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 Nevada City, Nevada County California

Nevada City, Nevada County, PO, incorporated town, and County seat, 207 miles from San Francisco, and 69 from Sacramento via the Pacific Railroad and Colfax, is situated in a basin or depression in the mountains, on both sides of Deer Creek, and fifteen miles from the Pacific Railroad at Colfax, with which it is connected by stage twice daily.

The town is in latitude thirty-nine degrees fifteen minutes north, and longitude one hundred and twenty-one degrees west, and is surrounded by one of the richest gold mining regions in the State, both of quartz and placer. It has been several times destroyed by fire, and as often rebuilt. The public buildings, schools, churches, hotels, and private dwellings, are of an exalted character, indicating wealth and prosperity.

Nevada has for many years been the largest town in the mining regions, and still maintains its position. The chief resources of the city are the mines of the basin, an area of six miles square, from which it is estimated $75,000,000 have been taken, and now producing $2,000,000 annually. But now the soil of the basin and surrounding hills cultivated in fruit and vines, add materially to the general wealth.

During the past two or three years greater interest has been taken in quartz mining in the vicinity, and within two miles of the city upwards of 350 men are engaged in that interest. As the mines are explored and greater depth attained they have increased in size and richness, greatly encouraging the prosecution of that important industry. Here has been kept, for a series of years, a careful record of the rain-fall, which may be taken as the measure for localities of like altitude, 2,850 feet, and contrasted with that of the Sacramento Valley or the coast. By this measure, the greatest fall in one year was 109 inches in 1861-2, and the least seventeen and one-quarter inches in 1863-4, and the average rain-fall being fifty-five inches. Snow falls in the winter, but the cold is never sufficient to make sleighing practicable.

One newspaper, the Transcript, is published daily.

Anderson John, attorney at law, corner Broad and Pine
Baltz & Gunther, liquor saloon. Commercial
Bank of Nevada County, K W Tully, president, A H Parker, cashier. Broad
Barton Arthur, horseshoer. Main
Barton William, blacksmith. Coyote
Baruh Aaron, liquor saloon
Beckman Christian, liquor and billard saloon, corner Broad and Pine
Bell & Belden, drugs and medicines, books and stationery, corner Pine and Commercial
Bigelow E W & Company, general merchandise and insurance agents. Commercial
Black William, fruit, confectionery, cigars and tobacco, Commercial
Blasauf J, brewery
Blumenthal Abraham, dry and fancy goods, corner Pine and Broad
Bond John, liquor saloon. Broad
Brand C Jonas, jeweler. Broad
Brown J Earl, insurance agent. Main
Brown & Watson, proprietors Nevada Daily
Transcript, Commercial
Buchner Daniel M, barber, Main
Buelow F, physician. Broad
Burbridge John, barber. Commercial
Caldwell John I, attorney at law and notary public, Broad
Canfield Thomas, liquor saloon, corner Pine and Commercial
Cashin & Kent, cattle dealers
Casper Kaskill, clothing and furnishing goods, corner Pine and Commercial
Caswell Thomas H, attorney at Law, corner Broad and Pine
Chapman A, dentist, Commercial
Clancy Brothers, blacksmiths and wagon makers. Broad
Clutter Samuel, wagon maker, Coyote
Coe William K, boots and shoes, corner Main and Commercial
Colley James, butcher. Broad
Conlan Roger, beer saloon. Broad
Conn & Gentry, liquor and billiard saloon. National Exchange Hotel
Cool P Y Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Cooley J W, carriage and sign painter
Cornell Eliza J Miss, dress and cloak maker
Cunningham & Trotter, proprietors Eureka Stage and Express Co, National Exchange Hotel
Davenport S B, justice of peace and insurance agent. Broad
Davis George R, clergyman (Episc)
Dickerman Julius C, paper hanger, Church
Donnelly John C, varieties, Broad
Downing John W, merchant tailor, corner Main and Coyote
Dreyfus Louis W, brewery
Eddy S A, proprietor National Exchange Hotel, Broad
Eilerman Frank, hotel. Broad
Esmond T B, physician, Water
Ferrand Charles, photographer, Pine
Fininger R & Company, groceries, provisions and; liquors, Broad
Fogeli Caspar, brewery
Ford Nathaniel, barber, Broad
Fryer R M & Company, reduction works
Gault Alexander, bakery and grocery. Broad
Gaylord E H, district attorney. Court House
Gillett & Hassall, barbers. Pine
Goldsmith Abraham, dry goods, carpets and oil cloths. Broad
Goldsmith Edward, toys and fancy goods, Commercial
Graham J A, livery stable. Main
Graves G W, physician, corner Broad and Pine
Groves William C, cabinet maker and undertaker, Broad
Guile Francis, house and sign painter. Commercial
Hamilton John H, restaurant, Commercial
Hanson & Wadsworth, general merchandise, Broad
Harrison John H, butcher, Broad
Haskins Henry H, postmaster and insurance agent, Broad
Herzinger John, boot and shoe maker, Pino
Hinds Mollie Miss, teacher music. High
Holbrook J S, auctioneer, Broad
Holmes William, harness and saddlery, Broad
Hughson P E, dentist, corner Broad and Pino
Hunerfauth Peter, liquor saloon. Pine
Hunt R M, physician
Hupp k Crowley, attorneys at law, corner Broad and Pine
Hurst John, bakery. Commercial
Hyman Brothers, clothing and furnishing goods, corner Pine and Broad o
Isaard A, wholesale and retail liquors. Broad
Jack John, cigars, tobacco and confectionery. Pine
Jacobs Isidor, cigars and tobacco, Pine
Johnson, James D, attorney at law, corner Broad and Pine
Johnston; J E, furniture and bedding. Commercial
Johnston, Rowe &. Company, hardware, stoves, tinware, crockery, etc, Main
King Joseph, restaurant. Commercial
Klingensper & Walters, baths and hairdressing saloon. Broad
Knowlton Nathaniel W, watch maker and jeweler. Broad
Kornhammer Christian, boot and shoe maker. Broad
Lademan August, groceries, liquors and produce. Commercial
Lake Thomas, proprietor Nevada and Washington stage line
Lancaster & Company, livery and feed stable. Broad
Lester & Mulloy, groceries, provisions and liquors. Broad
Lloyd Isaac, wholesale and retail liquors. Commercial
Locklin & Barman, blacksmiths and wagon makers, corner Broad and Main
Long William D, attorney at law and notary public. Broad
Luetje Federick C, watch maker, Broad
Lutz Bernard, boot and shoe maker, Broad
Marsh Charles, superintendent South Yuba Canal Company, Main
Marsh M L & D, lumber manufacturers. Bowlder
McCauley Hugh, cigars and tobacco. Broad
Meagher ____, Rev, clergyman (R C)
Merry D B, county surveyor. Court House
Merry & Smith, surveyors and civil and mining engineers, Court House
Miller Bernard H, clothing and furnishing goods. Broad
Monro James, butcher. Commercial
Montell Oscar D, restaurant, Commercial;
Moody & Steger, hay and grain dealers. Main
Moore Charles H & Company, proprietors Union Hotel, Main
Muller E, teacher music, junction Broad and Commercial
Murchie Bros, quartz mill, Deer Creek
Naffziger J & C J, butchers. Commercial
National Exchange Hotel, S A Eddy, proprietor. Broad
Nevada and Grass Valley Flume and Lumber Company,
Harvey Cooper, superintendent. Main
Nevada and Mountain Lake Ice Company, T E Mills, secretary, foot Bowlder
Nevada City Gas Light Company, Benjamin T Allen, superintendent, corner Coyote and Main
Nevada Daily Transcript, Brown & Watson, proprietors. Commercial
New York Hotel, William Richards, proprietor
Nicholson Thomas L, groceries and provisions. Commercial
Nihel L, carpenter and builder, Nevada
Nivens Archibald, agent W U Telegraph Company, and cigars and tobacco, corner Broad and Pine
O'Donnell Annie Miss, hair work. Broad
O'Kane ____ Rev, clergyman (R C)
Omega Water & Mining Company, R W Tully, superintendent, office Bank of Nevada Company
Ott James J, assayer and electro-plater, Main
Parker A H, cashier Bank of Nevada Company, Broad
Potter & Sigourney, crockery, glassware, wall paper and picture frames. Commercial
Preston Edward M, chemist and druggist, corner Broad and Pine
Richards William, proprietor New York Hotel, Broad
Robinson Charles F, groceries. Broad
Rosenberg Brothers, fancy and dry goods, carpets and oil cloths. Broad
Rosenthal Albert, tailor, Pino
Rudolph J F Mrs, photographer. Broad
Seaman William, carriage and wagon manufacturer
Searls Niles, attorney at law. Church
Sonner John Sr. cabinet maker and carpenter. Main
Sharp James, wagon maker, corner Broad and Sacramento
Sims J Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Sloan Alexander, liquor saloon, Broad
Smith George W, sheriff, Court House
South Yuba Canal and Water Company, Charles Marsh, superintendent. Main
Sterling M A Mrs, dry and fancy goods. Commercial
Stewart Robert, upholsterer, Broad
Stoddard Stephen W. boot and shoe maker. Broad
Tam Anton, oyster saloon. Pine
Telegraph Stage Company, Nevada and Colfax, National Exchange Hotel
Thoss Frederika Mrs, dross maker. Broad
Tower Alonzo D, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Broad
Tully R W, president Bank of Nevada County, Broad
Turner George E, hardware, stoves, crockery and belting, Pine
Union Hotel, Charles H Moore & Company, proprietors
Von Buelow Frederick, physician and surgeon. Broad
Wagner Henry, physician, corner Broad and Pine
Walling J M, attorney at law, notary public and insurance agent, corner Broad and Pine
Weiss E, proprietor Nevada Brewery, Sacramento
Welch George W, books, sheet music, stationery and insurance agent, Broad
Welch Henry W, Masonic Block
Withington, G E, house, sign and carriage painter, Broad
Wolf William, groceries and liquors, Main

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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