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 Petaluma, Sonoma County California

Petaluma, Sonoma County, PO and incorporated town, 16 miles south of Santa Rosa, and at the head of navigation on Petaluma Creek, ten miles from San Pablo Bay, and 42 miles north-north-west of San Francisco. The San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad runs from Donahue, eight miles south, to Cloverdale, forty-eight miles north, passing through Petaluma, and daily stage lines extend to San Rafael, Tomales, Bloomfield, Bodega, and other points.

The Marin and Sonoma Railroad, a narrow-gauge, is proposed to connect with the North Pacific Coast Railroad at San Rafael. This is one of the most prosperous of the agricultural towns of the State, having a population of about 3,500, and is the shipping point for a large extent of fertile and cultivated country, embracing much of Sonoma and Marin counties. The location is commanding, the town is well built, and fine hotels, capacious warehouses, superior schools, numerous churches, public halls, and business places of a substantial character adorn the streets. The private residences are elegant and tasteful, and the climate is delightful and salubrious. The schools of Petaluma are very properly the pride of the citizens, and attract many families from less favored localities to reside here. The number of children in the town, between the ages of 5 and 17, is 872. There are six finely built public school houses, and 14 teachers. Six hundred pupils attend the primary and grammar schools. A High School was organized in July, 1873, by Dr. T. M. Rose, at which are 70 students of both sexes.

Manufacturing is carried on quite extensively, there being six wagon and carriage-making establishments, and three saddle and harness shops, two flouring mills, and two tanneries, all of which are largely engaged in their various works. Another Important resource of Petaluma, recently developed, is the quarrying of lava blocks, which are much used in paving in San Francisco. In this over 100 men are engaged, and a dozen or more teams are employed in hauling the blocks to the creek, where they are shipped to their destination. From 5,000 to 6,000 are made daily, and sold at the landing at $60 per thousand. Thus Petaluma exhibits unusual enterprise in developing various resources, as well as advanced intelligence and refinement in its elegant appearance and superior schools.

One newspaper, the Argus, is published weekly.

Adel Frank, collector and constable. Main
Adel Frank Mrs, dress maker, English
Aiken G A, physician, 59 Main
Allen George F, agricultural implements and hardware, corner Main and Washington
Bank of Sonoma County, William Hill, president, corner Main and Washington
Barnes J J, blacksmith, English
Barrell H W, varieties, 17 Main
Baruh H, cigars and tobacco, Main
Basch M, cigar manufacturer and varieties, 27 Main
Basch Morris, cigars and tobacco, 55 Main
Baur John, watch maker and jeweler, (17 Main
Berger M, clothing, 75 Main
Bernhard, dry goods, corner Main and Washington
Blackburn C, undertaker, corner Main and Third
Bliss W D, attorney at law, corner Main and Washington
Blume Julius, liquor saloon, English
Bowman J C, stoves and tinware, 52 Main
Brennan J F, liquor and billiard saloon, American Hotel, Main
Brookes S E & Bro, poultry, eggs and produce
Brown William M, liquor saloon, Main
Brown & Ellsworth, livery stable, corner Washington and Kentucky
Bryant & Hopkins, auctioneers, .54 Main
Burgtorf C W, harness and saddlery, 50 Main
Campbell Joseph, dry goods, 72 Main
Carder D D, attorney at law and notary public, corner Main and Washington
Carpenter L F & Company, proprietor Washington Market, Washington
Carpenter W W, physician, 65 Main
Casey B, liquor saloon, Washington
Cavanagh John, lumber dealer, justice of the peace and insurance agent, East Petaluma
Charpiot Henry, liquor saloon, Main
Cheeseman F S, blacksmith, corner Washington and Kentucky
Christie J B, physician, 63 Main
Clary ____, Rev, clergyman (R C)
Codding G R, secretary Mutual Relief Association, corner Washington and Main
Cofer W W, feed stable, corner Liberty and English
Connolly B F, soda water manufacturer, 5 Main
Cowen Philip, books, stationery, pianos, varieties, etc, 35 Main
Cox Thomas N, attorney at law, corner English and Kentucky
Cox & Fritsch, groceries, 33 Main
Crane J H, physician, 53 Main
Davis M A Mrs, millinery and ladies' hairdresser, 36 Main
Davis W, harness and saddlery, and shoe findings. Main
Dennison A G, barber, Washington
Dinwiddle & Tucker, stock yard and feed stable, Main
Drees & Company, produce, corner English and Keller
Eagan Daniel, liquor saloon, 59 Main
Elder & Lynch, groceries. Main
Ellsworth L, lumber, lime, plaster, cement, and furniture and carpets, Main
Fairbanks H T, president Petaluma Savings Bank, Main
Falkner M H, secretary Sonoma and Marin Mutual Beneficial Association, 34 Main
Fernald Johnson, butcher, 31 Main
First National Gold Bank of Petaluma, I G Wickenham, president, 66 Main
Fivri Peter, liquor saloon, 43 Main
Fuller & Son, coopers, corner Main and B
Galvin James S, junk and varieties. Main
Gildersleeve P V B, physician, Main
Glaser C, dry goods, Washington
Goldstein H, dry goods and clothing, 59½ Main
Grannel W H, shoe maker, Washington
Graves George W, physician, 79 Main
Grifiin M G, insurance agent
Grob Henry, liquor saloon, 110 Main
Grover Bros, agricultural implements, Main
Gwinn & Brainard, harness and saddlery, Washington
Haley Philip, bakery, 45 Main
Hall J E, real estate agent
Hall J H, physician, 63 Main
Hansen Andrew, liquor saloon. New York Hotel
Harris George & Son, tinsmiths, dairy machinery and pumps, foot Main
Barter & Spaulding, blacksmiths and wagon makers, corner English and Kentucky
Haskell B, dry goods, 56 Main
Haskins & Galusha, crockery, books, stationery and varieties, 70 Main
Hatch C P. proprietor Petaluma Foundry, Kentucky
Haubrich L, Railroad Saloon, English
Hedges N H, insurance agent, corner Main and Washington
Hedges N M, carpenter, East Petaluma
Henry Andrew, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, 58 Main
Hess Frederick, liquor saloon, 46 Main
Hickey Maurice, sale and feed stable, corner English and Keller
Hildburgh Bros, groceries, tobacco and cigars, 88 and 90 Main
Hirth William & Bro, butchers, 61 Main
Holm & Abraham, liquor saloon. Main
Holm & Andrews, liquor saloon, corner Main and English
Hutehins J C Rev, clergyman (Cong)
John F, barber, American Hotel
Jay David, wagon maker, corner Washington and Keller
Johnston L J, blacksmith. Main
Keating & Korlins, paints and paper hangers, 39 Main
Kelly A Mrs, millinery, 68 Main
Kenney & Riley, groceries and {liquors, East Petaluma
Kessenich P, tailor, 44 Main
Kingerry S S, carpenter B
Kubie Charles, tailor, 38 Main
Lamkin C N, dress maker, 60 Main
Leavan Nettie Miss, dress maker, 36 Main
Lippitt E S, attorney at law and notary public. Corner Main and Washington
Lloyd William O, dancing teacher, corner Main and Washington
Lodge J D, real estate agent and baths, corner English and Kentucky
Lodge J D Mrs, dress maker, corner English and Kentucky
Lodge Jennie Miss, millinery, corner English and Kentucky
Long Frederick, restaurant, English
Loranger John, blacksmith and wagon maker. Main
Lovejoy A P, manager Western Union and N E Telegraph Cos, 66 Main
Lovejoy George E, dentist, 66 Main
Lovett H, undertaker and coffin warerooms, corner Main and B
Masten J H, blacksmith, corner Washington and Keller
Matthies & Meyer, proprietors Union Hall and Now York Hotel, Main
Matzenbach W B, proprietor American Hotel, Main
Maynard F T, druggist, 79 Main
McCarthy M, boot maker, 27 Main
McCuno & Brother, produce commission merchants, and flour manufacturers, Main
McGuire Thomas, druggist. 65 Main
McNear J A, shipping and commission. East Petaluma
Mechele & Griess, brewery, corner English and Upton
Medley A G, watch maker and jeweler, 73 Main
Melehan Patrick, liquor saloon, Main
Merker John, liquor saloon, Main
Miller Frank V, barber, Main
Montgomery Margaret Mrs, dress maker, corner Fourth and B
Montgomery William, dyer and scourer, corner Fourth and B
Morris A, cigars and tobacco, corner Main and Washington
Morse Amasa, postmaster and insurance agent, Washington
Murphy M W, shoe maker, 42 Main
Mutual Relief Association of Petaluma, L F Carpenter, president, G R Codding, secretary, corner Washington and Main
Naughten Hubert, groceries. Main
Nay L G & Company, door, sash and blind manufacturers, East Petaluma
Needham & Erwin, groceries and liquors, Washington
Neil Wash, flour manufacturer, 100 Main
Nelson A J Rev, clergyman (Meth)
New York Hotel, Matthies & Meyer, proprietors. Main
Newburgh & Company, dry goods, 23 Main
Noble S S, photographer, 68 Main
O'Brien M, blacksmith, corner Main and English
O'Gorman Kate Miss, millinery, 30 Main
Overholser A W, butcher, 3 Main
Parkell H H, proprietor City Hotel, corner English and Kentucky
Pearce & Seaton, attorneys at law, 63 Main
Pepper W H, nursery, corner Washington and Liberty
Petaluma Gas Works, Peter Donahue, proprietor
Petaluma Savings Bank, H T Fairbanks, president. Main
Petaluma Weekly Argus, Weston, Scudder & Company, proprietors, corner Main and Washington
Petaluma Woolen Mill Company, George P McNear, secretary, manufacturers woolen goods
Pfau John, livery stable, Main
Phillip G M, dentist, corner Washington and Mam
Phillips John, tailor, 62 Main
Pimm Henry, coach painter, corner Howard and English
Poehlman Brothers, butchers. Main
Polk Charles E, watch maker and jeweler, 35 Main
Price J K Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Putnam D W C, carriage and wagon maker
Ranard J M & Company, varieties, 41 Main
Reed J L, photographer, 60 Main
Remarque J F, physician. Liberty
Renfro Silas, liquor saloon, corner Washington and Main
Respina A, shoe maker, 32 Mam
Rice B, lumber dealer, corner Third and B
Roach T, groceries, Main
Ross George, photographic gallery, 36 Main
Rugg John T, bakery, 7 Main
Samuels Uriah, groceries, corner Main and English
Sans Louis, liquor saloon. Main
Schlosser T C, stoves and tinware, Main
Schmitt George, general merchandise, corner Fourth and B
Schord G, cigars and tobacco, 18 Main
Schwartz & Brown, ice depot, corner English and Kentucky
Scott T & Company, produce commission, Washington
Seaton D M W. notary public, 03 Main
Shattuck F W, attorney at law and justice of the peace, corner Main and Washington
Shepherd J S, physician. Liberty
Show A J, druggist, 81 Main
Simonton W B, physician, 65 Main
Smith Eliza A Mrs, fruits and vegetables. Main
Smith Thomas Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Smith William H, liquor saloon, Washington, East Petaluma
Snow Joshua, real estate agent, corner Washington and Main
Soldate & Cereghino, proprietors Washington Hotel, corner Washington and Main
Sonoma County Water Company, corner Main and Washington
Sonoma & Marin Mutual Beneficial Association, S D Towne, pres; M H Falkner, sec, 34 Main
Spotswood & Bro, wagon makers and blacksmiths, corner Washington and Keller
St. John A C, livery stable. Main
Standard, Mutual Relief Asso'n, pubs, corner Main and Washington
Steiger W A & Son, gunsmiths, 38 Main
Steitz H, general merchandise, 40 Main
Stewart A J, physician, 42 Main
Stinson & Edwards, liquor saloon, Washington
Sullivan Andrew, liquor saloon, 69 Main
Sullivan M, liquor saloon, Washington
Sullivan P &, Company, boots and shoes, 57 Main
Symonds C W, groceries, 29 Main
Tatt H C & Company, dry goods, 77 Main
Tempel & Company, agricultural implements, 96 Main
Thompson Andrew, fruits, English
Thompson M E Mrs, dress maker, 7½ Main
Tighe Kelly, prop Brooklyn Hotel, corner Washington and Kentucky
Towne S D druggist, 63 Main
Truelson C C, watch maker and jeweler, corner Washington and Main
Unckless T T, livery stable, corner Washington and Kentucky
Union Hotel, Mathies & Meyer, proprietors. Main
Vander Noot J & Son, wholesale wine and liquors, 60 Main
Wallace Joseph, groceries, English
Walsh Michael, boots and shoes, 65 Main
Weber M, coach painter, corner Washington and Keller
Weil & Company, dry goods, 23 Main
Wells W K, physician, corner English and Kentucky
Weston H L, pianos and organs,
Weston Scudder & Company, proprietors Petaluma Weekly
Argus, corner Main and Washington
Whitney A P, groceries and produce, corner Main and English
Wiers & Spotswood, carriage makers and blacksmiths. East Petaluma
Williams George B, feed store, Main
Wiswell J A, paints, oils and paper hanging. Main
Young Charles, groceries and liquors, corner Fourth and B
Zartman William & Company, carriage manufactory, corner Howard and English

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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