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Dixon, Solano County California

Dixon, Solano County, PO 20 miles north east of Fairfield, and 20 miles south west of Sacramento, on the line of the California Pacific Railroad, and in the midst of a rich and extensive agricultural district.

This town has grown into existence during the past five years and is rapidly increasing in population and wealth, being now the second town of business importance in the county. The erection of a high school is in contemplation.

The Tribune is published weekly. Population about 800.

Aude William, liquor saloon
Bank of Dixon, H B Sheldon, cashier
Barnes T B, collector
Bean J R, proprietor Bean's Hall
Blitch J S Rev, clergyman
Blum, Sons & Company, general merchandise and grain
Brock A, barber
Brown Samuel, liquor saloon
Cadman George, blacksmith and machinist
Carpenter M, blacksmith and wagon maker
Colburn A F, postmaster, druggist, news dealer and watch maker
Cole &Company, groceries, fruits, etc
Cole G A Mrs, milliner and dress maker
Cotton J W, real estate and insurance agent
Craig & Moshier, photographers
Dashiell W A, real estate
Dempster W H, shoe maker
Dixon Tribune, Linthicum & Hopkin proprietor
Eppinger & Company, general merchandise
Ferguson & Company, general merchandise
Ferguson W R, butcher
Frederickson John, lumber and insurance agent
Goimann F, shoe maker
Goetz F Mrs, brewery
Goffert H, harness and saddlery
Hamilton J T, shoe maker
Hays L C, attorney at law
Hill W W, grain warehouse
Hinman W S, proprietor Kings Hotel and livery stable
Hohlmann V J, proprietor Empire Hotel
Huff D B, lumbar
Hutton Edward, barber
Hgner W Mrs, dress maker
Johnson J & Bro, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Kairsch John, harness and saddlery
Kirby A, druggist
Kline & Company, stoves, tin and hardware
Koehler Henry, baker
Leake Edward E, agt Wells, Fargo & Company and W U Tel Company
Linthicum & Hopkins, proprietors Dixon Tribune
Little & McCoy, butchers
Martin & Hardy, liquor saloon
Morris & Hall, liquor saloon
Parola F H, shoe maker
Peterson Anna Mrs, bakery and oyster saloon
Powell A, lumber
Pratt A H, physician
Riddle R, flour manufacturer
Schrimer C, stoves, tin and hardware
Smith H, liquor saloon, tailor and gents' furnishing goods
Stevens S C, justice of the peace
Straub William, liquor saloon
Stuart & Hamilton, painters
Upham F F, dentist
Van Zant J K & Company, varieties
Weihe Edward, liquor saloon
White M, Mrs, liquor saloon and restaurant

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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