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 San Bernardino County California

San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, P O and county seat, occupies a lovely and romantic position on a high plain, five miles north of the Santa, Ana River, at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, where several rapid and sparkling streams debouch upon the plain, making their way to the Santa Ana, the principal river of the valley.

The site was selected and settled upon by the Mormons in 1847, it being near the Cajon Pass in the mountains, through which went the old "Spanish Trail" connecting New Mexico with California in former times, and over which an extensive trade with Utah and Montana has been carried on until the advent of the Pacific Railroad. The town was laid out on the same plan as Salt Lake City, in large blocks, making a homestead for a family, wide streets and irrigating canals running through all. Trees were planted and gardens and vineyards cultivated, which in their maturity, at the present day, give a rural beauty to the place, and constitute a source of comfort, luxury and profit to the owners. The public buildings and residences are simply built, being more for use than for ornament, but indicate comfort and independence, and improvements are constantly going on as the place advances in business and wealth.

 San Bernardino lies on the great routes southeastward and into the desert region of the interior basin. Here center the roads leading through the Cajon Pass to the mining regions of Panamint, Death Valley, Hualapa and the upper Colorado; also from the mining district of Holcomb Valley, and through the San Gorgonio Pass from La Paz, Prescott, Yuma and the East; and the traveler over either of the roads welcomes the pleasant town with its verdant surroundings, its refreshing atmosphere and its pure, sparkling water, in vivid contrast to the dreary waste of burning sand he has crossed, as the storm-beaten voyager of the sea welcomes his port of destination. These natural avenues concentrate trade and travel, and give a commercial importance and a permanency to the city.

The route of the Southern Pacific Railroad is surveyed through the town leading onward via the San Gorgonio Pass to the Colorado at Fort Yuma. This road is now completed from Los Angeles, 160 miles distant, to near the town, and it is expected that before 1876, the cars will be running to the great desert. Another line has been surveyed from San Diego and some work of grading accomplished. The population is estimated at upwards of 3,500, and is increasing.

 Three newspapers are published, the Guardian (daily and weekly), and the Argus and Advertiser (weekly).

Allen Thomas, butcher, Third
Allen & Drew, drugs and medicines, and agents
Pacific Rubber Paint Company, Third
Amandell ____, general merchandise
Ames A J, dry goods, groceries and provisions, Fourth
Ames E, groceries, provisions, clothing. Fourth
Ancker L & Company, general merchandise. Third
Anderson John, brewery, corner Third and Salt Lake
Bank of San Bernardino, Lewis Jacobs, president, C. Meyerstein, cashier. Fourth
Barnum Samuel, blacksmith. Third
Berge Samuel, books, newspapers, music, etc
Berringer John, liquor saloon. Third
Blanche C, fruits, nuts and candies, Third
Bledsoe N C, notary public and collector, Anderson Block
Blow R T, agent Wells, Fargo k Company, and California Insurance Company, Third
Boren A D, real estate broker, Boren's Block
Boren B C, dry goods, clothing, crookery. Fourth
Boren W A, watch maker, cigars, and agent W U Telegraph Company, Fourth
Bowland & Craig, drugs, books, stationery, pianos, and agents Gilroy Tobacco Company, Third
Braunhart B, groceries and provisions. Third near Grafton
Bright & Van Dorin, blacksmiths and wagon makers. Third
Brinkmeyer H, liquor saloon. Third
Brooks D W, contractor and builder
Brown John J, notary public and conveyancer, Third
Brunn & Sherwin, proprietors Starke's Hotel, corner Third and Grafton
Butler F. Rev, clergyman (Meth) Fifth
Byrno Mathew, general merchandise and insurance agent, corner Third and Utah
Caro L, general merchandise and lumber dealer. Third
Cochrane A H, physician. Peacock's Building
Condee A, physician, Kelting's Block
Conner H, general merchandise and wines and liquors, corner Grafton and Third
Conroy F, attorney at law and real estate agent, Boren's Block
Cook F A, photographer. Peacock's Building
Cornman W R, feed stable, Utah
Corwin W S Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Cox & Banks, dry goods, groceries and provisions, Third
Craig Joseph, assayer and gunsmith, Third
Crolik William, merchant tailor. Third
Curtis W J, attorney at law, Kelting's Block
Davis R A Mrs, millinery and dress maker. Third
Emich Charles N, stoves, hardware, tinware, and agricultural implements. Third
Fleming & Rose, real estate agents, Ruffen's Building
Fox W R, physician, Kelting's Block
Foy John M, harness and saddlery, and insurance agent. Third
Garners M B, butcher. Third
Gould W H, proprietor San Bernardino Argus, corner Third and Utah
Gould & Goodwin, real estate agents, Third
Hale N B, watch maker and jeweler. Third
Haswell & Peerson, attorneys at law, and land agents, Utah
Hawley William, liquor saloon. Third
Hartshorn D W, physician. Third
Heringhi Edward, jewelry and fancy goods, and agent Wheeler and Wilson's Sewing Machines, Third
Hicks G H, teacher, Utah
Horowitz A & Company, general merchandise. Third
Hughes J H, agent California and Arizona Stage Company
Jackson Simon, groceries and provisions. Third
Jacoby A, fruits, Third
Katz Marcus, feed stable. Third
Kearney Arthur, proprietor San Bernardino Guardian, Third
Kelting J A, liquor saloon. Third
Kenniston & Brazelton, livery stable. Third
King R H, harness and saddlery, Third
Klinich G, jewelry. Third
Koch John C Albert, physician, Third
Kurtz C, bakery and confectionery. Third
Lawson Brothers, assayers, and cigars and tobacco, Utah
Levy Isaac H, real estate agent, Third
Levy J H, dry goods and groceries. Third
Linville W J, planing mill
Matthews B F, grain dealer and justice of the peace, Third
McCall John, blacksmith, Utah
McDonald William, furniture and bedding, Third
Mee Sydney, boots and shoes. Third
Meyer & Lindner, restaurant. Third
Meyerstein & Company, bankers and general merchandise, corner Fourth and Utah
Migel L, boots, shoes, crockery, etc. Third
Miller John, proprietor Bella Union Hotel, corner Fourth and Utah
Mincer L, butcher. Third
Montgomery J W, physician. Third
Moore George E, liquor saloon. Third
Morgan J W, liquor saloon, Third
Mowbray ____, watches and jewelry
Newmark H & Company, wholesale groceries and hardware
O'Connell J P, groceries and liquors, Utah
O'Neil John, veterinary surgeon. Third
Oliver H, dry goods and groceries, Fourth
Paipre C R, principal High School, corner Fourth and Grafton
Paris, Bledsoe & Goodcell, attorneys at law, and real estate agents, Anderson Block
Peacock James C, postmaster, physician, drugs, books, dry goods, etc, and agent Home Sewing Machines, Third
Perris F T, civil engineer, and U S mineral surveyor,
Perris & Isaac, proprietors San Bernardino Advertiser
Prensee H, bricklayer and contractor, Anderson Block
Powell J G, dentist. Third
Rene G A, physician. Third
Rittler M, clothing, cigars, and canned fruits. Third
Rodgers Alfred, liquor saloon, Kelting's Block
Rodhe F. bakery, Third
Roe C F, general merchandise, and insurance agent, corner Third and Utah
Rolfe H C, attorney at law, Third
Rowoll C W G, attorney at law, Anderson Block
Ruffen & Biays, stoves, tin and hardware, Third
San Bernardino Advertiser, Ferris & Isaac, proprietors
San Bernardino Argus, W H Gould, proprietor, corner Third and Utah
San Bernardino Guardian, Arthur Kearney, proprietor. Third
Satterwaite John, attorney at law, Kelting's Block
Scrimgeour R, cigars, cutlery, etc
Shaver J F, livery stable, Utah
Sherman A, brewery
Shoup & Christie, attorneys at law, Anderson Block
Smith & Cole, liquor saloon. Third
Starke's Hotel, Brunn & Sherwin, proprietors, corner Third and Grafton
Starr T C, dentist, Kelting's Block
Stockman Rev, clergyman (R C), Fifth
Swift A, attorney at law and notary public, Kelting's Block
Swift A Mrs, restaurant, Kelting's Block
Swift & Katz, real estate agents, Kelting's Block
Suhr F C, drugs, books, and fancy goods. Third
Swing J W, cigars, tobacco, and canned fruits, corner Third and Utah
Taggart C G, musical instruments, Third
Tittle & Broadhurst, carriage and wagon makers, Utah
Tolles & Fleming, searchers of records, Court House
Vole M. fruits and candies. Third between Grafton and Utah
Waite Sydney P, county clerk and recorder, Court House
Wall C J, architect. Third
Warren A L, watch maker and jeweler. Third
Waters Byron, attorney at law. Court House
Whales H H, liquor saloon, corner Third and Utah
Whitlock A, dentist. Peacock's Building
Welts M C Mrs, millinery and dress making, corner Utah and Fourth
Wilkler August, liquor saloon and baths, Third
Wise A B, blacksmith and wagon maker, Utah
Wiseman & Lander, liquor saloon. Third
Wright W G, planing mill and lumber dealer
Yager H C, marble works, Los Angeles Road
Young & Marcovich, restaurant. Third

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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