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 San Buenaventura, Ventura County California

San Buenaventura, Ventura County, PO, incorporated town, and County seat, 465 miles southeast of Sacramento, is on the site of the old Mission of that name, founded by the Spanish Padres in 1782, and is delightfully located on a slightly elevated bench of land at the mouth of the Ventura River.

The country rises pleasantly to the north of the town, and the grand ocean spreads peacefully in the front, a quiet harbor being formed and protected from the winds by a projecting spur extending into the water on the west. The steamers of the G. N. & P Steamship Company touch here regularly, receiving large quantities of freight, this being the largest shipping point of barley and corn in Southern California. Much wool, petroleum, asphaltum, wheat and fruit are also shipped from here, the celebrated Briggs orchard, one of the largest in the State, being in the great Santa Clara Valley, a few miles east of San Buenaventura.

The climate is unsurpassed in the world, being mild and equable, and extreme heat and cold is never experienced. Flowers and fruits of the most delicate varieties flourish in the open air at all seasons of the year, and grow luxuriantly. Ventura Avenue, three miles in length, forms the principal street, and affords one of the most lovely and picturesque of drives. The Ventura River runs by the western side of the town, the lower part of the valley being called Ventura Cañon. The town is supplied with excellent water by the Santa Ana Water Co., running in great abundance, and with sufficient force to be used as a power for machinery.

This being the County seat, a large and well-built Court House of brick has been constructed; also one fine public school building and three churches, which indicate the progress the town is making. Besides the frequent communication by means of steamers, a daily line of stages runs through the town from the terminus of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Soledad, in Monterey County, to Los Angeles.

One newspaper, the Ventura Signal, is published weekly.

Arundell Thomas, contractor and builder
Ayers William, proprietor Ayers Hotel
Bank of Ventura, L Snodgrass, president, M H Gay, cashier
Bard William, physician
Barnard A D, real estate agent
Barnett William, liquor saloon
Bartlett Brothers, watches, stationery, and musical instruments
Bland Adam Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Bradshaw N R, principal High School
Bradshaw William R, architect
Brewster J C, photographer
Bristol F Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Brooks J M, attorney at law
Brown R M, general merchandise
Carey J A, general merchandise
Cerf Leon, general merchandise
Chaffee & McKeeby, general merchandise, and insurance agents
Chillson L D, civil engineer, and U S deputy mineral surveyor
Comapla John Rev, clergyman, (R C)
Connelly James, liquor saloon
Constantia P, livery stable
Corey & Smith, groceries and provisions
Cyrenius E S Mrs, millinery and dress making
Daly & Rodgers, lumber and building materials
Detroy Brothers, butchers
Edson C J, watch maker and jeweler, and agent Domestic Sewing Machine
Edwards E A, stoves and tinware, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Einstein & Bernheim, lumber, grain, flour, and general merchandise
Ezcandon & Williams, real estate agents
Feder E, merchant tailor
Franz E, cigars, fruits, and notions
Gardner John, physician
Goodwin J W, postmaster, books, stationery, fancy goods, and sewing machines
Granger & Williams, attorneys at law
Grant & Bickford, furniture, and wagons
Greenwood L, liquor saloon
Grimes Brice, grain, agricultural implements, forwarding and commission merchant
Hall & Yarborough, livery stable
Hare E T, county and U S deputy mineral surveyor
Harrington A J, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hartman F, brewery
Hines J D, attorney at law
Hobson J L Mrs, proprietor Ventura House
Hobson W D, contractor and builder
Hyde & Daly, livery stable
Jimenez M E, notary public and conveyancer
Johnson & Sutton, proprietors Santa Clara House
Kuhlman John A, groceries, fruits, cigars, and fancy goods
Marks Henry, general merchandise
Martinez & Company, general merchandise
Miller & Jones, auction and commission merchants, and real estate agents
Murray & Company, carriage and sign painters
Pearson R C. liquor saloon
Pietra S, general merchandise and clothing
Pope H S, furniture
Randolph S, blacksmith and wagon maker
Richardson J, furniture and bedding
Rietzke T, ladies' hair dresser, and dealer human hair
Riggen H N, harness and saddlery
Riggen S B & Company, drugs, cigars, and agents W U Telegraph Co
Righetti F, groceries and provisions
Riley William S, livery stable
Robinson Henry, attorneys at law, and notary public
Roth James, shoe maker
Roth & Arnaz, general merchandise
Sanches T, liquor saloon
Sanchez J V, barber
Saxby, Walton & Preble, lumber and building materials
Schiappapietra A, general merchandise
Scidmore J B, notary public, insurance, and real estate agent
Shepherd & Sheridan, proprietors Ventura Signal
Sheridan S N, bricklayer, and contractor
Smith H J, physician
Smith J, shoe maker
Spear Henry, liquor saloon
Sturtevant J L Mrs, millinery and fancy goods
Surdam R G real estate agent
Sweeney L W Mrs. proprietress Oak Street Hotel
Taylor T E Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Todd C D, stoves, tin, and hardware
Van Winkle H M, dentist
Ventura Signal, Shepherd & Sheridan, proprietors
William B T, attorney at law
Wing C C, harness and saddlery
Ysoardy Bautisto, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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