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Oakland Alameda County California

Oakland, Alameda County, PO, incorporated city and County seat, the central portion of which is eight miles east from San Francisco. It is the railway terminus of the State, and is a beautiful and rapidly rising city, noted for its groves of evergreen oak trees, rich sandy soil, broad and well macadamized streets, long avenues, educational institutions, and many elegant private residences, as well as the profusion of its private garden, parks and lawns. Not only do the indigenous oaks produce a park-like effect, but exotic trees, shrubs and plants, the products of all climes, add to its ornamentation. Formerly Oakland was surrounded on three sides by water, having the Bay of San Francisco on its west, the estuary of San Antonio on its south, and Lake Peralta on its east side; but the annexation of Brooklyn, in 1872, so extended its limit, as to place the little lake near its center. Although so nearly encircled by water, it has not the benefit of a good harbor, as on the Bay side the water is too shallow near shore for the purposes of commerce, and at the mouth of the estuary of San Antonio, a sand bar forms which requires frequent dredging to accommodate the light-draft craft that ply to the wharves, carrying coal, wood, lumber, furniture and general merchandise. The shallowness of the Bay on its eastern side, opposite Oakland, has made it necessary for the Central Pacific Railroad Company to build two wharves or piers, some two and three-quarters of a mile long, into the Bay, on which to run their trains to make connection with their ferry steamers, of which three now ply regularly between the San Francisco and Oakland sides.

The Central Pacific Railroad Company also own the San Francisco and Oakland ferry and local railroad, which also branches to Alameda, eleven miles distant from San Francisco. This road, which has its Oakland terminus at Brooklyn, nine miles east from San Francisco, permits of half hourly trips between San Francisco and Broadway, in Oakland, and hourly trips to Brooklyn and Alameda; and the increase of travel makes it probable that additional facilities will be required at an early day; indeed, this necessity is so apparent that the company is making preparations to meet it by the building of new boats. In order to remove the disadvantages under which Oakland labors with regard to its harbor, the corporation appropriated some $15,000 in 1874 for dredging the bar at the mouth of the San Antonio estuary, which work has been accomplished, and the United States Congress at its last session appropriated one hundred thousand dollars towards the permanent improvement of the harbor, which sum, under the direction of the United States engineers, will be expended in building a stone pier on the northern side of the channel into the bay so as to prevent further filling up. It is believed that this sum will be supplemented by future appropriations, until a capacious harbor is constructed for Oakland. At present, vessels of considerable size find a sufficient depth of water to reach the wharves without hindrance. At the end of the railroad wharf, or pier, which projects nearly three miles into the bay, the largest vessels now load and unload, and here a great deal of the grain for foreign markets is received into sea-going vessels. The railroad company, in addition to erecting work-shops at Oakland Point, have recently added a shipyard to their possessions in that locality, and here the steamers necessary for their ferry and other purposes, are built and altered.

With its recent additions Oakland now comprises a territory extending 4½ miles from west to east and 3½ from north to south. No place has more beautiful suburbs. Alameda joins it on the south, Brooklyn and Fruit Vale on the east, and Berkeley on the north. Its streets are substantially macadamized, the stone material, admirably adapted for the purpose, being found in the adjacent hills. Its scenery and surroundings are altogether unsurpassed. On either side are mountains, plains, woods and water, each heightening its beauty and making attractive its scenery. Its drives are unrivaled in America, for extent, variety and charm. It has no inferior quarter, every part of it simply rivaling the other. It is not therefore to be wondered at that hither has been attracted hundreds of the business and professional men of San Francisco, as well as many persons from distant localities and States, even Europe and Asia, who seek a desirable place for permanent homes.

The increase of population in Oakland is very rapid, its population being now close upon 22,000. It is estimated that during 1874 no less than 1,089 houses were built, or enlarged, within its borders. Besides its natural beauty of surface and surroundings, the climate of Oakland being much milder than that of San Francisco, proves a great attraction. Oakland is now the county seat of Alameda County, and elegant county buildings have just been finished on one of the squares at the lower end of Broadway. Three street railroads are now in operation, and a fourth is in course of construction. One of these communicates with the State University at Berkeley, six miles distant, via Telegraph Avenue; a second also communicates with the northern suburbs, via San Pablo Avenue, and a third with the eastern suburbs, via Twelfth Street, at present having its terminus at Thirteenth Avenue in Brooklyn. The fourth is designed to communicate between Alameda and the northeastern suburbs, by way of Webster street bridge.

Three newspapers. The News, Transcript, and Tribune are published dally, and The Gazette, Semi-Tropical Press, Journal, a German organ, and Signs of the Times, weekly.

Officers: Mack Webber, Mayor: Wallace Everson, J. R. Mason, James Dods, J. W. Shanklin, John Miner, J. B. Ford, William Huntington, Councilmen; H. Hillebrand. Treasurer and Clerk; Perry Johnson, Marshall and Tax Collector; Joseph M. Dillon, Assessor; S. F. Gilcrest, Attorney; F. M, Campbell. Superintendent Public .Schools; A. H. Jayne, Police Judge; D. H. Rand, Chief of Police; Thomas J. Arnold, Engineer; George E. Sherman, M. D., Health Officer.

Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Webster, between Twenty-first and Twenty-second
Achard Charles, carriage trimmer, 367 Eleventh
Adams J S, physician, 1004 Broadway
Akerly Benjamin Rev, clergyman (Episc), Adeline between West Fourteenth and Sixteenth
Alameda County Gazette, Bishop and Powers, proprietors, 911 Broadway
Alameda Macadamizing Company, 954 Broadway
Alexander Henry, clothing and gents furnishing goods, James' Block, West Oakland
Alexander Isidor, boots and shoes, 845 Broadway
Allen M W, carriage maker, corner Tenth and Franklin
Allen T H, blacksmith. Pine near Railroad Avenue, West Oakland
Allen & Arhman, blacksmiths and horseshoers, 908 Franklin
Altschul Simon & Company, varieties and fancy goods, 1155 Broadway
Altvater Frederick, groceries and liquors, corner Lewis and West Fifth
Anderson J P, agent California Cracker Company, 409 Fourth
Arnold T J, civil engineer, City Hall
Artificial Stone Manufacturing Company, F Chappellet, president, south west corner Second and Franklin
Ash Henry, stoves and tinware, 817 Broadway
Auld & Barfred, stationery, periodicals, baths and intelligence office, 457 Ninth
Babcock Heman P, physician, 1005 Washington
Babcock & Gould, proprietors Oakland City Flouring Mills, Third near Broadway
Backes Peter, liquor saloon and gardens, corner Harrison and Second
Bacon James H, candies, 965 Broadway
Badger Thomas W, proprietor Grand Central Park, between East Tenth, Seventh and Eighth Avenues. East Oakland
Bailey R S & Company, restaurant, Oakland Wharf
Baker Peter, groceries and provisions, 823 Broadway
Baker & Williams, plasterers, 424 Third
Baldwin D M, physician, 1050 Broadway
Ballard James W, liquor saloon, south east corner Pine and Railroad Avenue
Bamford William, physician, 657 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Bangle & Chase, house painters, 803 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Bankhead & Sons, auctioneers, 811 Broadway
Bannister Alfred, surveyor, 1004 Broadway
Bannister Patrick, boarding stable, foot Broadway
Barbagelata Frank, crockery and hardware, 1070 Broadway
Barnes & Taylor, doors, sashes and blinds, corner Washington and Second
Barnett Edward, dry goods and fancy goods, 825 Broadway
Barrett Abraham, boots and shoos, 1057 Broadway
Bartels Charles, barber, 615 Sixth
Barter G W, proprietor Semi Tropical Press,
Railroad Avenue, near Wood, West Oakland
Bauder Christian & Company, proprietors Golden Star Hotel, 838 Broadway
Bauer Christian, liquor saloon, 866 Broadway
Beaudry Lewis M, livery stable, 852 Broadway
Beaudry & McAvoy, undertakers, 852 Broadway
Beauduoin Frank, umbrella repairer, 613 Broadway
Becht Joseph, liquor saloon, corner Broadway and Eleventh
Beitzel Jacob, liquor saloon. East Fourteenth, East Oakland
Beman M E Mrs, clairvoyant physician, 376 East Fifteenth, East Oakland
Bentley William R, proprietor Russell House, 1113 Broadway
Benton J E, postmaster, 563 Ninth
Benton Joseph A Rev, clergyman, (Cong) Plymouth Avenue, between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Berey David, harness and saddlery, 866 Broadway
Berger L P, watches, clocks and jewelry, 967 Broadway
Bethesda Mineral Water, John I Tay, agent, 965 Broadway
Bettman J J Mrs, millinery, 1000 Broadway
Betz Philip, liquor saloon, 850 Franklin
Bigelow Elijah, real estate agent. 900 Broadway
Bigelow T B, real estate agent, 900 Broadway
Bignami Louis, liquor saloon, north east corner Seventh and Jefferson
Bishop & Powers, proprietors Oakland Daily Transcript and Alameda County Gazette, 911 Broadway
Blair G M, stair builder, 516 First
Blake George M, attorney at law, 458 Eighth
Blethen & Terry, planing mills, corner Broadway and First
Bliven James I & Co. soda water manufacturers, corner Thirteenth and Franklin
Block E D & Company, dry and fancy goods, 951 Broadway
Bloom George, groceries, 451 Franklin
Bocqueraz P, wines and liquors, 8'22 Broadway
Bolton William, physician, notary public and real estate agent, Brown's Block, West Oakland
Bonham & Casey, plumbers and gasfitters, corner Eighth and Alice
Borkhardt G A, liquor saloon, 462 Sixth
Bourgin Peter, gun and locksmith, 660 Washington
Bowen Brothers, groceries, tea and wine, and manufacturers yeast powders. Twelfth near Broadway
Bowie & Brearty, attorneys at law, 1004 Broadway
Bowman H, chemist and druggist, 913 Broadway
Bowman J, barber, 853 Broadway
Boyd & Brown, groceries, hardware, crockery and stationery, corner Telegraph Avenue and Brown
Brader Louis, Railroad Exchange Hotel, corner Railroad Avenue and Bay. West Oakland
Bradway Joseph R, physician, 1059 Broadway
Brandstatter Joseph, bakery, 908 Broadway
Brannan Daniel, brick manufacturer, 829 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Bredhoff Charles, proprietor Washington Brewery, corner Broadway and Sixth
Breen John, cigars and tobacco, 830 Broadway
Brendel Christopher, beer saloon, 412 Tenth
Brink M, hatter, 925 Broadway
Brodowsky A, hotel and restaurant. Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Bromley & Griffon, second-hand furniture, 1052 Broadway
Brooklyn Metallurgical Works, corner East Tenth and Second Avenue. East Oakland
Brown George S & Company, hardware and agricultural implements, 927 Broadway
Brown Joseph, liquor saloon. East Eleventh, near Fourteenth Avenue, East Oakland
Brown William, house painter, 716 Broadway
Browning & Thornton, agent Victor Sewing Machines, 1063 Broadway
Bruning Brothers, candy manufacturers, 833 Broadway
Buck Ephraim W, physician and surgeon, 1011 Webster
Buehren A H. watch maker and jeweler, 1005 Broadway
Buhsen Deidrich, groceries and liquors, corner Railroad Avenue and Pine, West Oakland
Bullock & Schuler, tin and copper ware. Railroad Avenue, West Oakland
Bundock, Henry & Company, pottery. East Twelfth between Nineteenth and Twentieth Avenues. East Oakland
Bunker Isaiah, liquor saloon. Railroad Avenue between Cedar and Pine, West Oakland
Burgess Robert, furniture and bedding, 713 Broadway
Burner & Young, contractors, foot Franklin
Burnham & Lynch, groceries, 834 Broadway
Burnham, Standeford & Company, planing mills, corner First and Washington
Burns John, restaurant, 1054 Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Burns Thomas R, news stand, corner Seventh and Broadway
Burns, Whitman & Gardiner, groceries, corner Broadway and Tenth
Bush David, bakery and confectionery, 815 Broadway
Bushell Edward A, sign and ornamental painter, 472 Twelfth
Butler & Stilwell, printers, 468 Ninth
Calhoun Robert, oysters, corner First and Webster
California Bridge and Building Company, A W Burrell, president, 921 Broadway
California Military Academy, D McClure, superintendent, corner Telegraph Avenue and Prospect
Cameron Duncan, livery and sale stable, 1068 Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Camilloni & Company, fish, 9 City Market
Campbell A, oyster saloon, 19-23 City Market
Carey John, proprietor Brooklyn Nursery, Thirteenth Avenue between East Seventeenth and East Eighteenth, East Oakland
Carl & Company, real estate agents, 920 Broadway
Carrick & Hostetter, wholesale butchers. East Twelfth, near Twentieth Avenue, East Oakland
Carrique E T, insurance agent. 460 Eighth
Carswell John D, printer. 1065 Fifth Avenue. East Oakland
Carter Charles W, proprietor Grand Central Hotel, Twelfth between Webster and Harrison
Carter John, tailor, 466 Eighth
Cary Luther H, physician, corner Eighth and Myrtle
Case G E, carpenter, 1110 Broadway
Casey Michael, blacksmith, 408 Seventh
Cassidy James, liquor saloon, San Pablo Avenue
Castello & Whitehead, attorneys at law and collectors, 828 Broadway
Castro Lewis, surveyor. Court House
Cavel Henry, groceries, 465 Sixth
Cavelle Sarah Mme, employment agency, 460 Twelfth
Central Land Company, 954 Broadway
Chambers Belle Mrs, dress maker, 458 Twelfth
Chappelet & Miner, wood and coal, 411 Eighth
Chase & Baker, groceries. Brown's Block, West Oakland
Chase & Lyons, homeopathic physicians, 462 Tenth
Chavelot Oilcide, saw filer, 417 Seventh
Clark F T, livery stable, 1066 Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Clark James, groceries, corner Filbert and West Fifth
Clark M. wagon maker, corner Tenth and Franklin
Clark Marion, liquor saloon, 461 Seventh
Clark & Company, manufacturers reed organs, corner Tenth and Franklin
Clark & Gray, groceries and liquors, corner Broadway and Fourteenth
Classen & Trost, barbers, 1010 Broadway
Clivio & Cavagnaro, fruits, nuts, etc, 907 Broadway
Cochran J F, sign and ornamental painter, 716 Broadway
Cochran & Hannan, house and sign painters, corner East Twelfth and Tenth Avenue. East Oakland
Coe John T, collector, 921 Broadway
Coffee & Furst, dry goods, 837 Broadway
Colbert John, nursery, junction Adeline and San Pablo Avenue
Cole Rector E, dentist, 1055 Broadway
Conard Willis D, druggist, corner East Twelfth and East Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Congon & Lucas, boarding stable. Pine, West Oakland
Connell M & M L Misses, dress makers, 321 Twelfth
Contra Costa Laundry Association, 865 Broadway
Contra Costa Water Company, A Chabot, president, 458 Eighth
Cook J S, proprietor Alta House, corner Eighth and Washington
Corner & Broad, boots and shoes, 952 Broadway
Courvoisier F L, groceries, provisions, etc, 901 Webster
Coxhead T C, homeopathic physician, 517 Tenth
Cradock D L Miss, ladies' hair dresser, 1015 Broadway
Cragan Michael, merchant tailor, 309 Twelfth
Craig H A, insurance agent, corner Broadway and Ninth
Craig William H, dentist, 1055 Broadway
Crist & Rued, proprietors Brooklyn Tannery, corner Twenty-first avenue and East Twelfth, East Oakland
Cronkright John W, boot and shoe maker, north west corner West Fifth and Lewis
Crosley J S, butter, cheese, eggs and poultry, 1 and 3 City Market
Crowley John, marble yard, Franklin between Second and Third
Culhane G, liquor saloon, 702 Broadway
Cummings & Pearson, proprietors Stanford stables, corner Railroad Avenue and Wood
Cunningham M Mrs, millinery, 960 Broadway
Gushing Clinton, physician, 921 Broadway
Daley P J, cigars and tobacco. Railroad Avenue near Wood
Dalziel James, stoves and tinware, 1149 Broadway
Dalziel Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 1117 Broadway
Dam & Myers, real estate agents, 906 Broadway
Daniels Seth F, attorney at law, 158 Eighth
Davis A M Mrs, dress maker, 470 Eighth
Davis H, second-hand furniture, 663 Broadway
Davis John H, butcher, 753 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Davis P E, sewing machine agent, 1012 Broadway
Davison Brothers, blacksmiths and carriage makers, side Wood near Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Dawson E A Mrs, dress maker, 463 Sixth
Day Clinton, architect, 458 Eighth
De la Montanya M, stoves and tinware, 1011 Broadway
De Laguna, A J de Loo, boarding, Telegraph Avenue, near Sycamore
De Tavel T C H, physician, 466 Third
Dean William H Rev, clergyman (Presb), 769 East Fourteenth, East Oakland
Degregori Louis, fruits and candies. Railroad Avenue, West Oakland
Demen & Newhouse, spring bed makers, 615 Broadway
Derby John, tannery. East Twelfth, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth avenues, East Oakland
Dewes Benjamin A, proprietor Evening Tribune, 911 Broadway
Dexter Windmill Company, foot Broadway
Diedrichsohn A, liquor saloon. Railroad Avenue near Bay, West Oakland
Dime Package Express Company, 952 Broadway
Dinsmore J P, physician, 464 Tenth
Dorsch Charles, tailor, 064 Harrison
Dove J D Miss, ladies' hair dresser, 903 Webster
Downing & Johnson, proprietors Mount Diablo Stage Line, 414 Sixth
Draper Charles F, physician, 957 Washington
Drucker Hermann, liquor saloon, 687 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Duffy P, liquor saloon, west side San Pablo Avenue
Duffy & O'Neil, wood and coal, corner Ninth and Franklin
Duhrkoop & Goodman, manufacturer artificial stone, 956 Broadway
Dulien E, butcher, 420 Ninth
Dunbar D K, physician, 462 Twelfth
Dunham & Lathrop, photographers, 1157 Broadway
Dusenberry Myron T, notary public, 915 Broadway
Dusenbury J B, insurance agent, 909 Broadway
Eddy Pelig, fruits and confectionery. Railroad avenue near Wood
Edwards George W, notary public, corner Broadway and Ninth
Edwards James, physician, 854 Adeline
Eland Robert, proprietor Eland House, south west corner Seventh and Franklin
Elwood H B, groceries and liquors, north east corner Twelfth and Kirkham, West Oakland
Eureka Hotel, Henry H Meyer, proprietor, corner Seventh and Washington
Evening Tribune, Benjamin A Dewes, proprietor, 911 Broadway
Ezekiels Mark, auctioneer, 301 Twelfth
Fallmer R F & Company, cabinet makers, north east corner Second and Broadway
Fallon Edward F, carriage and sign painter. Pine near Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Falvey John, stair builder, 905 Webster
Farwell & Garrigan, house, sign and ornamental painters and paints, otc, 864 Broadway
Fennessy John, billiard and liquor saloon, 863 Broadway
Finkeldey Henry, butcher, 705 Broadway
First National Gold Bank of Oakland, B F Ferris, president, G M Fisher, cashier, 969 Broadway
Fish M W, physician, corner East Twelfth and Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Fitzgerald Edward, boots and shoos, 835 Broadway
Fleming & Company, liquor saloon, 625 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Flint L, boot and shoe maker. Railroad avenue West Oakland
Florence & Cesar, fruits and candies, 907 Broadway
Follroth Adam, horse sheer, 1060 Thirteenth Avenue East Oakland
Fonte Antonio, general merchandise, 800-802 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Fonte P W, physician, Goss near Pine, West Oakland
Forbes George, livery stable, 1068 Thirteenth Avenue, East Oakland
Ford Alvin, general merchandise, corner Fourteenth Avenue and East Twelfth, East Oakland
Forrester James, feed and sale stable, Franklin near Third
Fortune & Company, employment office, 428 Twelfth
Foulkes James F, physician and surgeon, 1068 Broadway
Francis Samuel, merchant tailor, 1006 Broadway
Frederick Jacob, carriage painter, 365 Eleventh
Freeborn William H, market, south side Railroad Avenue near Henry
French Nicholas, groceries and liquors, 721 Linden
French William, cabinet maker, west side Thirteenth Avenue near East Eleventh, East Oakland
Fuller C A, cigars and tobacco, north east corner Broadway and Ninth
Fuller F O, agent Firemen's Fund Insurance Company, 857 Broadway
Gardanowsky Emil, physician, 1058 Broadway
Gardiner J J, real estate agent, 92 Broadway
Gariot L Mme, lace washing and dying, 531 Seventh
Gariot Julius, painter, 531 Seventh
Garon L G, liquors, foot Broadway
Gaskill R C, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, 917 Broadway
Gaspard Francois, restaurant, 827 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Gaudin J, wines and liquors, 840 Broadway
Gaynor Hugh, liquor saloon, corner Broadway and Fifth
Geiser Charles, butcher, Castro near Railroad Avenue
Gemmell A, tinsmith, plumber and gas fitter, 820 Broadway
George Henry W, insurance agent, 1004 Broadway
Gerhardy P J, butcher, 829 Broadway
Ghirardelli & Petar, coffee, chocolate, wines and liquors, corner Broadway and Twelfth
Girardin Brothers, wood and coal. East Twelfth, East Oakland
Gilcrest S F, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Gilcrest W M, notary public, corner Broadway and Ninth
Gill Edward, nurseryman and florist, Twenty-eighth, between Adeline and Market
Gladding, Surryhne & Company, real estate agents, 956 Broadway
Glascock W H & J R, attorneys at law, 921 Broadway
Glover James F, shoe maker, 305 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Goddart Andre, chemist, 613 Broadway
Gohnsen Charles N, house and sign painter. Railroad
Avenue between Bay and Cedar, West Oakland
Golden Gate Academy, J N Haskins and A E Kellogg, principals, Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenues
Golden Star Hotel, Christian Bander & Company, proprietors, 838 Broadway
Goldiner Charles, tailor, 700 Broadway
Goldsticker Michael, butcher. East Fourteenth between Nineteenth and Twentieth, East Oakland
Gordon J S G, ice cream manufacturer and ice depot, 469 Ninth
Grand Central Hotel, Charles W Carter, proprietor. Twelfth between Webster and Harrison
Grand Central Park, Thomas W Badger, proprietor. East Tenth between Seventh and Ninth
Grand Western Hotel, Mrs E A Hornblower, proprietress, James Block, West Oakland
Graves Henry P, sash and blind maker, 200 Fifth
Gray Simon, tailor. Seventh near Market
Green Joseph, boots and shoes, 904 Broadway
Greenhood Bros, dry and fancy goods, corner Broadway and Eighth
Greenhood Jacob, dry goods, 105-3 Broadway
Gressler Charles A, barber and oculist, 707 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Grieser John, boot maker, 412 Seventh
Gross J F, butcher, corner Railroad Avenue and Wood, West Oakland
Gross William, marble works, corner Fourteenth and Broadway
Grosso & May, hardware and crockery, 1008 Broadway
Hallahan F. tailor, 627 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Halsted James M, ladies' underwear and sewing machine agent, 1015 Broadway
Hamilton L Rev, pastor Independent, Presbyterian Church
Hamilton W H, carriage and wagon maker, 1064 Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Hammers D, harness and saddlery, 623 East Twelfth. East Oakland
Hampel Conrad F, bakery, 759 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hampel Henry, blacksmith and wagon maker, 801
East Fourteenth and liquor saloon, 775 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hampton John, nurseryman, corner Twenty-second and Telegraph Avenue
Handy J B, junk, 424 Third
Hanifin J J, liquor saloon, 851 Broadway
Hanley William, harness and saddlery, 1082 Fourteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Hanson Albert F, watch maker, 681 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hanson & Smith, carpenters and builders, 1008 Franklin
Hardy W B, books, stationery and newspapers, 950 Broadway
Harker Miffen Rev, clergyman, Adams Avenue, near town line
Harrell & Green, bakery, 709 Broadway
Harrington Wm C, physician, 403 East Fourteenth, East Oakland
Harris Brothers, merchant tailors and gents' furnishing goods, 903 Broadway
Hartwig Theodore, marble worker, 853 Harrison
Haskell Randolph K, carpenter, corner West Third and Adeline
Haskin E W. agent A & P Telegraph Company, and C P R R, Seventh near Broadway
Haswell Frederick B, real estate agent, 954 Broadway
Haugsted & Petersen, restaurant, 861 Broadway
Havens H H, commissioner of deeds, 1069 Broadway
Havens J F & H H, attorneys at law, 1039 Broadway
Hayes Michael, groceries, corner Market and West Fifth
Hayes Patrick, liquor saloon, 720 Broadway
Heald John, merchant tailor, 1056 Broadway
Healy M J, merchant tailor, 1056 Broadway
Heath Chester, dentist, 1068 Broadway
Held E, barber and baths, 418 Eleventh
Held & Noller, liquor saloon, 1100 Broadway
Helmer William, undertaker, 914 Broadway
Hendry R Mrs, dress maker, 1011 Franklin
Henken J F, liquor saloon, corner East Fourteenth and Eighteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Heppner Philip, cigars and tobacco, 831 Broadway
Hill James Thomas, groceries, corner East Fourteenth and Nineteenth Avenue, East Oakland
Hilton Stephen Rev, clergyman, Eleventh Avenue, between East Eighteenth and Nineteenth, East Oakland
Hirshberg & Greenbaum, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 871 Broadway
Hobart Joseph B, fruit and produce, 685 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hodgdon John, fruit and vegetables, 303 East Twelfth. East Oakland
Holland John C, plasterer, 267 Sixth
Hollis Henry, blacksmith and wagon maker, 1008 Franklin
Hollub H C, news agent, 855 Broadway
Holmes S, physician, corner Broadway and Eighth
Hood George J, wood and coal, East Twelfth, between Eighth and Ninth Avenue. East Oakland
Hook E, furniture, carpets, and upholstery, 1067-71 Broadway
Hooper Caroline Mrs, dress maker, 408 Ninth
Hopkins St. John, physician. 261 Fourth
Hornblower, E A Mrs. proprietress Grand Western
Hotel, James' Block, West Oakland
Horton Richard, groceries and liquors, Seventh near Market
Hoskins William, notary public and commissioner of deeds, 921 Broadway
How J E, house and sign painter, 421 Ninth
Hudson A S, physician, 1113 Broadway
Hudson James H, cigars and tobacco, 1010 Broadway
Hudson & Beamis, fruits and vegetables, 363 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hulburt William Rev, clergyman, 367 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Hunt & Wharton, hay, grain and feed, 408 Tenth
Hurll William T, groceries and liquors, 619 Broadway
Hutchinson J, seedsman, florist and nursery, corner Fourteenth and Broadway
Huttleston George, boot and shoe maker. Railroad Avenue between Cedar and Pine. West Oakland
Hyde E H, fancy and variety goods, corner Broadway and Eleventh
Hyde T J Mrs, dressmaker, ladies' and children's underwear, 458 Twelfth
Ingersoll William B, photographer, 1069 Broadway
Jackson Oscar T, barber, south side Railroad Avenue, near Wood
Jacquenot Xavier, fruits and vegetables. East Fourteenth, East Oakland
James and Deitrick, butchers. 550 Seventh
Jarvis Thomas J, butcher, 753 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Johnson William, boot maker, 467 Sixth
Journal Company, publishers Oakland Journal, 911 Broadway
Kaese, Rode & Company, machinists, blacksmiths, and gunsmiths, 419 Tenth
Kaiser M, upholsterer, 423 Tenth
Keefe John, liquor saloon, corner Telegraph Avenue and Twenty-third
Keller & Stevens, proprietors Brooklyn Brewery, corner East Fourteenth and Eighteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Kellett, Samuel, plaster decorations, corner Tenth and Franklin
Kelley, E J & Company, real estate agents, 414 Seventh
Kelsey W F, nurseryman, corner Telegraph Avenue and Sycamore
Kennedy & Manning, carriage and wagon makers, 866 Washington
Kihlmeyer Jacob, liquor saloon, near Sixth Broadway
Kimball James H. proprietor Mansion House, 750-6 East Twelfth. East Oakland
King M G, civil engineer. 1004 Broadway
King Michael Rev, clergyman (R C), Seventh, between Grove and Jefferson
King & Williams, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 414 Eleventh
Kingshott Richard, carpenter, 711 Webster
Kirchheiner Henry, confectioner, 1007 Broadway
Kirchheiner John H, candies, 629 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Kirk C, plumber, gasfitter and tinsmith, 317 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Kirk William, architect, 954 Broadway
Kittredge Charles S, physician, 577 Twelfth
Kittredge &, Harrison, horseshoers, Twelfth between Franklin and Webster
Klumpp & Kuerzel, blacksmiths and wagon makers, Broadway between First and Second
Kohler, Chase & Company, pianos, organs, etc, corner Broadway and Fourteenth
Konecke H, boots and shoes. 012 Broadway
Koob Adam, butcher, 20-22 City Market
Koster H & Company, groceries, 972 Broadway
Kramm & Dieves, proprietors Oakland Brewery, corner Broadway and Ninth
Krattiger J, boor saloon, 417 Seventh
Kreyenhagen E & Company, groceries, provisions and liquors, corner Broadway and Sixth
Krumb Frederick, tannery, corner East Twelfth and Eighteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Lacy E S Rev clergyman, (Cong), East Oakland
Lafferty & Cassidy, butchers, corner Broadway and Fourth
Laidlaw Walter, lumber dealer, corner Seventh and Brush
Lambert Joseph, liquor saloon, west side San Pablo Avenue
Lamoureux T &, Company, lime and plastering materials, City Wharf
Landen & Company, hay, grain and feed, 414 Ninth
Lapham John P, wholesale butcher, corner East Twelfth and Twentieth Avenue, East Oakland
Larue James, lumber dealer, corner East Eleventh and Fourteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Lawlor & Kellogg, proprietors Tubb's Hotel, East Twelfth, between Fourth and Fifth Avenue, East Oakland
Lawrie A G, searcher records. County Court House
Lawton John H, wagon maker, Pine, West Oakland
Leake H A, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Lefevre & Reeves, dentists, corner Broadway and Eighth
Lehmann H G, shoe maker, 1151 Broadway
Lemon Sidney, druggist and apothecary, 810 Broadway
Lentell James, harness and saddlery and justice of the peace, corner Eleventh and Franklin
Leonhard F, proprietor Central Pacific Railroad House, corner Bay and William, West Oakland
Letter Jacob, merchant tailor and gents' furnishing goods, 957 Broadway
Levanway W A, physician, 1068 Broadway
Lewis C R & Company, butter, cheese, eggs and fruit, 1009 Broadway
Liebel Jacob, shoe maker, 780 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Liese Henry, butcher, 705 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Lincoln Oscar, physician, 923 Broadway
Litle R A, restaurant, James' Block, West Oakland
Lille William H, stoves and tinware, James' Block, West Oakland
Locke J R, carriage maker. Pine near Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Loeper C F E, brass founder, and brass and wood turner, 904 Washington
Logan & Blakeslee, groceries and fruit, 8593 Broadway
Long William, butcher, 1050 Franklin
Lurquin E F, naturalist, corner Fourth and Clay
Lubbe & Company, beer saloon, 832 Broadway
Luth John, liquor saloon, 382 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Lutz & Berg, looking glasses, engravings, picture frames, etc, 1058 Broadway
Lynde Si Howard, stoves, tin and hardware, 683 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Madden & Sheedy, marble works, 1112 Broadway
Magill R H, manager Alameda County Branch
Home Mutual Insurance Company, corner Broadway and Ninth
Magner Michael, painter, 1021 Franklin
Maleton Edward, barber, and cigars and tobacco, 919 Broadway
Mallet & Company, bakery, 617 Broadway
Maloon Brothers, hay and grain, 1104 Broadway
Manhattan Marble Company of California, corner First and Filbert
Marcotte Bros, tailors, 703 Broadway
Marcus Isaiah, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 869 Broadway
Mariante William, restaurant and liquor saloon, 714 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Marks Aaron, doors, sashes and blinds, 424 Eighth
Marques Alphonse & John, restaurant, 459 Ninth
Marsden Richard, furniture, corner Pine and Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Martin Ignatius, restaurant, 679 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Martin J C, attorney at law, 1004 Broadway
Marston S I Mrs, proprietress Central Pacific House, corner Eleventh and Webster
Mason William C & Company, groceries, corner Sixth Avenue and East twelfth, East Oakland
Mather S H, insurance agent, 917 Broadway
Mathews August, restaurant, 1022 Broadway
Mathews Julius C, architect, 924 Broadway
Mauvais Zeno, sewing machine agent, 1057 Alice
May Alexander W, livery stable, corner East Eleventh and Twelfth Avenue. East Oakland
Mayor Adolph, mattress maker, 804 East Fourteenth, East Oakland
Mayon T H, physician, corner Market and Sixteenth
McArthur Daniel, merchant tailor. Railroad Avenue, near Cedar, West Oakland
McCleverty & Noblett, livery stable, 8(30 Broadway
McClure D, superintendent California Military Academy, corner Telegraph Avenue and Prospect
McConnoll James D, harness and saddlery, 809 Broadway
McCord W P, butcher. Telegraph Avenue, near Twenty-fourth
McCrum & Cushing, groceries, corner Broadway and Twelfth
McCutehoon R, liquor saloon, 850 Broadway
McDaniel Thomas J, liquor saloon, corner Wood and Railroad Avenue, West Oakland
McElroy James, groceries and liquors, corner Seventh and Clay
McGerry Andrew, Winthrop House, 409 Seventh
McGettigan P F, bakery. Railroad Avenue near Bay, West Oakland
McGivney James, plumber and gas fitter, 965 Franklin
McGrew P H, blacksmith, and wagon maker, 1062 Thirteenth Avenue, East Oakland
McGuire Thomas, liquor saloon, 821 Broadway
McKeand George W, searcher records, corner Broadway and Fourth
McKee R L, attorney at law, 1004 Broadway
McKenzie William W, undertaker, 412 Eighth
McKinnon Daniel, carpenter, corner West Third and Adeline
McLafforty B S Rev, clergyman (Baptist) Market near Seventeenth
McLaren P M, physician, corner East Ninth and Fifth Avenue, East Oakland
McLean J K Rev, clergyman (Cong), 1008 Washington
McLean T G Rev, clergyman (Bap), corner Twelfth Avenue and East Nineteenth, East Oakland
McNamara Patrick, groceries and liquors, corner West Third and Myrtle
Meacham K, proprietor Bartlett House, 473 Seventh
Mellis & Lipmann, dry goods and fancy goods, 841 Broadway
Merritt Samuel, lumber dealer, foot Washington
Meyer Henry H, proprietor Eureka Hotel, corner Seventh and Washington
Michell Auguste, liquor saloon. 715 Broadway
Milbury Samuel, real estate, 909 Broadway
Miley & Laage, confectioners, 916 Broadway
Miller N, physician, 1004 Broadway
Miller & Winsor, proprietors California Pottery, junction Park Avenue and East Twelfth, East Oakland
Mills C T, Rev, Principal Mills' Seminary, Seminary Park, Brooklyn Township
Mintie A E, physician, Newland's Hotel
Moffitt James, liquor saloon, corner East Eleventh and Thirteenth Avenue
Montgomery Zach, attorney at law, 1004 Broadway
Mooar George Rev. clergyman (Cong), Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Mooney John, sewing machine agent, 812 Broadway
Mooney M J Mrs, millinery, 812 Broadway
Moore Albert A, attorney at law. County Court House
Moore A P, books, stationery and fancy goods, corner Twelfth and Broadway
Morgan Bart, druggist and apothecary. Seventh near Market
Morris B, tailor, 964 Broadway
Morris J W, groceries and liquors, 712 Broadway
Morse Moses G, restaurant, 902 Broadway
Morton Henry, tailor, 962 Broadway
Mosca Ernesto, barber, 828 Broadway
Mouret & Lanne, French Bakery, 912 Franklin
Mueller & Steffanoni, watch makers and jewelers, 923 Broadway
Muller A C, restaurant and liquor saloon, 459 Seventh
Muller John M, house painter, 716 Broadway
Murphy William S, doors, windows, blinds, etc, 665 Broadway
Myers F F, bricks, lime and sand, corner Third and Washington Franklin
Naegle George H, wood and coal, corner Sixth and Washington
Nedderman Bernard, boot and shoe maker, 705 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Needham Dwight, map dealer, 958 Broadway
Nolle William, butcher, 964 Broadway
Newcomb W, physician, 1069 Broadway
Newland Brothers, proprietors Newland's Hotel, corner Seventh and Washington
Newland & Pumyea, livery stable, 462 Seventh
Newsom Lavens M, nurseryman and seedsman, 151 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Nicholson Isaac E, physician, corner Broadway and Eighth
Northey & McGrath, carriage makers, blacksmiths, etc, 803 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Nowottny & Grabbs, butchers. Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Nugent John F, clergyman (R G), East Fifteenth between Fifteenth and Sixteenth Avenues, East Oakland
O'Brien, J J & Company, dry goods, 1119 Broadway
O'Connell James, proprietor Central House, 415 Seventh
O'Connell & Company, dry goods, 1002 Broadway
O'Rourke John, boot and shoe maker, 713 Broadway
O'Shea James J, plumber, gas fitter, stoves and tinware, 1109 Broadway
O'Keefe Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 681 East Twelfth. East Oakland
Oakland Artificial Stone Manufacturing Company, corner Second and Franklin
Oakland Bank of Savings, P S Wilcox president, F W Gill, cashier, 915 Broadway
Oakland Brewery, Kramm & Dieves, proprietors, depot corner Broadway and Ninth
Oakland City Flouring Mills, Babcock & Gould, proprietors. Third near Broadway
Oakland Daily News, Oakland News Company, proprietors, 400 Ninth
Oakland Daily Transcript, Bishop & Powers, proprietors, 911 Broadway
Oakland Gas Light Company, H H Haight, president, corner First and Washington
Oakland Hide, Wool and Tallow Company, J G Corder, manager, 617 Broadway
Oakland Journal, (German Weekly) Journal Company, proprietors, 911 Broadway
Oakland Paving Company, corner Broadway and Ninth
Ohlig A, proprietor Hotel de France, First near Broadway
Olcise Frank, fruits, nuts, and candies, 4-56 Seventh
Olmstead John, proprietor Olmstead House, San Pablo Avenue
Olney & Company, auctioneers and real estate agents, 857 Broadway
Ough Joseph, wood and coal. East Eleventh near Twelfth Avenue. East Oakland
Outram P J, boot and shoe maker, 426 Twelfth
Pacific Jute Manufacturing Company, P Susmann, secretary. Second Avenue between East Tenth and East Eleventh, East Oakland
Pacific Lumber and Mill Company, corner West Eighth and Bay, West Oakland
Pacific Theological Seminary, professors. Revs G Mooar and J A Benton, Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Page & Jordan, real estate agents, 1007 Broadway
Page & Malacarne, restaurant, corner Broadway and Seventh
Palmer & Company, wood and coal, 410 Ninth
Pantoskey H, sceond-hand furniture, carpets, etc, 711 Broadway
Parkinson W H, agent Pacific Pottery, corner Twelfth and Franklin
Parmeland Francois, restaurant, 839 Broadway
Parsons Samuel, barber, 319 Twelfth
Partenscky, Charles, laundry. Twelfth between Centre and Kirkham, East Oakland
Patterson William F, painter, Castro between Ninth and Tenth
Patzer Leopold, dyer and scourer, 834 Broadway
Paul Colin, stoves and tinware, Telegraph Avenue between Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Paul & Heyer, liquor saloon, 842 Broadway, and bakery, 815 Broadway
Pecker J C, ladies' shoe maker, 655 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Perrin Edward R, proprietor West Oakland House, West Oakland
Perry S A, books, stationery and newspapers, 843 Broadway
Pfister John R, candy manufacturer, 1067 Broadway
Phelps F R Mrs, milliner and dress maker, 1005 Broadway
Phillips & Chandler, wholesale butchers, corner East Twelfth and Twentieth Avenue, East Oakland
Pinkerton Thomas H, physician, corner Eleventh and Jefferson
Pixley A E Mrs, dress maker, 816 Broadway
Plover M Miss, groceries, corner Fifth and Lewis, West Oakland
Pope C H Rev, (Cong) Ninth between Chester and Peralta
Poston E C Mrs, Young Ladies' Seminary, Oak near Eleventh
Powers D W, dentist, Ninth near Broadway
Prate E D, cigars and tobacco, 455 Ninth
Prescott & Company, butchers, 311 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Price James, poultry and produce, 5, 7, and 9 City Market
Raffo Brothers, general merchandise, corner Broadway and Third
Ralls William J, liquor saloon, corner Railroad Avenue and Wood, West Oakland
Rambaud & Company, bakery, 912 Franklin
Ramedas J, fruits and vegetables, 713 Broadway
Ranged Gustave, dyer and cleaner, 816 Broadway
Rathjen D, groceries and liquors, corner Fifth and Jefferson
Redman R A, attorney at law, 458 Eighth
Redstone J H, notary public and patent agent, 461 Ninth
Reilay John P, physician, 1059 Broadway
Reiley P J. druggist, 847 Broadway
Remillard & Brothers, brick makers and contractors, 921 Broadway and foot Webster
Renton Coal Co. 413 Tenth
Reynolds R T Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 1115 Broadway
Rice & White, butchers, 2-4-6, City Market
Robinson A, carpet boating, 519 Second
Rocovich Lucca, fruits, 968 Broadway
Rodolph F B & Company, stationery, toys, and fancy goods, 1003 Broadway
Roedeger F A, confectioner, north side Taylor near Wood, West Oakland
Roff Henry L & Company, insurance agents, 1004 Broadway
Rogers Zachias, physician, 518 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Rosenberg L, cigars and tobacco, 869 Broadway
Rosenberg Morris, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 901 Broadway
Rosenberg Nathan, cigars and tobacco, 909 Broadway
Rosenk Gustave, physician, Eureka Hotel
Ross John, house, sign and ornamental painter, 470 Third
Rossini Charles J, furniture. Railroad Avenue near Wood
Rowe John, liquor saloon. Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Rowell William K, real estate agent, 900 Broadway
Rudolph S F, homeopathic medicines, south east corner Clay and Tenth
Rutherford Charles B, house and sign painter, 1016 Broadway
Ryan Martin, blacksmith, 862 Washington
Ryan M J, liquor saloon, 468 Seventh
Sagehorn William, flour, hay, and grain, 471 Sixth
Sanford. Kelsey & Co. druggists and apothecaries, 971 Broadway
Sarpy & Barstow, hay and grain, 423 Eleventh
Scanlon Ann, groceries. Market between West Third and Fifth
Schaffer Louis, butcher, 819 Broadway
Schimmelpfennig Frederick, dry goods, etc., 762 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Schimmelpfennig Frederick Jr, stoves, tinware, gas fitters and plumbers, 771 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Sehlotzauer Paul, liquor saloon, corner Washington and Eighth
Schmidt Frederick, liquor saloon, 705 Third
Schneider A J, basket maker, 962 Broadway
Schneider Conrad, proprietor Union Hotel, north west corner
Thirteenth Avenue and East Twelfth, East Oakland
Schreiber & Meyer, furniture and bedding manufacturers, 1004-t)(j Broadway
Schroeder C W. house and sign painter, 834 Broad-
Schunhoff Bernard, druggist, 460 Seventh
Schwagerman Frederick, groceries and confectioneries, 963 Franklin
Scoville, Ives & Company, proprietors Oakland Iron Works, 511 Second
Scribner G W, butcher, 8-10 City Market
Searing William S, liquor saloon, 849 Broadway
Seeglitz F W, barber, 807 Broadway
Selfridge James M, physician, 1068 Broadway
Semi-Tropical Press, G W Barter, proprietor, Railroad Avenue, near Wood, West Oakland
Senram F & Company, boots and shoes, 903 Broadway
Sessions E C & Company, auctioneers and real estate agents, 460-2 Eighth
Sessions John W, notary public, 460 Eighth
Shakespear & Walter, wood and coal, 413 Eleventh
Shannon & Brown, livery stable, 808 Broadway
Shattuck & Hillegass, livery stable, 457 Eighth
Shearer Sextus, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Sheehan P B, house and ornamental painter, '470 Eighth
Sherman George E, physician, 1055 Broadway
Sherrott Edward, boot and shoe maker, 461 Sixth
Siesbuttel Daniel, gun and locksmith, 417 Ninth
Signs of the Times (weekly), office Castro between Eleventh and Twelfth
Silberberg Solomon Mrs, millinery, 691 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Silva Frank, barber. 627 East Twelfth. East Oakland
Slate Frederick Mrs, cloaks and suits, 1013 Broadway
Slate & Company, furriers and cloak makers, 1013 Broadway
Slicer C B, harness and Saddlery, 10-50 Broadway
Smith Charles H, gent's furnishing goods, 953 Broadway
Smith D G, boot and shoe maker, 477 Seventh
Smith Q Estabrook, notary public, searcher records and real estate agent, 805 Broadway
Smith James R, hotel and liquor saloon, north west corner First and Broadway
Smith John N, carriage maker, 520 Seventh
Smith John W, hair dressing saloon, corner Broadway and Third
Smith Joseph, proprietor Eagle House, 614 Broadway
Smith Walter Mrs, cigars and tobacco, south west corner Broadway and Seventh
Smith & Mather, real estate agents, 917 Broadway
Smitten & Litle, general merchandise, north side Railroad Avenue near Wood, West Oakland
Sohst Bros, carriage makers, corner Franklin and Eighth
Spencer John, plumber and gasfitter, 467 Seventh
Spencer M Mrs, millinery, 323 Twelfth
Splivalo S & Company, groceries, corner Twelfth and Webster
Sproule Misses, fancy and dry goods, 1111 Broadway
Steere Henry, agent W U Telegraph Company, corner East Twelfth and Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Steere & Colby, groceries, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company, corner East Twelfth and Thirteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Stermitzky & Neumann, furniture and upholstery, 471 Seventh
Stevenson F R & Company, china, glass, and earthenware, 1062 Broadway
Stevenson F W, boots and shoes, 1020 Broadway
Stewart T M, proprietor St Charles Hotel, corner Broadway and Twelfth
Stimpson James T, soda water and cordial manufacturer, 510 Seventeenth
Stokes William, architect, 921 Broadway
Strickland & Company, books, stationery, and musical instruments, 1061 Broadway
Strong J D, photographer, corner Broadway and Thirteenth
Stuart D, boots and shoes, 905 Broadway
Stubbs John A, livery stable, 413 Fourth
Stulz Charles, barber, north side Railroad Avenue near Wood, West Oakland
Sullivan J C, real estate agent, 462 Ninth
Sullivan & Santee, real estate agents, 462 Ninth
Surryhne Edward, wood and coal, corner Bay and Division, West Oakland
Swas Antonio, boot maker, 809 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Swett A W, livery stable, corner Fourteenth Avenue and East Eleventh, East Oakland
Tatterson M A Mrs, millinery, 1063 Broadway
Tavel T C H de, physician, 4(X) Third
Tay John I, agent sewing' machines and E Butterick & Co's patterns, and Bethesda mineral waters, 965 Broadway
Taylor Charles L, carpets, oil cloths, wall papers, and upholstery goods, 1060 Broadway
Taylor & Company, lumber, foot Washington
Terney John, liquor saloon, 854 Broadway
Thayer Edward F, liquor saloon, 464 Eighth
Thomas & Anderson, wood and coal, 415 Tenth,
Thomson Brothers, bakery, 910 Broadway
Thomson Samuel, insurance agent, 900 Broadway
Tiffany Mrs & Tylor Miss, dress makers, 475 Ninth
Tinkham & Butterfield, livery stable. Eleventh, between Franklin and Webster
Townsend & Wright, second-hand furniture, 1102 Broadway
Trefethen & Swezy, cigars, tobacco, confectionery and stationery. Railroad Avenue. West Oakland
Trescott Joseph C, livery stable, 48-5 Twelfth
Trethewey Thomas, fruits. 470 Seventh
Tubbs' Hotel, Lawlor and Kellogg, proprietors. East Twelfth between Fourth and Fifth avenues. East Oakland
Tufts H, proprietor Cosmopolitan House, 859 Broadway
Tum Suden H & Company, groceries, hay and grain, 701, East Twelfth, East Oakland
Tuttle Charles A, attorney at law, 859 Broadway
Umlauff Philip & Company, bakery, 707 Broadway
Union National Gold Bank, A C Henry, president, south east corner Broadway & Ninth
Union Savings Bank, south east corner Broadway and Ninth
Van Embergh & McGovern, paper hangers, etc, 1153 Broadway
Van Wyek John C, physician, 921 Broadway
Verhave Adrian, physician, 970 Broadway
Vogt John D & Company, butchers, 829 Broadway
Voorhies & Graham, attorneys at law, 1055 Broadway
Wachs A N, dry goods and fancy goods, 1017 Broadway
Ward V, real estate agent, 469 Tenth
Warren Orrin P, physician, corner Broadway and Fourteenth
Watts Richard Jr, liquor saloon, near corner Railroad Avenue and Bay, West Oakland
Watts William, tannery, foot Thirty-fourth
Webber Mack, druggist and apothecary, 1051 Broadway
Webster Alvan B, notary public and real estate agent, 626 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Weeks Henry, carriage maker, blacksmith and horse sheer, corner East Eleventh and Sixth Avenue. East Oakland
Weidmore Henry & Company, planing mills, West Oakland
Weingart Louis, liquor saloon, 675 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Wells. Fargo & Company, express, R C Gaskill, agent, 917 Broadway
Wemmer David, beer saloon, 473 Eighth
Wemmer John, cabinet maker, 422 Ninth
Werber ____, bakery, corner East Fourteenth and Eighteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Western Union Telegraph Company, B R Bates, agent, 922 Broadway
Weston & Welch, flour mills, corner East Eleventh and Twelfth Avenue. East Oakland
Weymouth T D. carriage manufacturer, 365 Eleventh
Wharton Maria Mrs, human hair. 474 Eighth
White Amos, livery stable, 1105 Broadway
White Henry, beer saloon, corner First Avenue and East Twelfth, East Oakland
Whitney & Company, express, 855 Broadway
Whittier & Harrington, house painters, 462 Twelfth
Wiesser John, watch maker and jeweler, Railroad Avenue near Wood
Wight S E, groceries. Telegraph Avenue near Twenty-fifth
Wilbert & Schellhaas, furniture and bedding, 413 Twelfth
Wilcox H E, hardware, cutlery and agricultural implements, 955 Broadway
Wilcox P S, president Oakland Bank of Savings, 915 Broadway
Willey John, patent medicine manufacturer, 416 First
Williams C Mrs, dress maker, 473 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Williams Nicholas, oyster saloon, 463 Seventh
Wilson C Miss, proprietress Railroad House, Fourteenth Avenue. East Oakland
Wilson Emma W, proprietress Knox House, west side Telegraph Avenue near Sycamore
Wilson William, jeweler, watches, and silver ware, 961 Broadway
Wirth Charles G, liquor saloon, 319 East Twelfth, East Oakland
Wood J C, shoe maker, 809 Broadway
Woodward E W & Company, real estate agents, 958 Broadway
Woolsey Elliott H, physician, 1068 Broadway
Worthington C H, physician, Seventh near Market
Wunderlin Stephen, beer saloon, 422 Eighth
Yard George M, physician, 621 Webster
Yarrington E A Mrs, hair dresser, 456 Twelfth

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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