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 Healdsburg Sonoma County California

Healdsburg, Sonoma County, PO and incorporated city, 16 miles northwest of Santa Rosa, is on the line of the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad, 38 miles from the southern terminus at Donahue, and 72 miles from San Francisco, and is connected by stage and good roads with the Geysers and with the newly opened and rich quicksilver mines of Pine Flat and other localities in Sonora and Lake counties.

The town occupies a most lovely site on the west side of Russian River, in the midst of a grove of native trees, composed of stately oaks, graceful firs and bright colored madroflas, to which the most ornamental of cultivated trees and those bearing fruit have been added. It is well built, containing numerous schools and churches, and being in the midst of an extensive and very fertile section, its permanent prosperity is assured.

 One newspaper, the Russian River Flag, is published weekly.

Bank of Healdsburg, W S Canan, president, Charles E Hutton, cashier, Powell
Barlow L B, liquor saloon, West
Baruch & Brother, general merchandise, West
Bean Charles H, agent San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad
Biddle E W, dentist. Plaza
Bloom & Conn, general merchandise, West
Bostwick & Emerson, livery stable and stage proprietors. West
Brewer Charles H, blacksmith. West
Carruthers & Company, flour manufacturers. West
Chambaud John, wine manufacture
Christenson J, shoe maker, Powell
Cobb G L, house and coach painter. West
Cohen J L, furniture and bedding, Matheson
Colson & Block, wine manufacturers, West
Cook Glove Manufacturing Company, G A Cook, superintendent, Center
Crabtree k Patrick Mrs, dress makers. West
Crawford A K Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Downing J C, undertaker, Matheson
Downing J H, photographer, Center
Dryden, Skillman & Myers, blacksmiths and wagon makers, West
Dudley Henry, tannery
Ely E, physician, Powell
Fenno James E, watchmaker, jeweler, proprietor skating rink and agent sewing machines. West
Ferguson P J, groceries. West
Firebaugh Henry C, attorney at law and insurance agent, corner Powell and Center
Forester Annie Mrs, milliner and dress maker, Powell
Forsman J, physician. West
Fried Henry, liquor saloon. West
Fuller Harvey S, hotel. West
Gearing Charles, butcher, corner Center and Powell
Gilbride R, hotel
Gilmor & Luedke, watch makers and jewelers, West
Goldstein H, general merchandise, West
Grater John F, proprietor Union Hotel, West
Gum & Zane, liquor saloon. West
Hassett John D, butcher, corner Powell and Center
Hassett & Beeson, general merchandise, Powell
Heald & Guerne, lumber dealers. West
Hendrick & Williamson, blacksmiths and wagon makers, corner Matheson and Center
Hertel Rudolph, general merchandise, West
Holmes & Lawrence, harness and saddlery, West
Howell John G, physician, Matheson
Howell John G & S S, proprietors Russian River Flag, Matheson
Hutton Charles E, cashier Bank of Healdsburg
Jacobs M, tailor, Powell
Jenner E K, dentist
Jenner & Raymond, attorneys at law and insurance agents, Matheson
King Brothers, livery and feed stable, West
Knaak August, furniture manufactory and carriage maker. West
Lamb H O, dentist. Plaza
Livey C R, gunsmith, West
Lovell J M, Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Madeira Frank A, painter and paper hanger, Powell
Madeira George, carriage painter, Powell
Maguire M, Mrs, dress maker, Matheson
Martin J A, stage proprietor. West
McCorkle J P, Rev, clergyman (Christian)
McGilvray L, Mrs, dress maker
McLeod Hugh, Rev, clergyman (Presb)
McManus & Smith, grocers. West
Meyer M, general merchandise, corner West and Powell
Meyer Samuel, general merchandise and lumber dealer. West
Miller George, distiller
Miser & Hall, contractors and builders
Monmert A, restaurant, Powell
Moreland W W, attorney at law, Plaza
Muller Carl, brewery. West
Mulligan k Brother, agricultural implements, coal, iron, etc. West
Norton L A, notary public
Norton & Whipple, attorneys at law, east side Plaza
Osborne William, physician. Plaza
Parshall R F, Rev, clergyman (Baptist)
Piper J J, physician, drugs and stationery, Powell
Poe Bros, livery stable, West
Robinson W I, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agent, Powell
Rockhold J F, varieties. West
Rose J W, attorney at law. Plaza
Rosenburg W, dry goods, clothing, etc. West
Rosenthal J, stoves, tin and hardware, Powell
Rupe Samuel H, physician, Matheson
Russian River Flag, John G and S S Howell, publishers and proprietors, Matheson
Ryan Patrick, boot maker. West
Sargent Henry, boot maker. West
Shafer k Robinson, glove manufacturers. East
Smith William, liquor saloon, West
Sterling P W, marble works, Powell
Stone Hannah k Agnes, Misses, select school. Centre
Stussy David, barber. West
Tucker J S, basket maker, Matheson
Turner George J, bakery. West
Turner & Son, bakery, corner Powell and Center
Union Hotel, John F Grater, proprietor
Vaughn & Rose, attorneys at law and real estate agents, Powell
Ward & Company, lumber and planing mill, near depot
Wentzell Justice, barber. West
Whitcomb W, physician, West
White Charles L k Son, gen mdse, Powell
Wieberts G J, groceries, corner Piper and Sheridan
Williams W J, boot maker. West
Williams & Marshall, blacksmiths and wagon makers, North
Winter Daniel, bootmaker, Matheson
Wright Albert, postmaster, Matheson
Wright B C, prop Sotoyome House, West
Wright & Brown, druggists. Matheson
Zano Willis, liquor and billiard saloon, West

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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