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 San Rafael, Marin County California

San Rafael, Marin County, PO and county seat, occupies a beautiful site on the eastern slope of the hills bordering the Bay of San Francisco, three miles from the steamboat landing at Point San Quentin, with which it is connected by railroad.

The North Pacific Coast Railroad (narrow-gauge) runs near the town enroute from Tomales, on the ocean coast, to Saucelito, where it connects with ferry to San Francisco, 16 miles distant. Thus two convenient routes are opened to the city, giving quick passage to the many business men who have selected this quiet and pleasant place as a residence. The high hills intervening between the village and the ocean protect it from fierce western winds, giving it a climate singularly mild and salubrious. The beautiful peak of Mt. Tamalpais rises a little southwest of the town to a height of 2,597 feet, and is a marked feature of the scenery about the Bay of San Francisco.

The romantic scenery, the lovely climate, easy access, and healthfulness of the locality, have been such attractions as to draw hither people of wealth as residents and visitors, and the elegant private dwellings and excellent hotels are evidences of their appreciation.

A magnificent Court House is the pride of the citizens. The Mission of San Raphael was established by the Jesuits in 1817, they always selecting the loveliest locations, and they now maintain an Orphan Asylum and school that have high reputations. Three church buildings adorn the village, the Catholic, Methodist, and Episcopalian, and the Presbyterians are constructing one. Water is supplied by the Marin County Water Company from springs on Mt. Tamalpais.

Two newspapers, the Journal and the Herald, are published weekly.

Ahanna Francis, groceries and liquors, corner A and Third
Anderson & Dubois, butchers, and grocers, corner Third and B
Angelotti G, proprietor Marin Hotel, Fourth
Ash ton John, principal, Tamalpais Academy, C
Austin Hiram, civil engineer and surveyor, corner C and Filth
Barlow & Smith, painters, and agents Pacific Rubber Paint Company, Fourth
Barnard W L B, San Rafael and San Francisco Express, Fourth
Barney Charles S, notary public, and insurance agent. Fourth
Barney Jerome A, insurance agent, corner B and Second
Barstow S F, proprietor Marin County Journal, Fourth
Bermingham Peter Rev, clergyman (R C)
Bidwell H E, newspapers and periodicals. Fourth
Bigelow J E, watch maker and jeweler. Fourth
Blenkenberger A, shoe maker. Fourth
Boukofsky M, general merchandise. Fourth
Boyen & Goirl, brewery. Greenwood avenue
Burton ____, Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Claudinos Peter, restaurant. Fourth
Coloman William T, real estate, B
Connell John, blacksmith, Second
Constant John, tailor, Fourth
Corvaizier Edward, watch maker, and jeweler. Fourth
Cross William, restaurant. Fourth
Dampier William, county treasurer
Day Timothy, liquor saloon. Fourth
Dirks H J, San Rafael Brewery depot, corner First and B, and proprietor Columbia House, Second
Duncan & Bro, butchers, corner Fourth and C
Duparque L, tailor. Fourth
Eden Edward, undertaker, C
Fagan James, shoe maker, Fourth
Fox P, proprietor Bay View House, corner Third and C
Fuller J B, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agent. Fourth
Gardner Edwin, butcher, grocer, and ice dealer, corner Fourth and I
Gieske J C, groceries and liquors, corner B and Second
Gilbert H, proprietor Gilbert House, corner Fourth and E
Gilligan M, livery and feed stables, corner Fourth and B
Gordon U M & Company, bankers. Fourth
Grindley G R, physician. Fourth
Grosjean C, groceries and liquors. Fourth
Hall F M Miss, teacher
Hanson Thomas H, attorney at law. Fourth
Harding & Nelson, blacksmiths, and wagon makers. Third
Hawkins C, proprietor Sheppard House, Third, bottom B and C
Healey J, bakery, and grocery, corner Second and D
Hoxil Joseph, liquor saloon. Fourth
Hubbard Samuel, proprietor Tamalpais Hotel
Hughes W S, justice of the peace. C
Iverson H, wood and coal, corner E and South Second
Kelley Sarah Mrs, dress maker. Fourth
King Thomas C, oyster saloon, Fourth
La Motto & Schultz, tinsmiths,
Lowenfeld Louis, hair dressing saloon, baths and cigars and tobacco. Fourth
Lund Hans, fruits, and confectionery, Fourth
Lundquist C, upholsterer. Fourth
Mahon E U, attorney at law, C
Man Del & Company, general merchandise, and commission merchants, corner Fourth and C
Marin Carriage Manufacturing Company, A McLeod, superintendent, Second between A and B
Marin County Journal, S P Barstow. Proprietor. Fourth
Marin County Water Company, Gregory P Harte, Superintendent, B
Martinez L, harness and saddlery, B
McAllister A C, liquor saloon, corner Fourth and C
McDonald J S Rev, clergyman, (Presb)
McGrew William H, attorney at law, and notary public, Fourth
McLeod & Anderson, carriage and wagon manufacturers. Second between A and B
Muller Clemens, liquor saloon, corner B and Fourth
Murphy Patrick, shoe maker, C
Murray Michael, livery stable, corner Third and C
O'Connor M, proprietor Mahon House, Fourth
Olin & McDonnell, blacksmiths. Third
Pfau J, stage proprietor
Pratt F H, postmaster, and general merchandise, corner B and Fourth
Quinn John Rev, clergyman (R C)
Rice J B, hay, grain, wood, coal, brick, and lime, corner A and Fifth
Sale William, furniture, bedding and upholstery, corner Fourth and D
San Rafael Herald, John Wood, proprietor. Fourth
Schneider J J, cigars and tobacco. Fourth
Schwiesan E, bakery, and groceries
Shaver Isaac, lumber and building materials, and planing mill. Fourth
Sheppard House. C Hawkins, proprietor. Third between B and C
Sims J, carpenter and builder
Stolker William, shoe maker, C
Taliaferro A, physician. Fourth
Thompson L H, druggist. Fourth
Thorn L, proprietor Parisian House, corner Fourth and A
Wagner V, stock raiser, and dairyman, Petaluma Road
Ward John, liquor, and billiard saloon, corner B and Third
Wilkins Hepburn, attorney at law, and notary public. Court House
Wilson M Mrs, principal Young Ladies Seminary, corner Fifth and F
Wolfe John, drugs and medicines. Fourth
Wood John, proprietor San Rafael Herald, Fourth
Woolfolk G T, Bank Exchange Saloon. Fourth
Zoff Herman, wine manufacturer. Fourth

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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