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 Jackson Amador County California

Jackson, Amador County, PO and county seat, 55 miles east south east of Sacramento, is on Jackson Creek, a short distance north of the Mokelumne River, and on the stage road from Sacramento to Mokelumne Hill and the "Big Trees" of Calaveras. A railroad in course of construction from Stockton to Ione, 12 miles distant, will increase conveniences of transportation and travel.

The former resource of the place were its rich placer mines, but now independence is upon the quartz mines and the fruit growing and wine manufacturing in the vicinity, from these interests it promises an increasing prosperity of a high order. The soil is very favorable for fruit growing, and a large ditch, constructed for mining purposes, supplies water for irrigation. Oranges grow in the open air, and the grapes are of excellent quality, from which large quantities of wine and brandy are made. The place is well built, hotels of the first class, and the private residences indicate both taste and comfort.

Two weekly newspapers, the Dispatch and Ledger, are published here.

Amador Dispatch, William M Penry, proprietor
Amador Ledger, Briggs & Eagon, proprietors
Arata & Company, drugs, books and stationery
Baker David, baker
Benjamin & Leduc, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Boarman Charles, physician
Briggs H M, attorney at law
Briggs & Eagon, proprietors Amador Ledger
Briggs & Spagnoli, attorneys at law
Bright S W, butcher
Brown A C, attorney at law
Brown James A, physician
Butterfield J A, lumber dealer
Caminetti A, searcher of records
Campi Santa, groceries
Chichasola A, general merchandise, (Jackson Gate)
Cook Albert, barber, cigars and tobacco
David Peter, bakery
Eagon John A, attorney at law
Evans & Askey, proprietors National Hotel
Farley & Porter, attorneys at law
Folger Bros, liquor saloon
Freeman, E G, harness and saddlery
Froelich G & F, winegrowers and distillers
Geletic Nicholas, liquor saloon
Ginocchio E & Bro, general merchandise
Globe Hotel, Trueb & Belliard, proprietors
Goldner H, varieties
Gordon M W, attorney at law
Griesbach Jacob, stoves, tin and hardware
Gucciene G, barber
Harris S, cigars, tobacco and fruit
Harter & Kelly, planing mill and builders
Hinkley T, brewery
Hoffman Frank, livery stable
Jackson Water Works, B F Richtmyer, proprietor
Kay Wallace, photographer
Koch Albert, barber, books, stationery and fancy goods
Lark C E, agent W U Telegraph Co
Leard J, liquor saloon (Jackson Gate)
Levinsky Mark, general merchandise
Levy Brothers, clothing, boots and shoes
Love Thomas, liquor saloon
Mails M A Mrs, dry, fancy and millinery goods, etc.
Massa Anton, general merchandise (Jackson Gate)
McKenney A, general merchandise
McKim William L, U S Deputy Surveyor
Meek Charles M, postmaster, books, stationery, cigars, etc
Morrison J, shoe maker
Muldoon Edward, liquor saloon
National Hotel, Evans & Askey, proprietors
Palmer R W, proprietor Jackson Livery Stable, and veterinary surgeon
Parker J B, shoe maker
Peiser Isaac, dry goods
Pen Ky William M, proprietor Amador Dispatch
Phelps T J, attorney at law and district attorney
Reichling Peter, watch maker, broker and assayer
Richtmyer B F, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, notary public, insurance agent and proprietor Jackson Water Works
Rocca Frank, groceries and liquors
Ryan Matthew, liquor saloon
Samuels Joseph, dry goods and clothing
Sanders & Caminetti, collectors and conveyances
Sanguinetti B, general merchandise
Sharp William, physician
Shipman J C, justice of the peace and court commissioner
Sicotte F, blacksmith and wagon maker
Spagnoli D B, attorney at law and notary public
Sleekler C, groceries and dry goods
Tillier Louis, liquor saloon
Trowbridge James S, wine manufacturer
Trueb & Belliard, proprietors Globe Hotel
Weller C, tin and hardware, crockery, paints, oils, and wall paper
White John C, liquor saloon
Whitmore F M, lumber manufacturer
Willett Asa, liquor saloon
Williams Joseph, carpenter
Wittman A, shoe maker

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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