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Libraries of  California

Libraries of the State, belonging to the public, or to Associations, is a gratifying exhibit of the literary taste of the citizens. The list does not include the many small libraries attached to Public and Sunday Schools, nor the large private libraries of individuals, by including which the figures would be greatly enlarged, the number aggregating over two hundred thousand volumes, exhibiting a constant increase, and challenging comparison with any of the older States of the Union. These Libraries are found in all sections of California, from the great cities to the secluded mining towns of the Sierra Nevada, indicating a reading and consequently intelligent population, far in advance of now countries in general. The many different Associations maintaining libraries is very noticeable, among which the Odd Fellows show most prominently, the library of that Society in San Francisco being one of the largest and best selected in the State.

Name, Location, Date of Organization, of each

Alameda, Alvarado, Odd Fellows, ____.
Alameda, Berkeley, State University, 1870.
Alameda, Oakland, Oakland, 1868.
Alameda, Oakland, Odd Fellows, 1867.
Butte, Oroville, Ladies' Library, 1860.
Colusa, Colusa, Odd Fellows, 1870.
El Dorado, Placerville, Confidence Engine Co, ____.
El Dorado, Placerville, Neptune, 1858.
Humboldt, Eureka, Eureka Association, 1860.
Inyo, Independence, Independence Union, 1874.
Klamath, Sawyer's Bar, Odd Fellows, 1890.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Library Association, 1873.
Marin, San Quentin, State Prison, 1859.
Marin, San Rafael, Mechanics' Institute, 1871.
Mendocino, Ukiah City, Odd Fellows, 1871.
Monterey, Monterey, Library Association, 1849.
Napa, Napa City, Napa City Library, 1871.
Napa, Napa City, Odd Fellows, 1866.
Nevada, Grass Valley, Literary Association, 1869.
Nevada, Nevada City, Law Library, 1866.
Nevada, Nevada City, Odd Fellows, 1857.
Placer, Auburn, Odd Fellows, 1866.
Plumas, Spanish Ranch, Library Association, 1857.
Plumas, Meadow Valley, Library Association, 1858.
Sacramento, Sacramento, Library Association, 1857.
Sacramento, Sacramento, Odd Fellows, 1872.
Sacramento, Sacramento, State Agricultural Society,
Sacramento, Sacramento, State Library, ____.
Sacramento, Sacramento, Pioneer Association, 1854.
San Diego, San Diego, Free Reading Room, 1871.
San Francisco, San Francisco, L'nai B'rith, 1868.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Bohemian Club, 1872.
San Francisco, San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences, 1853.
San Francisco, San Francisco, California Pioneers, 1850.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Chamber of Commerce ____.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Clerks' Relief Society, 1864.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Druids, ____.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Irish Literary and Social Club, 1870.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Law Library, 1865.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Mechanic's Institute, 1855.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Mercantile Library Association, 1853.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Military Library, 1873.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Odd Fellows, 1854.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Sodality of the V. B. M., 1861.
San Francisco, San Francisco, St. Andrews Society, 1863.
San Francisco, San Francisco, St. Ignatius, 1866.
San Francisco, San Francisco, St. Joseph's Society, 1874.
San Francisco, San Francisco, St. Mary's Association, 1867.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Supt. Public Schools, 1860.
San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco Verein, 1853.
San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco Turn Verein, 1852.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Territorial Pioneers, 1874.
San Francisco, San Francisco, Young Men's Christian Asso'n., 1853
San Joaquin, Stockton, California Pioneers, 1858.
San Joaquin, Stockton, Insane Asylum, 1855.
San Joaquin, Stockton, Odd Follows, 1855.
San Joaquin, Stockton, Society Natural History, 1856.
San Joaquin, Stockton, Young Men's Christian Asso'n., 1868.
San Mateo, Redwood City, Franklin Association, 1866.
San Mateo, Redwood City, Odd Fellows, 1869.
San Mateo, Redwood City, Young Men's, 1869.
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Odd Fellows, 1874.
Santa Clara, San Jose, Academy Notre Dame, 1854.
Santa Clara, San Jose, Library Association, 1872.
Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Santa Clara College, 1851.
Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Pacific University, ____.
Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Farmer's Club, 1872.
Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Library, 1872.
Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Library Association, ____.
Shasta, Shasta, Library Association, 1858.
Sierra, Downieville, Odd Fellows, 1868.
Solano, Benicia, Benicia College, 1856.
Solano, Benicia, St. Catherine's Academy, 1854.
Solano, Benicia, Young Ladies Seminary. 1854.
Solano, Vallejo, Vallejo Library, 1858.
Sonoma, Petaluma, Odd Fellows, 1866.
Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Ulatus, ____.
Sutter, Yuba City, Enterprise Lodge, 1850.
Tehama, Red Bluff, Odd Fellows, 1866.
Tuolumne, Sonora, Snell Historical Library Ass'n., 1855.
Yolo, Woodland, Hesperian Society, 1862.
Yolo, Woodland, Ladies' Public Library, 1874.
Yuba, Marysville, City Library, 1858.
Yuba, Marysville, Odd Fellows, 1860.

Principal Public Libraries of the World

Europe: National Library, Paris, 2,000,000 volumes, 150,000 manuscripts;
British Museum, London 1,100,000 volumes, 811,000 manuscripts;
Imperial, St. Petersburg, 1,100,000 volumes, 35,000 manuscripts;
Royal, Munich, 900,000 volumes, 22,000 manuscripts;
Royal, Berlin, 700,000 volumes, 15,000 manuscripts;
Imperial, Vienna, l00,000 volumes, 20,000 manuscripts;
Royal, Copenhagen, 550,000 volumes, 25,000 manuscripts;
Royal, Dresden, 500,000 volumes, 3,000 manuscripts;
Royal, Stuttgart, 150,000 volumes, 3,500 manuscripts;
Bodleian, Oxford, 310,000 volumes, 30,000 manuscripts;
City, Strasburg, 300,000 volumes, 15,000 manuscripts;
Public Library, Naples, 200,000 volumes, 3,000 manuscripts;
Vatican, Rome, 105,000 volumes, 25,500 manuscripts.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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