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Georgetown, El Dorado County California

Georgetown, El Dorado County, PO 16 miles north of Placerville, is connected with it by stage, and is also connected with the Central Pacific Railroad at Auburn, 18 miles distant. The district was once distinguished for its rich placer mines, but these are not as productive as formerly, and the mining interest is now maintained by quite extensive operations in the numerous quartz veins of the vicinity, which give promise of great productiveness. The principal of these are the St. Lawrence, Taylor and Woodside, while many other veins are known and believed to be of great value, but remain undeveloped. The mines have generally remained unworked from the want of sufficient water, but as the high Sierra lying to the eastward, and which the "divide" commands, is plentifully supplied with the element in many lakes and rapid streams, only indifferent engineering or ignorantly conducted enterprise is at fault for its want.

The California Water Company, an organization of wealthy capitalists, is engaged in constructing a system of ditches, which, if completed as proposed, will aid greatly in furnishing the means of development. Farther up this ridge, known as the Georgetown divide, the Mount Gregory Water and Mining Company, having its place of business in Georgetown is constructing a capacious canal, with an abundance of water, and, although it does not reach Georgetown, it will add greatly to the business of the place. Post, express and telegraph offices, public halls, schools and churches, grand scenery and a salubrious climate make it attractive as a place of residence. The town occupies a pleasant site on the high ridge between the Middle and South Forks of the American river, and possesses a fertile soil, producing fruits, vegetables and cereals of good quality. Under a perfect tenure and a proper system of cultivation, the soil of Georgetown, as well as of most other localities in the mountains, would afford, in the absence of all mines, an abundant resource for the support of a large population.

Barker Charles, shoemaker
Barklage George H, general merchandise
Berry S A, hotel
Bundshuh K & Company, hotel
California Water Company, H S Bradley, Superintendent
Crawford E L, photographer and insurance agent
Creque William K, hotel
Cummings Hiram, Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Curtis & Wentworth, butchers
Dains Henry M, cabinet maker and undertaker
Francais & Smeder, butchers
Fuller Hiram H, livery stable
Greene, E L, Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Hirsch & Nagler, dry goods and clothing
Hitchens John, gunsmith
Husso L, shoe maker
Jewett Daniel, general merchandise and feed stable
Lapierre Theodore A, barber
Le Boeuf Theophilus, blacksmith
Lewis & Houchings, proprietors Georgetown and
Auburn stage line
Miller John H, telegraph and insurance agent
Miller M, Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Morgan Bros, liquor and billiard saloon
Noble Robert, lumber manufacturer
Orelli A, liquor saloon and boarding
Owens A N, blacksmith
Parsons George W, liquor and billiard saloon
Pease Edward R, lumber manufacturer
Schwartz Daniel, bakery and liquor saloon
Sounder Louis, painter and paper hanger
Shepherd Benj. F, postmaster, drugs and varieties
Smith William, proprietor Georgetown and Placerville stage line
Sornberger & Lane, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Spencer C G, physician
Steward Reuben, blacksmith
Thomas & Jackson, general merchandise and brokers
Ward R G, blacksmith
Watson & Stone, dry goods, clothing, etc
Wentworth Thomas, wagon maker
Williams Eli, tailor

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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