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 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County California

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, PO, incorporated city and county seat, 550 miles south-southeast of Sacramento. One of the ancient towns of Southern California, and the fourth in population in the State. It is reached from San Francisco by sea, landing at the roadstead of San Pedro, thence by lighter five miles, to Wilmington, from which point a railroad leads to the city, 22 miles, or at Santa Monica, 15 miles west.

The land route is largely traveled, which takes the Southern Pacific Railroad train to San Fernando 25 miles, thence by stage to Sumner 88 miles; thence by railroad to San Francisco, 322 miles, the journey being made in 42 hours. A railroad extends eastward to Spadra, 28 miles, on the road to San Bernardino; also another railroad called the Anaheim Branch, south-easterly about 26 miles in length. The Los Angeles and Independence (narrow-gauge) Railroad is building from Santa Monica via Los Angeles and the Cajon Pass to the mining regions of Panamint and Cerro Gordo. These various routes concentrating in this city, make it one of the most, important places in the State, and indicate a bright and prosperous future. From its surroundings and accessibility it has become the center of trade for southern California and beyond, as its arms of communication reach far out into Arizona eastwardly, and northwardly to the rich mines of Inyo.

Its harbor is at San Pedro, which, though naturally defective, has been improved by the U. S. Government, and the business will demand that it be made perfect. At Santa Monica, 15 miles west, a wharf 3000 feet in length has been constructed, giving improved and convenient harbor facilities. From the city to the sea is a plain of great fertility, blessed with a climate unsurpassed for its pleasantness and salubrity. The locality was first settled upon in 1780, and it soon took the first rank among the towns of the southern portion of Alta California, which position it maintains to the present day, with the prospect of being the second city of the Pacific Coast.

Until recently the old, low, flat and dingy adobe buildings of the Mexican style formed a distinctive feature of the town, but gradually the stately brick and iron structures of modern architecture are crowding them out of existence. With the other progress educational and religious institutions have kept pace, and these rank among the best of the State. Gas and water works are established, and street railroads and other features of a busy city are maintained.

The hotels are distinguished for their capacity and high tone, and the public buildings would be an honor to any city. The ancient pueblo of Los Angeles comprised a large extent of territory, which is now included in the city, and where not built upon, is planted in fruit trees, vineyards and gardens, all growing most luxuriantly. The fruits are of semi-tropical varieties, and constitute an important resource, not only of the city and county, but of the State. The orange and are exported east in large quantities.

A million or more grapevines are growing within the city limits, and much wine and brandy is made. An Alden fruit-drying machine and house has been established, which will aid greatly in preserving for market the abundant fruit of the vicinity. The assessed valuation of the property in the city for 1874, was $4,700,000, and the population was estimated at 12,000.

Three newspapers, the Star, Express and Herald are published daily with weekly editions; and the Mirror, La Cronica in Spanish, Sud Californische Post in German, and Semi-Tropical Farmer, are published weekly.

Officers: P. Beaudry, Mayor; T. P. Campbell, J. Mullaly, W. W. Robinson, M. Teed, C. E. Huber, E. H. Workman, L. Lichtenberger, J. G. Carmona, R. Sotello, Jose Mascarel, L. Wolfskill, T. Leahy, Councilmen; JM. Kremer, Clerk; J. J. Mellus, Treasurer; J. J. Carrillo, Marshal; A. W. Hutton, Attorney; J. M. Baldwin, Surveyor; J. H. McKee, M. D., Health Officer.

Abbott William, furniture and undertaker, 16 Main
Adams David E, attorney at law and conveyancer, Temple Block
Adams F, merchant tailor, 13 Spring
Allen & Vickery, butchers, 124 Main
Allen J, cabinet maker. Temple
Allen & Herrick, liquor saloon and feed stable, 161 Main
Almada J, liquor saloon, Pico House
Aockerblum Fr, soda and mineral water, First near Main
Askin & Hewitt, livery stable, 14 Main
Aucouturier Louis, liquor saloon. Main near Pico House
Ayers & Lynch, managers and editors Evening Express, Temple Block
Backman Mr & Mrs, proprietors Backman House, 36-40 Main
Eager S, dry goods, hats and fancy goods, 18 Los Angeles
Baker M C, sewing machines, 39 Spring
Baldwin J M, real estate agent and money broker, 79½ Downey Block
Baldy Oscar C, veterinary surgeon, corner Fourth and Fort
Bancroft & Thayer, real estate agents, 21 Spring
Barrowes, Furrey & Company, hardware, stoves and agricultural implements. 19 Los Angeles
Bassett J M, editor and manager Los Angeles Herald
Bath J L. wagon maker. Spring near Second
Beane Charles E, notary public and conveyancer. 79½ Downey Block
Beaudry P. real estate. New High opposite Pico House
Behasque X, liquor saloon, Alameda
Bell & Green, harness and saddlery. 115 Main
Benner John, butcher, 27 Spring
Bent H K W, postmaster, Temple Block
Bicknell F T, physician. 11 Spring
Bland J H, attorney At law and real estate agent 21 Temple Block
Borrowe W, contractor and agent fire extinguishers and safes, 36 Main
Botenritch John, liquor saloon, 106 Main
Breson Joseph, liquor saloon, 105 Main
Erode C, groceries and provisions, 79 Spring
Brooke Samuel W, physician, Main
Brooks W H J, attorney at law and searcher records, corner Spring and Temple
Brown J A, proprietor Clarendon Hotel, Main
Brunson & Hudson, attorneys at law. Temple Block
Brush J C, contractor and builder, Hope near Sixth
Burkhardt & Ebinger, bakery. Main near Third
Burton Caroline C Mrs, hair dressing, 9 Spring
Bush C H, watches and jewelry, 79 Main
Bush C W, physician. Main
Cabanis L G, notary public Temple Block
Cabot C, land agent, Temple Block
Calisher W, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, corner Los Angeles and Aliso
Campbell A M Rev, clergyman. (Meth)
Campbell Delos, livery stable, 47 Aliso
Campbell Henry, agent Howe's Sewing Machine, 23 Main
Campbell J Rev, clergyman. (Meth). Fort Campbell T P. general merchandise, corner Main and Marchesault
Capo William, proprietor Cape House, New High
Cappe John, liquor saloon, Downey Block real estate agent.
Carlin J, insurance agent, Downey Block
Cassagne Charles, livery stable, Los Angeles
Caswell & Ellis, general merchandise, 80, 82 Main
Centinela Land Company, 8 Temple Block
Chauvin, A C, groceries and liquors, 70 Main
Chapman & Hutton, attorneys at law. Temple Block
Chevalier V, drugs and medicines. Main
Childs M W & Company, stoves, tin and hardware, 21 Los Angeles
Clarke George J, notary public and commissioner of deeds, Downey Block
Cohen Isaac, dry goods and clothing, 4 Los Angeles
Cohen & Davis, gents' furnishing goods, cigars and tobacco, Main
Cohn Flora Mrs, millinery, dress making, and fancy goods, corner Spring and Temple
Cohn Joseph, dry goods and clothing, 3 Arcadia Block
Cohn Louis, gents' furnishing goods, 6 Los Angeles
Compton & Binford, real estate agents, corner Court and Spring
Connor J D, restaurant. Commercial
Cortz, J, physician. Commercial
Coulter & Harper, stoves, pumps, tin and hardware
Crawford & Townsley, dentists, Downey Block
Crump & Young, bakery, 1 Main
Cunningham Z M Mrs, hair worker, 9 Commercial
Cunningham R G, dentist, 74 Main
Cuyas A, confectionery, fruits, cigars and tobacco, Main
Daley S Mrs, millinery and dress making, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Davis Charles W, architect, Downey Block
Davis R & Company, auctioneers and commission merchants, 2 Arcadia Block
Deaver George, liquor saloon, corner Commercial and Alameda
Den Richard S, physician, 34 Main
Des Autels Norbert, livery stable
Desmond D, hats and caps, 101 Main
Dewey, Kimball & Company, auctioneers, real estate and commission, corner Requena and Los Angeles
Dingman D J, cigars, jewelry and cutlery, 52 Main
Doak E. agent Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, 1 Spring
Dockweiler Henry, liquor saloon, ______ Block
Donahue J, livery stable. Main
Donelle A, groceries and provisions, corner Spring and First
Dooner & Sotelo, drugs and medicines. Main
Dorian J D, select school. Spring near Third
Dotter & Bradley, furniture, bedding, carpets, wall paper, etc, 82-86 Main
Downey John G, president of Farmers and Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles, 44 Main
Dunsmoor Brothers, (dollar store), glassware, furnishing and fancy goods, etc. Spring near P O
Dupuy Edward, livery stable, 143 Main
Durfee & Richard, livery stable, Aliso
Edgar William F. surgeon. Clarendon Hotel
Edwards & Hoff, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 19 Spring
Euphrat Frederick, physician. Main
Evans J, architect, Downey Block
Evening Express, Express Newspaper
Printing Company, proprietors. Temple Block
Farmers And Merchants Bank of Los Angeles, John G Downey, president,
Farrell William, plumber and gas fitter, 19 Court
Ferguson I B, commission merchant and coal dealer, corner Spring and Court
Ferguson A Metzker, livery stable, 35 Main
First National Gold Bank
Fischer E, liquor saloon, corner Second and Main
Fisher & Thatcher, watches and jewelry, 67 Main
Fitzpatrick D W, merchant tailor, 2 Court
Fleishman H, cigars, stationery and musical instruments, 52 Main
Flote & Cason, restaurant. Main
Fluhr Chris, proprietor Lafayette Hotel, 41 Main
Fouck V. carriage trimmings, 36 Aliso
Foy S C, harness and saddlery, 17 Los Angeles
Franklin D W C, dentist, 11 Spring
Froehlinger & Franck, butchers, Main near First
Galvin J J Mrs, dress maker, 9 Commercial
Ganahl & McDaniels, attorneys at law, Downey Block
Garcia Domingo, harness and saddlery, Commercial
Garey Thomas A, nursery, San Penro
Gas Works, W Woodworth, superintendent, corner of High and Turner
Gassagne Charles, livery stable, 80 Los Angeles
Germain Eugene, provisions, cigars, tobacco, fruits, 126 and 128 Maine
Gerrish L W, manufacturer brooms and brushes, 60 Aliso
Gibbs George C, attorney at law. Temple Block
Glancey T, proprietor Semi-Tropical Farmer
Glassell, Chapman & Smith, attorneys at law, Temple Block
Glidden E C, agent Now Wilson Sewing machine, corner Los Angeles and Commercial
Godfrey & Ellis, attorneys at law, 1 Downey Block
Goldsmith Isaac, cigars and tobacco, and gents' furnishing goods, 38 and 107 Main
Goldstein Sarah Miss, fruits and candies. Main
Goldsworthy John, civil engineer and surveyor, 6 Downey Block
Gould & Blanchard, attorneys at law, 18 Temple Block
Graham, W J, architect, 46 Temple Block
Grange Co-operative Go, John H Seymour, manager, groceries, wagons, agricultural implements, etc, 181 Main
Gratienne E, liquor saloon, 11 Aliso
Grebe & Gross, liquor saloon. Temple Block
Greenbaum E, pawnbroker, Los Angeles
Griffin Edward, boots and shoes, 118 Main
Griffin J E, attorney at law, 22 Temple Block
Griffin J F, physician, Downey Block
Griffin & Berran, employment and collecting office, Temple Block
Griffith, Lynch & Company, lumber dealers, corner Alameda and First
Guerrero J D, general merchandise. Plaza
Guiol V, liquor saloon, 9 Aliso
Guntelfinger & Company, tannery, Alameda, near depot
Hagan Charles, liquor saloon, 65 Main
Haggin C, proprietor Harp and Eagle Hotel, New Commercial
Hait M L Mrs, agent Willcox and Gibbs' Sewing Machines, 60 Spring
Haley G, attorney at law, Downey Block
Hammel & Donker, proprietors United States Hotel, Main
Hauch Isaac, merchant tailor, 6 Commercial
Hardy M Mrs, dress making. Spring
Harper & Long, stoves, tin, hardware and pumps, corner Main and Spring
Harris & Jacoby, books, stationery and gents' furnishing goods, 63 Main
Hartman Isaac, attorney at law, Downey Block
Hasse & Asseveda, hair dressing saloon and baths, 42 Main
Havell A H, piano agent and teacher music, 160 Main
Hawley A T, real estate agent and conveyancer
Hayes R T, physician, Helman Building
Hazeltine W, dentist, corner Spring and Temple
Heinzeman C F & Company, drugs and medicines, 72 Main
Hellman, Haas & Company, groceries, liquors, hardware and farming implement, 14 and 16 Los Angeles
Hellman S, books, stationery, notions, musical instruments, and sewing machines, 8 Spring and 95 Main
Henderson F C, proprietor Oriental House, Main
Herberger Carl, upholstery and furniture, 13 Aliso
Herberger & Tohannsen, upholsterers and cabinet makers, U S Hotel building, Requena
Herrick H P, agent Santa Gertrudes Land Association, 3 Downey Block
Hill W H Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Hind J A, livery stable, corner Spring and Second
Hoffman D B, physician, Downey Block
Holmes A C, notary public and conveyancer, 26 Temple Block
Hopkins & Somes, sign painters, 31 Main
Howard F P, druggist, 59 Main
Howard Volney E, district attorney, Temple Block
Howard & Hazard, attorneys at law, 8 Downey Block
Howard V E & F H, attorneys at law, Temple Block
Hoyt C D, veterinary surgeon, Main
Hubbell, S C, attorney at law. Temple Block
Huber Joseph, Jr, notary public, 110 Main
Jackson J G, lumber, doors, window blinds and lime, corner Alameda and First
Jackson John, agent Wilmington and Los Angeles R R Co Depot
Jacoby Conrad, proprietor Sud-Californische Post, Spring
James A M, sewing machines, 60 Spring
Johannsen & Grosser, upholsterers and cabinet makers, corner Main and Commercial
Johnson Charles, attorney at law. 31 Spring
Johnson Charles R, fire and marine insurance agent. Temple Block
Johnson J S, blacksmith and wagon maker, corner Spring and Second
Johnson P Mrs, groceries and fruits, corner Arcadia and Main
Johnston A J & Company, real estate agents, corner Spring and Temple
Jones J, wholesale groceries, 8 Los Angeles
Jones & Noyes, auctioneers and commission merchants, corner Temple Block and Spring
Joughin Andrew, blacksmith and wagon maker, 34 Aliso
Judge H M, attorney at law, 55 Temple Block
Judson A H, attorney at law, 37½ Spring
Judson, Gillette & Smith, examiners of titles, 37½ Spring
Junge A, druggist, 99 Main
Kalisher W & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, corner Los Angeles and Aliso
Katzenstein Gus, liquor saloon, corner Commercial and Main
Keller M, wine merchant, Alameda
Kirkpatrick J C, physician, Blackman House
Klos & Lasgere, liquors and groceries, 15 Aliso
Knowlton Charles, proprietor Pico House, corner Main and Plaza
Kuhrts J, groceries, liquors and grain dealer, 151 Main
Kurtz Joseph, physician. Main
Kysor & Matthews, architects, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
La Cronica, E F Teodoli, proprietor. Spring
Lafayette Hotel, Chris Fluhr, proprietor. Main
Lauth, Philip & Company, brewery
Laventhal E, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Lawlor W B, Principal Lawlor Institute, 168 Main
Leahy Thomas, boots and shoes, 62 Main
Leal J H. physician, 57 Temple Block
Lehman L, furniture, bedding and crockery, 29 Spring
Lemmert Henry, brewery. New Aliso
Leon Ralph, cigars, tobacco and stationery, 98 Main
Levy S, liquor saloon, corner Aliso and Alameda
Levy Simon, hides, grain and wool, 24 and 34 Aliso
Levy & Coblentz, wholesale wines, liquors and cigars, 71 Main
Lewin Lewis, books, stationery and musical instruments, 17 Spring
Lichtenberger L, carriage and wagon manufacturer, 143-149 Main
Lieber James, brewery, corner Spring and Second
Llever John, gunsmith and cutlery, 9 Commercial
Lindley & Thompson, attorneys at law. Temple Block
Lips, Craigue & Company, wines, liquors and cigars, 2 Arcardia Block
Littleboy & Davis, drugs and medicines, 102 Main
Loh Angeles City And County Printing And Publishing Company, proprietors Los Angeles Herald and job printers. Spring
Los Angeles City Water Company, Charles E Miles, superintendent
Los Angeles County Savings Bank, J S Slauson, president. Main
Los Angeles Herald, Los Angeles City and County Printing and Publishing Company, proprietors. Spring
Los Angeles Mirror, Yarnoll, Caystile & Brown, proprietors, Downey Block
Los Angeles Soap Company, First near Alameda
Los Angeles Star, Benjamin C Truman, proprietor. Spring
Los Angeles Woolen Mills, J K Toberman, president. Pearl, near Fourth
Lowery H H, barber, 8 Commercial
Luckey W T Rev, clergyman (Meth), Spring
Lunney P. groceries, liquors, tobacco and crockery, 117 and 119 Main
Lyford L Dexter, physician. 17 Downey Block
Lynch S J, brass foundry and machine shop, corner Requena and Wilmington
Mace W H, attorney at law, Temple Block
Macy, Wilson & Company, livery stable, Main
Main D M, liquor saloon, 7 Spring
Malony & Fennessy, wagon makers, 22 Aliso
Mangin G & Company, manufacturers iron railings and balconies, 31-33 Spring
Manning Thomas F, plumbing, gas fitting and tin roofing. 32 Spring
Manning W S & Company, real estate agents, 43 Main
Marxsen Brothers, general merchandise, corner Main and Third
Mascarel Jose & Company, wholesale wines and liquors, corner Now Commercial and Wilmington
McConnoll, Bicknell & Rothchild, attorneys at law, 39 Temple Block
McDonald A S, boots and shoes, 104 Main
McKee J H, physician, 11 Spring
McLellan H, agent Goodall, Nelson & Perkins S S Company, and insurance agent, 61 Main
Mesmer Louis, wines and liquors, corner Los Angeles and Requena
McPherson William, attorney at law, Temple Block
Merrill, Samuel, pianos, and agent Home Sewing Machine Company, 137 Main
Meyer Mendel, dry goods and clothing, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Meyer Samuel, crockery, glassware and fancy goods, 7 Commercial
Meyer & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 53 Main
Miller Jacob, marble cutter, 126 Main
Moiso & Company, groceries and provisions, 112 Main
Moore Alfred, auctioneer, 1 Court
Moore Charles, furniture, 42 Spring
Moore W J, restaurant. Commercial
Moore & Kelleher, civil engineers and draughtsman. New High
Moran & Morgan, sign painters. Main, near First
Morgan G W, real estate agent, corner Temple Block and Spring
Morseh F, sign and ornamental painter, 18 Court
Moses J H & Company, auctioneers and real estate agents, 73 Downey Block 4
Munroo J & Company, restaurant, 7 Main
Murray A. carriage painter. 26 Aliso
Meyerstein & Winter, dry goods, boots, shoes, hats and caps. Main
Myers Winslow S, attorney at law, 21 Temple Block
Myers & Myers, liquor saloon, 17 Main
Neitzke & Wohlers, undertakers, 3 Spring
Newbauer H, furniture, upholstery and wall paper, 21 Spring
Newmark H & Company, wholesale groceries and hardware, 7-11 Los Angeles, and hide dealers, Alameda
Niedecken A H, groceries and liquors, Main
Nigro Pasqual, cigars, tobacco and fruit, 120 Main
Nordlinger S, watches and clocks, 3 Commercial
Norton Isaac & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 88 and 90 Main
Norton M, dry goods and clothing, 12 Los Angeles
Norton M G, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes Commercial
O'Donnell P N, iron and brass foundry, corner Aliso and Garcia
Oliver J Wing, physician, Spring
Orfilo Antonio, toys, fruits, cigars and tobacco, 20 Main
Orme H S, physician, 74 Main
Packard D T Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Page & Gravel, carriage and wagon makers, Los Angeles, near Commercial
Park M E Mrs, millinery and fancy goods. Main
Parker G W, watch maker and jeweler, 66 Main
Patrick J D, pianos and organs, 60 Spring
Patterson P Mrs, dressmaker, 62 Aliso
Payne H T, photographer, Downey Block
Pfeiffenberger & Shauer, merchant tailors and cloths, flannels, etc, Los Angeles, near Commercial
Perasich N & Company, liquors, cigars and tobacco, 22 Main
Perry M W. book binder, Downey Block
Perry, Woodworth & Company, lumber, doors, sashes, blinds and moldings, 70 Commercial
Peschke & Merz, groceries and provisions, Aliso
Philip P, commission merchant, real estate and insurance agent, 43 Main
Philippy Jacob, liquor saloon, 4-5 Market
Pickens N A Mrs, physician, 39 Spring
Pico House, Charles Knowlton, proprietor, corner Main and Plaza
Pico Pio, real estate. Plaza
Piepenburg A, liquor saloon, 3 Requena
Polaski & Goodwin, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 60 Main
Ponet N J Mrs, millinery and fancy goods, 9 Commercial
Ponet Victor, picture frames and undertaker, 66 Main
Portugal Adolph, dry goods and clothing, Temple Block
Pouyfoureat & Company, restaurant, 68 Main
Prager Charles, dry goods, clothing and fancy goods, 5 Commercial
Pridham George, agent coast line, San Diego and San Bernardino Stage Company, corner Main and Market
Pridham William, agent Wells, Fargo, & Company, corner Main and Market
Quinn P J, proprietor Grange House, New Los Angeles, near First
Ramirez J R, feed Stable, Aliso
Rapp William, liquor saloon, 127 Main
Raynal C, blacksmith and wagon maker, Alameda
Reid, R C, candy manufacturer, Los Angeles
Richardson N P, physician, Downey Block
Rivara & Vignolo, general merchandise and grain dealers, 108 Main
Roeder Louis, carriage and wagon manufacturer, Main
Roetteher P C, liquor saloon and restaurant, corner New Commercial and Wilmington
Rogers H Y & Company, architects and builders
Rosenthal & Russek, dry goods, boots and shoes, 8 Los Angeles
Ross & Gibson, candy manufacturers, corner Temple Block and Spring
Roth P N & Company, dry goods, clothing, liquors and cigars, 43 Main
Rowen T E, bakery, corner Main and First
Rowland William R, Sheriff Los Angeles County, Court House
Rumble & Gaertner, civil engineers and assayers, 15 Downey Block
Ruthard Charles, carving and scroll sawing, Olive, near Tenth
Rutschmann John, liquor saloon, 116 Main
San Diego and San Bernardino Stage Line, George
Pridham, agent, corner Main and Market
Sanger & Bell, architects and builders, 6 Downey Block
Schindler H, boots and shoes, 52 Main
Schubert A, harness and saddlery, 30 Aliso
Schumacher John, groceries, 63 Spring
Scripture & Ellis, attorneys at law, Downey Block
Seebold L, civil engineer and surveyor. Court House
Seiseich Lucca, groceries and liquors, corner Los Angeles and San Pedro
Semi-Tropical Farmer, T Glancey, proprietor
Shepherd C J, agent Western Union Telegraph Company, 52 Main
Shorb AS, physician, 17 Spring
Shroeder J C & Sons, sign and fresco painters
Signoret & Leprince, billiard and liquor saloon, corner Main and Arcadia
Simms Charles, physician, corner Alameda and Commercial
Simon L & Company, liquors and cigars, 17 Main
Slaney R, boots and shoes, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Slaney William, boots and shoes and leather findings, 100 Main
Slaught S H, real estate agent and business broker. Main
Slauson J S, president Los Angeles County Savings Bank, 43 Main
Slotterbeck H, guns, pistols, and sporting materials, 1 Commercial
Smith Aaron, carpets, oilcloths, and paper hangings, 75 Main
Smith H M, real estate agent, Downey Block
Smith W J A, sign and carriage painter, 31 Main
Smith & Stephens, attorneys at law, 27 Temple Block
Stanford & Ramirez, attorneys at law. Temple Block
Stansfield George, proprietor Railroad House, Alameda, near Commercial
Stanway & Ross, physicians, 82 and 84 Main
Stedman & Wolf, liquor saloon, 61 Main
Stephenson H A Mrs, ladies' hair dresser, 59 Spring
Stevenson H J, civil engineer and surveyor, Downey Block
Stoddard W M, agricultural implements, hardware, and wagons, 78 Main
Stoll H W, soda water manufacturer, Sansevain
Strelitz J, merchant tailor, 73 Main
Stump J W, attorney at law, 4 Downey Block
Sud-Californische Post, Conrad Jacoby, proprietor, Spring
Summers & Nelson, ice cream and confectionery, 16 Spring
Swigart & Huber, stoves, tinware, hardware, plumbing and gas fitting, 110 Main
Tabolaros Lorenzo, groceries and provisions, Los
Temple & workman, bankers, Temple Block
Teodoli E F, proprietor La Cronica, Spring
Terrant & Pterre, asphultam roofers. High, near Mascarel
Thom & Ross, attorneys at law. Temple Block
Thompson & Waterman, nursery, San Pedro, near Washington
Tiffany, George A & Co. proprietors Evening Express, Temple Block
Truman Ben C, proprietor Los Angeles Star, Spring
Vassallo F, cigars, tobacco, fruit, 6-1 Main
Volkmann F, liquor saloon, 123 Main
Wagoner C, fruits and provisions, 7 Aliso
Ward J L, insurance agent, 8 Commercial
Ward, J L & Company, auction and commission merchants and dealers in grain, wool and produce, 8 Commercial
Warner J J, notary public and register in bankruptcy, 29 Temple Block
Weber & Company, liquor saloon and livery stable, 136 and 138 Main
Weston E J, architect, civil engineer and draughtsman, 29 Temple block
Whisler & Wilkins, groceries, hay and grain. Commercial
Whitaker J G, groceries and provisions. Commercial
Whiting & King, attorneys at law, Downey Block
White A F Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Whittelshoefer & Raphael, paints, oils and glass, Requena
Widney, J P, physician, Downey Block
Widney R M, attorney at law and president Spring and Sixth Street Railway Company, Temple Block
Wiley & Berry, real estate agents, 32 Main
Williams J L, liquor saloon
Williams William H, land agent and conveyance, 11 Downey Block
Wilson A A, attorney at law, Temple Block
Wilson C N, attorney at law. Temple Block
Wilson John, blacksmith and wagon maker, 173 Main
Wise K D, physician, 74 Main
Wohlors G H, cabinet maker, 3 Spring
Wolf R J & Company, liquor saloon, 61 Downey Block
Wolfenstein V, photographer. Temple Block
Wollwober Theodore, drugs and medicines
Workman Brothers, harness and saddlery, 76 Main
Yarnell, Caystile & Brown, proprietors Los Angeles Mirror, and book and job printers, Downey Block
Zahn J C Rev, clergyman (German Church) Spring

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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