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 Salinas, Monterey County County California

Salinas, Monterey County, P O. Incorporated City and County seat, 225 miles by rail south of Sacramento, is on the right bank of the Salina River, in the midst of the most fertile portion of the great valley of that name.

The Southern Pacific Railroad passes through the city, 117 miles from San Francisco and 26 miles from Soledad, the southern terminus The Monterey and Salinas Valley Narrow Gauge Railroad, 19½ miles in length, connects this with the Bay at Monterey. Over both these roads is the immense wheat product of the valley carried to shipping.

The Salinas Valley is here broad and fertile, the agricultural section having a length of about eighty miles with an average width of seven miles, and this is regarded as the central trading point. The site was surveyed in 1868, it formerly being a station on the Coast Line Stage Road, between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

From the stage station of half a dozen years ago, Salinas has risen into an important and populous city, of 5,000 inhabitants, with its city officers and Common Council its Board of Education, gas, water, and fire companies, macadamized streets, and all that pertains to a prosperous and busy town, to which is to be added a beautiful public park, of 60 acres, the gift of one of its wealthy citizens, and called "Sherwood Park," in honor of the donor of the ground, Eugene Sherwood.

The Monterey and Salinas Valley Railroad here crosses the river, by a bridge of 300 feet in length. The principal hotel, the Court House, and other public buildings, and the warehouses of the railroad companies, are large and fine structures, indicating substantial prosperity and lively business. A narrow gauge railroad is proposed from Hollister, in San Benito County, via San Juan, to Salinas, there connecting with the road to Monterey, which will open a new channel of commerce and an important source of trade.

Two newspapers. The Index, and Democrat, are published weekly.

Abbott E K, physician, and drugs, medicines, and stationery
Alexander John K, attorney at law
Ash George Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Ball H S, grain warehouse
Barker Moritz, furs
Beeman T, attorney at law
Bellamy George, liquor saloon
Brand Mrs & Gleason, fancy goods, ladies' underwear, and millinery
Brigham K A, dentist
Brower John D, carriage painter
Brown Bros, Salinas City Foundry
Brown J, carriage painter
Brown & Libbey, dentists
Bullene A, blacksmith
Byerly M, proprietor Salinas City Index
Carr J U, president Salinas City Bank
Cassiday Samuel, notary public, and real estate agent
Chevallier L E, liquor saloon
Clark R, gunsmith
Clark W H, notary public
Cloud A J, lumber dealer
Congdon G W, groceries, provisions, and fruits
Conklin & Samuels, dry goods, groceries, and clothing
Conner W J, hotel and livery stable
Cox St John, civil engineer
Creary J L, carriage painter
Curran Hugh Rev, clergyman (R C)
Dabney Mrs & Converse Miss, dress makers
Davies W H, physician
Dean S L, billiard saloon
Demartini G B & Company, fruits, candies and groceries
Devine P J, liquor saloon
Diamond Hotel, A F Tynan, proprietor
Diessing Otto, brewery
Dodge W S, attorney at law
Dorn N A, attorney at law
Doutrick & Company, clothing
Dyer D A Mrs, millinery goods
Dyer D A & Brother, stoves and tinware
Ehat A D, cigars, tobacco, and news dealer
Engall & Schmit, restaurant
Etting Mrs, dress maker and milliner
Fairfield George, architect
Farley M, attorney at law
Farren M Mrs, restaurant
Farrington J B, physician,
Forbes R S, agent S P R R Co
Franks & Mills, livery stable
Freeman & Welch, horseshoers
Gambitz K, general merchandise
Gerken J Conrad, shoe maker
Green J. Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Gregory D S, attorney at law
Grossmayer & Company, dry goods and clothing
Halzberger W A, barber
Hart James A, restaurant
Hart William, fruits, candies, cigars and tobacco
Harvey & Company, auctioneers and general merchandise
Healy T Mrs, varieties and fancy goods
Henderson W A, groceries, provisions, wines and liquors
Hoffman S, physician
Howe Elias, hay and sale stable
Hughes M, harness and saddlery
Husson & Dreux, Franklin Restaurant
Isaacs William, surveyor
Iverson J B, manufacturer wagons and agricultural implements
Jeffrey James, liquor saloon
Jeffries B F, physician
Johnson Joseph, liquor saloon
Jolly F M, real estate agent
Kelly J C, barber
Kelly J C Mrs, dealer human hair
Kernes Peter, liquor saloon
Kilburn & Carpenter, agricultural implements
Lacy Joseph V, blacksmith and wagon maker
Langford J P, sign and carriage painter
Lauritzen John, liquor saloon
Lawrence F A, liquor saloon
Laws R C, butcher
Lean S, fruits and candies
Leese & Colwell, liquor saloon
Leigh & Upton, editors and proprietors Monterey
Democrat Lemon G R, dentist
Lennox D H & Company, fruit and vegetables
Lentz Henry F, stationery and fancy goods
Leon, Cordier & Christophe, barbers
Levy L & Company, wines and liquors
Lovell J M Rev. clergyman (Meth)
Lunt & Kissel, shoe makers
Lurz & Wagner, proprietors Salinas Brewery
Maasburg C, cooper
McCandless J A, notary public
McCann & Wallace, liquor saloon
McCormick George Rev, clergyman (U P)
McCoy W W, proprietor McCoy's Hotel
McDougall J H, postmaster, and books, stationery and varieties
McGowan J S Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Mendoza J R, teacher music
Menke & Company, liquor saloon
Meyer & Friedlander, general merchandise
Miller George S, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance
Miller & Johnson, barbers
Monterey Democrat, Leigh & Upton proprietors
Morris J & Son, general merchandise
Murphy, Shackelford & McPheeters, attorneys at law
Nance C P, general merchandise
Nixon & Stanley, furniture
Norton J B, groceries, wines and liquors
O'Hare James, varieties
Palmtag G, Pajaro Brewery Depot
Parker J W R, general merchandise
Pier H, merchant tailor
Pierce Charles, books, newspapers, and feed
Poett & Forbes, lime manufacturers
Pratt _____, carpenter and builder
Prefumo P B, billiard saloon
Quigley D J, liquor saloon
Raymond J P, grain dealer
Reinhart E, baker
Renfro W, Rev, clergyman (Meth South)
Reynolds W D, groceries
Richardson W A, liquor saloon
Riker A & Company, hardware
Ripley F L, civil engineer
Ross C, liquor saloon
Salinas City Bank, J D Carr, president, TV S Johnson, cashier
Salinas City Gas Works, Martin Murphy, superintendent
Salinas City Index, M Byerly, proprietor
Schell H, liquor saloon and livery stable
Schmall & Carl, liquor saloon
Schoen & Stern, cigars and tobacco
Schuchard & Strellnauer, cigar manufacturers
Sherwood Frederick, real estate agent
Sieghold C, watch maker and jeweler
Smith John, restaurant
Spicer W J, City Market
St John, Abbott & Company, butchers
St John Walter, drugs and medicines
Stanley J P, furniture and carpets
Stokes J, tailor
Strellnauer & Abraham, general merchandise
Susser J A, shoe maker and liquor saloon
Swift E J, capitalist
Swinnerton S M, attorney at law
Talley & Scott, proprietors Mansion House
Theilman Martin C, architect and lumber dealer
Tolman George A, boots and shoes
Travis & Fitton, flour manufacturers
Treat W F & Company, freighting
Trimmer C S, physician
Trope F H, proprietor Salinas Hotel
Tuttle H P, physician
Tynan A F, proprietor Diamond Hotel
Underwood J H, liquor saloon
Ussellini Antonio, tailor
Vanderhurst, Sanborn & Company, general merchandise, and lumber dealers
Warren George, groceries and provisions
Warrington Edward, shoe maker
Washburn Mrs, dressmaker
Watson Thomas, butcher
Webb & Wall, attorneys at law
White J E, undertaker and builder
White W S, planing mill
Wiebeck Henry, bootmaker
Wilcoxen B S, builder and contractor
Williams Thomas, liquor saloon
Wilson W II Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Winham W P L, real estate agent
Withrow & Henry, blacksmiths
Woodside & Geil, attorneys at law
Zepeda E, liquor saloon and restaurant

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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