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 San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County California

San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, PO and County seat, is an incorporated down situated in a pleasant valley nine miles from the anchorage on the coast, and on the stage road leading from the terminus of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Soledad through the coast counties to Los Angeles.

The Mission of San Luis Obispo de Toloso was founded September 1st, 1772, by the devout Catholics of those days, and the fact that this locality was selected by them, who evinced such fine taste and judgment, is good assurance of the beauty of the site, the salubrity of the climate and the fertility of the soil. The town, occupying the old Mission site, has grown up in a rather straggling manner, but is surrounded by an extensive grazing country, wild oats and other native grasses covering the neighboring hills to their summits, and the valley land is arable and highly productive.

The Valley of San Luis Obispo is about twenty miles in length by from three to five in breadth, extending from Estero Bay on the Pacific in a southeasterly direction nearly to the Arroyo Grande, including several lateral valleys possessing considerable fertility, and constituting a valuable resource for the central town.

One newspaper, The Tribune, is published weekly.

Able Henry, harness and saddlery
Angelino P ii Company, groceries and fruits
Apsey J E, liquor saloon
Arana Jesus, barber
Austin W H, house, sign, and carriage painter
Barger D E, physician
Bank of San Luis Obispo, E W Steele, president, C H Phillips, cashier
Bayer Theobald, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Blackburn & Morriss, proprietors Cosmopolitan Hotel
Blake Harvey B, real estate, mining and insurance agent
Blockman A & Company, general merchandise
Boll M, shoe maker
Bouldin K C, attorney at law
Branch A W, proprietor Central Hotel
Brizzolara B, general merchandise
Brizzolara L, groceries
Casner J, tobacco, cigars, and varieties
Casner N, watches and jewelry
Cerebelli S, soda water manufacturer
Choynski I N & Compan, books, stationery, and fancy goods
Correa Antone, groceries and liquors
Cull S B, harness and saddlery
Deffner George, liquor saloon
Dennis J D, drugs and medicines
Devoto G, groceries and fruits
Dillard W B, attorney at law
Dunbar & McLood, liquor saloon
Esquor & Ygnacio, groceries and liquors
Fink C, proprietor Fink's Hotel
Fredrick Joseph, hotel and restaurant
Goldtree Brothers, general merchandise, furniture, and carpets
Grable Benjamin, carpenter and undertaker
Graves W J, attorney at law
Hammerschlag & Levy, general merchandise
Harrington D, harness and saddlery
Harris K K, civil engineer and surveyor
Harrison M B, attorney at law
Hays W W, physician
Hazen & Sandercock, hardware, and agricultural implements
Henderson M, carpenter and builder
Kimball Frederick H, groceries and provisions
Krebs E & Company, drugs and medicines
Lasar Emanuel, general merchandise
Lincoln, Wearmouth & Company, contractors and builders
Lindmyer J, brewery
Little & Cockrin, liquor saloon
Loewonstein J, merchant tailor
Maxwell & Minor, liquor saloon
McDougall S P, hotel
Miles W T, liquor saloon
Miller F K, attorney at law
Nebades Chono, restaurant
Newman D, general merchandise
Oglesby A A, attorney at law
Ortega J C, books and stationery, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agent
Osgood H, watchmaker and jeweler
Osgood & Mallet, architects
Ostrom Alvin Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Padilla Gonzalo, restaurant
Payne George, livery and sale stable
Pepperman Max, watches, jewelry, musical instruments, etc
Peters George S, furniture and bedding
Philbrick & Barneberg, foundry, machinists and blacksmiths
Pollard & James, flour manufacturers
Rackliffe L, general merchandise
Ransom J, physician
Ready Philip, blacksmith
Reed E L, livery stable, and real estate agent
Robinson Charles, liquor saloon
Rogers Elisha P, dentist
San Luis Obispo Tribune, Rombaugh & Thornton, proprietors
Sandercork W, wood dealer
Saner A, groceries
Schwartz, Harford & Company, lumber, and building materials
Schwartz L & Company, general merchandise
Shaug N W, dentist
Simmler John J, postmaster, bookseller, and agent
Goodall, Nelson & Perkins' S S Company
Spurgoon, Smallwood & Steiger, butchers
Vanader & Brown, livery and sale stable
Venable Mc D R, attorney at law
Ward Hubert G, civil engineer, and surveyor
Warden II M, real estate agent
Whitley Thomas, shoe maker
Wilke A, hotel, and liquor saloon
Williams J H P, livery stable
Williamson A, stoves, and tinware
Wobken Edward, livery stable

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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