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Eureka, Humboldt County California

Eureka, Humboldt County, PO, an incorporated city and county seat. It is situated on the east side of Humboldt Bay, occupying a pleasant site, two miles from the beach, and overlooking the waters of the bay and out upon the ocean.

This is the largest and most important town on the northern coast of California, with a large export trade in lumber and agricultural products, receiving in return the various articles of merchandise necessary for the supply of a prosperous section. The town was laid out in 1850, and has continued growing healthily and steadily. It boasts superiority in respect to schools and churches, having four departments to the public school, a large and well-conducted seminary for young ladies, and also an institution of learning under the auspices of the Catholic society of "The Precious Blood of Jesus." Four churches grace the city with elegant edifices.

Besides these, as buildings worthy of note, are the Court House, Town Hall, Masonic Hall, Odd Fellows Hall, and Eureka Opera House. Communication is maintained with Rohnerville, Hydesville, Ferndale, and Areata, by daily lines of stages; with Areata and Hookton by steamer, daily, and with San Francisco by steamer and telegraph.

Two weekly newspapers, the Times and West Coast Signal, are published here.

Officers: T. Walsh, Mayor; J. Clark, J. Freese, A. Cookson. F. A. Week, Allen McKay, Councilmen; J. A. Huestis, Clerk; James Hannah, Attorney: D. Vansant, Marshal; D. C. Scott, Police Judge.

Axe Frederick, postmaster
Baird Thomas, warehouse and commission
Baldwin & Mercer, harness and saddlery
Bank of Humboldt
Barber E T, physician
Barman H & Company, general merchandise
Barnum G N, liquor saloon
Belcher P, insurance agent
Bigelow C E, blacksmith
Bonstell W T, stationery
Brooks Mrs, barber
Brots Joseph, tanner
Brown J K & Company, blacksmiths
Buck & Stafford, attorneys at law
Buhne H H & Company, hardware
Bullock N, insurance agent
Carr John & Brother, blacksmiths and carriage makers
Chamberlain J D H, attorney at law
Chope A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Clark J, physician and real estate
Clyde K K, attorney at law
Cobalt Louis, harness and saddlery
Coleman James, barber
Cousins Edward, blacksmith
Crosby F, cigars, tobacco and fruit
Cuttler & Belcher, general merchandise and commission
Daby Stilman, hotel
Davis W F, stoves and tinware
De Haven J J, attorney at law
De Voy & Kendall, livery stable
Devlin C L & T, shoemakers
Dobison & Dart, real estate agents
Dodge W A, dentist
Dolbeer & Carson, lumber manufacturers
Dollison J K, notary public
Dwyer J Mrs, millinery and trimmings
Dwyer J W, contractor, builder and undertaker
Evans & Company, lumber manufacturers
Fairfield C C, liquor saloon and boarding
Fay Bros, shingle manufacturers
Finch W N, gunsmith
Finson Ellen Mrs, hotel
Fitzell T, dry goods
Flaylor A P, photographer
Fleming John, restaurant
Foster W W, groceries
Freese J W, dentist
Fruitnicht John, liquor saloon
Gall J J, restaurant
Ganyard P, livery stable
Gordon D E, proprietor West Coast Signal
Green John, bakery and general merchandise
Hanna James, attorney at law
Heinck J B, liquor saloon
Henderson J W., land agent
Herrick J B, liquor saloon
Hilder Charles, cabinetmaker
Hitchcock A F Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Hostetter J W, physician
Howard E H, attorney at law
Humboldt Times, J E Wyman, proprietor
Jackson Charlie, general merchandise, fruit and confectionery
Jansson Edmund, general merchandise
Johnston William H, tinware
Jones D R & Company, lumber manufacturers
Jones Edward J, clergyman (Meth)
Jones Warren, candies and fruit
Kapple W S, liquor saloon
Kelly Edward, clergyman (R C)
Kimball J H, contractor and builder
Knight George A, attorney at law
Krug A, shoemaker
Witham & Wightman, general merchandise and commission
Latham E R Mrs, trimmings and varieties
Lindsay D U, physician
Long Charles W, livery stable and insurance agent
Long John, watches and jewelry
Loud A, barber
Lowenthal J, clothing
Malony M, liquor saloon
Manning Patrick, hotel
Mathews J E, stationery and fancy goods
Maurice D W, watchmaker and jeweler
McCartney E J Mrs, dressmaker
McCarty J, shoemaker
McGeraghan M, liquor saloon
McKay George, drugs
McKenna James, groceries and fruit
McLaren William J, shoemaker
McNamara & Kinzie, clothing and gents' furnishing goods
Mentz H, drugs and stationery
Monroe A, liquors
Ohmann I, tinsmith
Pratt William H, house furnishing goods, and proprietor Eureka Opera House
Persons A, foundry and machine shop
Reilenger H, tobacco and varieties
Richardson Charles, planing mill
Rohner & Ellery, general merchandise
Russ Joseph, butcher
Russ, Wood & Company, lumber manufacturers
Ryan Josephine, Miss, millinery
Ryan H H, proprietor Eureka Theatre
Sawtell A L, liquor saloon
Schenck A, physician
Schmidt John C, barber
Scott D C, dentist
Smiley J C, house, sign and carriage painter
Smith W A, fruit and candies
Snyder V Mrs, dressmaker
Stanislauski & Horn, jewelry
Stewart, J P, barber
Sweasey & Son, general merchandise
Swinerton J G, attorney at law
Taylor M S, general merchandise
Taylor & Heavy, general merchandise and sporting materials
Thompson, J S, Clergyman (Epis)
Thomson J K, groceries and tobacco
Thomson W, groceries
Tompkins G W, attorney at law
Tucker Joseph, shoe maker
Turner & Son, butchers
Vance John, proprietor Vance House, and lumber manufacturer
Walsh T, general merchandise
Watson J A, notary public and justice of the peace
Weck F A, insurance agent
Weck & Vance, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, drugs and stationery
West Coast Signal, D E Gordon, proprietor
Whalen J, hotel
Windier L, liquor saloon
Wyman J E, proprietor Humboldt Times and insurance agent
Young & Allen, proprietor Lick House

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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