial wharf has been built out from Battery Point, at which vessels discharge at almost all times of the year, but during heavy southeasters the waves break over it.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by steamers and sailing vessels, and a large business is carried on with the interior, although rendered difficult by the mountainous character of the country.

Crescent City is in Latitude 41° 44' 32" north and Longitude 124° 11' 22" west, and 350 miles north north west from San Francisco. The surrounding country is cultivated to a considerable extent, and flour and saw mills are among the manufacturing institutions maintained.

One newspaper, the Courier, is published weekly.

Adams B, physician
Ahrens J, cabinet maker and upholsterer
Barth George Jr, billiard saloon
Church E B Rev, clergyman (Episcopal)
Corrin F, boat builder
Crandall Samuel, builder and plasterer
Crawford William, wood dealer
Crescent City Boat Company, boating
Crescent City Courier, Mason & Tack, proprietors
Crescent City Mill Company, lumber manufacturers
Crescent City Wharf & Lightering Company, lightering
Crusins F, pork packer and butcher
Darby & Donovan, billiard saloon
Eldredge J E, photographer
Eudert & McLaughlin, billiard saloon
Fisherman A, boots and shoes
Frantz J F, blacksmith
Gilsworth Joseph, stone mason and contractor
Gilworth S A, laundry
Hamilton W A, attorney at law
Harper James, liquor saloon
Hobbs, Pomeroy & Company, lumber manufacturers, gen mdse, forwarding and commission
Hodgkins & Church, hardware, stoves and saddlery
Howell A J, shoe maker
Hughes James, druggist
Jones S Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Keller H, boot and shoe maker
Kiefer Charles, house and sign painter
Knox F, physician
Liddle James, liquor saloon
Lipowitz Max, teacher
Magruder E N, carpenter and joiner
Maloney T, livery and sale stable
Marhoffer Jacob, County Assessor
Marhoffer Joseph, brewery and soda factory
Mason Edgar, dentist
Mason William B, attorney at law
Mason A Tack, proprietors Crescent City Courier
McCreesh & Company, butchers
McLaren James, carpenter and builder
McLellan & Company, livery and sale stable
McNamara N, proprietor American Hotel, and wholesale liquor dealer
Meyers & Tryon, beef and pork packers
Miller John, blacksmith
Murphy J E. attorney at law
Patterson C E, carpenter and builder
Pfeiffer C H, dry goods and clothing
Richardson George, carpenter and builder
Richert John, liquor saloon
Sartwell D S, watch maker and jeweler
Saville William, attorney at law
Selig & Chaplin, dry goods and clothing
Shipman D E, liquor and billiard saloon
Smith J, liquor saloon
Southworth E D, liquor saloon
Stone A West, liquor saloon
Straub Edward, hair dressing saloon and baths
Straub G A, cabinet maker
Tuck & Eldridge, cabinet makers
Theilacker J F, bakery
Vorlander E, tannery
Wall J D, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Walrath F Rev, clergyman (Roman Catholic)
Watson William, wagon maker
Wenger & Esswein, groceries and crockery
Woodbury W H, postmaster, books and toys
Woodbury W H Mrs, milliner and dressmaker
Yates Edward, proprietor Del Norte Hotel
Zimerel F, tailor

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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