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Guadalupe County California

Guadalupe, Santa Barbara County, PO 70 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, is a growing and flourishing town in the broad and fertile valley of the Santa Maria River, a few miles from where the stream enters the ocean. The village comprises about 130 dwellings, 6 large stores, 2 hotels, express, post and telegraph offices, town hall, saloons, etc., appertaining to a lively business.

The valley of Santa Maria, which is contributory to the town of Guadalupe, is one of the most lovely sections of the State, and its settlement and cultivation is rapidly extending. During the year 1874 some 40,000 acres were planted in wheat, and about 20,000 tons of that grain were exported. About 10,000 acres in the immediate vicinity of the town were devoted to various farm and garden products, with excellent results.

A wharf, where steamers may come alongside, is in course of construction, and a narrow gauge railroad is contemplated from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara, through Guadalupe.

One newspaper, the Telegraph, is published weekly.

Abernethy R, stoves and tinware
Ayres W W, druggist and justice of the peace
Bidwell J C, lumber dealer
Blake H B & Company, general agents
Brookshire T J, liquor saloon
Christe P, restaurant
Collins C W & Company, undertakers and carpenters
Dunbar John, postmaster, books and notions
Eddleman J J, harness and saddlery
Engels F P, liquor saloon
Guadalupe Brewery
Guthrie R J, liquor saloon
Halsell W F, Reaming and forwarding
Harriman & Company, lumber dealers
Harris C W, contractor and builder
Harris Henry, barber
Hart Bros, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Hartman J, general merchandise
Horting & Holt, butchers
Hoffman Jacob, house and sign painter
Homo T, carpenter
Hudson J W, livery stable
Jones A W, proprietor Revere House
Kaiser L M & Company, general merchandise
Kraft J M, shoemaker
Kyle J J, hotel
Laughlin H J & Company, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Leavey John, blacksmith
Lind M, carpenter
Martinez A, butcher
McPhaul William, wool grower
Moore P, teaming and forwarding
Mundell _____, carpenter
Nichols George B, physician
Noo John, fruits
Parkhurst _____, physician
Pollard R, notary public
Porterfield J R, Proprietor Guadalupe Telegraph
Rader John, butcher
Schwartz I & Company, general merchandise
Smith & Guthrie, liquor saloon
Thomas B F, attorney at law and notary public
Toquini Charles, brewery and saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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