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 San Diego, San Diego County California

San Diego, San Diego County, PO and County seat, occupies a pleasant and commanding site on the northeastern shore of the bay of the same name, in latitude 32° 41' north, and longitude 117° 13' west, being 480 miles southeast of San Francisco. By this name are generally included the two places, locally known as Old San Diego, and the present principal city on the bay which claims the distinction of the title. The two places are about four miles apart, but both are on the ancient Pueblo site, and are included in the same municipality. This is in the extreme southwestern portion of the State, or within 16 miles of the National boundary, and was the first section of our coast discovered, and the first place settled upon.

The Bay was discovered by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese navigator in the service of Spain, in September, 1542. The first settlement was made in May, 1769, by a party under the leadership of Father Junipero Serra, a Jesuit missionary, who then established the Mission of San Diego, the oldest of the California Missions, on the San Diego River, five miles east of the ancient town of San Diego. This venerable Mission still stands, after a lapse of over a hundred years, as a monument of the first settlement or California. The San Diego of our history is not the San Diego of today. The old Spanish city, with its adobe walls, and tile-covered buildings, was too far removed from the harbor to suit modern ideas of business, and in 1867 a new town was laid out on the water front, and the present flourishing city of San Diego was built, now having a population of 3,000.

Commodious wharves have been built, extensive and costly structures erected, churches and benevolent associations established, and, altogether, the town presents substantial evidences of permanent prosperity and future commercial wealth. The expected construction of the Texas and Pacific Railway, with its terminus here, has given a great incentive to building and enterprise generally, and inspired confidence in the future. This hopeful feeling set the people to examining into the resources whereby the town should receive its support, and a great wealth has been developed in the surrounding country, which is more particularly noticed in the description of the county. The fisheries of the port and vicinity are of great importance, and when energetically prosecuted will become a great source of revenue. The waters of the Pacific in this section abound in fish in great variety, and of the most delicious flavor. The whaling business is, and has been successfully carried on off the entrance to the bay, and trying works have for many years been located at Ballast Point, just within the harbor.

The climate of San Diego is said to be the most equable on this coast, and when she attains the position her natural advantages entitle her, she will rank among the first of our commercial cities, the harbor of San Diego is next to that of San Francisco, the best on the Pacific coast of the United States. The entrance is easily distinguishable, and a depth of 22 feet can be at all times carried over the bar, it having a width of 650 yards. The bay extends inland 13 miles, and curving southward, has a total length of about 22 miles, giving north very capacious harbor of excellent anchorage, perfect safety, and great beauty. The steamers of the Goodall. Nelson & Perkins S. S. Co. make frequent connection with San Francisco and other cities of the northwest; a tri-weekly stage, carrying the mail and express runs to Los Angeles, 130 miles; and a weekly mail stage to Fort Yuma, 180 miles distant, over a good wagon road. Much difficulty was found in supplying this city with water, and several failures in boring occurred, but now an artesian well has been completed that furnishes an abundant supply. Much pride is expressed in the two newspapers, the Union and the World, which are published both daily and weekly, and are well maintained.

Officers: J. G. Estudillo (Treasurer), I. M. Boyd, W. A. Begole, M. Keating (Clerk), Board of Trustees; A. P. Knowles, Marshal; M. P. Shaffer, Assessor; Louis Branson, Attorney; C. J. Fox, Engineer.

Alien Jacob, physician, corner Fifth and F
Allen Legaro, drugs and medicines, corner Fifth and F
Arnold & Choate, real estate agents, corner Third and E
Bailey K, liquor saloon, D
Baker A C, attorney at law, Court House
Balcolm R G, general merchandise, corner Fifth and D
Bank of San Diego, T L Nesmith, president, Charles Hubbell, cashier, corner Sixth and H
Barnes G W, physician, corner Sixth and D
Bayly & Bidwell, foundry and machine shop, corner Eighth and M
Beers W A. groceries and fruit, Fifth
Begole W A, stoves and tinware, Fifth
Betson John, liquor saloon
Birdsall I D, proprietor Lyon's House, corner Seventh and I
Blaisdell S G, harness and saddlery. Fifth
Bogan John, proprietor Occidental Hotel, corner Fourth and E
Bradt G G, notary public and real estate agent, D near Horton House
Brady David D, postmaster
Brady Phil, boot and shoe maker. Fifth
Branson Lewis, attorney at law, Horton's Bank Block
Buck J S, soap manufacturer
Burbage F, liquor saloon, Fifth
Burnes T A, liquor saloon. Fifth
Caravia G, wood dealer, corner Tenth and K
Casper A A Mrs, millinery and dress making, Fifth
Caswell A M, fruit and confectionery, Fifth
Cave D, dentist. Fifth
Chase Charles A, drugs and medicines, corner Fifth and F
Chase Levi, attorney at law. Court House
Chetwood H Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Clayton H, draughtsman and civil engineer. Sixth
Cleveland D, attorney at law, Court House
Coast Line Stage Company, Horton House
Cohn J A, shoe maker. Fifth
Commercial Bank of San Diego, A H Wilcox, president, E F Spence, cashier, corner Fifth and G
Condee A, physician, Horton's Bank Block
Condee C H & Bro, general merchandise, Fifth
Conklin N H, attorney at law. Fifth
Connell James, general merchandise. Fifth
Craigue S W, wholesale liquors, corner Fourth and K, and proprietor Horton House, Plaza
Daneri & Williams, restaurant, corner Fifth and H
De Bloise G L. proprietor Bay River Hotel, corner I and Twelfth
Delaval G, wines and liquors dealer, corner Fifth and F
Dievendorff H, general merchandise and grain dealer, Sixth
Dobler, C, brewery
Dodson M H, attorney at law and notary public, Court House
Dorian J D, principal Dorian Seminary, corner Tenth and E
Dougherty H H, notary public and real estate agent. Plaza
Dozier W G, agent Goodall, Nelson and Perkins S S Company, foot Fifth
Durnel S S, proprietor San Diego Hotel, corner F and State
Edwards C J, harness and saddlery, Fifth
Faivra Joseph, real estate agent, corner Fifth and E
Felsenheld D, dry goods, boots and shoes, corner Sixth and F
Fenn C M, physician, Fifth
Fessenden C P, photographer Sixth
Fischer John, liquor saloon, Fifth
Foster G S, doors, sash, blinds, paints and oils, corner Fourth and H
Fox C L, civil engineer and U S deputy mineral surveyor, Sixth
Gale J W, general merchandise, corner Sixth and F
Gassen Charles, butcher, Fifth
Gates W Mrs, principal Young Ladies Seminary, Eighth
Gates W Rot, clergyman (Bap)
Gatewood W Jeff, attorney at law, Horton's Bank Block
Gilbert A H & Bro, lumber dealers, corner J and Front
Ginocohio G, general merchandise, corner Fifth and J
Good E Mrs, millinery and dress making, Fifth
Gordon J A, manager Horton House, Plaza
Gordon & Hazzard, general merchandise, corner Sixth and H
Goss Thomas, brick manufacturer
Gregg Robert, physician. Fifth
Grey D J, drugs and medicines, corner Fifth and I
Gunn Douglas, proprietor San Diego Union, corner D and Fourth
Hamilton k Marston, general merchandise
Hanlon John, planing mills, corner Second and G
Heinrich L, gunsmith and sporting materials, corner Seventh and J
Hensley George B, searcher records, and real estate dealer, Fifth
Herrmann D C, liquor saloon. Fifth
Hickey G S Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Higgins T J, real estate and insurance agent. Fifth
Hinton, Gallagher & Co. livery stable, corner D and Second
Hirschey H B, furniture and bedding, and undertaker, corner Sixth and E
Hitchcock G N, notary, public, attorney at law, and real estate agent. Sixth
Hoffman D B, physician, corner Eighth and G
Hogue Thomas, liquor saloon
Holm Julius, barber, Horton House
Horton A E, real estate, Horton's Bank Block
Horton House, S W Craigue, proprietor, J A Gordon, manager. Plaza
Hotchkiff A B, attorney at law. Court House
Ihlstrom & Higland, liquor saloon, and lodgings. Sixth
Jewell & McClellan, house and sign painters. Sixth
Johnson & Fiekas, searcher records, and loan agent. Court House
Jorres William, contractor and builder
Julian A H, stoves, tin and hardware. Fifth
Julian & Conklin, proprietors San Diego World, Plaza
Jung C L, liquor saloon
Kerns & Mitchell, proprietors Arizona and New Mexico stage line
Kitterman A, restaurant, Fifth
Knight & Deaner, proprietors San Diego, Julian and Banner Stage Line
Knowlton P, dentist. Plaza
Koster P, blacksmith and wagon maker, corner Fourth and F
Kramer August, merchant tailor, and gent's furnishing goods, corner Plaza and Fourth
Krause E, general merchandise, corner Tenth and K
Lacy William, architect. Commercial Bank Building
Leach W, attorney at law, Horton's Bank Block
Loewenstein & Company, dry goods. Commercial Bank Block
Louis Isidor, boots and shoes. Fifth
Luce k Porter, attorneys at law, and insurance and land agents, Commercial Bank Block
Manasse J H k Company, general merchandise, and lumber dealers, Fifth
Martin & O'Leary, liquor saloon. Plaza
Maxwell J G, general merchandise, corner Fifth and K
McCarthy M J, liquor saloon. Fifth
McDonald G W B, agent Goodall, Nelson & Perkins
Steamship Company, Sixth
McDonald & Company, general merchandise and lumber dealers. Sixth
McIntosh Frank, shoe maker, Plata
McLeavy Thomas, general merchandise, Fifth
McQuilkin R W, proprietor Sherman House, oor Third and J
Meickle George, liquor saloon corner Fourth and B
Morrel Joseph, stoves and tinware. Sixth
Morrison R R, watch maker and jeweler. Fifth
Morse & Company, carriage manufacturers, Sixth
Mumford J V, liquor saloon, and machinist. Fifth
Nash F L Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Noil Charles, liquor saloon. Fifth
Nesmith T L, president Bank of San Diego, corner Sixth and H
Occidental Hotel, John Began, proprietor, corner Fourth and E
Parker & Parker, photographers, Sixth
Pauley A & Sons, groceries, provisions, dry goods, etc, corner D and Third
Perigo & McAuliffe, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and E
Phillips D T, attorney at law, Fifth
Pierce W W, sign and carriage painter, Sixth
Pioneer Soda Works, Sherman Thomas, superintendent
Porter J R. wagon and sign painter. Fifth
Raffi G, fruits and confectionery. Fifth
Reed D C, attorney at law, and real estate agent. Plaza
Remondino, P C, physician and druggist. Fifth
Rhodes Charles, liquor saloon
Richardson J H, sign painter, Sixth
Rolfe & Hendrick, attorneys at law, corner Fourth and Plana
Royal W W, physician, J
Rudolph J R, restaurant
Russell James, general merchandise, Fifth
San Diego Academy, S M & L B Gunn, principals, corner Ninth and G
San Diego Flour Mills, W L Williams, superintendent
San Diego Seminary, Rev D F McFarland, principal. Second between D and E
San Diego Union, Douglas Gunn, proprietor, corner D and Fourth
San Diego Water Works, H M Covert, president
San Diego World, Julian & Conklin, proprietors. Plaza
Sanborne S S, attorney at law
Schiller R, book binder. Fifth
Schluter Jacob, junk. Fifth
Schneider & Abegg, books, newspapers, and stationery. Fifth
Scott Chalmers, attorney at law, and real estate agent. Plaza
Seibert B F, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, notary public, and business agent, Horton's Bank Block
Shepherd & Shaffer, real estate dealers. Court House
Sherman M. real estate agent
Silva J W, teacher Spanish
Skinner Edward M, dry goods. Plaza
Solomon H, restaurant. Fifth
Statler S, notary public, and real estate agent. Plaza
Steiner & Klauber, general merchandise. Fifth
Stewart W, attorney at law. Court House
Stewart W W & Company, forwarding and commission merchants, wool, grain, and silver ore, corner Fifth and K
Stockton T C, physician, corner Fifth and E
Stone George, real estate agent
Stow J P, liquor saloon. Plaza
Swift E, liquor saloon
Switzer E D, watch maker and jeweler. Fifth
Taggart C P, attorney at law, corner D and Fourth
Terry W W & Company, planing mills, corner H and Ninth
Thompson I W, agent W U Telegraph Company, corner Fifth and D
Tibbets J H, watch maker and jeweler. Fifth
Tibbetts J H Mrs, millinery and fancy goods. Fifth
Tiernan J M Mrs, millinery and fancy goods. Plaza
Treanor George W, livery stable, corner Fourth and E
Treanor & Tweed, proprietors San Diego and San Bernardino stage line, corner Fourth and E
Ubach A D Rev, clergyman (R C)
Verlaque & Brother, wines and liquors. Fifth
Wallach D, general merchandise
Walsh W J, fruit and confectionery. Fifth
Wedel Philip, brewery, corner Fifth and B
Weighman E H, fruit and confectionery. Fifth
Wescott & Hatleberg, blacksmiths, and wagon makers, corner J and Eighth
Wheeler M G, surveyor. Court House
Whitaker William, blacksmith, and wagon maker. Sixth
Wilcox A H, president Commercial Bank of San Diego, corner Fifth and Q
Wildy H H, attorney at law. Court House
Williams George, liquor saloon
Williams & Dievendorf, restaurant. Fifth
Wilson L B, attorney at law, and justice of the peace. Plaza
Winder AV A, physician, Hitchcock Block, Plaza
Winter Joseph, bakery, corner Fourth and H
Witfold Gustavo, drugs and medicines, corner Fifth and E
Wolfsheimor Charles, fancy goods, stationery, cigars, and tobacco. Fifth
Young J N, furniture, and undertaker. Fifth near II
Young James M, furniture and bedding, corner Third and G

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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