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 San Jose, Santa Clara County California

San Jose, Santa Clara County, PO, Incorporated City and County seat, 150 miles south of Sacramento, and 50 southeast of San Francisco, has received the sobriquet of "The Beautiful" from the pleasantness of its situation, the perfection of the climate, and the floral and arborescent ornamentation permitted by the rich soil on which it is built. The population is about 12,000, and the assessed valuation of property is $11,000,000. Two lines of railroad from San Francisco enter the city, the Southern Pacific on the western side of the bay, and the San Jose branch of the Central Pacific on the eastern side. The Southern Pacific continues southward through the county, and to Soledad, in Monterey County, 93 miles. Water communication is had with the metropolis, via Alviso, eight miles distant, at the head of San Francisco Bay, to which point it is proposed to build a narrow-gauge railroad. The route is over an even plain without obstruction, and the bordering country is rich in agricultural resources. San Jose was established as a pueblo, attached to the Mission of Santa Clara in 1872, and at the date of the annexation of the country to the United States was one of the principal towns of California, and continues to be one of the most prosperous. The site is well chosen, being between two small rivers, the Guadalupe on the west and the Coyote on the east, one and a half miles apart, and having elevation sufficient for perfect drainage. The great valley of Santa Clara in which it is situated extends through the entire county, and at this point is eighteen miles wide, of great fertility, and constituting a perpetual resource for the city's support. From the elevated observatory which towers above the Court House a grand and impressive view is obtained of the broad valley extending north and south beyond the reach of vision, bordered by mountain ranges on the east and west, dimmed by distance and the soft lights of perpetual summer into tints of purple and blue; a landscape picture of enchanting loveliness, full of life, comfort and prosperity. The city is laid out regularly, with broad streets and rectangular blocks, and is distinguished for its fine avenues, gardens, and drives. The far-famed "Alameda," is a broad avenue leading from San Jose to Santa Clara, three miles, bordered and embowered by large willow trees, planted by the pious Fathers of the Mission in 1799. The Santa Clara Avenue, the Alviso turnpike, the San Jose Mission road, and other fine highways there are to attract the citizen and visitor to pleasant rides. By grant from Mexico the Pueblo of San Jose was richly endowed with a broad area of land, which having been disposed of to good advantage since the confirmation of the grant by the United States, filled the coffers of the city treasury and enabled it to lay out parks, beautify the streets, and erect public buildings with but slight rates of taxation. The public schools are of high rank, and in the Second, Third and Fourth Wards are school buildings costing $15,000 each. Two excellent academies are maintained, a business college, and the State Normal School for the education of teachers is established here. Ten places of worship accommodate the devotional, among which are two Roman Catholic churches, one Baptist, one Presbyterian, one Episcopal, one Jewish Synagogue, one Lutheran, and four Methodist, one each for north and south German, and colored. A theatre and three exhibition halls, furnish places of amusement, concerts and dancing. The Masonic, Odd Fellows and other organizations maintain fine edifices. Of the most noted business establishments are four banks, one Woolen mill, two patent fruit preserving houses, and others. A volunteer Fire Department is maintained, having two steamers and one hand engine, a hook and ladder company and other apparatus. The San Jose Gas Company supplies the city with gas, and the San Jose Water Company furnishes water from reservoir and pipes from Los Gates Creek, 10 miles distant, besides which there are numerous artesian wells that send forth large and constant streams. The climate is pleasant and all the fruits and plants of a semi-tropical country are produced in perfection. Three newspapers, the Mercury, Patriot, and Advertiser, are published daily; two, the Argus, and Journal (German) weekly, and the California Agriculturist monthly.
Officers: Bernard D. Murphy, Mayor; W. N. Castle, Clerk and Assessor; William A. January, Treasurer and Collector; James V. Tisdale, Chief of Police; George May, Police Judge; Reuben Burdett, Commissioner of Streets; J. H. Pieper, Surveyor; L. J. Chipman, Superintendent Public Schools.

Abel & Carmichael, general merchandise, corner El Dorado and Market
Abrahams I, cigars, tobacco and coal, 310 First
Adams & Toney, butchers
Adol W T, carriage maker, 263 First
Albertole S, proprietor Swiss Hotel, 250 Market
Alvord H B. hardware, 320 First
Amidon Gr W, ladies' furnishing goods, 231 Santa Clara
Anderson John, fruit preserving. East near Alameda Road
Anderson Otto, wagon maker, 660 First
Anderson R, physician, 276 Santa Clara
Aram E W, attorney at law, and notary public, Santa Clara
Archambault Joseph, harness trimmer, 465 First
Archer & Lovell, attorneys at law, 314 First
Argus, W A January, proprietor, 338 First
Armstrong M Miss, millinery and fancy goods, 303 Santa Clara
Ashiveley W B, dry goods, 421 First
Auzerais House, S W Churchill, proprietor, Santa Clara
Auzerais & Pomeroy, general merchandise, Mariposa Block
Babcock A B Mrs. coiffures, 469 First
Bailey George, liquor saloon, and boarding. 373 Market
Baker J E, agent W U Telegraph Company, 205 First
Balbach John, blacksmith, and wagon maker. Second
Baltz Peter, restaurant, 338 First
Bank of San Jose. T Ellard Beans, president, Clement T Park, cashier, corner First and Santa Clara
Barbara R, barber, cigars and tobacco, 343 Santa Clara
Barbour & Brand, lime manufacturers, 314 Santa Clara
Barker S A, attorney at law, 292 Santa Clara
Barker & Towne, proprietors New York Exchange Hotel, First
Barr Charles, liquor saloon, 349 First
Barrow G S, homeopathic physician, corner Santa Clara and Market
Barthel E, boots and shoes, 251 Santa Clara
Bassler Alice Mrs, millinery, 276 Santa Clara
Batinick Lucca, liquor saloon, 274 El Dorado
Bauer E, liquor saloon, San Antonio
Baxter J J, tailor, 3-54 Fourth
Bayl D A, restaurant, 316 Market
Bayle J D, proprietor Lake House, Delmas avenue
Beach Tyler, ice, wood, and coal, St John near Market
Bear Creek Lumber Company, S H Chase and W F Ellis, managers. Third near Santa Clara
Beckford & Portal, real estate and insurance agents, 322 First
Belloli J A, groceries and provisions, corner San Fernando and Third
Benn____, physician, 276 Santa Clara
Bennett & Company, furniture, First
Bernzotte Frank, boots and shoes, corner First and Market
Biebrach F, bakery and liquor saloon, 633 First
Black & Stephens, attorneys at law, Santa Clara
Blackbord G W, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Blackmore William, liquor saloon, 322 First
Blanchard & Co. butchers, 23 City Market
Bland & Jones, auctioneers, and real estate agents, 313 Santa Clara
Bloom M, clothing, 335 Market
Bloom M, tailor. 236 Santa Clara
Blythe & Straus, grain buyers, 334 First
Bodley Thomas, attorney at law, Bank of San Jose Building
Boggs & Sage, groceries, crockery, and hardware, 345 First
Bolton William, mason, 532 First
Bompard B, groceries, and hardware, 344 First
Bonetti G, cutler, 273 El Dorado
Bonjovani Dominic, shoe maker, 377 Market
Bonnore Madam, physician, corner Market and Santa Clara
Boschken J, hardware and cutlery, 413 First
Bourbon & Ferro, groceries, and liquors, 238 Market
Bradlee & Braly, real estate, and business agents, 295 First
Bradley H, carpenter, 436 Third
Bradley Mark, bakery, 280 St John
Bradley T S Airs, dress maker, 253 Santa Clara
Brandon H Mrs, dress maker, and milliner, 292 Santa Clara
Brassy & Company, wholesale wines and liquors, Mariposa Block, Market
Braun C W, dry goods and clothing, south west corner First and San Fernando
Bremer & Wallace, livery stable, 386 First
Brewer George, marble worker, San Antonio
Breyfogle C W & & E S, physicians, corner Third and St James
Brignole J, liquor saloon, 266 Market
Broedel Adam, barber, First
Brown J K, insurance agent, corner Santa Clara and
Brown J M, furniture, and clothing, St John near Market
Brown J Newton, physician, Santa Clara
Brown P Brothers & Company, clothing, 328 and 330 First
Brown Spencer K, proprietor American Hotel, Market
Brown & Deacle, liquor saloon, and restaurant, 427 First
Brunst F, cigars and tobacco, 264 First
Bullock E, livery stable, 491 First
Buneman F, cigar manufacturer, 282 Santa Clara
Burkett & McKee, architects. First
Caballeritz & Corvalis, livery stable
Cadwell ____, physician, 369 Third
Cady John M, merchant tailor, 340 Santa Clara
Caldwell A B, physician, 247 Santa Clara
California Agriculturist, S Harris Herring & Company, proprietors, Santa Clara near First
California Granger, G W Henning, proprietor, 226 First
Campbell C E, stoves, tinware, and pumps, 316 Santa Clara
Campbell Milton, stoves and tinware, and sheet iron worker, 385 First
Capt G, watch maker and jeweler, 537 Market
Carr D, liquor saloon, 364 First
Carroll Thomas, blacksmith, 207 Santa Clara
Carroll William, livery and feed stables, San Fernando
Carroll William, hotel, 401 Second
Carter John S, grain dealer. 227 First
Caspari Joseph, professor of music, 260 Market
Caspari & Matatesta, proprietors Italian Hotel, 260 Market
Castleman Alfred L, physician. Bank of San Jose Building
Cerdes, J C, billiard saloon, 280 Santa Clara
Chaize Louis, brass foundry, 376 Market
Chandler B P Miss, dress and cloak maker, 409 First
Charrest & Warkentin, liquor saloon, 382 First
Chase J W, lumber dealer, St John between Fourth and Fifth
Chauchus Jacques, barber, 260 El Dorado
Chopard L, watch maker and jeweler, 265 Santa Clara
Chrisman & Company, feed and sale stable, San Fernando
Churchill, S W, proprietor Auzerais House, Santa Clara
Cingg Teresa Miss, dressmaker, 277 Third
Clark A G, harness and saddlery, Alameda Road
Clark E A, postmaster and attorney at law, corner Santa Clara and Market
Clark James, harness and saddlery, 593 First
Clark Samuel, physician, Santa Clara
Clark & Cox, soap works, San Pedro
Clark & Haskell, real estate agents, corner Santa Clara and Market
Clark & Rolfe, carpenters and contractors, 434 First
Classen Cornelius C, liquor saloon, 294 Market
Classen J, proprietor Continental Hotel, 373 Market
Claus L F, carriage trimmer, 318 Second
Clayton James A, auctioneer, real estate agent, and notary public, 290 Santa Clara
Cleal Brothers, cracker bakery, 664 First
Cobb James C, physician, 351 Second
Cole William, liquor saloon, 357 Santa Clara
College Of Notre Dame, Santa Clara
Collins J, dentist and barber, Alameda Road
Collins & Burt, attorneys at law, corner Santa Clara and First
Collyer & Berce, boots and shoes, 420 First
Commercial and Savings Bank of San Jose, B D Murphy, president, Herman Hoffman, cashier, corner Santa Clara and First
Conboie & Merchant, drugs and medicines, 392 First
Conmy John J, book and job printer. First
Cook J S, furniture, 319 Santa Clara
Cook & Ayer, butchers, 347 First
Coomb John, surveyor, corner Santa Clara and First
Cordiviola, Guiseppe, liquor saloon, and boarding, 291 Market
Corey A J, physician, 528 Second
Cornele Fernando, liquor saloon, 306 Market
Cory Benjamin, physician, 568 Second
Cory Benjamin J, physician, 396 First
Cottle Benjamin H, proprietor San Jose Advertiser, Santa Clara
Coupelon G, mattress maker, 378 Market
Cox E J, searcher of records, corner Santa Clara and First
Crandell L, feed mill, Alameda Road
Cropsey George, sewing machines and fancy goods, 231 Santa Clara
Crossett & Clement, attorneys at law, Knox Block
Crossley & French, liquor saloon, 264 Santa Clara
Crow Joseph, liquor saloon. Second
Crydenwise C S, carriage maker, 314 Second
Culp Maria Miss, coiffures, 317 Santa Clara
Currier J H, shoe maker, 275 El Dorado
Curtis C W, stencil cutter, and die sinker, 276 First
Dabney & Peckham, dross maker, 272 Santa Clara
Dahlgren Marias, landscape painter, corner Santa Clara and First
Damonte A, candy manufacturer, 233 Santa Clara
Dawson J M & Company, canned fruits and vegetables, corner Julian and Fifth
Delgrosso L, shoemaker, 383 Market
Demar M, coiffures and dress making, 363 First
Denny J J, manager San Jose Branch Home Mutual Insurance Company, Bank of San Jose Building
Desimone J & Company, fruits, nuts and candies, 363 First
Detlefscen M, butcher, 317 Santa Clara
Devine P J, liquor saloon, 327 Market
Devine & Lorigan, groceries and liquors, 321 Market
Disimore J, fruits and vegetables, 353 First
Doermer Charles, gunsmith, 251 El Dorado
Doerr Charles, bakery, 437 First
Donohoe S, liquor saloon, Market and Santa Clara
Dougherty Thomas C, engraver, and manufacturing jeweler, corner Santa Clara and First
Dozee Louis, restaurant, 301 El Dorado
Dunn D C, sign and fresco painters, St John
Durand A, tailor, 264 El Dorado
Duvoisin Jules, liquor saloon. City Market
Dwyer William, liquors, 336 First
Easterday &, Morgan, undertakers and coffin manufacturers, 229 Santa Clara
Eberhardt Jacob, tannery
Eddy J, carpenter, 466 First
Edwards N B, butcher, 4 City Market
Egan Thomas, groceries and provisions, 267 First
Elitch & Son, restaurant, 292 First
Emerson George H, books and stationery, 311 First
Empey & Lennard, harness and saddlery, 262 Santa Clara
Engel Samuel, stoves and tinware, 337 First
Enright Joseph, foundry, and manufacture, straw burning engine, corner William and First
Erles Frederick, liquor saloon, 478 First
Ernst C R, shoe maker, 313 First
Fagersteen Gustavus, portrait painter, and photographer, 359 First
Fairchild J A, drugs, 892 First
Farmers' Hotel, G C Manner proprietor, 270 Market
Farmers' National Gold Bank of San Jose, John W Hinds, president, W D Tisdale, cashier, corner First and Santa Clara
Farmers' Union, William Erkson, president, H E
Hills, manager, general merchandise, and banking, corner Second and Santa Clara
Farren Robert J, proprietor Park House, Naglee Avenue
Faulkner John F, carriage maker, Alameda Road
Feist Brothers, dry goods and carpets, corner First and Santa Clara
Feldman A M, fancy goods, 419 First
Fellom C J, liquor saloon, 249 El Dorado
Fetherston George, cigars and tobacco, 294 First
Field, Combs & Gregory, marble works, 277 Second
Finch S, wagon maker, 455 First
Fischer William, groceries, provisions and liquors, 249 Santa Clara
Fisher Elenora, dress maker, 422 First
Floyd J, paper hanger and whitener 646 Third
Floyd William, liquor saloon, 317 First
Forsyth R J, flour, grain and feed, corner First and St John
Eraser D, tailor, 437 First
French Charles L, physician, 314 First
Friant A, groceries, and agricultural implements, 423 First
Frisbie W R, chemist and druggist, 309 First
Froment E & Company, lumber dealers, and planing mills, San Pedro near R R Station
Garcia J Y, ladies' hair dressing, First
Garciaer Luis, liquor saloon, 327 Market
Garratt J H Mrs, dress maker, 326 Santa Clara
Gaston A A, dentist, 292 Santa Clara
Gebhart & Margetti, liquor saloon, 290 Market
Gehler D G, tinsmith, corner First and Market
Gerdes J C, liquor and billiard saloon, Santa Clara
Gersmayer Albert, barber, 282 Santa Clara
Givens George, liquor saloon, 286 First
Gliubetich John & Company, restaurant, 307 Market
Gliubetich M, restaurant, 286 First
Glocker F R, baker and confectioner, 355 Santa Clara
Goesig H, butcher, St John
Gomez E, barber, 323 Market
Goodrich Levi, architect, Knox Block
Gordon J H, plumber and gas fitter, Santa Clara between Second and Third
Gough M J, coal, 310 First
Graham B F, architect, and contractor, Santa Clara
Grandpre H, harness and saddlery, 461 First
Green W H, liquor saloon, 224 First
Greenbick Charles, liquor saloon, 269 El Dorado
Greeninger A, carriage painter, 316 Second
Grieve John, groceries, provisions, and liquors, 249 Market
Grimmer & Corey, dressmakers, 914 First
Gunckel W F, dentist, 320 First
Gunter L, butcher, Alameda Road
Guppy E H, books and stationery, 361 First
Hagan James, gas fixtures, 366-370 Santa Clara
Hall John, barber, 489 First
Hamilton & Newell, carpenters, Santa Clara
Hanson Otto Patrick, tailor, 413 First
Harmon George B, groceries, 311 Santa Clara
Hart James, dry goods, 305 and 307 First
Hart James, groceries and provisions, corner First and Read
Hartman J, brewery, corner Market and San Carlos
Haskell H J, carriages and buggies, 461 First
Hatch J A, windmill agency
Hartman & Normanden, carriage manufacturers, corner Second and San Fernando
Haub Jacob, liquor saloon, 267 El Dorado
Healy Edward, wagon maker, 595 First
Heflin H M, fruits, 407 First
Henning G W, proprietor California Granger, 226 First
Heppe Charles G, merchant tailor, 433 First
Hernandez B, jeweler, 334 Market
Hernandez Mariano, blacksmith, San Fernando
Herrera Pedro M, jeweler, 180 Santa Clara
Herriman M Mrs, millinery, 311 Santa Clara
Herring S Harris & Company, proprietors California Agriculturist, Santa Clara near First
Herrington D W, attorney at law, corner Santa Clara and First
Herrmann A T, surveyor and civil engineer. Court House
Hertel Charles, butcher, 22 City Market
Hess Louis, dyer and scourer, 443 First
Hewson J B, notary public, 320 Santa Clara
Higuera Lorenzo, liquor saloon, 277 Market
Hildreth William Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Hille M, physician, 358 Second
Hinds S. J, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Hoadley G C, dentist, 253 Santa Clara
Hoffman G AV, news dealer, corner Santa Clara and First
Hoffmann & Clinch, architects, corner Santa Clara and First
Holden Nicholas, plumber and gas fitter, 404 First
Holder David, shoe maker, 356 Front
Hollenbeck W, butcher. Central Market
Hollis W H, blacksmith, corner First and Virginia
Holloway L H, groceries and provisions, 311 Santa Clara
Holmes S, dentist, 379 Seventh
Holmes & Company, feed and sale stable, First nr San Fernando
Hooker & Finigan, dentists, 3-59 First
Hoover H, livery and feed stable. First
Houghton & Reynolds, attorneys at law, Knox Block
Houriet L & Company, wholesale and retail watches and jewelry, 324 Santa Clara
Hovet Henry, physician, 263 Santa Clara
Howes Samuel P, searcher of records, Santa Clara
Hubbard & Company, butchers, 261 First
Hughes W E, attorney at law, 313 Santa Clara
Humburg V, furniture and upholstery, 441 First
Hummer J M, homeopathic physician, corner First and Julia
Hunt & Priest, coffee and spice mills, Santa Clara
Hurd & Stewart, dress makers. First
Hurlbut E T M, homeopathic physician, Hensley Block
Hyland Marouder, fish and poultry, 337 Santa Clara
Incognone Antonio, liquor saloon, 451 First
Ingersoll T J, physician, 415 First
Ingham Joseph, blacksmith and wagon maker, corner San Fernando and Third
Isaacs Maurice L, clothing, 331 Market
Isaacs Mendel L, clothing, 325 Market
Jackson Andrew, blacksmith, 595 First
Jager Charles A, furniture and bedding, 332 First
January W A, proprietor Argus, 338 First
Jeffrey William, livery stable, corner San Pedro and Santa Clara
Johnson John, proprietor Atlantic House, 493 First
Johnson & Hogan, barbers, 316 First
Jones W G, liquor saloon, Santa Clara
Joseph Adele Mrs, dress maker. Kirk's Building
Jung F, carriage painter, 430 First
Karpenkop M J & Company, book binders and blank book manufacturers, 311 Market
Keating & Babb, druggists, 332 First
Kellogg George A, proprietor Crescent House, 393 First
Kelsey ____ Mrs, dress maker, 611 Third
Kennedy S T, proprietor Hensley House, corner Santa Clara and Market
Kennedy W C, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Kerl A, liquor saloon, and lodgings, 285 El Dorado
Kibbe R W, physician, 247 Santa Clara
Kimball Theodore, carriage painter. Market
Kindborg William, liquor saloon, 2-58 El Dorado
King A Mrs, ladies' hair dresser, 267 Third
King W S, furniture, 406 First
Klein Frederick, stoves and tinware, 227 Santa Clara
Klein N, dentist, 284 Santa Clara
Kocher & Blauer, watches and jewelry, 316 First
Koenig J, boots and shoes, 388 First
Koppel J C & Brother, cigars and tobacco, 269 Santa Clara
Krahenberg & Company, brewery, Alameda Road
Krumb Louis, brewery, 377 Second
Kuchenbeiser F, iron door manufacturer, 370 Third
Kunckel W P, dentist, 318 First
Labriola & Company, restaurant, corner Santa Clara and Market
Lake Albert, box manufacturer, San Pedro
Lamolle J, proprietor Lamolle House, 219 Santa Clara
Lampkin & Gibson, attorneys at law, Santa Clara
Lane Daniel J, shoe maker, 415 First
Larrieu L, butcher, 276 El Dorado
Larronde, P, pork dealer. Central Market
Lauermann G, marble works 289 Second
Lauterio Frank, cigars and tobacco, 329 Market
Lawrence W W, shoe maker, San Fernando
Leavenworth M, crockery. First
Leddy & Brother, butchers, 1 City Market
Lee L, Marble Works, 405 Second
Lefrane Charles, wine manufacturer^ 381 Market
Leland W W, sewing machines, 312 Santa Clara
Lemoine, Gambert & Company, commission merchants, 359 Market
Lendrum, Burns & Company, groceries and provisions, 291 First
Lenzen J J, shoe maker, 382 First
Lenzen & Gash, architects, corner Second and Santa Clara
Leonard J H, crockery and fancy goods, 283 Santa Clara
Lever J, carriage and house painter, 296 Third
Levy H, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 311 Market
Levy Meyer, dry goods, clothing, etc., corner First and Santa Clara
Lewis E B, stationery and fancy goods, Santa Clara
Lewis Jackson, watch maker and jeweler, 259 Santa Clara
Lewis M A Mrs, proprietress St James House, 466 First
Lewis William A, watch maker and jeweler, 309 First
Lex, Henry, butcher. Central Market
Lille Augusta, bakery, 241, Market
Limberg Louis, groceries, corner Third and Santa Clara
Lincoln Oscar, physician, 326 Santa Clara
Lindo L 6, liquor saloon, Alameda Road
Lion L, carpets, 290 Front
Lion T, clothing, dry goods and glove maker, 281 and 285 First
Loeb G & J, dry goods, 255 Santa Clara
Loerr Philip, soda manufacturer, 435 First
Logemann William, groceries and crockery, 410 First
Lopez & Sablan, barbers, 304 Market
Loryea L Madame, millinery, 293 Santa Clara
Lotez A, piano manufacturer, 684 Second
Louis M rs, groceries and vegetables, 402 Market
Lovell William M, attorney at law, 314 First
Lowe James R, attorney at law, notary public, and commissioner of deeds, Santa Clara
Lusson PM, physician, 27(j Central Market
Luther &, Schrooder, general merchandise, 393-399 First
Lux Henry, butcher, 29 Central Market
Maffre H, liquor saloon, 22-5 Santa Clara
Malone John T, notary public, 314 First
Manner G C, proprietor Farmers' Hotel, 270 Market
Martin Charles J, dry goods, 320 First
Martin Edward, liquor saloon, 336 Market
Matty A, pickled meats, etc, 10 City Market
McCaulay John, photographer, 307 First
McCondy Samuel, physician, American Hotel, Market
McDormott & Duncan, dry goods and clothing, 254 Santa Clara
Mellbriach B, groceries and provisions, 320 Santa Clara
McKee George B, paints, oil, glass, and wall paper, 301 First
McKenzie D, proprietor San Jose Foundry, corner San Antonio and First
McMahon A, physician, 320 Second
McMahon M S, physician, 292 Santa Clara
McPheeters W S, attorney at law, Knox Block
McQuaid James, blacksmith. Market
McWade John, blacksmith, St John
Meade E S Mrs, physician, corner Second and Santa Clara
Mendessolle A, liquors, 351 First
Meneffee J J, dentist, 292 Santa Clara
Messing H, harness and saddlery, 378 First
Meyer WW, liquor saloon, corner First and San Fernando
Michel E H, liquor saloon, 279 El Dorado
Millmeister H, furniture and bedding, 312 Market
Mills J H A, feed stable and hay, grain etc, corner Santa Clara and Third
Milovich Nicola, restaurant. 328 Market
Minor P O, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Mitchell & Bacon, fruit and vegetables, 1 Central Market
Molle P, groceries and varieties, 315 Market
Moloney Edward, liquor saloon. 280 El Dorado
Moloney & Corkery, poultry and produce, 284 El Dorado
Moody & Brother, flour manufacturers, corner Santa Clara and Third
Moore, Lane, Delmas & Lieb, attorneys at law, Santa Clara
Moorehead J M, millinery and fancy goods, 270 Santa Clara
Morgan J R, fancy and dry goods, 247 Santa Clara
Morton & Company, books, stationery and musical instruments, 240 Santa Clara
Moser & Bossitinich, barbers, 358 Front
Moultrie J A, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Muller Alexander, beer saloon, 360 First
Mulvena C Mrs, dress maker, 470 First
Munn & Company, butchers, 269 First
Murdock F B, proprietor San Jose Patriot, 381 First
Mure Paul, groceries, provisions, and liquors, 459 Santa Clara
Mylatt A E, insurance agent. Bank of San Jose Building
Naglee H M, wine and brandy manufacturer
Needham W C, maps, pictures, and frames, 438 First
New York Exchange Hotel, Barker & Towne, proprietors. First
Newman B, boots and shoes, 313 First
Nicholson F H & Company, groceries and provisions, corner Second and San Fernando
Nixon P, liquor saloon, and boarding, 329 San Fernando
Noonan D, proprietor Western Hotel, Market
O'Banion & Kent, merchant tailors, and clothiers, 266 Santa Clara
O'Brien Maurice, candy manufacturer, 387 First
O'Hanlon Robert T, liquor saloon, 352 First
O'Neil J, proprietor National Hotel, corner San Pedro and El Dorado
O'Shaugnessy John, blacksmith, 253 First
Odealdo Charles, shoe maker, 236 Santa Clara
Otter F, liquor saloon, 330 Santa Clara
Otterson A Miss, select school
Owen J J, proprietor San Jose Mercury, Second near Santa Clara
Owens W H & Company, fruits, tobacco and cigars, 331 Santa Clara
Owsley H C, fruits, 433 First
Pacific Asphaltum Company, F M Neuval, manager
Palmer F W, dentist, 284 Santa Clara
Parker A H, surveyor and civil engineer, Santa Clara
Parker D, shoe maker, 341 Santa Clara
Parkhurst W A, real estate, and insurance agent, 295 First
Patochi C, butcher, 446 First
Payne D S. attorney at law, Santa Clara
Pelle A & Son, poultry, 8 City Market
Pembrooke James W, watch maker and jeweler, 295 First
Perkins A C, sewing machines, 334 Santa Clara
Pfister & Company, grain, dour, and agents Saratoga Paper Mills. Santa Clara
Pieper J H, surveyor and civil engineer. City Hall
Piessnecker H, drugs and medicines, 320 Santa Clara
Pinard & Company, groceries and provisions, 274 Santa Clara
Pinks B R, cabinet maker, 405 First
Pinnington A R, cigars, tobacco, and confectionery, 315 Santa Clara
Piatt & Elder, real estate agents, Knox Block
Plitt J D, liquor saloon, and restaurant, corner San Pedro and Dam
Portal J B J, insurance agent, 322 First
Porter D J, attorney at law, 292 Santa Clara
Porter & Hughes, real estate, and insurance agents. Bank of ban Jose Building
Potter H B, cabinet maker. First
Pozzo Frank, groceries, provisions, and crockery, 501 First
Prascker Isaac, groceries, 645 First
Price John B, furniture and bedding, 277 and 279 First
Promis & Son, groceries, and provisions, 448 First
Pulverman B, boots and shoos, 327 and 329 First
Putney C M, physician, and veterinary surgeon, 489 First
Pyle S M Mrs, dress maker, 276 Santa Clara
Quevedo A G, groceries, provisions, wines, and liquors, corner William and First
Quilty Daniel, merchant tailor, 265 Santa Clara
Raave Charles E, groceries, provisions, wines, and liquors, 204 and 206 Santa Clara
Radonich M B, oyster saloon, 292 First
Rankin W B, insurance agent, Santa Clara
Rapen & King, barbers, Santa Clara
Raunegger A, broom manufacturer, 528 First
Rauschenbach Louis, pickled meats, Central Market
Reardon P W & Company, carriage maker, 430 and 432 First
Redmond Charles C, machinist, and model maker, 370 Third
Reed E P, broker, 288 First
Reed Elliott, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, 288 Front
Reed & Welch, insurance agents, 288 First
Reeder V B, spring mattresses and lounges, 238 Santa Clara
Renzel Conrad, groceries and provisions, 524 First
Rhodes & Lewis, drugs and medicines, 353 First
Rich & Blumenthal, clothing and furnishing goods, 279 Santa Clara
Rinaldo Tobias, cigars and tobacco, 364 First
Rippin & King, barbers, Auzerais House
Robbins & Wallace, livery stable. First
Robinson E E Mrs, dress maker, 266 Second
Ross L & Son, fruit, confectionery, seeds, and trees, 381 First
Rota Daniel, groceries, and commission merchant, 188 Santa Clara
Rucker J E, real estate, and insurance agent, corner Santa Clara and First
Rudolph A, soap manufacturer, Alameda road
Ruhl George L. bakery, 511 First
Ruth Adolph, liquor saloon, 339 First
Salamon Julius, cigars and tobacco, 351 First
San Jose Advertiser, Benjamin H Cottle, proprietor, Santa Clara
San Jose Branch Home Mutual Insurance Company, J J Denny, manager, Bank of San Jose Building
San Jose Gas Company, Austin Roberts, superintendent
San Jose Institute and Business College, J Vinsonhaler, president. First between St James and Julian
San Jose Library Association, G W Fentress, librarian, Knox Block, Santa Clara
San Jose Mercury, J J Owen, proprietor, Second, near Santa Clara
San Jose Patriot. F B Murdock, proprietor, 384 First
San Jose Savings Bank, John H Moore, president, H H Reynolds, cashier, 286 Santa Clara
San Jose Woolen Mills, R F Peckham, president, Santa Clara
Sanders S P, photographer, 282 First
Sandl H. liquor saloon, and boarding, 286 St John
Sanguinetti B, carpenter, and cabinet maker, 418 First
Santa Clara Valley Mill and Lumber Company, corner San Fernando and Fourth
Sapp N Mrs, millinery, 272 Santa Clara
Savidan J, veterinary surgeon, and livery stable, 212 and 214 Santa Clara
Schilling F, fire arms and sporting materials, 289 El Dorado
Schmidt Christopher, liquor saloon, 205 El Dorado
Schoelton Henry, bakery and restaurant, 281 Santa Clara
Schoen & Weil, cigars and tobacco, 285 Santa Clara
Schoenheit A, druggist, Santa Clara, near Auzerais House
Schoenlicht John, cigars and tobacco, 367 First
Schroder G, candies, 349 Santa Clara
Scott John D, physician, and druggist, 200 Santa Clara
Seebach Henry, liquor saloon, 272 Market
Senter Charles N, attorney at law, 314 First
Serio & Labiola, restaurant, Santa Clara
Servenay D, parasols and umbrellas, 200 Santa Clara
Setta Gennaro, barber, 295 El Dorado
Sexton & Colahan, insurance agents, corner Market and Santa Clara
Shafter J D, butcher, 621 First
Shane & Belknap, auctioneers and real estate agents, 341 Santa Clara
Shayer Henry, butcher. First
Shipper S, merchant tailor, 280 First
Shupback J, liquor saloon
Silent Charles, attorney at law, corner Santa Clara and First
Silva Jose, watch maker, 528 First
Sinnot J & Brothers, dry goods, 293 First
Smith D M, livery stable, 252 Santa Clara
Smith Frederick, groceries, provisions, and liquors, Alameda Road
Smith T M, liquor saloon, 317 San Fernando
Smith & Ryder, watch makers and jewelers, and piano agents, 400 First
Snell E, eclectic and homeopathic physician, Santa Clara
Snell E L, purchasing agent, Santa Clara
Sourisseau Felix, fins arms and sporting materials, 364 First
Spaight R, barber, 287 Santa Clara
Spaw C R, dentist, corner First and Santa Clara
Spencer A J, physician. First
Spencer J N, real estate agent and auctioneer, Santa Clara
Spencer & Rankin, attorneys at law. Bank of San Jose Building
Spring T W, clothing and dry goods, corner Santa Clara and Market
Spring T W & Company, auctioneers, corner Santa Clara and Market
Start E Mrs, dress maker, 190 Santa Clara
Steiger A, pottery, 528 Main
Stern M, harness and saddlery, 332 Santa Clara
Steve William, restaurant, 254 Santa Clara
Stevens H N, dentist. Bank of San Jose Building
Stock John, stoves and plumbing, 376 First
Stocklin John B, carpenter and joiner, 248 First
Stover H, groceries, provisions and liquors, Alameda Road
Strauss L, cigars and tobacco, 324 First
Strauss S, dry goods and clothing, 368 First
Sullivan Patrick, shoe maker, 365 First
Suttle C F, fruit preserving, Sunol's Addition
Suzzalo Peter, restaurant, 351 Market
Taggart S J Mrs, wax worker, Santa Clara
Taylor Z, furniture and bedding, 412 First
Terry Chester N, attorney at law, Knox Building, Santa Clara
Tevlin John, liquor saloon, 369 First
Thompson Ella, photographer, corner Santa Clara and First
Thorne W S, physician, 253 Santa Clara
Toudt John C, liquor saloon, San Pedro
Trainer P, boots and shoes, 309 Santa Clara
Trueman & Woodrow, undertakers and embalmers, 408 First
Tureman & Oakley, clothing, 289 First
Turner J, physician, Santa Clara
Usepson J A, liquor saloon, 287 El Dorado
Vault John, blacksmith, 660 First
Villar Jose, merchant tailor, 282 El Dorado
Vinsonhaler J, president San Jose Institute and Business College, First between St James and Julian
Volz E, shoe maker, and baths, Lightstone
Waldteufel A, books, stationery, and musical instruments. First
Wale E, carriage builder, and blacksmith, 465 First
Walsh Patrick, blacksmith, 176 Santa Clara
Wampach Charles, groceries, provisions, and hardware, corner First and Market
Washeim Charles T, stockbroker, and agent A and P Telegraph Company, Santa Clara
Weber H, liquor saloon, 277 El Dorado
Welch Patrick, livery stable, 275 First
Weldon W H, real estate, and insurance agent, Knox Block
Went G, butcher, 255 Market
Wheeler & Phelps, real estate agents, 312 First
White A W, tinsmith, Santa Clara between Second and Third
White James P, machinist, 362 Second
White M A, groceries and provisions. First
Whiting J W, insurance agent, 284 .Santa Clara
Whitney Ida Mrs, dressmaker, 420 Second
Whitney J J, horse sheer, 319 Santa Clara
Whitney & Fitch, fruit, confectionery, and tobacco, 35 Santa Clara
Whitney & Rolfe Mrs, dress and cloak makers, 255 First
Whittier C E, wood and coal, 416 Orchard
Wilcox C F, notary public. Bank of San Jose Building
Wilcox E J, boots and shoes, 394 First
Willy & Rinaldo, sign painters, 410 First
Wilson E G, plumber and gas fitter, 335 Santa Clara
Wilson R Mrs, dress maker, 472 First
Wilson & Juth, liquor saloon, 233 El Dorado
Wing ____, physician, Santa Clara
Wise D, tailor, 307 First
Wissman F C, blacksmith, and pipe fitter, 335 Santa Clara
Witkewsky Elias, merchant tailor, 310 First
Wolters E C, liquors, Lightstone
Woods J S, hatter, Santa Clara
Worley M H, sowing machines, 345 Santa Clara
Wright J B & Company, books and stationery, 311 First
Wright W W, photographer, 38l Santa Clara
Wright & Davis, blacksmiths, and wagon makers, Alameda Road
Wynn Thomas, shoe maker, 264 First
Yoceo & Company, groceries and liquors, 292 Market
Yoell George M, attorney at law, Santa Clara
Yoell J A, attorney at law, and notary public, Santa Clara
Young H, carriage painter, 263 First
Youngberg C A, paints, glass, and wall paper, 296 First
Zachia Marco, restaurant, 335 First
Zeigler & Althaus, boots and shoes, 294 First
Zimmer George W, butcher, 16 Central Market
Zimmer Louis, blacksmith, 327 San Fernando
Zimmerer A, shoe maker, 332 Market
Zingg Conrad, fire arms, and sporting materials, first

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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