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 Livermore Alameda County California

Livermore, Alameda County, PO 41 miles south east of Oakland, on the Central Pacific Railroad, is a pleasant and prosperous village In the midst of a fine wheat-growing section.

This is attractive as a place of residence, containing all the concomitants of an advanced civilization, among which is a prosperous Seminary for young ladies.

A narrow-gauge railroad is contemplated from this place to Martinez, about 30 miles distant.

One paper, the Livermore Enterprise, is published weekly.

Allen Alexander, general merchandise
Alvers A J, barber
Angellopulo P H, baker and confectioner
Anspacher Brothers, general merchandise, and agents A and P Telegraph Company
Anthony F A, stoves and tinware
Anthony C W Rev, clergyman, (Presb)
Anbury Elliott, attorney at law
Barthold A & Bro, butchers
Bastian J, shoe maker
Beazell & Crowell, manufacturers farming implements
Beebe George, harness and saddlery
Bidlack J B W, physician and druggist
Boynton M Mrs, milliner and dress maker
Bragdon E P, liquor saloon
Brown O W, painter and upholsterer
Bunker & Waultenbaugh, liquor saloon
Burke Martin, liquor saloon
Butler T M, liquor saloon
Campbell R C, collector
Campbell R S Mrs, dress maker
Carman G C, groceries and provisions
Catanich Peter, hotel and livery stable
Caughell R N & Company, machinists
Church A M, notary public, conveyance, and justice of the peace
Cozad & Rudel, liquor saloon
Cross J, watch maker and jeweler
Edmondson T J, grain warehouse
Englander Gus, barber
Enright F P, collector
Esdon Alexander, grain warehouse and lumber dealer
Fassett F R, agent Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Francis H A, hotel
Franzen P, liquor saloon
Freeman George E, furniture
Gibbons Patrick, liquor saloon
Gillis James, liquor saloon
Gunnell John, butcher
Harlan, M H, carpenter
Harrison & Smith, livery stable
Harty T, shoe maker
Hatch & Holmes, blacksmiths and wheelwrights
Hayes Thomas, water and gas pipes
Heringhi S, druggist
Holden T J, dentist
Horton & Kennedy, wind mills
Hupers Moritz, hotel
Jenkins William P, liquor saloon
Jessen Henry, house and sign painter
Jordon W, brewery
Kellogg G L, hotel
La Baree J, physician
Ladd Sarah Mrs, hotel and livery stable
Larahue H F, builder
Lewis C M, harness and saddlery
Levy P, merchant tailor
Levy S, general merchandise
Lindley Curtis H, attorney at law
Livermore Collegiate Institute, J D Smith, principal
Livermore Enterprise. George B Shearer, proprietor
Love M P H, attorney at law
Low W, fruit and confectionery
Ludwig W, butcher
Macdonald Misses, dress makers
Mally F, shoe maker
Matthews & Hilton, livery stable
McCullough John, real estate agent
McKeany Peter, butcher
McLeod A J, postmaster
McLeod & Stanley, general merchandise
Meyer B & Company, general merchandise
Meyers J F, hotel
Mitchell J L, insurance agent, collector, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and C P R R
Monteverde M G, varieties
Nash Lizzie Mrs, dress maker
O'Brien James, harness and saddlery
Pearce Charles, liquor saloon
Pink Louis, liquor saloon
Poole, J F, watch maker
Pratt CH, physician
Scanlin D, tailor
Schlessinger F, varieties
Schwerin Charles, brewery
Sebastian John, boot maker
Shearer George B, proprietor Livermore Enterprise
Sinkwitz William, liquor saloon
Smith H M, physician
Smith J D, principal Livermore Collegiate Institute
Stevens C J, flour manufacturer
Stowell John G, livery stable
Underwood G S, carpenter
Waterman & Company, grain warehouse
Weilbye J L, contractor and builder
Wetereau Simeon, bakery and saloon
Weymouth D, carriage painter
Whitmore Charles, general merchandise
Wilkinson Joseph, grain warehouse
Williams F, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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