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 Red Bluff, Tehama County California

Red Bluff, Tehama County, PO and County seat, is on the west bank of the Sacramento River at the head of steamboat navigation, and on the line of the California and Oregon Railroad, 240 miles by the river north of Sacramento, and 1.3.5 miles by land. The great valley which stretches in a broad, unbroken plain from the Tejon Pass, 450 miles to this point, is here first interrupted by the approach of hills to the river, though Red Bluff is not at the head, as a succession of small valleys continue it." many miles further. Previous to the completion of the railroad, this was the entrepot of trade for the northern portion of the State, and is still a prosperous place from the business of its more immediate surroundings, being the center of a large wood and lumber trade. The Blue Ridge Lumber Company has its headquarters here, and has a large planing mill and manufactory of sash, blinds, doors, etc. The population numbers about 1,800 and is rapidly increasing. The Presbyterians, Baptists and Catholics have fine churches and large congregations. Masons, Odd Fellows and Good Templars' Lodges have each capacious halls, and the people boast of having the finest public school building in the northern part of the State. Two newspapers, the Sentinel and the People's Cause, are published weekly.

Allbright Henry, blacksmith
Anderson Charles, restaurant
Anderson Colin Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Bagge Anita Mrs, millinery
Bahney W H, druggist and postmaster
Ballard C D & Bro, proprietors Red Bluff Ferry
Bank of Tehama County, Charles Cadwalader, president, D B Lyon, cashier
Banks Jerome, attorney at law and notary public
Bierce k Hicks, carpenters and builders
Blue Ridge Flume and Lumber Company, planing mill and lumber dealers
Bofinger William F, brewery
Brady John, livery stable
Braynard C P. attorney at law
Braynard H A, general conveyancer
Brownstein G & Brother, general merchandise
Burlingame & King, dentists
Cameron James S. physician
Cause Publishing Company, proprietors Peoples' Cause
Christian C E, barber
Church J E, general merchandise
Clark & Mayhew, general merchandise
Coleman Mathew, clergyman (R C)
Crandall C U, harness and saddlery and lumber
Crocker N & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes,etc, and insurance agents
Delveechio Charles H, barber
Dillabough Elijah, liquor saloon
Eastman Simeon, blacksmith and wagon maker
Epperson D, wagon maker
Fickert C W, furniture and upholstery and undertaker
Finch &. Cowell, liquor saloon
Fox Samuel, barber
Frank, Campbell & Welton, general merchandise and wool buyers
Gerstenberger & Kuhn, watch makers and jewelers
Hart & Springate, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Hicks S P, proprietor Luna Lodging House
Hicks S P Mrs, millinery and ladies' furnishing goods
Hughes Benjamin, liquor saloon
James W Henry, attorney at law and notary public
Jeffress G W, physician and insurance agent
Johnson Daniel, shoe maker
Keegan Gerald, merchant tailor and gents' furnishing goods
Kelley L A & Company, fancy goods, watches, jewelry, books and stationery
Kennedy M, druggist
Kingsley George L & Company, glove makers and gunsmiths
Kraft H, hardware and agricultural implements
Lange L H D, barber
Lange L H D Mrs, varieties, groceries, glassware
Leonard George O, gunsmith, glove maker, and sewing machine agent
Lewis & Carter, attorneys at law
Lingsheid & Otto, boot makers
Lintz & Edwards, liquor saloon
Loomis A J, butcher
Luning Henry, house, sign and carriage painter
Lyon D B, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agent. Main
Mailer C W D, liquor saloon
Martin J E, house, sign and carriage painter
Matlock J T, attorney at law
Mayhew G H, hard and tin ware and agricultural implements
Mayhew H A, clergyman (Presb)
Mayhew William P, proprietor Tremont Hotel and Oriole Saloon
McCarty Charles, shoe maker
McNamara William, liquor saloon
Miller Henry & Company, liquor saloon
Misch Joseph, dentist
Moore & Frazer Mrs, millinery and dress making
Noland & Sayre, liquor saloon
Olendorf W D, physician
Payton & Hansen, carpenters and builders
Peat J B, clergyman (Bap)
People's Cause, Cause Publishing Company, proprietors
Pogue & Newman, dry goods and clothing
Potts J D, proprietor Red Bluff Hotel
Prater William, butcher
Ray J F, hay, grain and feed
Red Bluff Hotel, J D Potts, proprietor
Red Bluff Water Works, C T Alvord, proprietor
Rhoades John, physician
Richart & Collins, harness and saddlery
Roberts J B, livery stable
Robinson H, liquor saloon
Robinson W R, restaurant
Schackelford H B, surveyor
Schoenfeld S D & Bro, watches, jewelry, books, stationery and fancy goods
Schroder A & B, liquor saloon
Scott P C, druggist and insurance agent
Sentinel, A Townsend, proprietor
Sleeth & Lovett, livery and feed stable
Stillwag John, liquor saloon
Stocks, G I, liquor saloon
Stoll Paul, harness and saddlery
Tipton J C, insurance agent
Tipton & Burtt, general merchandise, wool buyers, and insurance agents
Townsend A, proprietor Sentinel
Trask Edward, physician
Tremont Hotel, William P Mayhew, proprietor
Volker C, bakery, groceries, liquors, etc
Ward Mathew, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Wentz H, liquor saloon and bakery
Westlake G W, physician
Williams & Troy, house and sign painters

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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