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 Panamint, Inyo County California

Panamint, Inyo County, PO 70 miles south east of Independence, and 220 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is a newly organized mining district which promises to develop great wealth. The locality of the town is in Surprise Canon, a deep chasm, among high, barren and precipitous mountains, of difficult access and unpleasant habitation.

One large vein has been discovered, upon which "Jacob's Wonder," "Stewart's Wonder," and other claims are located. These are the property of the Surprise Valley Mill and Water Company, and are in course of development, employing some 300 men. The place is reached by stage from Bakersfield and from Los Angeles. The mines are noticed in the article on minerals.

One paper, the Panamint News, is published tri-weekly.

Anthony & McConnell, liquor saloon
Arick R E, attorney at law
Bank of Panamint, Louis Felsenthall, president
Bicknell F T, physician
Boultinghouse & Dempsey, liquor saloon
Bradley M W, livery, feed and sale stables
Burkhardt G F, watch maker and jeweler
Cannin & Hudson, wines, liquors, tobacco, cigars, etc
Cavalho &, Brown, barbers
Cohn J, general merchandise
Connelly & Lake, general merchandise
Cook Elias, barber
Dalton & Lichty, bakers
Donoghue Delia Miss, restaurant
Eissler M. assayer
Elsasser A & Company, general merchandise
Felsenthall Louis, banking and exchange
Fitzgerald & Manning, liquor saloon
Fox & Forman, butchers
Goldman Robert, books and stationery
Gunn & Rohner, restaurant
Hall & Barnes, varieties
Harmon M, lumber dealer, carpenter and builder
Harris &, Rhine, general merchandise and banking
Harris Joseph, liquor saloon
Harris T S, proprietor Panamint News
Hatch R S, livery stable
Hays Joseph A, liquor saloon
Honan James, liquor saloon
Howard F P, physician, and drugs and varieties
Keefe W H, physician and druggist
Kelly William, liquor saloon
Kennedy W L, general merchandise
King Charles, butcher
Lake W J, liquor saloon
Lawrence & Company, general merchandise
Lilien William S, U S deputy mineral surveyor and civil engineer
Markhouse & Fox, restaurant
Mathews R P, wholesale grocer
McAllister W N, liquor saloon
McGaffey H A, wood dealer
Mitchell & Hatch, commission merchants, hay and feed
Muller Oscar L. liquor saloon and restaurant
Murphy John M, attorney at law
Nagle John G, blacksmith
Neagle David, liquor saloon
Palmer C F, machinist, lock and gunsmith
Panamint News, T S Harris, proprietor
Paris & Reiter, lumber dealers
Perasich & Hypolite, restaurant and liquor saloon
Peruse A, restaurant
Reddy & McAllister, liquor saloon
Remish Louis, auctioneer and commission merchant
Seaman P L, watch maker and jeweler
Smith W C, notary public and justice of the peace
Stech & McBrien, blacksmiths
Stevens George, stoves and tin ware
Stowell, W H, drugs and medicines
Surprise Valley Mill and Water Company, Charles P Chapman, manager, general merchandise
Swasey G A, postmaster, varieties and newspapers
Tafford J H, physician
Walz G, shoe maker
Wells J T, physician
Zobelein George, general merchandise
Zobelein Mrs, millinery and fancy goods

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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