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 Redwood City, San Mateo County California

Redwood City, San Mateo County, PO. Incorporated town and County seat, occupies a lovely site on a level plain fronting the bay of San Francisco, and on the line of the Southern Pacific, or San José Railroad, 28 miles south of San Francisco. It also has the advantage of water communication with the latter city by means of Redwood Creek, by which vessels of light draught approach the very centre of the town. This is the shipping point of a large quantity of lumber from the mills and redwood forests, ten to twenty miles district, toward the ocean coast, and the wharves and little harbor present quite a commercial appearance from the busy sailing craft engaged in the transportation of cord wood, lumber, tan-bark and grain, between this and San Francisco.

The town has a population of 1,161, is well built, containing five churches. Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal and Methodist, a very pleasantly located and well-appointed public school, with an elegant flower garden attached, a fine Court House, and other public buildings, warehouses, etc. The opportunities for manufacturing are very good, though the sites are un-improved, and hopes of a bright future are entertained in this respect.

One newspaper, the San Mateo Gazette, is published weekly.

Altman J, merchant tailor. Bridge
Anderson & Plate, proprietors Chicago Brewery, corner First and A
Armstrong W W, general merchandise. Main
Ayres Charles, proprietor Tremont House, Main
Baird Curtis, proprietor Pioneer Flour Mills
Baker David, dry goods, etc. Main
Beals Edward, livery stable. Main
Bossee Oscar, hotel, county road
Botsch Frederick, shoe maker. Main
Boynton B R, proprietor American House, Main
Cook & French, proprietors Pioneer Livery Stable, Main
Crowe James, undertaker
Crowley John, liquor saloon, corner Main and Bridge
Davis Bros, butchers. Bridge
Dennis Amos, lumber dealer and insurance agent
Fendley E Mrs, restaurant. Main
Fisher Leonard, blacksmith and wheelwright, corner Main and Mound
Fitch James T, stoves, hard and tin ware, Main
Fitzpatrick P P, liquor saloon, A
Fox George W, attorney at law and notary public, Main
Freeman John, searcher records, Court House
Frisbie Will, druggist. Bridge
Gilbert S B, surveyor. Court House
Glennan John W. harness and saddlery. Main
Gunning James, blacksmith. Main
Hanson, Ackerson & Company, lumber dealers, Main
Hilton & Titus, blacksmiths and wagon makers, Main
Horton Henry, stoves, tin and hardware, Main
Jackson Isadore G, dry goods, clothing and fancy goods. Bridge
Jacobus & Davis, butchers. Main
Kimball F T, carriage painter, Main
Kincaid H, attorney at law. Main
King Henry, barber. Bridge
Kirkpatrick C A, physician, corner C and Fourth
Koch Frederick A, shoe maker. Main
Koch W, general merchandise. Main
Kress ____, brewery, county road
Kuck Martin, general merchandise, corner Main and First
Lathrop T W, notary public and conveyancer, Main
Leavy D G, painter. Bridge
Lewis Walter, barber. Main
Loveland E W, physician
Luhrsen Frederick, liquor saloon. Main
McCarthy Patrick, shoe maker. Main
McClure A T, physician. Bridge
McGary A T Miss, millinery and fancy goods, Main
McPherson Duncan, proprietor San Mateo Gazette. A
Milliken Albert, physician, Main
Mills Allen, liquor saloon. Main
Moberry William, agent Wells Fargo & Company, and S P R R Company
Mullen D, harness and saddlery. Main
Nordstram Charles, liquor saloon. Main
Nutting H N, attorney at law. Court House
Offerman John H & Company, general merchandise, brewery and liquor saloon, corner Main and Bridge
Oreely J, blacksmith. Bridge
Peteri J, shoe maker. Main
Pfrang Jacob, bakery and confectionery. Bridge
Phelan M H Mrs. millinery and fancy goods. Bridge
Planer J, hotel. Main
Plump G, general merchandise and liquor saloon, Main
Reed Charles A, liquor saloon, corner Main and Bridge
Reidy T & Bro, blacksmiths. Mound
Rosenbaum M, general merchandise, Main
Runnels W H, newspapers, books, music, and musical instruments. Main
Sabin J R, dentist. Main
San Mateo Gazette, Duncan McPherson. Proprietor,
Scofield H A, attorney at law. Main
Sloanaker J N, general merchandise. Main
Smith T J. general merchandise, Bridge
Smith W R, attorney at law. First
Stafford James, general merchandise. Main
Teague Andrew, attorney at law, Third
Thiel Gustave A, watch maker and jeweler. Main
Tisdale & Nichols, butchers, Main
Turner & Son, furniture, carpets and upholstery. Main
Underbill A, tobacco, confectionery and fruit
Walsh Michael, liquor saloon. Bridge
Welborn W J, hotel, corner Main and Bridge
Wilcox W J, postmaster, druggist and chemist, Main

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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