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 Hollister, San Benito County California

Hollister, San Benito County, PO and county seat, 94 miles southeast of San Francisco. Until recently Hollister and San Benito county formed the eastern side of Monterey County, but the Gabilan Mountains formed such a natural barrier between the east and the west side that the formation of a new county became a necessity, and since May, 1874, San Benito County has had a separate organization, with Hollister as the county seat.

In 1868 an association of fifty members purchased the Hollister Rancho, consisting of upwards of twenty thousand acres, twelve thousand of which comprised the head of the great Valley of Santa Clara, and here was the town of Hollister built. The location is pleasant, the surrounding country fertile, and well adapted for cultivation and grazing, and the scenery is attractive. The town commands a large trade, having the country for a hundred miles south contributory to it, comprising the quicksilver mines of New Idria, Panoche, and Pleacho, in the Monte Diablo Range, and the Valley of San Benito, which separates that range from the Gabilan Mountains.

A branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad has been extended to Hollister, and a few miles south to Tres Pinos, adding to its advantages. Its progress since its commencement has been very rapid and its future promises to be equal to its past.

Two newspapers, the Enterprise and Advance, are published weekly.

The town officers consist of five trustees, a marshal, treasurer, clerk and assessor.

Baggs & Tully, attorneys at law, Fourth
Baldwin & Rhinehart, general merchandise, San Benito
Bank of Hollister, J J Bowen, cashier, San Benito
Barber Joseph, liquor saloon, San Benito
Barker E A, druggist, San Benito
Barnett R J, attorney at law, San Benito
Benard J A, liquor saloon and restaurant. Fifth
Bernal Jesus, liquor saloon. Fourth
Bingham W, painter
Bingham & Porter, painters
Black E W, agent A and P Telegraph Company, Fifth
Black J M, furniture, bedding and undertaker, San Benito
Blanchard A F, wines, liquors and soda works, Fourth
Bousefield & White, proprietors Eagle Hotel, San Benito
Bowen J J, cashier Bank of Hollister, San Benito
Boyd A P, lumber dealer, San Bonito
Bravo Francisco, liquor saloon. Fourth
Breen J F, attorney at law, San Benito
Briggs north C, attorney at law. Fourth
Brotherton, R H, attorney at law, San Benito
Browne J M, proprietor San Benito flour mills, E
Burnett k Eaton, manufacturers agricultural implements and wagon makers, corner San Benito and Third
Byrne Thomas S, druggist, San Benito
Byrns M J, baker, San Benito
Carter S, grain dealer
Clark John, physician, San Benito
Clark J W, merchant tailor, San Benito
Closa V Rev, clergyman (R C)
Coleman B, boots and shoes, San Benito
Copeland & Northcut, liquor saloon, Fifth
Correge Peter, baker. Fourth
Craw J P, fruits, San Benito
Crepin H, physician, Fifth
Crows A Mrs, dress making and millinery. Fifth
Davis Thomas M, carriage and wagon maker. Fifth
Degener, William, painter and glazier, San Benito
Dolan J F Mrs, dress maker, San Benito
Dolan M, blacksmith. Fourth
Dorn J, carpenter and builder, San Benito
Dryden D A Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Eaton E A, dentist, San Benito
Edwards John Rev, clergyman, (Presb)
Edwards & Lathrop, auctioneers, real estate and insurance agents. Fifth
Ehrlich John, varieties, San Benito
Emerson & Eastman, billiard saloon, San', Benito
Hotel, Oliver & Higgins, proprietors
Fairchild J A, insurance agent, San Benito
Falkenburg Henry, harness and saddlery, San Benito
Parish & Chappell, general merchandise, San Benito
Finley Ellen Mrs, dress maker, San Benito
Fitch A D, fruits, produce, etc, San Benito
Flynn M E Mrs, millinery and fancy goods. San Benito
Fredson A H, liquor and billiard saloon, corner San Benito and Fifth .
Goldfish J, general merchandise, corner San Benito and Fourth
Gonzales Ramon, liquor saloon. Third
Hamilton J G, harness and saddler, San Benito
Harris J J, attorney at law, San Benito
Harris H S, hotel. Fourth
Harris M, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes. Fifth
Hays J C, wagon maker. Fifth
Hodges James I, proprietor Fashion Livery
Stable, corner Montgomery and Fourth
Hollister Enterprise, John McGonigle, proprietor. Fifth
Hollister Seminary, J J & Ann E, principals, corner Monterey and Seventh
Houghton & Chappell, auctioneers and real estate agents, Fifth
Howard L H, physician, San Benito
Hubler J N, blacksmith. Fourth
Hunt J J, attorney at law, San Benito
Lambert Frank, barber. Fourth
Latour & McCoy, livery and sale stable, corner East and
Lee W G, physician and attorney at law, Fifth
Lovett William E, attorney at law. Fourth
Lurasche F, shoe maker, Fourth
Malcolm J & M, general merchandise, San Benito
Mans A, restaurant, San Benito
May J J, attorney at law, San Benito
McBroom William, guns and sporting materials, San Benito
McGinley T B, photographer. Fifth
McGonigle John, proprietor Hollister Enterprise, Fifth
McMahon Thomas, general merchandise, San Benito
Mendia G, general merchandise, San Benito
Methever Edward, shoe maker. Fourth
Millikan C, liquor saloon, San Benito
Montgomery G B, furniture and bedding
Morrison J C, liquor saloon, San Benito
Murphy, Schakelford & McPheeters, attorneys at law, San Benito
Nash F O, physician. San Benito
Neal H, physician, San Benito
Nutting J J, barber, San Benito
Nye Jacob, watchmaker and jeweler, San Benito
O'Donnell T, liquor saloon, San Benito
Oliver & Higgins, proprietors Exchange Hotel, San Benito
Orbon J G, cigars and tobacco, San Benito
Owens J A & Company, general merchandise
Padilla Dolores, liquor saloon. Fourth
Palmtag William, barber and agent Pajaro Brewery, corner Fifth and San Benito
Peck D, butcher, San Benito
Raggio Louis, butcher, San Benito
Ralston E, shoe maker, San Benito
Rankin Robert, physician. Fourth
Recard A, groceries, provisions, crockery, hardware, etc, corner San Benito and Sixth
Rector Brothers, proprietors Western House, Fifth.
Renfro L C Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Riegert George, organs, pianos, etc
Robinson & Crosby, blacksmiths, Fourth
Rogers & Horner, dentists, San Benito
Rosenberg Brothers, general merchandise, San Benito
Rubio C Rev, clergyman (R C)
San Benito Advance, Shaw & Sons, proprietors
San Benito County Bank, Luis Arques, cashier, San Benito
Scherrer Louis, harness and saddlery, San Benito
Seymour B, watch maker and jeweler. Fifth
Shaw James B, merchant tailor, San Benito
Shaw & Sons, proprietors San Benito Advance
Sherman I J, blacksmith and wagon maker, Fourth
Sherwood D, restaurant, San Benito
Small John A, fruit, candies and news agent, San Benito
Smith A L, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, San Benito
Smith Charles, stoves, tinware and plumbing, San Benito
Smith R T, blacksmith, San Benito
Snibley U, stoves and tinware, San Benito
Sowle Joseph, proprietor Hollister Hotel and livery stable. Fourth
Spegle A J, liquor saloon. Fourth
Swain & Morey, planing mill and lumber dealers
Synder & McConnell, hardware, agricultural implements, etc, San Benito
Therns J, grain dealer
Thomas ____, machinist
Town J W, restaurant, San Benito
Varcoe Henry, brewery, San Benito
Wahler Joseph, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and San Benito
Walberg L E, blacksmith. Fourth
Ware ____, Rev, clergyman (Christian)
Wells S T, machinist, Sala
Wentworth & Orsborn, general merchandise, San Benito
Wortz Anton, boots and shoos, San Benito
Woolery H J, liquor saloon, Fourth
Yost Thomas, postmaster, books and stationery, Fifth

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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