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 Q Ranch, Amador County to Quincy, Plumas County California

Q Ranch, Amador County, PO address, Ione Valley, 13 miles west of Jackson
Dosh C, general merchandise

Quaker Hill, Nevada County, PO address, Nevada City, 7 miles east of Nevada City
Noyes John, saloon

Quartz Mountain, Tuolumne County, PO address Jamestown, 4 miles south west of Sonora
Whitney John, hotel and general merchandise

Quartzville, El Dorado County. (See Nashville)

Quemada, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Las Cruces
Baron Pedro, general merchandise

Quincy, Plumas County, PO and County seat, is pleasantly situated in a large and fertile valley near the dividing ridge of the Sierra Nevada, at an altitude of about four thousand feet, and is reached by stage from Oroville, sixty-five miles distant.

The American Valley, in which the town is situated, contains about five thousand acres of very fertile land, producing cereals, vegetables, and fruit, and constituting an important resource of the place as well as a singular and attractive feature in the scenery, being surrounded by high mountains, clothed with a dense forest of pines and covered with snow more than half of the year. Spanish Creek, a tributary of the East Branch of the North Fork of Feather River, runs through the valley.

Several productive mining towns are in the vicinity, of which Quincy is the trading center. The locality is most healthy and the climate invigorating, the cold never being severe nor the snow in the valley deep, notwithstanding the high altitude.

The Plumas National is published weekly, and earnestly advocates the development of the great resources of the section.
Brinckman H, photographer
Byers W F, telegraph operator
Gate L F, physician
Cobwin J C, house and sign painter, and wagon maker
Cohn A & Bro, general merchandise
Cole Alva, carpenter and builder
Cravens J, physician
Dempster James, dentist
Edwards James E, hotel, livery stable and market
Goodwin John D, attorney at law
Gordon A P, harness and saddlery
Hall A, liquor saloon
Hann D L, attorney at law
Hersey T F, postmaster
Hines G B, teacher
Hogan E T, attorney at law
Howard P, drugs, books, stationery and varieties
Jones D W C, carpenter
Kaulback C T, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Keddie Arthur W, county and U S deputy mineral surveyor
Kellogg W W, attorney at law
Kuhn George, shoe maker
Lee Corydon, general merchandise
Meylert G W, hotel
Moore W H, general merchandise
Niswender Eli, plasterer
Piatt N, watch maker
Plumas National, W E Ward, proprietor
Porter H, wagon maker
Robinson Duncan, carpenter and builder
Sawyer J J, physician
Schlatter William, brewery
Shreve J B, blacksmith
Smith E L, physician
Uzatt James K, liquor saloon
Van Norden T A, watch maker and jeweler
Variel R H F, attorney at law
Ward W E, proprietor Plumas National
Wyatt J K, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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