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 Kern County California

Kern County. Organized in 1866. Bounded north by Tulare, east by San Bernardino, south by Los Angeles, and southwest and west by San Luis Obispo. Area, 8,000 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $3,603,316.

County sent Bakersfield. Principal towns, Canfield, Glenville, Havilah, Kernville, Sumner, Tehachipi, and Williamsburg, resources, agricultural and mineral, either but slightly developed. The county comprises within its limits the southern terminus of the great valley of California, the junction of the Coast Range with the Sierra Nevada, and a portion of the desert region east of the latter range of mountains.

In some localities the soil is of unparalleled fertility, so great that eight well grown crops of hay have been taken from the same ground in a single year, according to the report of the Agricultural Society of the county; but a great portion is dry and unproductive.

Kern Island, comprised in the delta of the river of the same name, is an extensive tract of country of excellent soil and capable of supporting a population of many thousands. The river which gives the county its name. Itself being named in honor of Lieut. Kern, who accompanied Fremont in his explorations, is one of the largest flowing from the Sierra, and after passing several pleasant mountain valleys, and watering much good land on the great plain, forms a system of lakes, as Buena Vista, Kern, Tulare, and others, which form the distinguishing features of this region.

The San Joaquin branch of the Pacific Railroad was extended to Bakersfield, 298 miles from San Francisco, in 1874, and it is expected to be constructed before another year to Tehachipa Pass, upwards of twenty miles further. This is of great advantage to the county, and will invite population and bring forth its wealth.

 Additional facilities, in a narrow gauge railroad to Santa Barbara, 90 miles distant, is proposed, and a company has been formed in the latter city for its construction.

Officers: Philip T. Colby, County Judge; Frederick W. Craig, Clerk, Recorder and Auditor; Augustus C. Lawrence, District Attorney; William R. Bower, Sheriff and Tax Collector; David A. Sinclair, Treasurer; Benjamin F. Walker, Assessor; Walter James, Surveyor; Lewis S. Rogers, Coroner and Public Administrator; L. A. Beardsley, Superintendent of Public Schools.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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