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 Knight's Perry Stanislaus County California

Knight's Perry, Stanislaus County, PO 30 miles north east of Modesto, is situated on the northwest bank of the Stanislaus River, and on the stage road leading from Milton, 17 miles distant, the terminus of the Stockton and Visa'ia Railroad, via Chinese Camp to Sonora; also, to Yosemite via Coulterville, or Big Oak Flat.

This place was once important as a mining camp, the river bars and the neighboring gulches being rich in gold, but its present dependence is upon its agricultural resources. The adaptability of the foothill lands to the purposes of horticulture is most notably proven by the vineyards, orchards and orange groves of Knights' Ferry.

Here and in the vicinity are vineyards and gardens of unsurpassed productiveness and beauty. As these are worthy examples of what may be done in the almost countless mining camps of California, so often the picture of decay and poverty, a few may be mentioned. The vineyard of Messrs. A. & H. R. Schell, which comprises about seventy acres, is planted with 75,000 vines, growing the Black Hamburg, Golden Chasselas, Mission, Muscat of Alexandria, Fontenac, Bishop, Malaga and other varieties of grapes from which they made in 1874 about 40,000 gallons of wine. A capacious and well adapted wine cellar, 60 by 80 feet in size, is partly excavated in the solid rock. The orchard of Thomas Roberts grows the apple, pear, peach, plum, prune, pomegranate, fig, nectarine, apricot, orange, lemon, lime, almond, walnut, quince, date, persimmon, etc. The Messrs. Pentland Bros., grow the Tokay, Muscat, Black Morocco, Purple Damascus and other grapes for the San Francisco market. These orchards and vineyards are cultivated with pride and profit, rendering pleasant and attractive the homes they make comfortable and wealthy.

Irrigation is effected by means of the ditch of the San Joaquin Water Co., constructed for mining purposes, but as that interest decayed, has been turned to better and more lasting uses. In the vicinity are large wheat farms and pasture ranges, where many thousands of sheep and goats are kept. The town contains a flouring mill of four run of stones, two hotels, four stores, three saloons, livery stable, schools, churches, etc. A covered bridge of 360 feet span crosses the Stanislaus River at this point.

Allen & Clarke, general merchandise
Barnes F S Mrs, hotel
Bartlett A T, postmaster, and harness and saddlery
BOOTH L M, notary public
Bowers & Voyle, livery stable
Dakin Isaac, blacksmith and wheelwright
Dolling V, brewery and liquor saloon
Franklin J, carpenter
Gerkin C, wine manufacturer
Gillis D, carpenter
Gugle G, boots and shoes
Haslacher & Company, general merchandise
Lowe J H, physician
McAllister s, butcher
Miner G F, blacksmith
Rosa Joseph, general merchandise and liquors
Schell A, attorney at law
Schell A & Company, wine growers
Stevens L A, proprietor Knight's Ferry Hotel
Stone E S. carpenter
Stuart W E, wine grower
Thomas S, liquor saloon
Tulloch D W, flour manufacturer
Valpey A M, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Vogt C, shoe maker
Wilhite W G, physician
Williams J, liquor saloon and billiards

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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