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 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County California

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, P O, incorporated town and County seat, 435 miles south of Sacramento, occupies the site of an ancient Mission, founded in 1780 and is one of the pleasantest towns in the State. The town fronts the ocean, looking south, and in the north, 15 or 20 miles distant, rise the precipitous and picturesque mountains of Santa Ynez, whose summits reach from 2,000 to 3,000 feet above the sea, constituting a picture, mellowed by the soft atmosphere of its quiet and balmy climate, particularly romantic and lovely. Approaching the city from the sea, the grand panorama of peaceful water and pleasant town, relieved by undulating country and high mountains in the background, is presented at once to the eye. The old Mission Church, 300 feet long, of white facade, is a conspicuous object, its seat being at an elevation of about 220 feet, and distant two miles from the beach. The Santa Barbara College and numerous churches, schools, and county buildings, are features of the town. The harbor in front is an open roadstead, exposed to the south winds, but is partly protected by an extraordinary growth ef kelp, or seaweed, growing between the anchorage and the deep water of the ocean. For the accommodation of commerce, a substantial wharf of 2,000 feet in length, has been constructed, extending to deep water, at which steamers and sailing vessels lie in receiving and discharging cargo. From the wharf, State Street, a broad avenue, runs through the town, a distance of two miles, and on it are the principal business houses. Water is supplied by the Santa Barbara Water Co., from streams formerly controlled by the Mission. The surrounding country is well adapted to the cultivation of fruit, and the trees and vines planted by the Jesuit Missionaries have flourished in the most remarkable manner, but every agricultural interest has been neglected. Near the town is one of the largest and most productive grape vines in the world, being more than one foot in diameter at the base, spreading over an extensive arbor used as a saloon and dancing hall. But this noble vine, after a growth of 70 years, is giving signs of decay, supposed to be caused by enclosing its base and covering the ground with a floor for dancing purposes. The climate of Santa Barbara is singularly equable and healthy, the temperature varying but a few degrees during the year, and is as pleasant as could be desired. Four newspapers are published. The Press, Republican, and News daily and the Index weekly.
Officers: J. T. Richards, Mayor; A. W. Russell, J. P. Stearns, C. E. Lataillade, C. C. Rynerson, I. B. Pierce, Councilmen; F. N. Gutierrez, Clerk; A. L. Lincoln, Treasurer; Charles H. Thompson, Assessor; U. Yudart, Tax Collector; W. H. Norway, Surveyor; F. Cooley, Police Judge; W. C. Stratton, Attorney; O. N. Ames, Marshal; N. R. Stanton, Fire Warden; A. W. Russell, Street Commissioner.

Abercrombie F Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Aherns Miss, milliner, Tebbett's Building
Andonaegui J M & Son, dry goods, clothing, etc, State
Bailey George, butcher. State
Barastrello F, cigars, tobacco and fruits, State
Barber P J, architect, Ortega
Barnard W E & Company, real estate, and insurance agents. State
Barth P J, carpenter and builder, Ortega
Bates Charles, physician, Ortega
Bell Frederick W, liquor saloon, State
Bennett William Mrs, millinery and fancy goods. State
Bentley Robert Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Blood J A Jr, furniture. State
Blood J H, undertaker, Ortega
Blood & Orr, groceries and provisions. State
Boust E B, wood dealer, Ortega
Bradbury A K P, physician. State
Bradbury & Peppermann, drugs and medicines, State
Brand Q E Mrs, dress making, millinery and fancy goods
Breitzmann Robert, drugs and medicines. State
Brinkerhoff S B, physician, Ortega
Brock B F, butcher. State
Buchanan A W, agent Wells. Fargo & Company, Occidental Hotel
Buck Henry, hair dressing and bathing saloon, State
Calder J, dentist, Ortega
Cavalli F, restaurant. State
Cavalleri V, fruits and candies, State
Cebrian J C, architect, and civil engineer, State
Chace A E, furniture and bedding, corner State and Cota
Cline Joseph, plasterer
Cohen M, dry goods, clothing, etc. State
Collins G N, blacksmith, and wagon maker, Cota
Covarrubias N A, livery stable. State
Crane H G, justice of the peace, and conveyancer, corner State and De la Guerra
Crane & Barker, real estate, and insurance agents, corner State and De la Guerra
Curley & Sherman, auctioneers, real estate, and insurance agents, and commission merchants, State
Davis A, butcher, State
Davisson & Shepard, planing mill
Do la Riva R G, butcher. State
De Martini G, fruits, nuts, and candies. State
Dillard R M, attorney at law. State
Drake F R, proprietor Union House, corner Bath and Gutierrez
Dupin M, proprietor Santa Barbara Hotel, State
Ealand William, butcher. State
Ellis N, dry goods and clothing, State
Fawcett & O'Brian, attorneys at law. State
Fernald & Richards, attorneys at-law. State
Field Edward, jeweler. State
First National Gold Bank, Mortimer Cook, president, A L Lincoln, cashier, corner State and Ortega
Fisher J K, butcher. State
Forbush Frederick, cigars and tobacco. State
Forbush & Tobey, furniture and bedding, corner Haley and State
Fowzer J, house and sign painter
Francis W M, attorney at law. State
Franciscan College, Rev J M Romo, president. Mission Santa Barbara
Freeman C J, physician, corner De la Guerra and Cañon Perdido
Frisius & Hernster, winos and liquors, corner State and Cota
Froom A W & Company, books, stationery, musical instruments, and agents Grover & Baker sowing machines, and Goodall, Nelson & Perkins Steamship Company, State
Frost F W, dry goods and clothing. State
Furst M I, dry goods, clothing, and groceries, corner Haley and Anacopa
Garey Thomas A, nursery, San Pedro
Goss W F M, boots and shoes, State
Graham Edwin Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Gray Clarence, attorney at law, corner State and Cota
Green John A, gas fitter and plumber, Cota
Guinand B, watch maker, and jeweler. State
Gutierrez B, druggist, corner State and Ortega
Gutierrez F N, city clerk
Hall R, B, physician, Ortega
Halley & Pitts, dress makers, Slate
Hamer M F. Mrs, millinery, and dress making. State
Hammell & Adams, real estate agents, State
Hanauer H, cigars, and fancy goods. State
Harkness F, groceries, liquors, crockery, etc. State
Harris B, dry goods, and clothing. State
Hart J V, merchant tailor, clothier and sewing machine agent, State
Hart L M Mrs, proprietress Ortega House, Ortega
Hartley George, livery stable. State
Hatch D P, attorney at law
Hayward & Muzzall, photographers. State
Hedrick William, dry goods, carpets, etc, corner State and Cota
Heppner & Company, merchant tailors, and clothiers. State
Hill J P, restaurant. State
Hill R W, physician, Ortega
Hoit Edward M, notary public, and conveyancer, State
Hopkins F V, physician. State
Hough W J Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Horn Andrew, proprietor Occidental Hotel, corner State and Cota
Hubel John, liquor saloon, State
Hunt & Austin, groceries, and crockery, cigars, etc. State
Hunt & Bates, blacksmiths and wagon makers, Cota
Huntington & Rosenberge, flour and feed. Cota
Huse Charles E, attorney at law, corner Santa Barbara and Montecito
Ireland & Ware, blacksmiths, and wagon makers Cota
Janssen A E & Company, groceries, provisions, liquors, and wine, corner State and Figuerro
Johnson J A, proprietor Santa Barbara Press, State
Johnson L J, builder, Ortega
Joyner James, cigars and tobacco, State
Kaeding & Company, liquor saloon. State
Kolton C H Mrs, human hair and fancy goods, State
Kincaid J H, attorney at law. Court House
Kincaid John Rev, clergyman, (Cong)
Knapp E J, wagons, carriages, and agricultural implements. State
Knapp J B., sign painter, Cota
Lataillade C E, tin, and hardware. State
Leata B, confectionery. State
Levy C & Company, groceries, provisions, and liquors, State
Levy Joseph, jewelry, and groceries. State
Linden J T, liquor saloon, Ortega
Lloyd E C, carriage, sign, and ornamental painter. State
Loomis S, harness and saddlery, State
Lord J N, gun and locksmith, Ortega
Lowe K S, fruits and candies, State
Lucas Brothers, real estate, and insurance agents, State
Mallorquin Jose, liquors, and tobacco. State
Marks M Mrs, ladies' hair dresser. State
Marsh C C, attorney at law, corner Slate and Ortega
Martin William Mrs, restaurant, State
Martin & Carrillo, liquor saloon, and bowling alloy. State
Martinez J N, liquors, State
McCulley C Mrs, restaurant. State
McNulta Thomas, attorney at law
Moany John, plumber and gas fitter. Stata
Modekind F, liquor saloon, Cota
Middlemiss Joseph & Company, auctioneers, real estate, insurance, and sowing machine agents, corner State and Haly
Miller Israel, watch maker and jeweler, State
Moore P L, cigars and tobacco. State
Moreno B, harness and saddlery, State
Morning Republican, A S Winchester, proprietor
Morris J D, physician, State
Morris James F, proprietor Morns House, State
Murat Joseph, agent National Brewery, State
Newell & Shotwell, general merchandise, State
News, Al Pettygrove, publisher
Nichols G E, barber. State
Nopronie Peter, groceries, provisions, fruits, etc. State
Norway & Cooper, notaries public, real estate agents, surveyors and civil engineers. Occidental Hotel
Occidental Hotel, Andrew Horn, proprietor, corner State and Cota
O'Keefe J J Rev, principal Franciscan College, Mission Santa Barbara
Ord R B, real estate agent, and justice of the peace. State
Ord James L, physician, De la Guerra
Packard Albert, attorney at law, corner State and Cota
Parker W J Rev, clergyman, (Bap)
Parma V, fruits, groceries, liquors, cigars and tobacco. State
Parmelee A E, proprietor Parmelee Hotel, State
Peacock Edward R, carriage, sign, and ornamental painter, Cota
Peppner & Company, merchant tailors. State
Pettygrove Al. publisher News
Pflying G, shoe maker. State
Phelps Joshua Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Pierce Charles, lumber dealer. State
Piatt A R, physician
Plammer S A Miss, books, stationery, newspapers, and fancy goods. State
Prosser & Buckingham, bricklayers and contractors
Reilly Edward O, bakery. State
Rice A, livery stable. State
Rich J A, blacksmith and wagon maker. Canon Perdido
Rich & Collins, wagons, buggies, and agricultural implements
Risdon A D, homeopathic physician, State
Rodriguez Juan, livery stable, State
Rumble R H & Company, house painters, and kalsominers. State
Rundell Eli, agent Coast Line Stage Company, State
Russell & Company, predictors Santa Barbara Index, State
Saloman F, dry goods and clothing. State
Santa Barbara College, F Vincent Hopkins, and Julian Tomlinson, principals
Santa Barbara Index, Russell & Company, proprietor
Santa Barbara Press, J A Johnson, proprietor, State
Santa Barbara Soap Company, soap manufacturers
Santa Barbara Water Company, corner State and Cota
Sexton Joseph, nursery, corner Castle and Montecito
Sherman C E, butcher, corner State and Ortega
Smith C & Company, stoves, tin, and hardware. State
Smith William L, attorney at law. City Hall
Smyth Thomas, groceries, provisions, land liquors, State
Somers George, restaurant. State
Sprague & Sons, livery stable, Cota
Sprague M Mitchell Mms, dross makers, State
Statts S O, architect and contractor, Ortega
Stearns E F Mrs, millinery and family goods, State
Stearns J P, lumber dealer, corner Gutierres and Anacopa
Stevens & Tilley, general merchandise, corner State and Ortega
Stratton W C, attorney at law, corner State and Ortega
Stridl Michael, boots and shoes, corner State and Cota
Sturgeon S R I, attorney at law. State
Tapia P, liquor saloon. State
Tebbetts George P, postmaster, notary public, and insurance agent, State
Tebbetts & Russell, real estate agents. State
Thomas & Johnson, candy manufacturers, fruits, cigars, tobacco, etc. State
Thompson C A, searcher of records, corner State and Cota.
Thornton E Mrs, proprietress Lincoln House, corner De la Vina and Sola
Tilley S T, books, stationery, newspapers, and fancy goods. State
Tompkins W R & Company, lumber and building materials, Ortega
Tuttlo M E Mrs, furnishing goods, music, stationery, etc, State
Twist F W, general merchandise. State
Van Mater, J M, hardware and crockery, State
Van Valkenburg & Russ, liquor saloon. State
Van Winkle H M, dentist, Ortega
Walker Frank, architect and builder, Gutierrez
Walker Mrs, dress maker
Warren M, dentist, corner State and Ortega
Washburn S H, liquor saloon. State
Winch Michael, brewery, corner Cota and Anacopa
Winchester R F, physician, State
Winton N W, notary public, and real estate, and insurance agent. State
Woodbridge W H, real estate agent, State
Woods S H, select school. Garden
Woods H D Mrs, millinery. State
Yndart W, notary public and grocer. State

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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