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 San Leandro, Alameda County County California

San Leandro, Alameda County, PO 9 miles south east of Oakland, occupies a pleasant position in the beautiful Alameda Valley, and is surrounded by a broad extent of fertile and highly cultivated country. The Central Pacific Railroad passes along the western border, and by frequent trains of cars connecting with the ferry to San Francisco, gives every facility for communication desired.

The town of San Leandro is incorporated, having five trustees, marshal, clerk, treasurer and attorney. The public school is a finely organized institution, employing five teachers and having an attendance of nearly three hundred pupils. The dwellings, surrounded as they are by luxuriant foliage and blooming flowers, give evidence of comfort and the refined taste of the inhabitants.

Of the industrial institutions is the Sweepstakes Plow Manufacturing Company, which employs forty-five men and supplies the farmers of the surrounding country with agricultural implements of all kinds. One and a half miles from the town the Oakland Water Company is constructing an immense reservoir, by damming San Leandro creek, tor the purpose of supplying that city and other places with water. This reservoir when filled with water will have a length of twelve miles, will be one mile in width and one hundred and seventy-five feet in depth. Should the expectations of its projectors be realized, this will supply water through the dry season for irrigation and manufacturing purposes, as well as water for cities.

San Leandro shows every indication of permanent prosperity, and although deprived of the county seat, property holds a firm rate.

One newspaper, the Record, is published weekly and is recognized as an able advocate of the interests of the county.

Alman Joseph, sign, house, and carriage painter
Barradas C F, barber
Bauer & Ebor, butchers
Baumberger Felix, hotel
Carrique Francis, house, sign, and fresco painter
Castro Luis, surveyor and civil engineer
Castro Luis &. Company, real estate agents
Coleman C S, physician
Cooley R B Mrs, dress maker
Davison G A, blacksmith, wagon maker, and hay presses
Durnan J B, contractor and builder
Elliott G, tailor
Fleming S K, drugs and medicines
Gannon James Mrs, dress maker
Gannon & Gleason, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Garcia Manuel J, barber and dentist
Gilbert J F, physician
Godchaux Prosper, hotel
Graves William, tailor
Grigsby H C, general merchandise
Hale H A, stoves, tinware, and pumps
Hanson Peter, liquor saloon
Hopper & Larson, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Kindelberger J T, agricultural implement agency
Kirkman J L, wood, coal and hay
Lorenzen Henry, watch maker
Madson Peter, liquor saloon and boarding
Martin Brothers, restaurant, and liquor saloon
McGladry George, hotel
McKinstry T, liquor saloon
McMillan R, general merchandise
Meyer Ferdinand, general merchandise
Morehouse Leroy, livery stable
Murphy James, fruits, and vegetables
Musler Leopold, baker
Nabb R B, postmaster, and general merchandise
Noland John, liquor saloon
Nugent D Rev, clergyman (R C)
Olimpo Tony, shoe maker
Pratt Daniel, physician
Price Jacob, hay presses
Rantzau & Theysohn, brewery
Reichsrath P, shoe maker
Reid W W, harness and saddlery
Robinson Alexander, druggist, news dealer, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Sage C T, physician
Saul S S, proprietor San Leandro Record
Saberado Frank, barber
Schwarzlose L V, upholsterer, and paper hanger
Shirley G H, butcher
Smalley & Stratton, livery stable
Smith George, real estate agent
Stratton W J, insurance agent
Sweepstakes Plow Company, manufacturer agricultural implements and wagons
Thrasher W T, dentist
Ury David, butcher
Waggoner & Greeley, San Francisco and San Leandro Express
Wainwright S H Miss, agent W U Telegraph Co
West L, general merchandise

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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