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Grass Valley, County Nevada County California

Grass Valley, Nevada County, PO 4 miles south west of Nevada City, an incorporated town, and connected with surrounding places by well-constructed turnpikes.

The Central Pacific Railroad is thirteen miles distant, at Colfax, to which place daily lines of stages run. A route for a railroad has been surveyed from the same point, passing through Grass Valley to Nevada, and a narrow gauge line is proposed to be built upon it. The construction of a V or lumber floating flume is also proposed, from the mountain forests, which, by furnishing lumber and fuel at cheap rates, will greatly facilitate mining operations and add to the business of the town.

Grass Valley is distinguished for the number and value of its quartz mines, and the successful manner in which they are worked, it being the principal mining locality of this class in the State. Operations have been carried on since 1851, and always with increasing prospects. The town is well built, containing many fire-proof houses, and the private residences, embowered in shade trees and adorned with brilliant flowers, present a pleasant and attractive appearance. The soil of the city and the neighborhood is adapted to the growth of trees and vines, and fruit and wine are an available resource of the people.

One newspaper, the Union, is published daily, and the Foothill Tidings weekly.

Anderson Augustus P, Rev, clergyman (Episc), corner Church and Walsh
Avery Samuel D, blacksmith and wagon maker, Main
Badt Alexander L, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, corner Main and Mill
Beinkofer John, liquor saloon, 2 Mill
Benson William H, proprietor Benson House, 144 Main
Berg Alfred, watch maker and jeweler, 22 Mill
Beverton Samuel, stoves, tin and hardware, 46 Mill
Binkelmann David, brewery. Auburn
Boston William A, agent W U Telegraph Co
Boucher J & Company, pictures and picture frame makers, corner Main and Church
Brady Alexander B, mining and insurance agent, 90 Main
Brier J AV Jr, Rev, clergyman (Cong), corner Walsh and Lloyd
Brier J W Sen, Rev, clergymen (Cong), corner Walsh and Lloyd
Brunemann & Uphoff, liquor and oyster saloon, 69 Main
Brunsteter Peter, lumber yard and planing mill, 25 Main
Burnie Alexander, merchant tailor, 74 Mill
Bury Colin H, proprietor Exchange Hotel, Main
Byrne James K, notary public. Exchange Hotel Building
Byrne & Company, livery stable. Main, between Church and Mill
Carson George, harness and saddlery, 21 Mill
Chaix Eugene, liquors, fruit and vegetables, 62 Main
Clarke Francis, liquor saloon, 68 Mill
Clinch Eliza Mrs, dress maker, corner Bank Alley and Church
Coleman Edward, Superintendent Idaho
Quartz Mining Co
Coleman John C, Secretary Idaho Quartz Mining Company
Conaway J C & Bro, lumber. Auburn
Connor, Timothy, liquor saloon, 78 Mill
Cooley James W, carriage painter, 75 Mill
Coombs J Leslie, physician 29 Mill
Crocker John R, blacksmith, 19 Mill
Cryer Robert, liquor saloon, 24 Mill
Dalton T J Rev, clergyman, (R C) Church
Davis Henry, physician and J P, Exchange Hotel Building
Davis & Gilbert, liquor and billiard saloon, 62 Main
Dibble & Byrne, attorneys at law. Exchange Hotel Building
Dobson Abel, homeopathic physician. Church and Main
Dorsey J Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Dorsey Samuel P, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Main, between Church and Mill
Eddy William C, prop Pacific Hotel, corner Main and Auburn
Eggert Hermann C, hair dressing saloon and baths, 5 Mill
Eichel F, boot and shoe maker, Neal, bet Mill and Church
English Patrick, blacksmith, Auburn
Exchange Hotel, Colin H Bury, proprietor. Main
Faulkner James, prop Glenbrook Race Course
Findley, Thomas & Company, bankers and brokers, 88 Main
Fink John, brewery, 56 Main
Finnie Robert, groceries, provisions and crockery, 3 Mill
Fisher Samuel, tin, sheet iron and metal worker. Mill
Fletcher & Glasson, butchers, groceries and liquors, 59 Main
Fogerty B, merchant tailor, 66 Mill
Foothill Weekly Tidings, S G Lewis, prop, corner Church and Neal
Foster Avery J, paints, oils, gloss, picture frames, etc, 13 Mill
Frank John, bakery, 52 Main
Freeman E, bakery. Main, between Church and School
Fritz Charles, brewery, corner Auburn and Richardson
Garvey Josephine Miss, dress maker. Church near Main
George William, general merchandise, notary public and insurance agent, corner Auburn and Neal
Gillis Duncan, house and sign painter. Church
Gilman & Ivens, dry goods, furnishing goods, boots and shoos, 74 Main
Glass John, tailor, 54 Main
Glynn John, bakery, 80 Mill
Grace Thomas H Rev., clergyman (RC) Church
Granger & Watt groceries and liquors, 80 Main
Grass John, superintendent Gold Hill Quartz Mine Mill
Grass Valley and Nevada City Stage Line, John B Hearsch, agent. Exchange Hotel
Grass Valley Daily Union Charles H Mitchell, proprietor, corner Main and Mill
Grass Valley Water Company, Carvill Conaway, superintendent. Main, opposite Exchange Hotel
Halsey Henry A, photographer. Mill near Main
Hamilton Gustin, proprietor Hamilton Hall
Harris Stephen M, physician, Mill
Harrison Jackson, barber, 84 Main
Henderson John H, boots and shoes, Main, between Mill and Auburn
Hill Cyrus R, fruit grower and shipper. Auburn
Holbrook Daniel P, liquors. Main, between Mill and Auburn
Howe George S, varieties, 38 Mill
Hoyne Michael, liquor saloon, corner Mill and Neal
Idaho Quartz Mining Company, Edward Coleman, superintendent
Jeffrey Robert, liquor saloon, Main, between Church and Mill
Johnson Bartle, undertaker and furniture, 92 Main
Johnson John G, hair dressing saloon and baths, 72 Main
Johnston John, groceries and liquors, 11 Mill
Johnston Peter, stoves, iron, steel, tin and hardware, 14 Mill
Jones W C, physician. Mill
Kent William, dentist, Main, between Church and Mill
King George C, superintendent Magenta Gold Mining Company
Kingsbury W B, M D, President Western Business
College, Main, bet Church and Mill
Lakenan James M, prop Grass Valley Foundry, Main
Latta Robert W, proprietor Golden Eagle Hotel, corner Mill and Bank Alley
Leduc Timothy, brick manufacturer, Ophir Hill Road
Legree Joseph G, restaurant, corner Mill and Bank Alley
Levy J, boots and shoes. Mill
Lewis S G, proprietor Foothill Weekly Tidings corner Church and Neal
Loutzenheiser William, chemist and druggist. 68 Main
Loyd Elizabeth Mrs, milliner and dress maker. Mill
McCormick William, physician, Main bet Church and Mill
Meagher Dennis, liquor saloon, Main bet Church and Mill
Michell William J, butcher, corner Mill and Neal
Miller Charles E, wagon maker, 19 Mill
Miller John A & Company, chemists and druggists. Mill
Miller John P, butcher, 114 Main
Mitchell Charles H. proprietor Grass Valley
Daily Union, corner Main and Mill
Mitchell George, liquor saloon, Main bet Mill and Auburn
Mitchell William H, proprietor Wisconsin Hotel, corner Main and Auburn
Mohawk Lumber Company. Reuben Leach, superintendent, Auburn
Moore & Wright, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 75 Mill
Moran Thomas, barber, 39 Mill
Moran Thomas F, shoe maker, 39 Mill
Morris & Nathan, fancy and dry goods, 10 Mill
Mulloy Alvah A, proprietor Grass Valley Gas Works, 45 Main
Murphy George, house and sign painter, 41 Main Murphy Mrs, milliner, Neal
Murphy & Moran, liquor and billiard saloon, Mill near Main
Myers Rosa Miss, select school. Auburn
Naffziger Jacob, butcher, 67 Main
Nathan N & Bro, dry goods and clothing, corner Main and Mill
Newman J & Company, dry and fancy goods, 30 Mill
Novitzky Henry, cigars, tobacco and fancy goods. Main near Mill
Novitzky Simon, clothing and gents' furnishing goods. Mill
Oates Richard, shoe maker, 58 Main
O'Donnell William, brick manufacturer, near Half Mile House
Othet Thomas, hay, grain, flour and feed, corner Mill and Neal
Parker John, groceries and liquors, 42 Main
Paynter Philip H, conveyancer and J P, 7 Mill
Pearce & Gerber, butchers, 48 Main
Peek Wesley T. Rev, clergyman (Moth), School, between Neal and Walsh
Pellatier Henry, liquor and billiard saloon, 27 Mill
Pope William C, auctioneer, undertaker, furniture dealer and proprietor Greenwood Cemetery, 62-64 Mill
Prodger John H. watch maker and jeweler. Mill
Remi Francis, physician. 105 Main
Rider J V, Mrs, select school, 47 Main
Ridge Andrew J, attorney at law and notary public, 90 Main
Roberts Edmond W, attorney at law. Main, opposite Exchange Hotel
Roberts Richard, general merchandise, 57 Main
Roberta Robert G, blacksmith, 17 Mill
Ruck Anton, bakery, 60 Main
Sanks & Thomas, restaurant, Main bet Church and School
Scaddon Henry, groceries and liquors, 16 Mill
Scaddon & Hodge, brewery. Mill
Schafer George, Mrs, hotel. Main
Schlagiesen Romanoff D, liquor saloon. Main bet Church and Mill
Schrakamp Felix, varieties, Main between Mill and Auburn
Schwab N, cabinet maker, Neal between Mill and Church
Scobel John, liquor saloon, 65 Main
Silvester Henry, groceries and liquors, and agent Cal Powder Works, 76 Main
Simmons George, liquor saloon, 44 Main
Smith Charles C, drugs, books, newspapers and insurance agent, 20 Mill
Snow ____, shoe maker. Main
Spencer William K, books, newspapers and agent W U Telegraph Company, Main between Church and Mill
Steler P, watch maker and jeweler, 4 Mill
Stevens G W, shoe maker, 87 Mill
Stokes William C, proprietor Stokes' Hotel, corner Main and Church
Sykes John P, postmaster. Exchange Hotel Building
Taylor Cornelius, attorney at law. Exchange Hotel Building
Taylor Michael C, foundry. Mill
Telegraph Stage Line, D Wellington, agent. Exchange Hotel
Thompson Cyrus P, boots, shoes, hats and caps,
Main bet Church, and Mill
Timmons & Newman, butchers, corner Main and Church
Townsend Cornelius C, varieties. 18 Mill
Van Hoeter Joseph, soap manufacturer, 41 Mill
Vogelman Henry, boots, shoes, leather, findings and hats, 20 Mill
Walcott H H, wagon maker, 17 Mill
Walworth S S, brick manufacturer
Wanzer Sidney, butcher, corner Main and Auburn
Watt David, superintendent Empire Mining Co
Watt William, supt. Eureka Gold Mining Co
Webster C C Mrs, dross maker, 17 Auburn
Webster L, physician, Mill
Webster Thomas, barber, 51 Main
Weil Leopold, varieties. Main between Church and Mill
Wollington & Gilbert, proprietors Telegraph Stage Line, Church
West Emerson R, hay, grain and feed. 38 and 40 Main
Western Business College, W B Kingsbury, M D, president. Main bet Church and Mill
Wilder Simoon R, bottler ale, porter, etc. Mill S
Wohler Henry, furniture, crockery and glassware, 61 Main
Wood Benjamin, merchant tailor, 9 Mill
Woodfield Henry, shoe maker, 70 Mill
Wymore Charles C, groceries and liquors, 54½ Mill

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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