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Dutch Flat, Placer County California

Dutch Flat, Placer County, PO 32 miles north east of Auburn, and 67 from Sacramento, on the south side of Bear River, is noted for its gold mines. The village lies contiguous to the Central Pacific Railroad, thereby enjoying facilities of ready communication with the metropolis. Here and in the vicinity are numerous high ridges and points of auriferous drift, having an accumulation of gravel of from two to seven hundred feet in depth, and mining in this by hydraulic washing and underground excavation constitutes the resources of the place.

Mining has been carried on here since the early days of the gold discovery, and improvements in the hydraulic process have kept pace with the advance of the country. A great outlay of capital is required to properly open and operate these mines, and necessarily the land is owned in large tract, or claims, controlled by wealthy companies, who usually own the ditches, or canals, that bring water from distant sources, and several million dollars are produced annually. From the deep excavations made in the mines of Dutch Flat, a good opportunity is offered to observe the character of the formation, and to deduce there from a theory of the causes of the gold-bearing gravel deposits of the Sierra Nevada. The town is at an elevation of 3,425 feet above the sea, being about halfway up the mountain side, and in the region of snow in the winter. The climate, however, is very pleasant and healthy, and tender fruits, gardens, etc., are cultivated.

Arnold L B, attorney at law
Berg August, watchmaker and jeweler
Boek Herman, liquor and billiard saloon
Boke John H, books, stationery, fancy goods, and insurance agent
Brown C J, attorney at law
Coffin I T, Dutch Flat Water Works
Cohen G & Bros, dry and fancy goods, clothing, boots, hats, etc
Colgrove Levi R, livery stable
Davis Abraham, liquor saloon
Disque Henry, agent C P R R and groceries and hardware
Eckert Peter, wagon maker
Faller John R, liquor saloon
Gardner M S, capitalist
Granger George H, liquor saloon
Halsey George M, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hillhouse William H, hardware, stoves and tinware
Hoos Frank C, liquor saloon
Hoos John F, boot and shoe maker
Hudepohl H Rudolph, dry goods, clothing, boots, hats, etc
Jameson James, justice of peace and notary public
Jameson & Brinkman, hair dressing saloon and baths
Johnson Austin, harness and saddlery
Kopp Charles M, butcher
Lepper Oliver, boot and shoe maker
Ludlum Thomas B, manager Ceder Creek Gold Mines and Water Co (limited)
Maker George S, general merchandise
Marcovich J B, proprietor Dutch Flat Hotel
Martin Noble, physician
McClure E L, banker, agent Wells. Fargo & Company, W U Telegraph Company, and insurance agent
McIntosh James, liquor saloon
Meyers John, liquor saloon
Michell & Rablin, proprietors Placer Brewery
Nichols T J, insurance agent
Nicholls W & P, bankers and gold dust buyers
Perry Albert E, gun and locksmith
Pinnco G D Rev. Clergyman (Meth)
Quirk James, photographer
Runckel Justus H, bakery and groceries
Ruppricht John, general merchandise
Simmons Robert, fruit, candy, vegetables, etc
Smart Daniel E, postmaster and varieties
St Clair L P, butcher
Stover L K, druggist and apothecary
Swenson M Mrs, proprietress Placer Hotel
Swenson Samuel E. liquor and billiard saloon
Towle Brothers, lumber manufacturers
Towle, Gould & Company, lumber manufacturers
Uren Clement, Deputy U S Surveyor
Voight & Lakamp, clothing, furnishing goods, boots, hats, etc
West Henry K, livery stable
Wilson M W, physician and dentist

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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