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 Oroville, Butte County California

Oroville, Butte County, PO and County seat, 79 miles north of Sacramento, is on the east bank of the Feather River, and at the base of the Sierra Nevada. Steamboats have ascended to this point, but the river is not at present considered navigable. The Northern California Railroad connects it with Marysville, 29 miles distant, thus giving quick communication with the chief cities of the State. Here, also, is the starting point of several stage lines, leading to Forbestown, La Porte, Quincy, and other places.

In the mountains; also, northwesterly to Cherokee and Chico, where stages connect with the California and Oregon Railroad. Oroville sprung into existence in 1855, during a period of mining excitement, caused by the discovery of gold in the hills and on the surface of the ground about the town, and these placers were successfully worked, in a rude manner, for several years. At that time it grew to be the most populous mining town in the State, and costly buildings were erected; but it has greatly declined, though still an important place. Feather River here enters the Sacramento Valley, from a narrow canyon, and were the water utilized as the opportunity offers, it would afford one of the greatest powers that ever a manufacturing town possessed. One newspaper,

The Mercury, is published weekly.

Achuff J N, physician
Becker F J, fire arms and sporting materials
Bird Henry, undertaker
Brook J M, stoves, tin and hardware, crockery, etc
Brooks & Goldstein, proprietors Ophir Flour Mills, and grain dealers
Burt J M, attorney at law and notary public
Burt & Coggins, attorneys at law
Calkins Charles, carpenter
Callow & Stevens, livery stable
Clements ____, livery stable
Commercial Hotel, J C Welden, proprietor
Cordy George H, blacksmith and wagon maker
Corona D Y Mrs, ladies' underwear and dress maker
Dzergowsky N, clothing, boots and shoes
Edmunds William, U b Deputy Mineral Surveyor and Civil Engineer
Eisenhart Daniel, liquor saloon
Fogalsang Thomas C, harness and saddlery
Fogg & Perkins, general insurance agents
Freer Leon D, attorney at law and notary public
Freer Peter, liquor saloon
Friesleben D N, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes and furniture, and prop Union Hotel
Fryer D F, drugs, medicines and paints
Galenger A B, liquor saloon
Gilich Peter, confectionery, tobacco and provisions
Gilman & Wilson, liquor saloon
Goldstein N, dry goods, boots, shoes and clothing
Gossian Louis, liquor saloon
Gray John C, Editor Oroville Mercury, attorney at law and notary public
Gray & De Mott, proprietors Oroville Mercury
Green James, physician
Greenfield John, butcher
Grover George, feed stable
Gumow Charles, blacksmith
Hays David B, insurance agent
Hecker F, boots and shoes, hats caps and leather findings
Higgins E, soda water manufacturer
Higgins W S, wheelwright
Hoops Louis W, proprietor United States Hotel
Howard Amos, watch maker and jeweler
Hundley P O, attorney at law
Jackson St John, searcher of records and conveyancer
Jenkins T J, physician
Jones James, agent W U Telegraph Co
Jones Seneca Jr, clergyman (Meth)
Kusel E A, photographic gallery and clothing, dry goods, books, stationery etc
Leonard John P, notary public, searcher of records and insurance agent
Mansfield I Leroy, physician
Marchella k Johnson, liquor saloon
Marks B & Company, dry goods and clothing
Martin D G, cooper
Martin John A, shoemaker
Maurer Peter, hairdressing saloon and baths
Maurice A Jr, attorney at law and notary public
McDermott A, drugs, medicines and paints
McDermott William P, physician
McGann James, surveyor
Miller George, wool, hides and tallow
Miller P B M, physician
Miller & Farnham, lumber, doors, windows and blinds
Mullen k Townsend, liquor saloon
Noack Gustavus, barber
O'Hara M, blacksmith and horseshoer
Oroville Mercury, Gray & De Mott, proprietors
Ostroski Samuel, dry goods, clothing and carpets
Parker R, drugs, paints and oils
Perkins, Logan & Company, groceries, provisions and liquors, agents California Powder Works, and wool buyers
Pope & Higgins, feed stable and dealers hay and grain
Rajevich Frank, fruits, candy and tobacco
Reading B, blacksmith and horseshoer
Rebsoher Jacob, bakery
Reese Robert F, dentist
Relyed J H, blacksmith and wagon maker
Reyman M, tobacco and cigars
Rideout, Smith & Company, bankers and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Rowen M, shoe maker
Russell Peter & Strober, butchers
Schneider & Heintz, brewery
Sexton Warren T, attorney at law
Sibley F W, carpenter and builder
Simon L A, liquor saloon
Smith John J, postmaster, insurance agent and books, stationery, etc
Soper W T, furniture and upholstery
Sovereign George W, undertaker
Sparks M T & Company, planing mill, box factory and lumber dealers
Springer k Welch, blacksmiths and wagon makers
St Sure Charles, dry goods, groceries, liquors, etc, agent Chico Flour Mills, and insurance agent
Taylor & Springer, blacksmiths
Topping C T & Company, tin, hardware, stoves, crockery, etc
Tromenschlager Jacob, shoe maker
Union Hotel, D N Friesleben, proprietor
Vance J M, physician
Washburn W A, liquor saloon
Welden J C, proprietor Commercial Hotel
Wilson George, liquor saloon
Zambellich N, liquor saloon

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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