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 Igo, Shasta County to Italian Bar, Tuolumne County California

Igo, Shasta County, PO 9 miles south west of Shasta
Campbell Sylvester, carpenter
Dunham Brothers, hotel
Engle Alonzo, postmaster
McFarland Washington, blacksmith
Simpson Joseph, attorney at law
Simpson & Leiter, general merchandise
Weidenbach Frederick, liquor saloon
Willard G K, general merchandise

Independence, Inyo County, PO and county seat, occupies a wild but pleasant position at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada and on the western verge of the valley of Owens River. Westward, the mountain range rises precipitously to its greatest elevation, and in the vicinity are some of the loftiest peaks on the continent. This high range sends no large river eastward, but numerous small streams flow into the plain or join Owens River, and sink in the lake of the same name. On one of these, Little Pine Creek, is Independence, the county seat and location of the U. S. Land Office for Independence Land District. The construction of railroads in the past few years, has rendered this eastern section more accessible than formerly, and now a narrow-gauge line from Los Angeles is proposed, and in such a manner that its construction is confidently relied upon. This will be the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad, either by way of the Cajon Pass, or by San Fernando and Soledad, a route of from 200 to 250 miles in length. At present the town is reached by stages from San Fernando, or from the San Joaquin Valley Railroad from Bakersfield, via Walkers Pass, Owens Lake and Lone Pine. A good wagon road leads north through Mono County into Nevada, and to the railroad at Carson, or the Central Pacific at Wadsworth. The town possesses both mineral and agricultural resources, and, notwithstanding its isolation, enjoys a high degree of prosperity. One newspaper, the Inyo Independent, is published weekly.
Bennett & Gregg, attorneys at law
Broder J, butcher
Brown B L, livery stable
Chalfant & Childs, proprietors Inyo Independent
Dengan C, shoe maker
Fernbach J, brewer
Harris Joseph, liquor saloon
Harris & Rhine, general merchandise, bankers, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Huff William H, barber
Levy H, restaurant and liquor saloon
Margalot V, restaurant and liquor saloon
May T, liquor saloon
Parker A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Reddy P, attorney at law
Rothschild J S & Company, general merchandise
Rowley John B, postmaster and general merchandise
Snelling R B, attorney at law
Stoeckley A F, dentist and jeweler
Thompson V G, hotel
Wapplehurst A, liquor saloon
Wood L, general merchandise

Independence Flat, Calaveras County, PO address, Railroad Flat, 20 miles north east of San Andreas
Hayo Henry, general merchandise
Herzer John, blacksmith

Indian Greek, Trinity County, PO address, Douglas City, 9 miles south of Weaverville
Karsky & Company, general merchandise
Morris James, hotel
Seigfried John B, blacksmith

Indian Diggings, El Dorado County, PO address, Mendon, 26 miles south east of Placerville
Aitken & Luce, marble mill and quarry
Carr J G & Company, general merchandise
Harrison Samuel, liquor saloon

Indian Gulch, Mariposa County, PO 25 miles south west of Mariposa
Chichizola Antonio, postmaster and general merchandise
Merino Carlos, blacksmith
Salari N, general merchandise
Sonza Gustavo, billiard saloon

Indian Hill, Sierra County, PO address, Camptonville, Yuba County, 12 miles south west of Downieville
Gassner John, general merchandise

Indian Springs, Nevada County, PO address, Rough and Ready, 12 miles south west of Nevada City
Cheeny ____, Rev, clergyman
Hatch H L, wine grower
Hatch M P, hotel
Robinson Jefferson, blacksmith

Indiana Ranch, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House, 23 miles north east of Marysville
Camper L S, blacksmith
Morey G, general merchandise

Inskip, Butte County, PO 42 miles north of Oroville
Stokes John, postmaster and hotel

Inyo County. Organized 1866. Bounded north by Mono, northeast by the State of Nevada, southeast by San Bernardino, and west by Tulare and Fresno. Area, 5,832 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $1,471,215.

County seat. Independence. Principal towns: Cerro Gordo, Lone Pine, Panamint and Swansea. Resources mineral, with a limited agricultural capacity in Owens River Valley, and a wealth of forest in the Sierra Nevada. Inyo belongs to the interior basin, occupying a high plateau, upon the west having the loftiest mountain peaks of the United States, and on the east falling off to the desert of Death Valley, claimed, probably erroneously, to be lower than the, level of the sea. Mount Whitney, one of the summit peaks of the Sierras, until recently supposed to be the highest of the range, reaches 14,600 feet above the sea; but Inyo Dome rises to 15,000 feet, and with the exception of Mount St. Elias, of Alaska, is the highest land of North America. Inyo, Telescope or Panamint, and Amargora, are parallel ranges east of Owens River and lake.

The valley of these waters lying at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada is very fertile, and well adapted to cultivation and grazing; but with this exception, the country is generally barren. Minerals, however, abound in great abundance, the principal being argentiferous galena, gold, copper, sulphur and tin. The distance from navigable water, and the difficulty of reaching it, has retarded its development, but notwithstanding these obstacles, a large quantity of rich lead is produced and exported, and the county is rapidly advancing in prosperity.

Inyo is usually reached from San Francisco by taking steamer to San Pedro, and thence by railroad to Los Angeles and San Fernando, whence the power of horses and mules is required for two hundred and more miles; or from the San Joaquin Valley Railroad at Bakersfield, to which stages run daily. The Los Angeles and Independence Railroad is proposed, and its construction through the county is soon expected. Various routes of travel also enter the county from Nevada. There is no water course to the sea but Owens River, a stream of 150 miles in length, which is navigated by a steamboat plying regularly in freighting bullion and merchandise.

The principal mining districts are the Cerro Gordo, Panamint, Kearsarge and Mineral King. The mines of Cerro Gordo have been worked for eight years, and produce about $2,000,000 worth of silver and lead annually. Panamint, in the southeastern part of the county, is a recent discovery of apparent great richness, and large capital is engaged in the development of the district. Mineral King District is in the high Sierra, possibly in Tulare County, and its wealth is undeveloped.

Officers: John A. Hannah, County Judge; M. W. Hammarstrand, Clerk, Recorder and Auditor; R. B. Snelling, District Attorney; James J. Moore, Sheriff and Tax Collector; Henry M. Isaacs, Treasurer; James F. Dillon, Assessor; H. M. White, Surveyor; Albert Wayland, Coroner and Public Administrator; J. W. Symmes, Superintendent of Public Schools.

Ione City, Amador County, PO address, Ione Valley, 12 miles north of Jackson, is pleasantly located in a prosperous mining and farming region, and has recently been brought more prominently into notice by the development of large beds of coal and the construction of a railroad thirty-five miles in length, from Stockton to the mine.
Bagley James, shoe maker
Bass & Sheakley, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Bisbee Robert, liquor saloon
Brusie Luther, physician, telegraph agent, drugs, books, stationery, etc
Carter H A, attorney at law
Coombs W S, carpenter
Cooper C S, flour manufacturer
Gumming James, physician and flour manufacturer
Dosh Charles, general merchandise
Draper & Jamison, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Earle A M Mrs, dress maker and milliner
Eaton A T Mrs, hotel
Edwards John, wine manufacturer
Farnsworth & Marchant, butchers
Ferrier J P, liquor saloon
Fox William H, tinsmith
Geiler Anton, bakery and restaurant
Hall F C, insurance agent
Hall F C & Company, proprietor Florence Flour Mills
Isaacs Bernhard & Bro, general merchandise
Kennedy Philip, liquor saloon
Kirk John, broom and match factory
Ludgate R, notary public
Ludgate, Surface & Company, livery stable
McBride H Rev, clergyman (Presb)
McCauley J, proprietor Arcade Hotel
Miller John, liquor saloon
Newman George, general merchandise
Raab & Huttner, brewery
Rawlings M V B, liquor saloon
Ross W T Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Schiedeman John, shoe maker
Schoenemann Charles W, physician
Seguin Frank, barber
Sherwood William C, painter
Smith F P, proprietor Verandah Hotel
Stewart Daniel & Son, general merchandise
Stewart P T, confectionery and cigars
Vegan J, proprietor Mountain Spring Hotel
Williams Bros, harness and saddlery
Woolsey George, general merchandise, agent
Wells, Fargo & Co and insurance

Ione Valley, Amador County, PO. (See Ione City.)
McMurray James W, postmaster

Iowa City, Placer County, PO. (See Iowa Hill)
Chinn James W, postmaster

Iowa Hill, Placer County, PO address, Iowa City, 28 miles northeast of Auburn, on the southern branch of the North Fork of the American River, was formerly distinguished for the productiveness of its mines. Large fortunes were made from the gravel deposits here found, when it was fashionable to be enterprising in such operations, but few developments have been made of late years. A stage, carrying the mail and express, connects Iowa Hill by daily trips with the Central Pacific Railroad at Colfax, 12 miles distant.
Bowers J, carpenter and builder
Brown James F, general merchandise
Carter James B, liquor saloon and agent W U Telegraph Company
Chinn J W, banker, agent Wells Fargo & Company, insurance agent, books, stationery, etc
Cook James, carpenter and builder
Eiszler & Sprague, butchers
Fitzer Stephen, carpenter and builder
Hawkins George, dry goods, clothing, etc,
Heskett A H, stage proprietor and livery stable
Hyman S, dry goods and clothing
Iserman Harriet Madame, Hotel
Kilgour William, blacksmith
Klein Conrad, liquor and billiard saloon
Little Charles H, carpenter and builder
Macy C F, druggist, notary public and hydraulic pipe manufacturer
McCleary Carr H, blacksmith
Meyers Henry, shoe maker
Parker John Mrs, hotel
Parker Samuel E, general merchandise
Peterson H, physician
Prout George, barber
Salomon Louis, general merchandise
Schmitt John, brewery and liquor saloon
Sharatt William, bakery
Smiley John, general merchandise
Stone P, justice of peace and shoe maker
Van Vactor, attorney at law and superintendent, Iowa Hill Canal Company

Iselatta, Sacramento County, PO
Pool Josiah, postmaster

Italian Bar, Tuolumne County, PO address, Columbia, 12 miles north east of Sonora
Deluke Joaquin, general merchandise

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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