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 Napa City, Napa County California

Napa City, Napa County, PO, County seat and incorporated town is at the head of tide water on Napa River, which to this point is navigable for vessels and steamers of light draught, and a line of boats run semi-weekly to San Francisco.

The Napa Valley branch of the California Pacific Railroad, from Vallejo to Calistoga, runs through the town, it being fifteen miles from the former, and twenty-seven from the latter place. By this means communication is maintained through the valley, and with the metropolis, twice daily. The town is in the center of the beautiful and fertile Napa Valley, with pleasant surroundings of hills and plains, of oak-covered knolls and cultivated fields, of handsome cottage homes and fruit-laden orchards, swept by a gentle summer breeze from the bay and the ocean, giving health and purity to the atmosphere; it knows no winter, but claims perpetual loveliness.

 These sanative and pleasant conditions caused its selection as the site of the Branch Insane Asylum, the building for which is in course of construction, to cost about one million dollars. This is located about two miles from the town, on a slight elevation, and will be a conspicuous and interesting object to the travelers of the valley.

The schools of Napa claim high rank, and are worthy the present site and romantic surroundings. Besides the public schools there are four first-class seminaries and colleges for the education of the youth of both sexes. The churches and public buildings are worthy ornaments of a thriving town.

The present population numbers about 5,000, and is steadily increasing. Here the business of the county centers, and as its resources of agriculture, mines and commerce develop will it increase.

Two newspapers are published, the Reporter, a wide-spread weekly, and the Register, both daily and weekly.

Allcom J M, contractor and builder, Oak
Allen & Parks, hard and tinware, agricultural implements, paints, oils, etc
Amstutz H L, watch maker and jeweler. Main
Ash William H & Company, dry and furnishing goods. Main
Badeley H J, liquor saloon, Main
Ball H, liquor saloon, Brown
Bank of Napa, W C Watson, cashier, corner Main and Second
Barnard H F Mrs, millinery. Main,
Barss James E, groceries and provisions, Main
Baumeister & Wolf, liquor saloon. Main
Begelspacher Max, bakery. First
Belasco Miguel, saddlery, First
Blank G A, candies. Main
Bloomer Jacob, liquor saloon, corner Second and Brown
Bloomfield J T Mrs, ladies' hairdressing, Main
Boggs W M, notary public, real estate and insurance agent. Main
Borres F & Company, groceries and crockery, corner Main and First
Bowers Stephen Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Boynton E N, chemist and druggist, Main
Bradt G, liquor saloon, Brown
Brinker Henry, cigar manufacturer. Main
Brinkman H, proprietor New York House, Main
Brown W R Mrs, millinery and fancy goods, First
Bruck Louis, notary public and commissioner of deeds
Bruck & Dewoody, real estate agents
Bruni & Antonio, William Tell saloon and boarding. First
Burnell R, attorney at law, Main
Burns James, liquor saloon. Main
Carter Joshua, boots, shoes, trunks and gloves. Main
Cayberg P, liquor saloon. Main
Clark A G & Company, hardware, agricultural implements, paints, oils, etc, Main
Clifford George B, livery stable. Main
Colman F W, physician. Main
Colman & Company, druggists. Main
Cooper & Kester, flour manufacturers
Crawford F M, agent California Pacific Railroad Co and W U Telegraph Company, Main
Crouch & McClure, attorneys at law, Main
Daley & Eison, architects. Main
Davis J W, restaurant
Day D, fruit and candies. Main
Devoe D, dentist, Revere House
Dewoody T J, surveyor and civil engineer. Main
Dicker Aurelia Miss, dress maker. First
Dolan M B, boots and shoes
Donnelly James, groceries, provisions and liquors, Main
Donnelly T C, groceries, Main
Dorr M, cigar manufacturer. Fourth
Dozier L F, physician. Earl's Block
Edington James, livery stable, corner Main and Third
Eglin Eugene, restaurant. Main
Ford, L A Mrs, milliner
Francis G M, proprietor Napa Register, Main
Frost S F Mrs, millinery and dress making. Second
Giesecke Frederick, hair dressing saloon and baths
Gift George W, proprietor Napa County Reporter
Giles J & Company, furniture, bedding, crockery, etc, and undertakers, corner First and Brown
Glissmann C, physician. Main
Goodman James H & Company, bankers. Main
Gottschalk A, wine and brandy manufacturer. Main
Green H W, agent W U Telegraph Company, Second
Greenfield T G, wagon maker, corner First and Coombs
Gridley and Tool, paints, oils, wall paper, etc, Second
Haas Brothers, books, stationery, jewelry, fancy goods and toy?, Main
Haller M, furniture, Second
Hartson Chancellor, president Bank of Napa, corner Main and Second
Hartson & Burnell, attorneys at law. Main
Hatton J S & Co. barbers. Main
Head C, shoe maker. Main
Heaton V A, millinery and dross making. Main
Henning, M L Mrs, dress making, Brown
Henry Joseph, butcher. Main
Hewston W, hay and grain, Fifth
Hogan John S, proprietor Napa Hotel, corner Main and First
Hogan, P M, restaurant, Main
Howland J H, postmaster and searcher records, Main
Hull A G, attorney at law, corner Main and Third
Hunter William, blacksmith. First
Isaacs C, clothing. Main
Jackson J A & Company, lumber dealers and planing mill, near R R depot
Jaensch W, groceries and dry goods, Main
Johnston F E, notary public, corner Main and Third
Jonasson & Friedlander, dry goods, First
Jones M C, millinery and varieties, Brown
Kather Charles & Company, butchers. Main
Kelly L, proprietor Palace Hotel, corner Third and Soscol Avenue
Knapp H H, lumber dealer, Main
Lamdin J F, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Second
Lane C S, dentist, corner Main & Second
Leach W H, physician. Main
Levinson F, candies and toys
Linforth, Kellogg & Company, hardware and agricultural implements, foot Main
Lipman & Company, dry goods. Main
Longfellow B L, proprietor Revere House, Second
Lundy John, carriage painter, corner Brown and Second
Lyman George G, surveyor. Main
Lynch P, liquor saloon. Main
Mabry & Ford, dry goods. Main
Mackay & Preece, merchant tailors, Main
Mallett J H, butcher, Main
Manuel DA, manufacturer agricultural implements, corner Third and Brown
Manuel G W, manufacturer agricultural implements. Main
McCarty D, hotel, Main
McClelland J A & Company, groceries, crockery, etc, Main
McClure D, attorney at law, notary public and insurance agent. Main
McCort J F, tailor. Main
McDonald S F Miss, principal Napa Ladies' Seminary
McEnernay M Mrs, hotel. Main
McHugh Brothers, books and toys. Main
Mellor & Sylvester, furniture and bedding, Main
Migliavaca G, wine grower. Main
Moody, Ulrich & Schmidt, blacksmiths. Main
Morin Joseph, bakery, Main
Mount T N, insurance agent, Main
Mugford WB, real estate agent, Main
Muller Augustus, boots and shoes, First
Murphy J B, bakery. Main
Mygatt H, harness and saddlery. Main
Napa County Reporter, George W Gift, proprietor. Main
Napa Hotel, John S Hogan, proprietor
Napa Register, G M Francis, proprietor. Main
Napa Valley Savings and Loan Society, G E Goodman, president. Main
Newhouse D, general merchandise, Main
Newkorn S, cigars and tobacco. Main
Nicholls & Pearson, liquor saloon, corner Main and Second
Nichols J E, barber. Main
Nichols J M, liquor saloon and restaurant, corner Main and First
Nussberger & Hoernlee, hotel, corner First and Main
O'Connell M, boot and shoe maker. Main
O'Connell & Kane, livery stable, Main
O'Day M, liquor saloon, Main
Parker & Woods, harness and saddlery. Main
Pearson I N, glove maker, fruit and candy. Main
Pfeiffer Philip, brewery, Main
Pierce W A, civil engineer and surveyor. Main
Pendegast & Johnston, attorneys at law, corner Main and Third
Pond J E, attorney at law, corner Main and Third
Pond M B, physician and druggist, Main
Porter S, physician, corner Main and Third
Raney T F, hotel, corner Main and Third
Raymond F, sign painter
Reack Carl, liquor saloon. Main
Roberson Venora Mrs, dress maker. Brown
Robinson B & Son, carpenters and builders, corner First and Coombs
Rogers Lowell L, Principal Napa Collegiate Institute, College Avenue
Ross David, carpenter and builder. Grant Avenue
Rosslewin & Vanderlip, dentists. Main
Salmonson J, general merchandise. First
Sawyer B F & Company, tanners, foot Grant Avenue
Schmied W U B, watch maker and jeweler, Main
Schwartz H, stoves, tinware and crockery. Main
Schwier Frederick, groceries, crockery, hardware, etc, corner Main and Third
Scott S A, groceries, Main
Scribner T S, livery stable, corner Main and Third
Selman ____, physician. Brown
Senorile B, grocer and wine dealer, First
Shafer J O, marble works. Main
Sheehy Robert, grain, Main
Sheets J N, boots and shoes. First
Sherwood M F, harness and saddlery. Main!
Shultis Edward, painter. First
Shurtleff Benjamin, physician. Main
Silliman George D Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Smith Frank, liquor saloon, Main
Smith & Son, watch makers and jewelers. Main
Spencer Dennis, attorney at law. Court House
Spirro F A, barber. Main
Spreckles Louis, liquor saloon. Brown
Steere R N, attorney at law. Main
Stein W E, carpenter. Brown
Sterling R H, insurance agent, corner Main and Third
Sterling & Thompson, real estate agents, corner Main and Third
Steward N E, auctioneer and commission merchant, Main
Stillwagon W W, physician. Main
Stoffels N, liquor saloon and lodgings, Main
Stoney Thomas P, attorney at law. Court House
Taliaferro & White, wagon makers and blacksmiths, Main
Tallman D S, books, stationery and tobacco. Main
Towle G W, attorney at law, Main
Van Baaren John, clothing and furnishing goods. Main
Van Bever & Thompson, general merchandise and wine growers. Main
Voight Christopher, hotel, corner First and Brown
Walter A W, tailor. Main
Watson W C, cashier Bank of Napa, corner Main and Second
Weaver H, carriage and sign painter. Main
Weilbacher Martin, bakery. Main
Winkler B F, watch maker and jeweler. Main
Woodward Benjamin, firearms and sporting materials, Main
Wright & Fowler, blacksmiths and wagon makers. Third
Wybaillie A H, shoe maker. Main
Zollner & Even, butchers. Main

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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