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Fresno City, Fresno County California

Fresno City, Fresno County, PO and county seat, is centrally located in the great valley of the San Joaquin, on the San Joaquin Valley branch of the Central Pacific Railroad, 12 miles from the San Joaquin River, and 20 miles from King's. This is the trading and distributing point for Millerton, the upper King's River region.

Big Dry Creek, and for a large scope of country for twenty miles east and west, which is rapidly filling with farmers, and giving a corresponding increase of prosperity to the town. Fresno was made an important place by the construction of the railroad, and since then the county seat was removed to it from Millerton. It now contains about 700 inhabitants, and is building up rapidly and in a substantial manner.

Among its public buildings is a court house of elegant design, erected at a cost of $60,000.

Two newspapers. The Fresno Expositor and The Review, are published weekly.

Basso A, boots and shoes
Boll J G, watchmaker
Bernhard George, general merchandise
Bishop W B, drugs and medicines
Booker B S, news agent
Boyle J J. house, and sign painter
Bradford & Winchell, attorneys at law
Brubaker & Tabor, proprietors Larquier Hotel
Coleman J L, harness and saddlery
Coley H C, drugs and merchandise
Davis L, general merchandise
De Long Charlie, postmaster
Dixon H S, attorney at law
Dixon & Faymonville, attorneys at law, searchers of records, and real estate agents
Farrar Leonard, liquor saloon
Ferguson J W, proprietor Fresno Weekly Expositor
Fleming R H, livery stable and proprietor Fresno and Centerville stage line
Goldstein A S, stoves and tinware
Heaton C A, proprietor Fresno Review
Jacob & Company, general merchandise
Kitt A H, blacksmith
Kutner & Goldstein, general merchandise
Lawrenson W J, liquor saloon
Maassen A J, prop International Hotel
Nelson W L, restaurant
Pryce Thomas, notary public and J P
Roewer H, wagon maker
Sayle & McElvaney, attorneys at law
Sayre Joseph, shoe maker
Schneeder J, barber
Schultz M A, proprietor Fresno Hotel
Schultz T, liquor saloon
Schussler Philip, watch maker
Shanklin J T, carpenter
Shannon J, liquors
Sheldon B B, livery stable
Silverman & Einstein, agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Spiers C, physician
Studer O, tailor
Sturry F, butcher
Sullivan N H, candies and fruits
Tuffree C R, agent C P R R
Vellguth William, druggist, barber and varieties
Whitlock & Tracy, lumber manufacturers
Whitlock & Young, carpenters and builders
Williams J W, blacksmith

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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