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Folsom Sacramento County California

Folsom, Sacramento Co, PO 22½ miles north east of Sacramento, is on the south side of the American River, at the base of the Sierra Nevada, and is most favorably situated for manufacturing purposes. Above the town the river falls rapidly, and a canal a mile in length, in part constructed, leads the waters from a substantial dam to mill sites along the bank, giving a fall of sixty feet. This great water power when put to use will set in motion a vast amount of machinery, and be the means of creating a large manufacturing town.

The Sacramento Valley Railroad, the first built in the state, connects Folsom with Sacramento, and here unites with the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad, extending to Shingle Springs, in El Dorado County. A fine suspension bridge crosses the river at this place, affording communication with the country north.

By Act of the Legislature of 1873-4, a branch State Prison was authorized to be built at Folsom, and work upon the grounds and buildings has been commenced. By means of the great water power here, available and inexhaustible quarries of granite, forming the country rock of the region, a means of profitable labor will be afforded. Considerable placer mining is still carried on in Folsom and vicinity, and large quantities of paving stone and granite are furnished for the large cities of the State.

Fruit is grown with great success, and the products of the vineyards have obtained a wide celebrity.

One newspaper, the Telegraph, is published weekly.

Addison S, lumber dealer
Baehnisch & Bischoff, liquor saloon
Bates B F, dentist
Brown J O, crockery, stoves, tin and hardware
Burnham Charles E, insurance agent
Burnham J H, drugs, stationery, real estate and insurance agent
Burt J L, liquor saloon
Christy Edward, contractor
Cohn S, groceries
Donohoe John, shoe maker
Durant F C, physician
Eoff John, confectionery
Farmer William, wagon maker
Fell Joseph, tailor
Folsom Telegraph, Mrs John F Howe, proprietor
Foy Michael, blacksmith
Gable Jacob, butcher
Groesbeck Theodore, barber
Hamilton K Mrs, hotel
Harthan L, liquor saloon and restaurant
Hempel G, physician
Heublein L, harness and saddlery
Hill Arthur E Rev, clergyman
Hill T J, hotel and livery stable
Howe John F Mrs, proprietor Folsom Telegraph
Humphrey James, groceries, newspapers and agent W U Telegraph Company
Hyman Jacob, dry goods and clothing
Johnson William F, foundry
Kelley Francis Rev, clergyman (R C)
Lamblet F, barber
Levy Edward R, liquor saloon
Lyons S, physician
Mars Amasa W., carpenter and builder
McCue John, granite quarry
McNamee Frank, groceries
Meredith James L, druggist
Miller Jacob, furniture and undertaker
Natoma Ditch and Water Company
Palmer C T H, banker and agent Wells Fargo & Company
Rigney P, liquor saloon
Shead Loren, liquor saloon
Smith Joshua H, postmaster and groceries
Strobel William, livery stable
Sturges J F, watch maker and jeweler
Yager Peter, brewery
Zimmerman C, shoe maker

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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